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August 2009

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Bad PR

by Chris Stevenson “They now have nearly one bomb for every one individual and if you don’t like the way they’re runnin’ things and you call them up and tell ’em, they may send you…

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Self-hatred in Jamaica

Respect Yourself: To Love Yourself is the Greatest Love of All   Basil Waine Kong We delight in pledging to become a united nation with the plethora of people who call themselves Jamaicans—“Out of many,…

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An Open Letter to Al Sharpton

Dear Rev. Al Sharpton, I’m a Community Organizer and Political Historian when it concerns the State of New York. I worked with you during your run for Mayor of the City of New York. I…

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Health Care Hullabaloo

              By CHARLES M. BLOW One of the most frustrating aspects of the health care debate is that the people who most want reform are the most apathetic about…

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The Lynching of 17-Year-Old Curtis Byers

  by Ted Kirkland (Originally Published in the Buffalo Criterion newspaper on July 11, 2009 and July 18, 2009) My relationship with Curtis Byers began when it became apparent, to me, that this Black youth,…

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The Man who Knew too Much

  by Chris Stevenson Early this summer another black man died with needle marks in his veins. It’s not that I was shocked when I heard the news that Michael Jackson had passed. I was…