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May 2010

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Central Park Wrongs Still Uncorrected

by Alton Maddox Jr. This past Sunday, the New York Post ran a puff piece concerning the three accused rapists in the Duke rape case entitled “Duke guy’s dramatic comeback”. In short, white supremacists have…

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Trying to Outrun Race

by CHARLES M. BLOW Racist Tea Party. Are those separate concepts or a single one? Depends on whom you ask. According to an article accompanying a Washington Post/ABC News poll released on Wednesday (5/5): “About…

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Dr. Rudolph Moise for Congress

  Basil Waine Kong, Ph.D., JD With your support, Dr. Rudolph “Rudy” Moise will be the next U.S. Congressman from Florida’s 17th Congressional District. At breakfast [Sunday Feb. 14] in Orlando, with Stephanie and I,…