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Bills/Redskins Recap & Bills Report Card

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by Patrick H. Freeman

The Buffalo Bills Toronto series resumed across the border with a pivotal contest between the 4-2 Buffalo Bills vs. the 3-3 Washington Redskins. Both teams enter this game with substantial injuries on both sides of the ball. The Bills despite their injuries enter this game in a must win scenario in order to keep pace with the New England Patriots.

Many of the faithful fans of western New York were against the Toronto series when it initiated three years ago but I believe now it is a necessary evil that we will have to deal with until Toronto gets its own NFL franchise. These games probably will be part of the new lease which the team and the county will start negotiating in the not to near distant future.

This game started with Bills doing what they haven’t done in recent games by getting solid pressure against the Washington Redskin quarterback John Beck, but during our first offensive series we failed to make a first down, and were forced to punt. The Bills during their second series however mounted one of their 2011 signature drives and took an early 7-0 lead on a Ryan Fitzpatrick to Scott Chandler touchdown pass. The first quarter ended with the Bills leading the redskins 7-0.

The second quarter unfortunately started with Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbling the snap and the ball was recovered by the redskins deep in Buffalo territory. The Bills defense continued to bring sustained pressure against the Redskins, and forced them into a field goal attempt which was blocked by Spencer Johnson. The Bills added a field goal after a pass interference call against C.J Spiller making the score Bills 10- Redskins 0 2nd. Quarter. Once again Ryan Fitzpatrick gambled while the Bills were driving for a sure touchdown, or field goal opportunity, and through an end zone interception to former Buffalo Bill London Fletcher. The Bills defense once again continued to pressure Redskin quarterback John Beck and forced them to punt with a little over 1:25 remaining. Ryan Fitzpatrick hooked up with Fred Jackson and the Bills closed out the half with a Ryan Lindell field goal leading the redskins 13-0 at halftime.

The third quarter once again saw the Bills drive the football against the Redskins defense. This drive was led by the hard running of Fred Jackson who has emerged as the work horse of the 2011 Bills. The drive was capped off with a Ryan Fitzpatrick touchdown pass to Scott Chandler putting the Bills up 20- Redskins 0 3rd quarter.

The Buffalo Bills defense continued to have its best day of the year by pressuring John Beck to the point that his receivers could not finish their routes. Third quarter ends with the Bills 20- Redskins 0.

The last quarter began with the fourth interception of the year for the Buffalo Bills safety George Wilson who has continued to have a pro bowl caliber year. The Redskins continued to try to catch up but the Bills defense was not giving an inch on this day, and no doubt was their best day of the year. This defense which was struggling to get pressure on the quarterback all year registered nine sacks total on this dominating day against the Redskins.

Well the Buffalo Bills finally gave their Toronto fan s something to cheer about with a dominating performance against the now 3-4 Redskins improving their record to 5-2.The Bills return to Orchard Park this week with a showdown match up against their division rival New York Jets. This game is definitely one of the pivotal games for the Buffalo Bills so far this season. Bills 23- Redskins- 0 final score.

The Buffalo Bills Game Report Card 10-30-2011

Coaching- Excellent job by the Bills coaching staff especially overcoming some key injuries

Grade- A-

Offense- Good game plan and the score would have been higher without the two interceptions when the Bills were driving.

Grade –B+

Defense- Excellent job by the Bills coaching staff pitching a shot out and Nine sacks , and excellent pressure on the quarterback.

Grade -A

Special Teams – good but missed a field goal and had a long punt return

Grade -B

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The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

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Written by Alberta Parish

As national leaders, which included President Obama, Representative John Lewis, and Colin Powell stood facing the 30-foot statue of the late Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Sunday, October 16, 2011, the world still faces many racial and social barriers. Despite the achievements of King, Malcolm X and others, Africans around the world face brand new challenges. Instead of facing these challenges collectively, and working to solve the many issues that plague entire populations, whites and blacks in America are too busy spreading racial animosity toward one another. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived during a time when his life was constantly threatened, there were separate public restrooms for whites and blacks, African people couldn’t enter a white-owned restaurant, sit down at a table, and be served. Yet, he never advocated racial hatred and violence toward whites.

Would he have made it to the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. if he was just another Black racist?

Dr. King wanted to turn the Civil Rights Movement into a Human Rights Movement by taking our human rights violations before the world court at the United Nations. But King never had the opportunity to complete that mission, and in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968, was shot dead. He died at the age of 39. The real culprits behind King’s assassination has never been implicated, because it was the U.S. Government behind King’s assassination. In fact, the U.S. Government has been the real culprit behind most assassinations of powerful Black and White leaders who preach human rights and equality among all men, and who have threatened to bring the United States Government before the United Nations for its human rights violations. King not only marched alongside blacks, but he also marched with whites. Black racism just like White racism is a disgrace to his legacy.

As much as I revere Dr. King for giving his life to defend the rights of all men, it is now up to those that are living today to continue where Dr. King and Malcolm X left off at. Racism within any group is a detriment to all of humanity. It has been the major cause of wars, genocides, and the economic crises that all nations currently face together. While the powerful elite continue to spread racial hatred through mass media and manipulate current events around the world, the real culprits behind the wars, revolutions, dictatorships and mass murders of entire populations go undetected. What is the difference between an American, European, African, or Asian racist? Hatred toward any persons based on his/her ethnicity is racism. Hate speech whether written or verbal toward any persons based on his/her ethnicity is racism.

Many people do not know that Malcolm X, toward the end of his life, had a change of heart regarding his own racial animosity toward whites. Malcolm condemned the whites of his day, because of the many human rights violations occurring against Black folk. Malcolm constantly denounced human rights violations and he taught Blacks their true history. Early in his career, he did preach separatism from white society. But later in his life, Malcolm had a change of heart on many things.

Today, there are human rights violations occurring against Black Libyans, which, in a way, has been sanctioned by the U.S. Government. When President Obama declared war on Libya’s Colonel Qaddafi, it set off a chain of events that culminated in Black Libyans being slaughtered by Arabs. The media has termed these people as the rebel forces. But all I see is open genocide against Black Africans by an age-old enemy who also traded in African slaves for over 700 years. Ironically, history is repeating itself. Before Africans sold other Africans as slaves to the Europeans, they traded in African slaves with the Arabs. If the Black racist hate Europeans/Caucasians, they have to also hate Africans in the Motherland. How is Black racism going to solve the many issues that plague Africans around the world? How is racial hatred going to advance the interests of African peoples around the world? In the early 20th Century, you could pinpoint the enemy. Today, Whites and Blacks work together in a corrupt system, and you could easily be manipulated or ruined by a member of your own race.

Having knowledge of African history and the genocide currently being committed against African peoples worldwide, racial hatred toward Europeans/Caucasians is not going to stop the mass genocide of Black Libyans or the spread of HIV in Africa. A march all the way to the steps of the State Capitol building in Washington, D.C., or boycotting Wal-Mart, Kroger, Kmart and Target, or perhaps, using your energy to come up with real solutions to basic problems that Black people face within our own communities would possibly bring about results. Hatred for non-Africans is not helping us to advance technologically and economically as African peoples around the globe. Unless we put our words to action like the late Dr. King and Malcolm X, what is the point of hatred? Unless you can put Black youth to work among their own or in their own communities, then what good is all the racial animosity? We are still going downtown begging other people for jobs!

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.

Biils Post bye-Week Analysis

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by Patrick H. Freeman

The Buffalo Bills entered the bye week right on schedule to make a run at the playoffs, but a series of injuries might challenge their coaching staff to make some critical adjustments in the next few weeks. Let’s first look at the offensive side of the ball for the hometown team.

Offense- The injuries to our two left tackles has forced Chan Gailey to move Andy Levitre to left tackle temporarily. Well this assignment might be a short term solution but if for more than one game I believe is a disaster waiting to happen. Andy Levitre is what can be termed as an effort player on the offensive line. He does not have the natural genetics to play the position of offensive tackle on a long term basis in the NFL because defensive coordinators will start keying on his physical limitations. One problem has is very short arms which will limit his ability to initiate contact with very athletic NFL defensive ends. The long term move if Demetrius Bell or Chris Hairston is out longer would be to move Eric Pears to the left tackle position and move Sam Young to the right tackle. This would leave Andy Levitre at the left guard where he has had his best year as a pro. The Buffalo Bills made a great move by using CJ Spiller as a wide out by taking advantage of his great speed.

Defense- This is the major problem of this year’s team with the lack of production from Shawn Merriman, and Kyle Williams because of injury this unit has allowed way too many big plays. The lack of a consistent pass rush coupled with once again being one of the worst teams in the league against the run has hurt this team in their two losses. The great thing about this unit has been their ability to capitalize on their opponents errors in the area of turnovers but in the two games that were lost teams beat the bills with very simplified game plans that lowered the chance of turning the ball over. The solution to this problem might come from the reacquiring of Antonio Coleman who was released at the end of training camp. This young man is someone to keep your eyes on and his ability to rush the quarterback, and make plays on the defensive side of the ball.

The Buffalo Bills enter this final stretch of ten games having to win I believe 7 out of ten games to make the playoffs, and I believe they will!!!

Editors Note: the Bills next opponent will be the Washington Redskins in Toronto 4pm.

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Will a Militant Black Person Please Stand Up?

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

The mens rea or criminal intent of a criminal defendant must usually be gleaned from circumstantial evidence. A smoking gun is usually absent. Inferences must be employed to reach a valid conclusion. This means the existence of a set of valid premises which connect with the conclusion. This is critical thinking.

In 1799, New York passed a gradual emancipation statute which would not take effect until 1827. Even after the gradual emancipation statute took effect in 1827, Blacks were not entitled to vote because of a timocracy. White serfs could vote but a person of African ancestry had to be a landowner.

To make matters worse, a statewide prison system was established on the same date that the New York Legislature passed the gradual emancipation statute. In 1865, New York ratified the Thirteenth Amendment only after its political leaders were assured that a felony conviction was an exception to the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition against slavery.

The Fifteenth Amendment was ratified in 1870 but it failed to give Blacks the right to vote. Instead, Blacks would have to wait until 1965 before they could enjoy federal protection in entering a polling booth under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. While Blacks may enjoy some voting rights, political rights are still illusory.

Voting rights is like homeownership. It takes the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to protect a homeowner. John White was like a voter who had no political rights. As a homeowner, White had no right to bear arms. A home was not his castle.

When a lynch mob trespassed on his property, White was told that it was illegal for a Black homeowner to use a weapon against a lynch mob to defend himself and his family. New York imprisoned him. Later, Gov. David Paterson gave him clemency instead of a pardon.

White should have called 911, according to a New York appeals court, even though the U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that a police department is not liable for failing to respond to a distressed homeowner’s call. That is why a homeowner should possess and use a weapon.

Similarly, Black voters have been told that they would have to rely on either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party to speak for them. The Freedom Party is a no-no. A Black person may enjoy the right to vote but it is a crime to possess a delivery system. White paternalism is in effect.

With no political rights, all Blacks are at risk because the vote is meaningless without a delivery system. The reliance on either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party amounts to political sharecropping. After the Civil War, Blacks had to rely on sharecropping to sustain themselves. Sharecropping is like using a credit card without income.

When a lion attacks a group of zebras, the zebras do not believe that the attack is personal. On the other hand, when a pack of white police officers attack a Black person, other Blacks usually argue that the brutalized person must have done something to anger the wolf pack. They are unable to see the wolfpack as predators and the brutalized person as its prey.

On May 21, 1990, I was summarily suspended from the practice of law without any semblance of a hearing. Due process requires notice and an opportunity to be heard before the government takes any punitive or adverse action. This happened amid the trial of People v. Sharpton in a 67-count indictment.

New York not only denied me due process but it also threatened the right of Rev. Al Sharpton to a fair trial especially since the government promised to go away if I became a government snitch. Legal experts, at the subsequent and belated disciplinary hearing, testified that I did the right thing even if I had to pay a stiff, personal price.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, his patient. Although he is currently on trial, for allegedly causing Michael’s death, he is still able to practice medicine in both California and Texas. Supposedly, he violated the Hippocratic oath.

A bill of pains and penalties initiated by New York Legislature caused the disciplinary investigation against me in 1989. This was unprecedented. There was no disciplinary proceeding until 3 years after I was unable to practice law. I was supposedly a threat to the public interest on May 21, 1990.

Former Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich, three months ago, was convicted on 17 counts of wire fraud, attempted extortion, soliciting bribes, conspiracy to commit extortion and conspiracy to solicit and accept bribes. The indictment happened a few years ago. In the meantime, he is still able to practice law to this very day despite the felony convictions.

I initiated a civil rights action in Brooklyn Federal Court on December 15, 2004. This action was decided against me in Brooklyn Federal Court on December 19, 2006 for the court’s refusal to honor the doctrine of stare decisis. In the interim, I was secretly disbarred from the practice of law. A reference to my disbarment was hidden in the court file.

In other words, New York refused to draft a complaint or schedule a hearing before I was disbarred. I happened to read a communiqué from the office of New York State Attorney General to U.S. District Curt Judge Nina Gershon. I never received any communication from any disciplinary committee about any disbarment. This is akin to a judicial lynching.

To this date, I have been unable to find any Black person in New York who would “humbly request” a copy of any correspondence from any state court or agency of New York sent to me about a disbarment. A disbarment complaint does not exist. No lawyer can be suspended nor disbarred without a disciplinary complaint and a hearing. See In re Ruffalo, 390 U.S. 544, 88 S.Ct. 1222 (1968).

In 1990, New York expected that I would become a snitch rather than lose a law license. When I had later satisfied all conditions in the suspension order and was, therefore, entitled to be immediately reinstated to the practice of law, New York extended the length of the goalposts and changed the disciplinary rules to keep me off the roll of attorneys.

Compliance with a suspension order means an automatic reinstatement to practice law. Reinstatement for a disbarred attorney is discretionary. My status was arbitrarily altered to ensure that I would never practice law again. New York had hoped that I would have earlier gotten on my knees and begged unabashedly for a return of the law license.

A leader may be a Judas goat but a Judas goat is never a shepherd. In 1973, New York City had many Black organizations but none of them were Black-financed although most of them were Black-led in form, if not in substance. In the Black community, this gives rise to plantation management.

Stated differently, there were no Black organizations in New York City committed to unconditionally eradicating white supremacy and the badges of slavery in 1973. Instead, these organizations were engaged in full-scale pacification programs. The last Black rebellion in New York City was in 1968.

Recently, I had a great conversation with our elders –Sis. Sybil Williams Clarke, Mother Kefa and Dr. Arthur Lewis. In this conversation, Sis. Sybil mentioned two words spoken by Dr. John Henrik Clarke. They were “sacrifice’ and “loyalty”. This conversation would require some deep thought.

The elements of a shepherd have to include “sacrifice” and “loyalty”. Any Garveyite has to respect those words and must be a shepherd who is not only loyal to the philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey but will make any and all sacrifices to freely enjoy all associations with other Garveyites.

FIRE (finance, insurance and real estate) control New York City. FIRE is concerned about the value of property. The NYPD needs auxiliary forces to protect property. During the “Day of Outrage” trial, Judge Albert Koch ordered the NYPD to give me its extensive list of informants. The informants were members of Black organizations including United African Movement. These informants are still in operation.

On appeal, the New York Police Department admitted, in its papers, that a network of paid saboteurs, snitches and informants were necessary to control Blacks in New York City even if constitutional rights were abridged. This ruling was made before 9-11. Today, the NYPD is running amuck and two leading ministers in New York City work with, if not for, the NYPD.

Against this backdrop, I had the option of either going along with the program or engaging in unprecedented pro bono litigation against the myriad, racist practices in New York out of respect for my revered ancestors in the law including but not limited to Robert Morris, Sr., Scipio Africanus Jones and Charles Hamilton Houston.

If a Black person has an interest in leading an organization but is not under indictment or on trial for a serious criminal offense, you have just been introduced to a “Judas goat”. You better get immediate hat especially if you are a member or supporter of UAM. This warning is rooted in the history of Black shepherds.

Because UAM is Black-led and Black-financed, it has been the subject of investigations since its inception. From the outset of UAM, its chairperson (Alton Maddox) and vice-chairperson (C. Vernon Mason) were the subjects of disciplinary investigations. Rev. Al Sharpton was indicted in 1989.

By May 1990, I had been summarily disbarred for challenging white officials in New York and Rev. Sharpton got the message after his acquittal in a 67-count indictment in July 1990. He fled UAM in January 1991 for greener pastures. Mason fled with him.

The lesson is clear. New York will not permit Blacks to freely associate with each other without the presence of whites or certified, Negro overseers. Moreover, New York will not permit any Black organization to be represented by Blacks only. When Blacks sued for reparations, a white lawyer was in charge. Similarly, the attorney for the “Freedom Party” in 2010 was white.

UAM was established on August 17, 1988. History would repeat itself. Robert Abrams, a friend of the NAACP, would conduct disciplinary and criminal investigations into the “cubs of Marcus Garvey” in late 1988. Dr. Clarke said, “Pan-Africanism or perish”. Pan-African flags are rooted in UNIA and Ethiopia.

Malcolm X’s father was a Garveyite and his family had to pay for this association. His mother was the target and the father and siblings were the victims. Whites know their history and ours. Garvey’s philosophy and opinions must die to appease white supremacists. So far, Blacks have no other viable political philosophy.

White people are serious about controlling our thoughts, our words and our associations. This started with the first African chained on a “free cruise” to the “New World”. Old habits are hard to break. Recently, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly advised leading Blacks and Black selected officials that racial profiling has become a fixture in New York City. They were cowed.

Against this backdrop, I chose, nearly four decades ago, to be a shepherd. The USA’s shepherd is the CIA with a bottomless budget. No sovereignty nor people should be without an emergency alert system. Cost should not be a concern for our security and well-being.

This should be the moral goal of Black preachers but the marriage of Uncle Sam to the Black Church has perverted religion. A perfect example is Rev. Floyd Flake. He chose to be both a politician and a preacher in violation of the First Amendment. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, threatened to send Father Robert Drinan packing if he remained in Congress.

In early 2011, I asked Harold Wilbert, Michael Greys and Monty Street to look into claims of police surveillance and police infiltration. Mario Cuomo, Robert Abrams, Rudolph Giuliani and George Pataki have always had an interest in UAM but it now appears that it will take Blacks to bring UAM down to its knees. See Freedom Party 2010.

I believe that a Black cell is in full operation. I have an obligation to protect all of UAM’s membership. It is a tribute that a Black-led and Black-financed grassroots organization could continue for 23 years but COINTEL-PRO is still a reality in the United States.

UAM needs a cleansing. Members who seek to continue to meet have been informed that they are unable to conduct any official UAM meetings at Sankofa Academy or elsewhere. It is important for all of us to await the outcome of the report and the writing of a history of UAM. Future UAM forums will be initiated with due consideration to this comprehensive report and UAM’s written history. An official meeting will follow on October 29, 2011 at the Cotton Club in Harlem to accommodate the other half of UAM.

Unless our revered ancestors, including Dr. Carter G. Woodson, were wrong, our first goal has to be a proper education. Today, this is reflected in our lack of Black businesses and independent political parties and ongoing bad schooling. As a grass-roots organization, UAM has been in the vanguard of remedial and continuing education and Black activism. Its mission is intact. The Black community was horrified when Emmett Till, 15 years of age, was tortured and lynched in Money, MS on August 28, 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Till was from Chicago, IL and he was apparently unaware of the racial customs and habits in Mississippi if not the slave law. His white abductors were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Mississippi law failed to require a mens rea or the ability to form a criminal intent when the whistler was a descendant of enslaved Africans and the subject of the whistle was a white woman. Accordingly, Till had no knowledge that his supposed whistling constituted a crime. The bedrock of a criminal prosecution has been a mens rea.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal dated September 27, 2011 and entitled “As Federal Crime List Grows, Threshold of Guilt Declines”, it is reported that there are more than 4500 federal crimes today although, in 1790, there were fewer than 10 federal crimes in the original Constitution.

It was the original intent of the framers of the Constitution that not only was every person presumed to know the law but also that the perpetrator was a bad actor with bad intentions. The prosecutor had to prove these elements beyond a reasonable doubt. Congress has learned some bad habits from Till’s lynching.

This is a boon to the prison-industrial complex. This perversion of criminal law has particularly targeted the poor and the ignorant in a country that prides itself on asserting “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Since Blacks have no right to legal nor political representation, no one is available to report this change in the law to them.

Recently, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told a gathering of Black selected officials and leading Blacks that a Black child in the streets of New York City could expect to be a victim of racial profiling whenever he or she leaves home. The final destination would be a jail cell and not a return to his or her place of abode. This is martial law.

There was no outrage. Blacks have not heard a peep from either Rev. Al Sharpton nor Councilman Charles Barron. Since none of them possess the ability nor courage to chastise Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, they have chosen to take the “Fifth”. This is the outcome for Blacks who support Black selected officials and a HNIC.

If the Fourteenth Amendment has any legs, racial profiling is unconstitutional. No one disputes that, as a matter of policy, the NYPD engages in racial profiling. As a constitutional scholar, and a person of African ancestry, President Barack Obama would be expected to enforce civil rights laws. Even Bush 41 called for the federal prosecution of white cops who brutalized Rodney King.

Persons protesting corporate greed on Wall Street were told by law enforcement agents that it was permissible to take to the roadway. The NYPD led the march until all of the marchers had been fenced in. NYPD decided to change the rules and the marchers were handcuffed and led off to jail. Like racial profiling, entrapment is, obviously, permissible in New York City.

This is how federal law works today according to the Wall Street Journal. Dane Yirkovsky had an extensive criminal record. While doing a remodeling job, he found a bullet, took it home and put it in a box. The police searched his home and found the bullet. The federal government said that federal law prohibited him from owning a firearm. He received a 15-year prison sentence.

There is also a definitional problem. The possession of a firearm is also synonymous with possession of a bullet absent a firearm. Although an ex post facto law is unconstitutional, it is no defense to a federal criminal prosecution. At a minimum, this is a resurrection of Dred Scott. If Black lawmakers and not Black selected officials were representing us, we would at least be put on notice.

UAM particularly saw the problem after the illegal convictions in the “Central Park 6″ while Mayor David N. Dinkins was a resident of Gracie Mansion. No current member of the New York City Council supported the “Central Park 6″. Michael Briscoe, by his attorney, successfully moved the Manhattan Supreme Court to dismiss his indictment in 1990.

Four years after the illegal convictions, UAM established the Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls in a sleep-away camp setting in the Catskill Mountains to teach our children “survival skills”. These skills are not being taught in public schools today. Schools, instead, have become holding pens for the prison-industrial complex. The chief culprit is compulsory attendance laws.

When zebras have to traverse a jungle, they possess enough intelligence to organize and run in a pack. Whites have enough intelligence to organize and assemble en masse. Whites and animals share a common philosophy, namely, natural law. A person who does not stand for something will fall for anything.

Blacks, on the other hand, mostly embrace racial integration contrary to the explicit teachings of Hon. Marcus Garvey, Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. The NAACP despised all of these revered ancestors. Any people that turns it back on its revered ancestors will surely perish for lack of vision and intelligence.

The Black community is in dire need of watchdog organizations. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. had to face Jim Crow. Blacks today must face off against James Crow Esq. Jim Crow wrote in black and white. James Crow Esq. writes in fine print and in gray areas.

UAM was established in honor of Marcus Garvey. His command was “Africa for the Africans.” Cong. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. said in the Congressional Record that Blacks should only be members of Black-led and Black-financed organizations. Blacks who have deference for our revered ancestors should meet this weekend in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

It is not necessary that a political party must obtain ballot status to engage in political campaigning. If it were otherwise, the Tea Party would not be functioning on the national stage. On the other hand, the Freedom Party has been stymied by police infiltrators exploiting a “divide and conquer” strategy.

These police infiltrators will not raise their ugly heads unless the original Freedom Party, formed in 1994, engages in a political activity. Their assignment is to challenge all proponents of Black liberation. Min. Louis Farrakhan was correct in chastising these police infiltrators when he spoke in Harlem in August. I hope that they got the message and remove their paws from the Freedom Party.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

I’m an Atheist:

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My transition from spiritual enslavement to enlightenment

by Alberta Parish

After wasting most of my life believing in biblical mythical characters, I’m now an atheist and proud to be. I have no regrets about discontinuing my spiritual enslavement, especially since I know Christianity is based on lies and deception. Every time I tell people why I no longer believe in the biblical concept of God, I often get an unfavorable response and then that response often leads to an argument or the abrupt end of the conversation.

I went to Best Buy last night, and encountered a woman who told me she’d been selling Christian literature for over thirty years. In fact, I had purchased one of her booklets a few years back and remember her very well. When I explained to her why I left Christianity, she debated me. Yet, I was able to get my points across to her. At some point, she said she had to go and drove off.

Most Christians cannot debate an atheist on logic and historical fact, because most of their worldview is within the pages of the Bible. They live, breathe and die by the lies that are contained within their Holy Books, often not questioning the many contradictions they come across. The entire Bible is a book of fairy tales as well as plagiarized stories from earlier sources. Many Christians love to highlight that so-called holy men inspired by God wrote the books of the Bible. However, because they have not researched the origin of the Bible and possibly have no understanding of history, many do not know that Moses is a non historical figure. Therefore, the Mosaic writings contained in the Old Testament were written by forgers claiming to be Moses. All of the Mosaic writings contain either fairy tales or plagiarized tales like the Genesis creation story, which was plagiarized from the Egyptian creation story. The books of David and Solomon were also written by forgers, because David and Solomon are non historical figures.

The Hebrew dietary laws were plagiarized from the writings of the ancient Kemites (i.e. Black Egyptians). The Ten Commandments contained in the Old Testament are a plagiarization from the writings of the ancient Kemetic people. These writings are known as the 42 negative confessions, which closely parallels the words of the Ten Commandments supposedly given to Moses at Mount Sinai. The 42 confessions, which existed tens of thousands of years prior to the delivery of the Ten Commandments by Moses to the Hebrew children, were handed down to the ancient Kemites by a goddess they called Ma’at. She was the goddess of moral law, truth and order. I’m more inclined to believe she was a factual ruler or queen in Kemet and not a divine spiritual being, untouchable like the Judeo-Christian God.

Why I’m an atheist after twenty-three years of biblical indoctrination is a phenomenon in and of itself. People who’ve known me for years cannot understand my current position as an atheist. Everyone is not always accepting of knowledge. Therefore, whenever I come across ex-church members, I make the choice to not engage any of them in conversation over my current feelings about Christianity and the non historical Jesus of Nazareth. I simply do not have the energy to debate Christians I know who are heavily indoctrinated in a belief system based on a central figure named Christ Jesus who never even existed historically as a human being on this planet. Hesus (Jesus) Krishna (Christos) is no more than a composite of earlier deities worshipped throughout the ancient world. The cult of Serapis, which took root in Egypt in the 3rd Century BCE on orders of Ptolemy because he wanted to unite the Greeks and the Egyptians, spawned today’s version of Christ worship. However, the concept of a god-man-Savior figure goes back to the worship of Heru (whom the Greeks called Horus), the firstborn son of Asar and Aset, which were the first children of Amen-Ra, the Egyptian creator-sun deity.

The evil that exist in the world is enough to make anyone question the existence of any divine being, especially one who has been sold to us as being omnipresent by our spiritual slave masters known as church clergymen. If the Judeo-Christian God is all knowing and all powerful, why are millions of children starving from hunger around the world? Why are there millions of children being sold into slavery around the world? Why are the innocents being destroyed around the world? Why does the Judeo-Christian God allow the earth to be destroyed daily through chemical biological agents and nuclear energy? There are too many unanswered questions regarding the Judeo-Christian belief system. All religious systems are bullshit, and are the greatest lies ever told in the history of the world. Either God doesn’t care about humanity and is a sadomasochist, or he simply doesn’t exist.

The Jesus of the Gospels is a literary character in a fictional story, and yet, people flock to churches Sunday after Sunday hoping to feel something from this mythical character, or perhaps, hoping to hear from the invisible Judeo-Christian God whom they’ve placed all their hope and faith in. This was my life for years until I woke up to enlightenment. Now, I sleep better at night without fear, without guilt, and without the expectation that a mythical god will come save me. I have to save myself now.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.

Good Clean Family Fun in Orlando

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Basil Waine Kong

It is our oldest son’s 41st birthday, so Stephanie and I are in Orlando to help him celebrate. Freddie and his wife Tracy are proud parents of two cute and endearing children, Kai (3 years old) and Hailie (18 months). While Kai is active and strong willed, Hailie is as cute as a bug in a rug and in fact we call her Hailie bug. The best moments of our visits are the hugs, welcome to our home, good to see you moments when we first arrive.

While Tracy had to work, Freddie and I played golf at Eagle Creek on Friday afternoon while Stephanie Babysit—which she loves to do for her grand children. I had my usual three bad holes but played well otherwise. Freddie rolled in a 40 footer and chipped one in accompanied with the usual exclamations. We got back home, took our showers, dressed and made our way to his celebratory dinner at Bone Fish Grill, a seafood eatery in Orlando. Although the children were a little antsy, the food was wonderful, service superb and priced well for the quality! Our waiter, Mike, was the best. He should go into business training other waiters. My wife, a very exacting diner, was completely pleased with the attentive and professional service. That made the food taste even better.

The appetizers, bang bang shrimp, entamane (steamed soy beans) and calamari, were a little unusual but very tasty. For our entrées, my wife had the sea bass, pan Asian style with Jasmine rice, Tuna with a beacon jalapeño sauce for Freddie, Tracy had sea bass with mango sauce, and I had crab cakes. The little ones dined on Mac n Chez with steamed Broccoli and lead us in the singing of “Happy Birthday Dad”. We all shared the complimentary warm brownies and ice cream and were in complete agreement that that was a memorable meal.

In addition to the usual hugs and kisses, chasing the grand children, lovely family meals and conversations, swimming, shopping, spa treatments, walks in the park, playground swings and climbs on monkey bars, we spent Saturday at: “Scott’s Maze Adventures” www.cornmaze.com and a wonderful time was had by all— good clean fun!

Scott’s is a large family owned farm in Zellwood, Florida (about an hour’s drive from Orlando) that is famous for its triple sweet corn. Yes, the corn is sweet and can be eaten raw. Each Fall (Autumn), they convert seven acres of their cornfield into a maze. While the corn maze is the main attraction, children have various “play” options including a spongy wind pillow the size of a tennis court that our grandchildren delighted in jumping, falling and romping around. Kai loved by far, the zip line! The kids sit in a harness and zip down an outstretched line. They can go on and on and our grandson Kai was delighted with each pass. It was wonderful to see the glee in his eyes!

For lunch we dined on fried clam strips and French fries, corn dogs, hamburgers and the usual refreshments. On a day like this, we ignore the usual dietary restrictions like when we go to a ballgame. What’s a baseball game without hot dogs?

After lunch, we go off to the mazes. As corn is called maize in many parts of the world, so, this is actually a maize maze. There are three mazes, the “mini”, the mist and mega maze with three maze quests to play: Kernel B. Cobb’s, Cornelious Quest Picture Find and Poppi’s Secret word Jumble. We didn’t run into any skeletons because they give you a flag on a long stick that you can wave and be rescued it you are hopelessly lost or have an emergency.

Labyrinths and mazes have been around since Ancient Egypt and Greece and is cornfigured as a puzzle with complex branching passages that walkers try to find a route to the exit through the designed twists and turns. In this case, walkers were asked to walk around corncentric circles and find designated stations where answers to paper and pencil puzzles about the environment and alternative energy could be obtained. They did their best to create “cornfusion” with the maze to get people lost but we were able to find the five stations and make our exit in about an hour.

We finally got to the hay ride with the accompanying lecture by our corncierges telling us about the farm’s efforts to make farming environmentally safe and productive. I did not know that each string that makes up the silk at the top of an ear of corn (the cornfer) is connected to each grain of corn.

On our way home, as the children were Cornfined to their seats, the corny jokes were non-stop.

Cornation: countries that grow corn as their principal crop
Corncentrate: thinking deeply about corn
Corncealment: sealing up leaks with glue made from corn
Corncede: what you plant to get an ear of corn
Cornceit: a chair made from corn
Corncerts: breath mints made from corn syrup
Cornscent: things that smell like corn
Cornception: becoming pregnant from eating too much corn for women who need to produce an heir of corn.
corncession: giving an ear of corn to settle a disagreement. And my favorite, if you don’t like them, you can corndemn to hell.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to suggest that this would be an easy thing to implement in Jamaica. How hard would it be to convert a sugarcane plantation into a maze with the accompanying rides, foods and kid friendly activities? Mazes are popular throughout the world. With all the undesirable or non-existent recreational options in Jamaica, how wonderful would it be to have a “Cane Maze?” It would be a terrific tourist attraction as well as a place every Jamaica family would want to visit. It would be lots of fun to “get lost” while raising cane.!

Bullet Columnist Basil Waine Kong as written several pieces for this journal and especially likes to expound on his favorite subject: his beloved Jamaica. He is a former Atlien (resident of Atlanta GA), and was the CEO of the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) for 22 years before his retirement in 2008 to return to Jamaica. This article is reprinted with his permission from his blogsite; Coming in From the Cold… Bob Marley

Written by cs

October 22nd, 2011 at 2:38 pm

The Omega Man Project

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by Patrick H. Freeman

The Omega man that I’ve chosen to write about is the late Dr Asa Hilliard who I met in 1997 and studied under during my research tour of ancient Egypt. Each day during our tour Dr. Hilliard would lecture on what we would see the next day. My self appointed job was to make sure the room was set up in lecture fashion, and that water was available for him.

This job was one of the great honors that I have ever had to serve one of our greatest scholars in the land that African people built. When our tour ended Dr Hilliard thanked me for this assistance for it allowed him to concentrate on his lecture in greater detail. It was not until later on that I learned that this grand master teacher was a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Dr Hilliard was one of the most significant contributors in the education of our children. He served on many educational boards, provided consultation to cities across the country on how school systems can better educate our children.

During Dr Hilliard’s life he has written several life changing articles and books. My favorite of his writings was the Teachings of Ptah Hotep the author of the world’s first book of instruction. In this book you find the first philosophical stances known in the world, and these writings done by a person of African descent. This was the trailblazing life of Asa Hilliard as he continued to teach study tours up until his demise in 2007.

Hilliard was a founding member of the study of Classical African Civilizations and helped to produce the award winning TV series “Free Your Mind Return to the Source.” Dr Hilliard also led various tour of Ghana taking African Americans back to the castles where millions of enslaved Africans were brought to this country under the most inhumane circumstances known to humanity. Many have said when Dr Hilliard would point out the door of no return that the spirits of our ancestors can be heard crying in the agony of the clutches of vicious oppression.

Dr. Hilliard study tours rights of passage of historical education in which he developed an academic format of learning in which you would be named a member of the Holy Royal Family. I completed my study and became a member in 1997 to this present day. Dr. Hilliard was an expert in the study of ancient Egypt and the mystery systems. He explained to us that there was an African multi genius by the name of Imhotep who constructed the first known stone structure called the Step pyramid of Soccara by using fitted stones to create a stone layer like cake. Then he took us to see The Temple of Ptah Hotep and explained that people that looked like us built these architectural wonders more than 6,000 years ago. Yes Dr Asa Hilliard was one of the most famous members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and exemplified its principles through his life long work.

In August of 2007 after visiting Ghana Dr. Hilliard returned to his beloved Egypt for a conference given by the Association

for the study of Classical African Civilizations where many of his colleagues noticed that he was not his usual energetic self, and urged him to go to a hospital after fainting. On the 12th day of August of the year 2007 one of the greatest minds of the 20th century made his transition to the ancestry and was exalted to our greatest honor. The legacy of Dr Hilliard can be found not only in his great writing but in the many of us that he taught and influenced.

This is why I chose Dr Asa Hilliard to write about as a famous Omega Man.

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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I just received an emergency email from Dr. James McIntosh of CEMOTAP, in reference to our dear brother, Gil Noble host of ABC-TV Like It Is, who recently suffered a massive stroke.

I think you all must be aware that for the past 40 years the show has struggled to maintain its integrity and remain on the air, due to the machinations of the racist TV management, which routinely tried to quell the show’s effectiveness.

While we successfully prayed for the recovery of Gil from this stroke, and he’s on the mend, the next task is to now save Like It IS!!! After years of moving it around from time slot to time slot, the show has been stabilized at the 12:00 slot on Sundays for at least two decades.

While we’ll miss Gil, we now have to turn our attention to making sure that ABC-TV replaces him with IMHOTEP GARY BYRD as host, who is as good, if not better, than Gil, and who possesses the sensibilities, love, care, concern and professionalism to provide Black people with news, documentaries and information that is relevant to us only.

Notably, Like It Is is the only Black show on network television that focuses on Black issues in a comprehensive manner. Gil Noble has been a pillar in our community for nearly 50 years. And, contrary to common belief, his position and that program are not easily replaced, and the Black community will not turn a blind eye to ABC-TV’s decisions. This is a warning to them to not underestimate the seriousness with which the Black community takes the future of this program and its relevance to us.

This is a call to mobilize all the forces – not just the Black community, but our official representatives – Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, Urban League, President Obama, to do the formal negotiations. But to also put ABC-TV on notice that they are not exempt from boycotts and sit-ins. That we will do what we need to do to make sure our legacy and the legacy of Gil Noble and LIKE IT IS, are preserved.

That said, the following is the press release from CEMOTAP. I expect each and every one of you who has one tenth of one per cent of melanin (Black blood) coursing through your veins, whether your home is the continent of Africa, USA or any of the Caribbean countries, to stand together shoulder to shoulder to make sure that LIKE IT IS enjoys another 40 years on ABC:

Contact James McIntosh 347 907-0629

A community delegation led by CEMOTAP Co-chairs Betty Dopson and Dr. James McIntosh, Dr. Len Jeffries and New York City Councilman Charles Barron met with WABC TV station manager Dave Davis on Monday morning. The group first protested the censoring of Councilman Barron’s remarks in support of political prisoners on the tribute to Gil Noble broadcast by WABC on March 16, 2011. The group also protested the seeming attempt to AMERICANIZE the show and exclude of any mention of Elombe Brath and the numerous African world leaders, including heads of state, that Elombe brought to the show over the years.

Lastly, the group discussed the future of Gil Noble’s “Like It Is.” The group first suggested the name of Imhotep Gary Byrd, which Davis rejected even though he admitted he had NEVER HEARD OF BYRD. Davis said he wants to use someone from the WABC newsroom and has thus far refused to even interview Byrd to find out what Byrd would bring to the show.

Davis seems braced for a war with the Black Community. He became offended when the group refused to accept his assertion that he was different from Tom Kane, the last WABC station manager with whom the community had to struggle.

Please call Davis and {DEMAND} tell him to reverse course. This announcement is attached to a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_L2YxuyVt8 that shows a prime representation of the newsroom from which Davis wants to hire. It speaks for itself.

CALL DAVIS at 212 456 7000. Tell him to stop stonewalling the {BLACK}community. Remember you are talking to a man who never even heard of Imhotep Gary Byrd. Also come hear CEMOTAP’s call to action and report to the community on Saturday October 22, 2011 at 2PM at CEMOTAP CENTER, 135-05 Rockaway Boulevard, South Ozone Park, Queens, NY 11420. Community Leaders and leaders of the delegation will be present.” ###

Remember, no one will do for you what you will not do for yourself. You have to take a stand now, or they will be standing on your neck later.

Take care
Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

bullet ColumnistGloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:” www.gloria-dulan-wilson.blogspot.com

“When it Rains it Pours”

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Soon after I arrived in New York City, I became a public advocate for the poor and; therefore, a public speaker. It started in Harlem. At rallies and assemblies on issues of public importance, I would always hear members of the audience say, “Tell It!” Putting two plus two together, I recognized that “Tell It” had been detached from “Like It Is” and for good reason.

“Tell It” invoked the First Amendment which is the foundation for political discourse. There must be a market place for the exchange of ideas. There must also be an assembly for the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Any organization that has no regular assembly is not involved in political activism.

This marketplace must be protected by the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom or speech, or of the press; or the right of people to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Freedom of expression is the most basic constitutional guarantee.

These forty-five words have also wreaked havoc on Blacks. While most Blacks are unable to recite them, they are fully aware that they must behave like the three monkeys: “hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing.” This prompted Malcolm X to say, “those that say don’t know and those that know won’t say”.

Before “Tell It like It Is” was put on paper, it was incubating in the hearts and minds of Black people in the tri-state area. Gil Noble was neither the founder nor the creator of this public affairs program which had to start as “Like It Is”. Blacks have always been subject to a compromise. This compromise has intruded on our right to free expression.

Recently, a person who receives my valuable and informative writings, free of charge to him but not to me, however, complained that I, nonetheless, always had to put down Black people. Apparently, he never heard of Carter G. Woodson, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Naím Akbar and Dick Gregory for openers.

The first person to put me down was my mother and no other person had any greater love for me than she did. I had enough sense to know that her verbal scoldings arose out of her love for me. Like with hundreds of other recipients of my wisdom, I will not be wasting my time sending out writings which are mischaracterized as hate. This will happen soon and before September 20.

In New York today, there is not a single Black person who has made greater sacrifices for Black people than myself. If you combine all Blacks in New York together, the result would still be the same. Rewards have been reserved for persons like Cong. Charles Rangel, Dr. Calvin Butts and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott. Community punishment has been reserved for persons like myself, Kwame Ture, and Dr. Khallid Muhammad. This is a screwed-up value system.

To be sure, there have been others who have made valuable contributions to the Black community like Gil Noble and Dr. Adlaide Sanford. They were well-paid employees, however. It would be impossible to characterize them as sacrificial lambs. Jesus Christ, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. were sacrificial lambs.

It may be fitting that the last day of UAM’s existence was August 17, 2011 at the Elks Plaza in Brooklyn. UAM was born on August 17, 1988 at Friendship Baptist Church near the Elks Plaza. I doubt very seriously that after 23 years, UAM’s current membership will ever honor the principle of shared responsibility or the legal concept of quid pro quo.

Instead, UAM’s membership will continue to help those who can and will only help themselves and not help those whose only goal has been to sustain the legacies of our revered ancestors. It takes a human being to understand this concept. Only humans –and not heathens– will ever enjoy human rights. The world will treat you the way you present yourself.

Gil Noble became host of “Like It Is” since succeeding actor Robert Hooks. He is currently recovering from a stroke.

I suffered a civil death on May 21, 1990 but I am still alive for another day of struggle. The tragedy of the “Tribute to Gil Noble” was that it was never intended to show until Gil had made his transition. Gil has another plan, however. I pray to the Creator for Gil to be able to regain all of his senses and enjoy a well-deserved but belated community tribute.

This tribute has passed the statute of limitations and the Statute of Frauds. Forty-three years is too long for either an employer or the community to give a tribute to a media icon. All of us must do better. We must start with identifying the shoulders upon which “Like It Is” stands. Those are our revered ancestors who envisioned a “Like It Is”.

If history was important to Malcolm X and it is still important to Gil, it stands to reason that no tribute can be done without identifying the shoulders that hoisted the program and Gil himself. Missing pages of the history of a people is no history at all. To be sure, WABC-TV has, in its archives, the petition for “Like It Is”. “If there is no demand”, according to Frederick Douglass, “there is no progress”.

A real tribute should be more than a “living will”. By 1998, there should have been a tri-state tribute in Madison Square Garden or a larger venue for Gil. MAAT requires reciprocity. If Gil gave so much to us, reciprocity requires a well-endowed tribute. Let us pray for a miracle. Afterwards, let us all lease Madison Square Garden or a bigger venue. Miracles still happen.

The whole truth about “Like It Is” was not aired on this past Sunday. All of the participants had to have read from a script. Hudson Valley Broadcasting, with antennas in Poughkeepsie and Albany, went public and formed Capital Cities Television, Inc. Its architect was William Casey, former director of the CIA. Tawana Brawley was a CIA operation.

Gil and I enjoyed a cordial relationship but he would be putting “Like It Is” on the chopping block if I had been given an open invitation to appear on the program. In New York, I have stepped on a lot of big toes. The white power structure and white advertisers have constructively sealed my lips.

Censorship is one issue but the establishment of a “Fifth Column” is another issue with “3 shepherds” behaving like the “3 monkeys”. This Negro posse, consisting of males and females, is alive and kicking. No Black help is on the horizon including UAM. Even the unheralded Black preacher enjoys an annual “Appreciation Day”.

Elombe Brath, also an employee of WABC-TV, was Gil’s sidekick on “Like It Is”. Gil often told me of the critical role that Elombe played in this award-winning program. It is hard for me to believe that, among all of Gil’s friends, no one remembered Elombe who is currently struggling for his own life. “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

Blacks, in the tri-state area, have a history of burying sacrificial lambs and believing and following Judas goats. White supremacy in New York, if actually fought, will send you to either the hospital or to the grave. In the meantime, Blacks, like sheep, will get behind Judas goats and finance their own demise. Review Malcolm X’s speech on “Like It Is” on Sunday, October 16.

I misplaced my “Book of Numbers” at an inopportune time. A request was made on the Internet for someone to help me contact Sis. Utrice Leid. Sis. Vera Osborne called me on Monday evening with assistance. I immediately got in contact with Sis. Utrice Leid. She will be at the Elks Plaza in Brooklyn on Monday, October 24 at 7:00 p.m.

Malcolm X described the 1963 March on Washington in clear and historical terms. History repeated itself on this past Sunday for a “Tribute to Gil Noble”. It was not a tribute for Gil Noble, however. Instead, it was a homegoing service for “Like It Is”.

The vision of our revered ancestors and elders who labored in the vineyard for “Like It Is”, predating Gil Noble, was being destroyed before our very eyes on Sunday. WABC-TV was pulling the strings. The puppets are people that “we” love and admire unconditionally.

My next call on Monday evening was to the landlord of Elks Plaza. I had suspended the weekly UAM forum to give our people daily, teaching moments over the Internet. This was more important than entertaining social parasites and racial saboteurs every Wednesday evening. The whole race is headed down the drain. Entertainment is not on my agenda.

With the space secured at Elks Plaza, I called Earl Caldwell who was excited about the program. He wholeheartedly endorses it but he is also mindful of his grueling teaching schedule. The purpose of the assembly on Monday evening is to right a wrong. The handwriting is on the wall. Even Ray Charles could have read it.

I only have two unwavering and active supporters in UAM. Sis. Leola Maddox heads the list followed by Sis. Sarah Russell. This lack of group support has caused me great stress. Recently, Sis. Sybil Clarke, Mother Kefa and Dr. Arthur Lewis summoned me to Sis. Clarke’s home. The two topics were Dr. Ben’s care and my health. Both had reached a crisis in their minds.

At the end of Monday evening, I received a call from Sis. Russell. Her mother had made her transition. All UAM members and beneficiaries of these articles should send expressions of appreciation to UAM, P.O. Box 35, Bronx, NY 10471.

This was a serious body punch to Sis. Russell and to the program on Monday. I have been censured by all commercial radio outlets. My only communications with my people is through the Internet. UAM refuses to pay for expenses much less pay salaries. Frederick Douglass said, “You may not get everything you pay for but you will pay for everything you get”. Nonetheless, UAM believes that freedom is free.

Now, we must get out the word about Utrice Leid this Monday at Elks Plaza. Most if not all of the participants on “Like It Is” on Sunday are only willing to wag their tongues to save “Like It Is”. They do not believe in alerting the people to come out and hear the naked truth with a remedy. This is the purpose of censorship: suppress the truth. The “puppets” are supporters of censorship.

Lori Stokes and WABC-TV were not the only co-conspirators. The “puppets” also refused to mention Elombe Brath who is now in bad health. If the people refuse to respond to this clarion call, all of the sacrificial efforts of our revered ancestors and elders would be of no moment to our children yet unborn.

After Monday night, there will be a follow-up meeting on Saturday at the Cotton Club in Harlem. I am not able to continue to pay for all of the benefits available at these meetings. If your money is short or non-existent, you should stay home and get a copy of the minutes from a family member, neighbor or friend.

These meetings and assemblies are costly. We should take a page from the current “occupiers” of Wall Street. People around the world are responding financially to this movement. White people understand the price of freedom and their ethics will not allow them to be social parasites. Their freedom is now at stake. They prefer to be dead in their graves than live as chattel slaves.

In 1974, I started defending the poor in Harlem at Harlem Assertion of Rights. By 1990, I was defined as a member of the poor. In the meantime, I had spent all of my resources seeking for Blacks to secure the fair administration of justice. This struggle had started in 1857 and it was the reason for Blacks joining the Union Army during the Civil War.

A year after I was illegally disbarred from the practice of law because Black selected officials were chosen to represent the white power structure and not Black constituents, a blue-ribbon commission issued a well-written report which concluded that New York’s judicial system is “infested with racism”. This was 1991. Leading Blacks threw the report in the garbage can.

Chief Judge Sol Watchler had commissioned this blue-ribbon committee in response to claims that New York’s judicial system was still enforcing Dred Scott. My voice was the loudest. I had occasion to meet Chief Judge Sol Watchler of the New York Court of Appeals. He made it clear to me that he had no intention of enforcing the Fourteenth Amendment.

After this blue-ribbon report was well-publicized in 1991, Black selected officials made it clear that they had no intention of ever mentioning the report nor employing their energies to eradicate Dred Scott from New York’s judicial system. A Black selected official is enrolled in and loyal to either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

The Freedom Party was unable to get its gubernatorial candidate on the ballot in 1994. The requirement was 15,000 valid signatures. The Freedom Party submitted over 18,000 signatures while the Libertarian Party submitted under 15,000 signatures. The Freedom Party had no effective, legal representation. This was the difference.

On the other hand, the Libertarian Party had no problem securing a battery of lawyers. I got a lesson in New York politics in Albany Federal Court in 1994. I heard sworn testimony from election officials that only Blacks had to secure 15,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot. Thus, the gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party was placed on the ballot with only 13,000 signatures.

Political parties serve as delivery systems for voters in special interest or ethnic groups. Thus, North Korea is no threat to the United States with a nuclear bomb and no delivery system. Similarly, Black voters are no threat to the political system as long as its votes can only be launched on a Democratic missile. This is why Malcolm X referred to it as “the ballot or the bullet”.

Political bosses actually run a political party. Ron Brown was the only political boss of African ancestry in the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, his plane smashed into a mountain and a bullet was found in the back of his skull. President Barack Obama is only a political functionary. This government is based on checks and balances.

By 1975, I received some hard economic lessons. Jobs must be secured by self-help and not by marches led by leading Blacks, Judas goats and Black selected officials. Marches were necessary to get the right to vote. The proper use of the ballot is supposed to be a meal ticket and a substitute for marches.

Until recently, whites relied on white elected officials through the Democratic and Republican parties to “bring home the bacon”. Since the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United establishing a plutocracy in the United States, some whites have looked for other avenues to express political grievances.

Some of these whites have formed the Tea Party, financed by billionaires, to give them political expression. Other whites have chosen to occupy Wall Street. They are covering all bases including the formation of a militia. Politics and economics are the twin pillars of capitalism. Some Blacks sought to establish the Freedom Party on borrowed funds from an unemployed lawyer while battling a well-armed “Judas goat”.

This is a lesson that I received at HAR. Many poor people have job skills but they lack economic opportunities in a racist society which penalizes any and all unorganized, ethnic groups. The road to political and economic success is the First Amendment. Blacks refuse to embrace it or to learn its intricacies. This constitutional amendment is based on natural law. The Declaration of Independence is also based on natural law.

Fox example, at HAR, in the 1970’s, I had an opportunity to represent an unemployed, top-flight television producer in the Black community who laid the groundwork for “Like It Is” before Gil Noble. Even with this person’s success and knowledge, a poorly-organized community had taken its toll on him. See also the hospitalization of Gil Noble. Our problem is the lack of a philosophy and organizational skills.

As an aside, WABC-TV, under any new format for “Like It Is”, should provide its viewing audience with a documentary on the history of “Like It Is” including its pioneers. We need to learn about our revered ancestors and elders and their mission in public affairs. Otherwise, “Like It Is” will be like a tree without roots. It is their mission that Blacks should be enforcing.

Within three months after HAR was forced to hire me and a Latino, two unemployed Black lawyers were seeking jobs at HAR. Well over a dozen lawyers at HAR were white. This was in Harlem. The executive director, who was Black, had a policy of only hiring whites. Without seeing these lawyers he said, without reflection, “I am not hiring any diddy bops and coke sniffers”.

Suffice it to say that when I was fired, two years later, there was only one white lawyer at HAR. Many of these newly-hired Black lawyers would become judges while Cong. Charles Rangel in his “Gang of Four” was leading Blacks on a wild goose chase to Washington, DC in the 1970’s, begging for more jobs and, afterwards, giving them to whites. The Black masses have always been the cannon fodder for leading Blacks.

The solution rests in the words of Kwame Ture and the in the 17-point program of Cong Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. which can be found in the Congressional Record. Ture would always say that any Black person who is not a dues-paying member of a militant, Black-led and Black-financed organization is part of the problem. Cong. Powell agreed. “Militant” means someone who will, unconditionally, fight for his or her people.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please sign his Petition to save “Like It Is.” Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

The scheme of George Edwards does not fit the personnel of the Bills

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The Mighty O’Ba Sports Report by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills game against the New York Giants forced the Bills coaching staff to make several changes on the defensive side of the ball with Chris Kelsay, Shawn Merriman, and Kyle Williams all out with injuries. One problem with the defense this year has been that they have been giving up too many yards despite leading the NFL in takeaways. Unfortunately this game started no different than the others by the Bills giving up a long drive to the Giants to start another game from behind in the first quarter again, but this time the Bills answered right back with a beautiful eighty yard run by Fred Jackson. Giants 7- Bills 7. Well for those who doubt Chan
Gailey’s ability to find holes in the opposing team’s defense, I think you change your mind this week. The Touchdown pass to Naaman Roosevelt In the first quarter was a beautiful piece of Football strategy Bills 14- Giants -7

Fitzpatrick scans the Gents defense from shotgun formation (Photo buffalorange.com)

As the second quarter starts we are once again seeing that the Bills pass rush is still inconsistent, and must improve if this team wants to get to where they need to. Also the defense continues to give up to many yards especially running the football.

Another area of concern is the scheme of the Bills defense is being exposed because we just keep giving up to many big plays as the result of poor defensive play calling. The first half ends Bills 17- Giants- 17.

The third quarter started the way every game has gone for the Bills this season. The scheme of George Edwards does not fit the personnel of the Bills, and gives up too many yards. The lack of pressuring quarterbacks all year has caught with this team in games where the opposing team does not turn the ball over. Giants 24- Bills -17

The fourth quarter begins the way most of this year’s games have gone for the hometown team, but this game different from others we are seeing Fitzpatrick under a lot of pressure. This is not something the Bills coaching staff did not expect but when left tackle Chris Hairston came up limping it put the already then offensive line under more pressure with Andy Levitre forced to left tackle. But it’s the game day coaching of Chan Gailey that I think is what separates him from other coaches. But on this day it was two costly interceptions by Ryan Fitzpatrick while the Bills were driving proved to be the difference in this game. Also the lack of a consistent pass rush on Eli Manning allowed the giants offense not to make many mistakes.

The Buffalo Bills Game Report Card 10-16-2011

Coaching- Chan Gailey did a good job but the mistakes of his quarterback and the defensive scheme is hurting this football team

Grade- B-

Offense- Good game plan but bad throws by Fitzpatrick cost the Bills the Game

Grade –C

Defense- Very little pass rush and still giving up too many yards, and toomany big plays

Grade -D

Special Teams – Stellar again

Grade A+

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