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January 2010

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Coverage of the Percy Sutton Homegoing Ceremony

by Gloria Dulan-Wilson I was a beautiful day in the Neighborhood of Harlem. The sky was bright. The weather was brisk, and thousands of people were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, elbow-to-elbow to honor the life, times and…

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The Making of “Precious” pt.3

by Ishmael Reed TheRoot is The Washington Post’s black zine, among whose bosses is Jacob Weisberg– he says that he helped to launch it and has considerable influence, like deciding who gets hired and fired….

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By Gloria Dulan-Wilson I have to admit that I have always had Percy Sutton on a pedestal of sorts. From the first time I met him, during my initial forays into the realm of Black…

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In Defense of New York

by CHARLES M. BLOW Representative John Shadegg of Arizona really knows how to put on a show. Earlier this month, he used a live baby as part of a quasi-ventriloquist act on the House floor….

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Help in Breaking Cult Programming

by Brenda Lee Remember, you do not have to break through the cult barrier alone. Oftentimes you can elicit the inklings of independent thought by offering up an extended social network. How many times have…