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The Dark Man with the Split Personality

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by Chris Stevenson

Remember when Herman Cain’s wife came to his defense back in mid-November in response to growing accusations of sexual harassment and attempted infidelity? She made a statement however then that may be more revealing than anticipated in light of a recent study. It came as a surprise to some-present company included-that Cain’s wife is African American. At the time of this writing there are 5 accusers (the latest one claiming to have had an actual 13-year-affair with Cain) and three of them who’ve shown their faces are white. The others have kept their identities a secret for fear of not becoming another Anita Hill (whatever that means).

Gloria Cain choose to use a little process-of-elimination and state that for Cain to have done all those things, means he would have to have a “split personality.” Cain of course is a conservative, a black conservative. In the eyes of many his whole life is one of duality. Most of his personal views are not in common with most African Americans, in fact he prefers to not even be identified as African American: “I am an American. Black. Conservative. I don’t use African American.” In a separate statement he rants, “African Americans have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view.” He lacks empathy for the working-class, and especially non-working Americans. This makes him on schedule with a recent study on conservatives by Marcus Arvan PhD., of the University of Tampa. called “Bad News for Conservatives? Moral Judgments and the Dark Triad Personality Traits: A Correlational Study.”

This “Dark Triad” he talks about are the three most frequently seen negative qualities displayed by people identifying themselves as conservatives; Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Psychopathy, and based on a moral institution survey (MIS) involving 302 male, 257 female, and 2 transgender liberals or conservatives whose median age is 28.

“Commonsense suggests that there is a relationship between personality traits and moral value judgments. History is particularly suggestive in this regard. Consider for example the following historical figures. Their personalities, and some of their more notable moral judgments: Adolf Hitler (mass murder), notable personality trait(s); ‘counteractive narcissism,’ a type that is stimulated by real and imagined insult or injury (Murray 1938): notable moral judgment(s): anti-semitic” Now Arvan uses the same formula against a less extreme personality: “Jean-Jacques Rousseau (political philosopher), notable personality trait(s); notoriously vain, ungrateful, and paranoid (Rousseau 1782); notable moral judgment(s): moral and political philosophy focused on inequality and envy (Rousseau 1754, 1762)… in each case the person’s moral judgments ‘fit’ their personality,” according to this online study site. These traits are matched against issues like economic justice, gay marriage, gun control and capital punishment. In short the overall result of this is the strong relation between conservatives and the aforementioned negative personalities.

The Dark Triad is not a new category of traits, and this isn’t the first time an observation between political party and decision-making and personality trait has been done. A few years ago I took note of another similar study. What they do for me is confirm my belief about why it’s so hard to get through to people of conservative disposition. Especially black ones.

Gloria Cain said weeks ago, “to hear such graphic allegations and know that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and I know that’s not the person he is. He’s totally respects women… and I’m thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that she said.” Split personality, or it’s clinical terminologies; multiple personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder are perhaps what Mrs Cain is more referring to. Of the 3 of Arvad’s “Dark Triad” negative personality traits, Machiavellian matches up best with those disorders. Machiavellian is a tendency to deceive and manipulate. Not just typical cheating, cheating from a man spending inordinate amounts of time trying to prove to you he is an independent clean-living man of family values.

Were I to use Arvad’s formula (as opposed to Gloria just calling the producers of “Cheaters”), what then is Herman Cain’s (black conservative, former fast-food executive, presidential candidate, accused sexual groper and now cheater) notable personality trait(s)? A form of Machiavellianism that is closely tied to self-righteousness and psychopathy: Trying to solve economic, political, and governmental problems with the same principles he used to solve junk-food-chain-restaurant problems (please send picture of principles). Notable moral judgments? Thinks everybody is lazy except for conservatives.

A new story by the Daily Beast says however that Gloria is not as Cain-washed as many of us suspect, but has simply been playing along with Mr. Split Personality in order to give their marriage an aura of peace, and provide the all-important united-couple public front. The Beast quotes a source close to the Cains who says the accusations regarding him and these women are only knew to us, not only has she known, but the two have lived in separate quarters for years.

These facts are slowly coming out in the face of fast-rising skepticism about President Obama and his policies. That begs a full-scale study about American voters in itself and food for thought in light of an anticipated announcement from Candy-Cain this weekend.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, Political Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network for clbTV. Sign his Petition to permanently Abolish the Death Penalty @ Change.org. Respond to him on the link below.


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The Ancestors Will Trouble Our Dreams and Shorten Our Days If we Don’t Stand UP

by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Many a Black person has had the occasion to say, proudly, at some point in their lives, “I have Indian in my family.” It has been known for hundreds of years that Blacks and Indians in the US intermarried extensively, from the East Coast, the South West, the Wild Wild West, and to a small extent, the Northwest.

Certainly the largest numbers of Black and Indian marriages and family lines emanated from the South (Georgia, North and South Carolina, and parts of Florida) and Oklahoma.

Those of you who have been reading either the Black List or my gloriadulanwilson.blogspot have been keeping abreast of a heinous matter roiling out of control in Oklahoma (my homestate)- a state that started out as deeded Indian Territory. Some of you have even heard of the arduous “trail of tears” over which the Cherokee, Seminoles,and other tribes, along with their Black slaves and intermarried wives, trudged in a fierce winter, and died in the early 1800’s, as the result of being given blankets infested with a highly contagious form of smallpox (thanks to famous redneck Andrew Jackson – then President of the US).

From the outset the Oklahoma Territory was inhabited by Blacks and Indians, many of whom had intermarried, built homes,raised families, opened and ran businesses, communities together. Initially, whites were forbidden to go there; and were kept out for 85 years. As a result, we thrived, and built lovely homes, communities, educated our children. We were kool.

To this day, the state of Oklahoma is still inhabited by Blacks and Indians, many of whom are still married, and have homes, businesses and family ties and communities together. But now, things are not as kool as they used to be.

This latest insult on the part of the Cherokee nation, misled by (–I have to say it – wait for it – ) a half-breed whose white ancestry has obviously made him even more of a red neck than most rednecks in the region (and trust me we do have our share). His machinations and manipulations, started by a promise of lucrative funds, have now led to the vote in the Cherokee Supreme Court calling for the ouster of the descendents of Freedman (Oklahomans who are descendants of former slaves who were given full Cherokee Nation rights in 1866 – after the Civil War.

Now, of course these were the former slaves who were “owned” by Indians during the Civil War, who were stupid enough to side with the South. They lost, so they had to abide by the rules. These were not the Indians who originally migrated to Oklahoma with their former “slaves” during the early 1800’s, and who had been enjoying life in Oklahoma before, during and after the Civil War. In fact the earlier Black and Indian settlers were none too happy to have the post Civil War crew move in.

Where we once got along and had mutual interests for the most part, things really began to devolve after the Oklahoma Run (read Ruin) of 1889 (April 22, to be exact). The first thing they brought in was Jim Crow, and a whole host of other racist policies – some of which they weren’t able to carry through simply because we Blacks had guns, and didn’t play.

However as they began to change the tenor of the territory, things degenerated, and eventually the racism was pervasive. The stupid thing is that the Cherokee nation is claiming that the Blacks are no longer part of the tribe as though there were some magic way of unmixing blood. (I know I said this already, but it bears repeating). My DNA, my mother’s, father’s brother’s, sister’s, uncle’s (not to mention my grandparents – you know ad infinitum) ain’t gonna change.

And this ouster seems to be aimed at only 2800 people. And I had to ask myself “why?” As I was conjecturing why the number was so small – a mere 2800 Freedmen – the answer appeared in an article that appeared in the Blacklist, written by Achoctaw1866, to wit: “the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma has managed to reduce the Freedmen Struggle in the media to just 2800 “registered” Cherokee Freedmen, effectively locking out all other Cherokee Freedmen eligible for modern Citizenship enrollment, numbered in the thousands, pulling media away from dissent from Advocates for all other Freedmen.”

Well, I for one don’t plan to allow them to get away with that. This is not a box canyon where you can herd off the few and send the rest on their way as though it has nothing to do with them. In the Black community, regardless of who is in our gene pool, it’s one for all and all for one! And we are all just as outraged as those 2800 brothers and sisters you are trying to jerk around.

I am personally calling on all our people, regardless of the percent of melanin you have in your skin, to stand together for the Black people of Indian heritage regardless of whether they reside in Oklahoma, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Oregon, or anywhere else – living or dead – Because by this action the Cherokee Nation has declared that Black people are under siege.

This is not something that you have philosophical debates about. It’s not even something that you sit back and wait for the White House to take a stand on, even though they are definitely taking note of this debacle – this is about who and what we are in the 21st Century.

There was a phrase that appeared at the end of a movie that said: “If No One Else Will Save You, Save Yourself!“ We have to be the heroes and the freedom we are looking for. Another saying from Africa says: “If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.“ Well WE are those people. We are the people who have to stand up for ourselves.

Maybe we need to be about riding in on Oklahoma and giving the Cherokees a first hand knowledge of what it looks like when a Million Black (and Black Indian) people ride down on their behinds. Maybe the march should not be on Washington, or on DC. Maybe the next Million People March needs to be on Oklahoma – Tallequah.

Black and Black Indian Oklahomans need to open up a can of “Wisconsin” on their bogus legislators who sit on their haunches and do nothing (smile up their sleeves as they watch this mess evolve).

According to AChoctaw1866: “Freedmen People feel that continued disrespect and overt intolerance of our humanity will no longer be endured quietly, now or in the future and Black Indians will not back down, even if it appears that we only have a slingshot or hatchet with which to wage an effective campaign. One must not forget that we are imbued with a self-determined propensity to protect rights encoded in our melanated DNA. Freedmen have elicited a response from the White House upon the illegal disenfranchisement of Freedmen People, Deprivation of Nationality, Citizenship and denial of access to their Treaty Mandated Rights.”

She further states: “Yet, it is also indicative of defeat, and a major failure by the White House to reach beyond a reluctant tight-fisted grudging nod to a mere 2,800 Black Cherokees, to clarify the status and treatment of all other Ethnic Indians Freedmen and Tribal Peoples in North America also having African Ancestry numbering in the several hundred thousands of eligible disenfranchised descendants (i.e., Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole Negro Scouts, Creek Freedmen, Mississippi Choctaw, and others) treated the same way in today‘s Indian Country, while their stories have been buried under attention paid only to the plight of Cherokee Freedmen.”

It’s time to bring the Indian Reorganization Act into the 21st Century. Now. Forget about the “cherry picking” of issues one at a time so as to not disturb or upset the so-called nation. Let’s pull the scab off and let the healing begin! It’s time to implement the requests by collective Freedmen People to invoke, implement or proclaim a Presidential or Congressional Enactment making it mandatory for all Tribal Nations and the U.S. Government to respect and/or adhere to the Treaty Rights of all the aforementioned Peoples, or face the legal consequences, immediately if not sooner! Apparently when the Civil Rights act was passed, they forgot to “enforce them within the Tribal Nation and Federal Laws as codified in the Indian Reorganization Act.”

The bottom line is that having failed to do it right the first time around has exacerbated the situation. Many of the issues originally handled by the previous organization was turned over to a hostile entity called the US Court of Claims. It appears that it is amusing to pit people of different cultures against each other and play the game of “keep away” while they try to work things out.

According to the AChoctaw1866, “{since} claims are met with challenges that the U.S. Court of Claims are not compelled to hear such claims, then the hurdle that Freedmen actions are time-barred, after which comes the extreme burden of overcoming Tribal Nation and U.S. Sovereignty. None are charitable enough to waive Sovereign Rights to weigh Freedmen Rights fairly, depriving them of much deserved Due Process. This is why Freedmen Tribes must stand on their own acumen as Nations to challenge other Sovereigns in Nation to Nation actions.” (also known as “Catch 22).

At this point I am only paraphrasing this article; to read it in its entirety check out BlackList.net, or http://newsone.com/nation/associatedpress3/cherokee-nation-will-restore-rights-for-black-cherokees/. My main purpose is pulling out certain salient points is to make you aware that the tactics of Divide and Conquer are being used by the mainstream to put two under served cultures against each other. The oppressed oppressing another oppressed with the assistance of the oppressor (under the guise of trying to “help” is nothing new. Whole tribal wars have been developed by these very means. And while these two entities are fighting each other, the catalyst in the middle walks off with the whole pie.

Sound familiar? Recognize a pattern? And unfortunately, showing their true colors and snake heart for being all too willing to serve as the pawns in this mess are my Cherokee brothers and sisters, who have now shown themselves to be as dumb and gullible as the tribe who paid the Republican representative $7million to introduce them to people who would give them lucrative contracts, only to end up bankrupt.

You and I both know that our ancestors will trouble your dreams and shorten your lives upon this earth if you continue with this line of action. And they will likewise do the same to us if we don’t stand together against you for such a stupid, foolish, selfish, ignorant, destructive act. Go look in the mirror at your tongue and tell me the shape!

Stay Blessed &

bullet ColumnistGloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:” www.gloria-dulan-wilson.blogspot.com

Decline of American Exceptionalism

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Is America exceptional among nations? Are we, as a country and a people and a culture, set apart and better than others? Are we, indeed, the “shining city upon a hill” that Ronald Reagan described? Are we “chosen by God and commissioned by history to be a model to the world” as George W. Bush said?

This year, for the first time, most Americans did not say yes.

According to a report issued on Thursday by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, when Americans were asked if they agreed with the statement “our people are not perfect but our culture is superior to others,” only 49 percent agreed. That’s down from 60 percent in 2002, the first time that Pew asked the question.

Perhaps even more striking was that, among young people (those ages 18 to 29), the percentage of Americans who believed that their culture was superior was lower than young citizens of Germany, Spain and Britain.

Even if you put aside the somewhat loaded terminology of cultural superiority, Americans simply don’t seem to feel very positive about America at the moment. A Time Magazine/Abt SRBI poll conducted last month found that 71 percent of Americans believed that our position in the world has been on the decline in the past few years.

And an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey conducted earlier this month found that most Americans believed that we aren’t simply going through tough times as a nation but are at “the start of a longer-term decline where the U.S. is no longer the leading country in the world.”

We are settling into a dangerous national pessimism. We must answer the big questions. Was our nation’s greatness about having God or having grit? Is exceptionalism an anointing or an ethos? If the answers are grit and ethos, then we must work to recapture them. We must work our way out of these doldrums. We must learn our way out. We must innovate our way out.

We have to stop snuggling up to nostalgia, acknowledge that we have allowed a mighty country to be brought low and set a course to restitution. And that course is through hard work and tough choices. You choose greatness; it doesn’t choose you.

And that means that we must invest in our future. We must invest in our crumbling infrastructure. We must invest in the industries of the future. We must invest in a generation of foundering and forgotten children. We must invest in education. Cut-and-grow is ruinous mythology.

We must look out at the world with clear eyes and sober minds and do the difficult work as we’ve done time and time again. That’s how a city shines upon a hill.

Charles M. Blow is a New York Times Columnist and nationally-known commentator: “I invite you to visit my blog By The Numbers, join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, or e-mail me at chblow@nytimes.com.”

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November 29th, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Slave Jurisprudence is Better for Black Defendants ©

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Once upon a time, there had to be a corpus delecti before anyone could be charged with a homicide. This rule is now honored in its breach. There was also a rule that the testimony of an informant had to be corroborated with other evidence. This rule is now also honored in its breach.

These evidentiary rules were honored during slavery. They were designed to protect the property interests of “slaveholders”. Today, the appropriate term is “slavemaster”. Similarly, the appropriate term during slavery was “enslaved Africans”. Today, there are millions of “slaves” in the tri-state area and throughout the United States.

Against this backdrop, New Jersey, in 2008, decided to resurrect a cold case file. Five young Black boys from Newark went missing in 1978. Compare the “Atlanta Child Murders”. Wayne Williams was wrongfully convicted. Atlanta City Hall was involved in the cover-up. The boys in Atlanta have never been seen again but boys in Atlanta continue to be missing.

In 2008, the Essex County prosecutor’s office decided to prosecute Lee Evans and his cousin, Philander Hampton, for the five boys’ deaths. The incriminating evidence was non-existent. It also appears that Mayor Corey Booker intended to ride Evans’ wrongful conviction to Newark City Hall for another four years.

Hampton had a criminal record for two robberies but law enforcement had no DNA, no body, no fingerprints in the cold case file. Hampton, a former drug dealer and heroin addict, pointed out a venue for the five bodies but cadaver-sniffing dogs were unable to corroborate his testimony. Hampton’s plea deal has now put him behind bars until at least 2012.

Blacks are still unable to believe that, 240 years after the “Boston Massacre” which was by Crispus Attucks, they still have no right to legal and political representation. The American Revolution was fought for the benefit of whites. No people have ever secured real rights without war. We are the only people who have died for the rights of others. See Malcolm X.

Any Black person who has been convicted of a felony should sue not only his or her lawyer but also the law school and the licensing authority. No law school in the United States has ever been designed to teach a lawyer how to represent a Black person. This miseducation is a violation of the Sixth Amendment.

When law schools like Harvard Law School and William and Mary Law School developed a methodology for the representation of defendants, Blacks were still in chains. Law schools stopped teaching slave jurisprudence after the Thirteenth Amendment. Interestingly, the Thirteenth Amendment created the prison-industrial complex.

Before the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment, you did not need all of your fingers and toes to count the number of Black lawyers in the United States. None of them had attended a law school. For better of worse, they were taught by white lawyers and judges. Black lawyers, in general, still depend on white paternalism. I had no “rabbi” nor a “priest”. This was a legal problem for me.

When I was illegally disbarred from the practice of law, “badges” of slave jurisprudence were still in effect. The complainants, in my case, were white members of the New York Legislature. This smacks of an unconstitutional bill of attainder. I had failed to honor the master-servant relationship. New York ordered me to give up the dirt on my client, Al Sharpton, during his trial, on an indictment containing 67-counts.

The attorney-client relationship is of no moment when a Black attorney elevates his or her client over his or her “master”. The Black codes, which supplanted the slave codes, after the Civil War, still require Blacks to be obedient. Plea-bargaining is a sham. Slave masters refuse to bargain in good faith with slaves or their attorneys.

Black defendants would have a better shot of securing an acquittal if the jury’s instructions were based on slave jurisprudence which embodies the concept of private property. American jurisprudence gives great deference to natural law. The Constitution protects economic interests. Blacks, standing alone, and without reparations, have no economic interests in this country.

In Georgia v. Brailsford, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 1792 that a jury had the duty to set aside erroneous instructions from a judge. This ruling benefitted enslaved Africans and their slaveholders in slave courts. A jury, on its own, could decide the law and the facts.

After the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled in Sparf & Hansen v. United States that jurors were under a duty to follow erroneous instructions and, therefore, convict innocent defendants. This was a detriment to slaves. The Thirteenth Amendment had ended any economic relationship between slaveholders and enslaved Africans.

For example, an erroneous, jury instruction led to the wrongful conviction of John White for killing a white man in self-defense. The judge wrongfully instructed the jury that White had an obligation to call 911 instead of defending himself and his family against a white intruder. Under Article 35 of the New York Penal Law, White would have had a right to kill the white intruder.

On appeal, the Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department affirmed the conviction despite the 2005 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in Castle Rock v. Gonzalez that a police department had no right nor obligation to respond to a 911 call. Accordingly, no Black homeowner has any right to kill a white intruder.

If I had not been wrongfully disbarred for insisting that Black defendants were entitled to Sixth Amendment rights, I would have represented John White pro bono because his case would have impact on all Blacks. Instead, my lips had been sealed because all commercial radio and television stations had barred me from the public airwaves and New York had decided that I was a threat to the public interest.

I had to ask Gov. David Paterson to pardon John White because the judicial system had failed him. This is a legitimate reason for a pardon. Instead of doing the right thing, Gov. Paterson decided to split the baby in half. He only commuted White’s sentence. The ball is now in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s court for a pardon.

After his arrest, Evans was attracted to UAM’s weekly forums. Black defendants today view defense lawyers as junior prosecutors. Many defendants and inmates still view me as the only person who would confront the white power structure without blinking an eye. I always elevated justice over an order of contempt. This made me armed and dangerous.

I was unable to recommend a defense lawyer to Lee Evans. My suggestion has always been for a criminal defendant to represent himself or herself. It is better than a gift to a junior prosecutor. My lips are sealed and I am civilly dead. No activist will approach me with a ten-foot pole. I was unable to personally help Evans.

Very seldom will a criminal defendant sell-out himself or herself in a pro se representation. The privilege to practice law is a meal ticket. It is a potential printing press. In the end, it is about self-preservation being the first law of nature. Evans appeared pro se. He was acquitted of five murders this past Wednesday.

Despite my disbarment and censorship, I have always sought to get out my message, at my expense, through the New York Amsterdam News until the death of Wilburt Tatum. I have also held weekly forums, mostly at my expense and the Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls. A “Fifth Column” has made it impractical to hold weekly forums. Good people remain silent while evil people return us back to chattel slavery.

“The American Lawyer” is a prestigious trade journal. It published an article acknowledging the role of junior prosecutors in the criminal justice system. Stated differently, the criminal justice system is one-sided. With respect to Black defendants, the rule is universal and it is unconscionable. If the defendant offers a different message to support the truth, the system will blame the messenger for the credible message.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please sign his Petition to save “Like It Is.” Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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November 27th, 2011 at 7:37 am

Bills Lose Critical game in New York

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Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills enter this week’s division rival game against the New York Jets with many serious injuries on both sides of the ball, but this game in New York is critical for them if they want to continue their post season aspirations.

This game started true to form for both teams struggling on the offensive side of the ball. In the first quarter the Bills defense started off pretty well against the Jets by stopping them on their first two series with the ball.

Aaron Williams (23) of the Buffalo Bills bodies-up Santonio Holms (10) during this end-zone drop.

Finally during the first quarter it seemed that the Bills offense began to start coming to life. It seemed for the last three weeks the Bills had been taken out of the things that they do best. This was the challenge for Chan Gailey this week to come up with a game plan to keep the aggressive Jets defense off balance. Bills 7- Jets 0 early 1st quarter.

The second quarter unfortunately started with the Jets answering the Bills with a long drive of their own which ended with a Justin Keller Touchdown reception. The Bills defense just has continued to struggle this season giving up a lot plays because our ends failure to hold the edge on reverses, and outside runs. Bills 7- Jets -7

Offensively during the second the Bills seemed to move the ball but had troubling finishing drives. It apparent on this day Chan Gailey has decided to go right at Revis Island . One of the low points of the day had to be when Aaron Maybin recorded his fourth sack of the year against Ryan Fitzpatrick. After the Bills defense picked off Mark Sanchez the Bills offense took advantage and scored quickly on a pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Steve Johnson. Bills 14- Jets -7. Bills kicker Rayner missed his kick off giving the Jets excellent field position. The Jets took advantage of a blown coverage and scored quickly tying the game at the half 14- 14.

The second half for the Bills saw them able to move the football but was unable to score on their opening possession. This was not the case for the Jets as they continued to move the football against the Bills taking a 21 – 14 lead with 3:50 left in the third quarter. After a muffed punt the Bills recovered and immediately scored and tied the game at 21-21 on a touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Brad Smith.

The Fourth quarter started with the Bills beginning to once again move the Ball against the aggressive Jets defense… The Bills continued to go after Darrell Revis during this game with Steve Johnson having one of his best games against them. This drive ended with a 53 yard field goal by the Bills giving them the lead 24 -21. The Jets came back with a timely drive and took the lead 28-24 with 1:01 left the fourth quarter… Unfortunately the Bills made a valiant attempt but this comeback came up short giving the Bills their sixth loss of the season, and fourth loss in a row.

Well in this loss we found out that our defense is just not good enough, and is in need of some impact players that have the capability of changing the course of a game. I stated that if the Bills were to make the play offs they needed to end up 11-5. That prediction went out the window on this four game losing streak.

The Buffalo Bills Game Report Card 11-27-2011

Coaching- Much better offensive game plan

Grade- B

Offense- Much better offense of play calling and Fitzpatrick played a lot better.

Grade –B

Defense- Defense once again failed to stop the jets in critical situation but played better.

Grade -D

Special Teams– The bad kick off gave the jets ideal field position and took away moemtum.

Grade -D

If you enjoy talking about the world of sports tune into the number#1 sports show in the nation every Saturday from 12PM-1PM hosted by WUFO Sports Director Patrick Freeman on 1080AM WUFO radio or via the internet at www.wufoam.com. Or catch Sports Update for clbTV (ch.20 Buffalo) and YouTube. Also join us for the number#1 recap show every Monday at 7:25AM with Lee Pettigrew, and The Mighty O’Ba Pat Freeman .

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November 26th, 2011 at 12:58 pm

“The Joe Paterno Organized Crime Family”

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NOTE:(This piece was originally posted on the scribd.com social network. No name was given as to who wrote this)

Honesty is like pregnancy you can’t just be a little honest. When it was revealed that Penn State Coach Joe “the sleazebag” Paterno covered up for a serial homosexual rapist named Coach Sandusky it was time to take another look at Paterno. (Paterno was definitely part of a cover up because he transferred his house to his wife after he heard a Grand Jury was hearing evidence against Sandusky- italics ours cs). I wouldn’t be surprised if Paterno was into point shaving for the mob. Joseph Vincent Paterno, AKA “Joe” Paterno, sold peanuts at Ebbitt’s Field. The lights from Ebbitt’s Field kept me awake during Dodger night games. He went to school on Carol Street I went to Public School 241 a block from Carol Street. Paterno, a few years older, came out of the same world I did — a time when the Mafia genius Frank Costello controlled not only Brooklyn and Italian Harlem but all five boroughs of New York City. Coach Paterno was the grandson of Mafia associate Vincente Paterno: Vicente Paterno (son of Francisco Paterno and Nucenza Lauritto) was born 1869 in Macchia, Albanese, Cosenza, Italy.


Paterno was definitely part of a cover up because he transferred his house to his wife after he heard a Grand Jury was hearing evidence against Sandusky.

The Calabrian mafia, known as ‘Ndrangheta, is one of Italy’s major criminal organizations and is located in Cosenza. Frank Costello was born there. Vicente Paterno married Rose Mascaro in 1893 in Italy. Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro came to America on their honeymoon (that is a nice way of saying they became illegal immigrants by overstaying their tourist visas). They then moved to an English speaking neighborhood allegedly so their children would not be brought up in the Italian ghetto. In other words they lived in Italian Harlem then got some money to move out. Vincente had become a barber allegedly “to meet people” (to take bets for the mob). When the New York Times interviewed him, Paterno told the reporter, “I look like a Mafia thug.” He was pointing to a photograph of himself from the 1950’s in which he was wearing a double-breasted topcoat that could conceal a Thompson submachine gun. He was a beefy, thick-necked, sullen-looking youth with narrow eyes and pouty lips. The kind of guy I would have avoided in the old neighborhood. Vicente died February 10, 1930 in Brooklyn, NY. Children of Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro are:

Victor Emmanuel Paterno, b. February 02, 1903, Brooklyn, NY, d. February 01, 1988, Deer Park, NY. Frances Paterno, b. May 31, 1895, Brooklyn, NY, d. October 28, 1978, Floral Park, NY. Angelo Lafayette Paterno, b. September 01, 1897, Brooklyn, NY, d. September 1955, Brooklyn, NY. This was Coach Joe Paterno’s father. He worked as Clerk of the Supreme Court of the First Judicial District also known as Tammany Hall. At this time the First Judicial District was controlled by Frank Costello. The New York Times reported “The Democratic and Republican organizations of Manhattan and the Bronx took formal steps yesterday to remove Magistrate Thomas A. Aurelio as the candidate for Supreme Court Justice in the First Judicial District.” Aurelio had been a close associate of Frank Costello and had sworn allegiance to him. Further research is need to determine if Paterno was Aurelio’s clerk. Francis Paterno, b. 1898, Brooklyn, NY, d. 1951, Brooklyn, NY. Francis Paterno was called before a grand jury to testify about the City Trust Company, whose Chairman of the Board was Judge Francis X. Mancuso. Francis was on the bank’s board of directors. (NYT 8.20.1929). Before he became a judge Francis X. Mancuso left a letter of resignation with Frank Costello who could use it to fire the Judge if the Judge stepped out of line. Mancuso was also a leader of Tammany Hall, a Democratic Club dominated by Mafia interests. (New York Magazine May 13, 1974) Salvatrice Lupo retained attorney Francis X. Mancuso to represent her husband Ignacio Lupo. Lupo AKA Lupo the Wolf was one the first members of La Cosa Nostra or the Mafia. He was credited with carrying out more than 60 murders and was the leader of the Black Hand. Joseph Paterno, b. February 12, 1901, Brooklyn, NY, d. June 22, 1918. Rose Paterno, b. 1905, Brooklyn, NY, d. date unknown. Rose M. Paterno , widow of Vincent E. Paterno and mother of Francis V. Paterno, staff writer of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle died in February 1952. She had two sons: Angelo Lafayette Paterno, Clerk of the Supreme Court and Victor Emmanuel Paterno of the State Labor Relations Board. (NYT 2/25/1952) Marie Antoinette Paterno, b. June 21, 1916, Brooklyn, NY, d. January 16, 1954, Floral Park, NY.

“Joe” Paterno’s mother, Florence Cafiero was born August 21, 1896 in Brooklyn, NY, and died June 02, 1989 in State College, PA. She married Angelo Lafayette Paterno on 1922 in Brooklyn, NY, as stated the son of Vicente Paterno and Rose Mascaro. Children of Florence Cafiero and Angelo Lafayette Paterno are: i. ii. iii. iv. Joseph Vincent Paterno. (this is Joe the sleazebag Paterno, from Penn State) George Paterno. Franklin Paterno. Florence Paterno.

A Paterno family is big in New Jersey OC although I have not been able to link them to Coach Joe Paterno’s family: Frank Boni was presented as a government witness to establish Appellant Iacovetti’s connection with the Gambino family. Boni testified that he knew Joe Paterno, who was a captain in the Gambino family. Boni stated that he worked for Joe Covello, and that Paterno was Covello’s boss. Covello took Boni to be “produced” to Paterno and Boni went “on record” with both Paterno and Covello. Boni explained that this meant he was protected by Paterno and Covello and could go to them for help. Boni also stated that he knew and worked for Iacovetti’s and that Iacovetti was a member of the Gambino family. On cross-examination, Boni maintained that his knowledge of Iacovetti’s affiliation with the Gambino family was based upon Iacovetti’s reputation in the community. Claiming that Iacovetti’s connection with the Gambinos was something that was well known, Boni stated that he had heard of the connection from hundreds of people, none of whom he could name.

Myself and Pat Freeman’s latest Network discussion on Penn State.

When Jerry Sandusky retired in December 1999, an investigation of his actions in 1998 had never been made public. It involved the university police, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the district attorney’s office. It was detailed the 2011 grand jury’s report: When Victim 6 was dropped off at home, his hair was wet and his mother immediately questioned him about this and was upset to learn the boy had showered with Sandusky. She reported the incident to University Police who investigated. After a lengthy investigation by University Police Detective Ronald Shreffler, the investigation was closed after then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar decided there would be no criminal charges. Shreffler testified that he was told to close the investigation by

the director of the campus police, Thomas Hannon. That investigation included a second child, B. K., also 11, who was subjected to nearly identical treatment in the shower as Victim 6, according to Detective Schreffler. Detective Schreffler testified that he and State College Police Department Detective Ralph Ralston, with the consent of the mother of Victim 6, eavesdropped on two conversations the mother of Victim 6 had with Sandusky on May 13, 1998, and May 19, 1998. The mother of Victim 6 confronted Sandusky about showering with her son, the effect it had on her son, whether Sandusky had sexual feelings when he hugged her naked son in the shower and where Victim 6’s buttocks were when Sandusky hugged him. Sandusky said he had showered with other boys and Victim 6’s mother tried to make Sandusky promise never to shower with a boy. Sandusky to the mother: “I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won’t get it from you. I wish I could die.” Jerry Sandusky knew what he had done to those boys was wrong. He said so. This testimony is absolute proof of guilt.

Ray Gricar was a seasoned prosecutor and had been intimately involved in the Sandusky child abuse investigation. Gricar was the one who set up Jerry Sandusky in one victim 6’s house, where Sandusky spoke with the boy’s mother while the cops listened to the conversation. Ray Gricar had this testimony, along with everything else you can read in that Grand Jury transcript, and he didn’t file a thing. All of this was covered up and no one knew a thing about Sandusky until almost a decade later. In April 2005 District Attorney Ray Frank Gricar vanished. In retrospect, Frank Gricar’s disappearance was connected to the world class Penn State child rape scandal. Before this came to light there was no motive for offing this backwoods DA, no big money involved. But now we know there was! Did Gricar initially suppress the Sandusky prosecution, and then did he have second thoughts about the morality of what he had done as more reports came in and so he committed suicide as his brother had done? Police and family members noted that the location where the vehicle was found – adjacent to two bridges over the Susquehanna River – bore some similarities to the location where the vehicle of Roy Gricar, Ray Gricar’s older brother, was located before his body was found in the Great Miami River in Ohio in 1996. There was no indication he suffered from depression. Is Gricar still alive? Did he get disgusted with covering up for Sandusky and split?

An interesting part of the FBI wanted poster lies in the FBI’s assertion that Gricar, a DA for 20 years in Bellefonte County, PA used the aliases RAY LANGE and RAY GRAY. Did he try to blackmail the parties involved agreeing to trash his hard drive that contained all the incriminating info after he was paid. In April 2009, Bellefonte police revealed that before his disappearance, someone had used the home computer at Gricar’s home to perform internet searches on topics

such as “how to wreck a hard drive”, “how to fry a hard drive” and “water damage to a notebook computer”. Did he get offed at the meet wherein he was supposed to get his money? The possibility exists that Gricar had info on his hard-drive that could have destroyed Paterno and Sandusky so either a lone hitman or some criminal organization protecting these men (at the request of one or both of these men) had Gricar offed. The way his body was disposed of (assuming he is dead) tells me professionals were involved. There was hundreds of millions of football dollars, jobs, reputations at stake. Gricar was the weak link in all this. One potential clue is the fact that cigarette ash was found in his car, yet Gricar did not smoke and probably wouldn’t have allowed someone to smoke in the car. What is known: At 11:30 a.m. on April 15, 2005, Gricar called Patty Fornicola, his live-in girlfriend, to inform her that he was driving through the Brush Valley area northeast of Centre Hall. Fornicola reported Gricar missing 12 hours later when he failed to return home. Gricar’s car, a red Mini Cooper, was discovered the following day in an antique store parking lot in Lewisburg. His county-issued cell phone was inside, but his laptop computer, keys and wallet were missing, and there were no signs of foul play. Authorities searched the river and its banks in the days following the vehicle’s discovery, but found no sign of Gricar. Pennsylvania authorities asked the FBI to analyze Gricar’s bank accounts, credit card records and cell phone records, but found no clues as to where he may have been. There was no cause to analyze Paterno’s or Sandusky’s records as they were not considered suspects or people of interest. The Sandusky

On July 30, 2005, fishermen discovered Gricar’s county-issued laptop computer in the Susquehanna River beneath a bridge between Lewisburg and Milton. A Pennsylvania State Police computer expert analyzed the computer and found that its hard drive was missing. Divers searched the area of the river near where the laptop was found over the next several days, but found nothing else. Two months later, a hard drive was recovered on the banks of the Susquehanna River about 100 yards (91 m) from where the laptop was found and is believed to be Gricar’s; however, it was badly damaged, It is interesting to note that a hard drive is much smaller than a human body.

Sandusky has been a serial child rapist all his life. The first recorded time that Jerry Sandusky’s activities as a serial rapist came to light dates back to his son Matt’s suicide attempt in 1995. Matt came into the Sandusky home after having a troubled childhood through The Second Mile, a charity Sandusky set up to give him access to rape victims. After getting involved with Second Mile Matt ran into legal trouble at the age of 16 when he burned down a barn and was taken in as a foster child by the coach and his wife for two years before being legally adopted by the filthy child molesting duo. Because don’t think that cunt didn’t know what her husband was up to! Shortly after he moved into the house Matt tried to kill himself. Evidence suggested after being molested by that fucking scumbag piece of shit he told a girl who Sandusky had living with him and they both entered into a suicide pact. Later he would ask to be returned to the Sandusky horror house.

The Omega Man Project III

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Dr Benjamin Elijah Mays

by Patrick H. Freeman

The Omega Man Project installment III looks at one of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th Century. Dr Mays was born on August 1st, 1894 near Epworth, South Carolina. A Phi Beta Kappa Graduate of Bates College and he also received his Master’s and Ph.D.Degrees from the University of Chicago in 1935.In 1934 he was appointed the Dean of the School of Religion at Howard University which capacity he served until 1940.

He became the president of Morehouse College in 1940 and for next twenty seven years he influenced a generation of African American men that challenged, and changed the moral fabric of this country. His most famous prodigy was Dr Martin Luther King Jr. who gave his life trying to make America live out the true meaning of its creed. Dr May’s tenure at Morehouse College launched this institution towards international prominence, and it was his educational standard that started what is called the Morehouse mystique.

Dr. Mays a mentor to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., pictured is the 1st of his 2 autobiographies; “Born to Rebel (1971).”

Upon his retirement from Morehouse Dr Mays began a tenure which changed the Atlanta school system when he was elected President of the board of education in 1970 serving in this office until 1981. Dr Mays received more than 56 honorary degrees, published more than 2000 articles, and nine books, including a posthumously awarded degree from Columbia University .

Some of Dr Mays works include “Born to Rebel” and the Eulogy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr which he delivered on April 9th, 1968 at Morehouse College . Dr Mays stated that delivering eulogy was like eulogizing one of his deceased sons- so close and precious was he to me.” He stated this was task that he felt inadequate to perform but accepted the challenge of such a task. This day Dr Mays delivered one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century, so eloquent, and befitting one of its greatest leaders who gave his life just trying to help somebody.

This is why I decided to write this installment of the Omega Man project to one of its greatest members Dr Benjamin Elijah Mays who lived in accordance of the very moral fabric that should be exemplified by all men of Omega!!

Here in western New York some of Dr May’s family members live here in the City of Buffalo which includes Officer James Ruff who like his uncle is a member and a integral part of the Omega Man Project.

If you enjoy talking about the world of sports tune into the number#1 sports show in the nation every Saturday from 12PM-1PM hosted by WUFO Sports Director Patrick Freeman on 1080AM WUFO radio or via the internet at www.wufoam.com. Or catch Sports Update for clbTV (ch.20 Buffalo) and YouTube. Also join us for the number#1 recap show every Monday at 7:25AM with Lee Pettigrew, and The Mighty O’Ba Pat Freeman .

The Super Committee Fails!

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by Playthell Benjamin

Doomed from the Outset?

But what is to be learned from this Fiasco?

The airways and editorial pages have been filled with commentary from the chattering classes speculating about the reasons why the Congressional Super-Committee failed. This is of course expected; after all it’s their job. No surprise in that. What is surprising however is the fact that anyone who has been paying attention to American politics since the last Congressional elections would be the least bit surprised by this outcome.

It is far more surprising to this observer that so many highly paid pundits, people who are tasked with explaining the great issues of the day to the American public, are puzzled about how and why this colossal failure has occurred. Nothing that has happened surprised this observer; in fact I expected failure. I would have been shocked had this committee succeeded in resolving the looming budget crisis: Would to God that the lottery numbers would be as easy to predict.

The seeds of failure were planted in the formation of the Super Committee, whose raison d’etre was the failure of the regular Congressional Committees tasked with negotiating fiscal matters. Hence when the Super Committee members were chosen each side should have selected their most reasonable members, people who understand that the business they are about will require compromise to succeed.

In spite of the intransigence of ideologues, many of whom never tire of reciting verbatim passages from a Constitution whose deeper meaning and historical limitations they don’t understand, the architects of the American government planned our political system so that compromise is an essential element in the process of governing.

This is the reason for the three fold division of power, and the checks and balances it provides, which make it difficult for any one branch of government – or political party – to monopolize power. Alas, instead of seeking a path to compromise the Republicans stacked the Committee with hard core right-wing ideologues who have all signed a pledge to anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist.

Even if the stability of our nation is at stake these pledgees will not vote to raise taxes. They have maintained this absurd position even though there is absolutely no evidence that this tax policy will have the simulating effect on job creation that the Republicans say it will.

In fact, Nobel Laureates in economics Paul Krugman and Joseph Stieglitz, supported by the nation’s most successful investor Warren Buffett, have argued persuasively that the Republican position is bunk. All have argued that the taxes must be raised on the rich, and the avaricious Bush Tax cuts allowed to pass on into history.

They have recently been joined by a new organization calling themselves “Patriotic Millionaires” who say that they are willing to pay more taxes! Yet the Republicans on the Super-Committee stood firm against raising taxes on the rich and insisted upon reducing the burgeoning government deficit by cutting entitlement programs that benefit the elderly and the poor. The Democrats were right to stand their ground and oppose this! I think it was their finest hour.

The failure of the Super-Committee was therefore destined. The central lesson to be learned from this is that the Democrats and Republicans have fundamentally different views of the purposes of government, and which vision shall prevail is a matter for the electorate to decide. After all, it is they who elected 85 Tea Party Zealots to Congress.

It is the people they chose who have pushed the Republicans so far to the right they have run the ship of state aground and stopped the President’s agenda – which accomplished great things for the American people in his first two years. If we are to avoid disaster as a nation the American electorate will have to turn away from their bread and circuses and educate themselves about the realities of American politics.

The lesson the conservatives must learn is that you cannot elect people to govern who passionately hate government and expect them to govern well. And zealots on the left must learn that politics is the art of the possible, and it’s not possible to elect revolutionary socialists just now; so it is a question of choosing the lesser evil!

If the Left can’t figure out that the Republicans have entered a Faustian bargain and sold their souls to the Plutocrats, then they are as much a danger to the interests of the working class as the Tea Party. It is irrelevant that one reactionary force hails from the right and the other from the left of the American political spectrum, in the real world of politics it is a distinction without a difference.

The choice between the two great political parties that monopolize power in America has not been clearer since 1860, on the eve of the great Civil War. The old carnard that the American system is able to function in spite of differences between the political parties, because the two major parties are non-ideological no longer holds true. The present Congress cannot resolve the nation’s problems; compromise is impossible because the Republicans have gone on record saying that their ultimate goal is to make President Obama a one term President.

Furthermore the Republicans have convincingly demonstrated that they are willing to wreck the nation in their attempt to do it. Hence the electorate must now decide which path our nation will take; which ideal of American society shall prevail. If the Occupy Wall Street Movement wishes to play a significant role in this great decision they will have to grow up quick and become a political force, and fight to defeat the Republicans in the coming national elections. Otherwise their actions will amount to no more than a collective temper tantrum! As the political scientists like to say: In a participatory democracy a people will eventually get the kind of government they deserve!

The Good Old Days!

Benjamin is a veteran political journalist out of Harlem NY. His essays can be read on his blog site Commentaries on the Times.

Thanksgiving or Misgivings for the Central Park 7

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

About two decades ago, Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango travelled up Interstate 95 from Philadelphia to New York City to give Blacks the flip side of Thanksgiving. His destination was the Slave Theater which was also a threat to the “closed shop” in New York City. Despite its size, New York City has always practiced censorship. There is no marketplace of ideas.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn still maintains the view today that the “Central Park 7″ raped Patricia Meili in 1989. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, District Attorney Cy Vance, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and former District Attorney Robert Morgenthau also embrace this view.

The mere fact that New York City is only thirty percent white is of no moment. A minority of whites in New York City rule a majority of Blacks, Latinos and Asians. This is an abomination. Black, Latino and Asian selected officials are riding shotgun while the white elected officials are disenfranchising historically-oppressed groups.

Blacks maintain that it is not possible to win political control over a city unless the Black, voting population is at least fifty-one percent of the voters. Of course, this is a myth. Politics is not simply about numbers. It is about the skillful use of Machiavellian tactics.

In 2013, Blacks will sponsor a Black mayoral candidate to split the Black vote. Mayoral candidate William Thompson will throw his hat in the ring to make sure that history repeats itself. See his mayoral run in 2009. This scam goes back to 1989 except that the assassination of Yusef Hawkins in Bensonhurst was not in the equation.

Even though the courts tossed the convictions of only five young men in the rape of Patricia Meili, they are still guilty because New York City refuses to mete out distributive justice. Justice requires that these young men must be made whole. The white minority of voters refuses to accord justice to these young men.

Because all Blacks, Latino and Asian members of the New York City Council are selected officials, none of them will step up to the plate and represent the Central Park 6 They all receive paychecks from New York City. I successfully represented the seventh defendant pro bono in the courts. Legislative recourse was not necessary.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., for a brief time in the early 1940’s, was the only Black, Latino or Asian member of the New York City Council. Because he was a Black elected official, he would have already single-handedly delivered the “bacon” for the wrongfully convicted young men in the rape of Patricia Meili. He did the same thing in Congress. The operative word is elected and not “selected”.

It requires a Black person with an ability to engage in basic thinking to conclude that Blacks in New York have been disenfranchised. This will not require “white only” signs at polling booths for Blacks. So far, “Black faces in high places” is doing the trick. Next year, the merry go round starts de novo.

I hope that preachers, priests, rabbis and imams this weekend, citywide, will step up to the plate and publicly declare these young men morally innocent under the doctrine of separation of church and state. This power arises under the First Amendment. All religious venues this weekend –Black, white or polka dot– should give their entire collections to them. James Forman would be happy.

Stated differently, there are, at least, two sides to every story. Thus, the legal side to the Central Park 7 is that these young men still raped Patricia Meili in 1989. New York City refuses to compensate them. This is overt racism. Only the white vote has any political currency.

No currently licensed, Black attorney in New York City is going headhunting in federal court against white municipal officials for false imprisonment. These are the facts. Four Black attorneys filed notices of appearance in the Central Park 7. Three were disbarred and the attorney who had only a brief stint in the Central Park 7 was suspended. This is worse than the Scottsboro Boys. Blacks are not entitled to legal representation from anyone.

New York is a police state and every Black selected official in New York City is eating out of the police trough and doing the police bidding. The allegedly, most “militant” Black selected official in the New York City Council has been doing the police bidding for more than four decades.

Any Black selected official who disagrees with the police will end up like Councilman James Davis. This was a municipal-sponsored assassination with attendant terrorism. There was no autopsy and no grand jury investigation as is required by law. No Black selected official initiated a mandamus proceeding against either the medical examiner on the district attorney.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please sign his Petition to save “Like It Is.” Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

Do Not Piss Off (or on) New Yorkers

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by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

I’ve said this again and again, and apparently the ersatz Mayor Bloomberg did not get the message: Do not piss off (or on) NEW YORKERS!

We’re a pretty tolerant bunch as it goes. True, we’re a mishmosh of people and cultures from all over the world, dedicated to the proposition of living the “good life” in good ole New York City. We got more accents than Carter’s got Liver Pills, but we understand each other, and manage to communicate with and interact with and work with each other on a daily basis.

We have more than our share of haves and have nots amongst us; we may be somewhat envious of the “haves”, but we “have nots” have managed to live side by side with them in peaceful coexistence. The line of demarcation between us and them is pretty thin. In other words, try as they might, there is no true gated society in New York City. We walk where we please, play where we please. And though we may not have had the monumentally successful financial benefits of Wall Street, we can and do go there and hang in the vicinity on a regular basis. So Zucotti Park is no sacred ground to us. It’s part of New York and so are we!!

What’s not a part of New York is the gestapo like police department that has been assembled by Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly to oppress righteous New Yorkers who are fed up with Wall Street and that oversize Sacred Cow they have erected in the middle of Broad Street to symbolize their bullishness. It is now bullshit – and has been since Bush, Bloomberg, Madoff (who made off with billions of our dollars), and those members of the Bush Administration – the worst administration ever in the US (even the pre-depression era administration wasn’t this bad), have tried to make us think that their money is more important than the lives and well being of WE, THE PEOPLE.

It was WE, THE PEOPLE, who Occupied Wall Street, not some dangerous subversives. WE, THE PEOPLE, finally got fed up with the banks and their bogus bail outs; lenders who try to hold us to a standard of FICO scores, and CREDIT RATINGS, while both their credit and credibility have been in the sewer for at least the last three+ years.

WE, THE PEOPLE are denied access to funds, denied decent housing, are set out on the streets, while the real estate industry, the brainchild of this triumvirate, continues to grind and grind and ever more escalate prices and costs right under our very noses.

As in the old movie “NETWORK”, WE THE PEOPLE ARE MAD AS HELL AND AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE. Short of throwing our TV sets out of the windows, under the threat of even more ignominious behavior from the so called financial powers that be, they determined that it was time to become visible, and to put some faces with the emails. Wall Street was continuing to profit from their misery, so perhaps, if they could see that there were actually real human beings at the bottom lines of those stats, maybe, just maybe, they could sit down together and revamp the way things are done, so they are more inclusive and considerate of the humans who really are the driving force of this economy.

So to the park they went. Perhaps it was originally just a march, a peaceful protest with the hopes that within a few days they would have things resolved, and everything would be back to normal. However, as we all know, that is not what happened. Instead, Mayor Bloomberg, who I have always maintained really hates New York – if he didn’t he would not have lied to the citizens, would not have broken his word in reference to term limits, and would not have thrown up those ridiculous barriers in the middle of the street to stop New Yorker’s flow — gets on TV and his first response is that this is “not good for tourism.”

President Obama, who has long been an advocate of government of, by, and for WE THE PEOPLE, has early on endorsed the demonstrations. If people don’t stand up and make themselves visible to the meanstream press, they just keep grinding out the same old swill. It was WE THE PEOPLE who saw the value and the humanity in his approach and concern for an America that works for everybody. The fat cats, the lobbyists, and certain elected officials and their financial backers have had it too good for long, and don’t want to see the Obama Principles applied in the US, especially not in their cash cow Wall Street. They have been systematically pushing New Yorkers out of their homes and jobs for decades (since 9/11). They certainly did not expect New Yorkers to push back.

Well, here we are! While we learned a thing or two from Wisconsin, we were wrestling with some home grown problems, like a mayor who openly flaunts the fact that he really does not care what New Yorkers want, unless they make more money than he does. He will fire teachers, he will change transit routes and costs; he will block programs, he will sit on funds until he gets his way. And he will callously say, through is actions: I got more money than you and I’m not afraid to use it (against you).

Now what mayor in his right mind, or heart, puts tourists before his constituents?? It took two or three days for his advisors to get him to come out with a more conciliatory tone and say they could occupy the park as long as they were peaceful. Really!

In the meantime, I knew, as did everyone else who was fluent in Bloomology, that he was fishing around for an out, for a way to undermine and thwart what the demonstrators were doing. And as OWS type demonstrations cropped up throughout the US, he became more and more determined to get them out. How dare New Yorkers defy him! How dare they challenge the worst thing to happen to New York City since Robert Moses tried to mow us down and riddle us with highways to no where? How many neighborhoods were ground into the dust under the onslaught of Moses? How many of those crass, glass Bloomberg towers are standing where real communities used to exist? – most of them, by the way, over priced and half empty,and won’t last nearly as long as the original architecture they replaced. They stand as monuments to greed and disdain for the everyday working New Yorker, and a mockery to good architectural practice (by the way, what’s up with the Landmark Commission, are they paying attention to any of this?)

He is the mayor who literally bragged, while the rest of us were coming up empty in our bank accounts, and were losing jobs right and left – to have started with $5 billion dollars as mayor and now have more than $20 billion (or some ridiculous figure). And we all queried then, how did that happen? How did he make so much money while we, who may even be working two or three jobs to make ends meet, are barely going home with enough to cover our overinflated, chopped up, substandard, rental apartments, or our highly mortgaged homes?

Now mind you, I love money and comfort as much as Bloomberg, and those Wall Streeters who have gotten away with big undeserved bonuses. I think it’s wonderful to wake up knowing that you have a ton of money in the bank and everything is hunkey-dorey! Wow -give me that! But if I am walking on the backs of people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and in some cases their health, to make it happen, then what the hell am I? A Vampire, a blood sucker, Dracula’s little sister!! Maybe that’s why those TV series about Vampires are so popular. Maybe that’s why they try to build their characters so thoroughly; so that the public will have sympathy and acceptance for the very real vampires that are in the government now. They are full of them in the Republican party, and Wall Street likewise has more than its share. If you are worshipping them, it’s less likely you’re going to go against them when they are trying to undermine you. You can’t see the reality for the fantasy.

But digress: Had Wall Street simply resolved to return 40% of its illgotten gains back into the New York Community via community based organizations (don’t give it to the Bloombergers, we may never see it), people would have taken a less dim view of their actions. Had they worked out a way for people to have truly affordable homes, in this maisma of foreclosures; we would have at least thought they had a heart.

But, predictably, Bloomberg kept searching until he found a judge he could buy, and then through a carefully scripted scenario, had him decree the OWS could stay in the park, but could have no comforts. With that the panzer movement was on, and with gestapo like precision that would make any German occupation look like amateur hour (and make Hitler very proud indeed), our New York’s Finest became New York’s most despicable. They moved in on unarmed, American Citizens – New Yorkers, WE THE PEOPLE! And then tried to do it under the cover of darkness. And tried to keep the media from witnessing their guilt – from showing that they had degenerated into something that no longer “serves and protects”, but those who attacks and ejects, and apparently, rather liked what they were doing!

The meanstream Post (owned by Murdock, one of Bloomberg’s cronies) called WE THE PEOPLE “bums” – so I do wonder why New Yorkers are even continuing to purchase a paper that looks down on US in such a hostile manner. The Daily News was more sympathetic; the New York Times was fairly objective. But the world, having witnessed this debacle from New York, one of the most liberal cities in the US, was shocked and dismayed.

As for we New Yorkers, WE THE PEOPLE, and those who have and continue to OCCUPY WALL STREET, as well as those who have set up encampments in their own cities to return the government into the hands of the people, quite frankly, we’re P.O’d, and are even more determined to return our local and national governments to the people, not some bureaucratic, megalomaniac who thinks his “s-t” don’t stink; not some one who thinks money is more important than people.

A friend of mine recently sent me this link to a YouTube broadcast of Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment On Michael Bloomberg, that even further emphasises where I am coming from. The link in below. Check it out for yourselves. Mr. Olbermann no doubt expresses what many have been saying under their breaths for quite some time -so you may want to play it several times to get your angst out. Then, after that, it’s time to get down to the real serious business of making sure that New York City never again has the kind of martinet, or megalomaniacal, or off kilter leadership (and I use the word advisedly, because what we’ve really had is a lack of real leaders), ever again.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoG9PmdGaT8&w=420&h=315]

Kieth Olbermann Slam Dunks George Wallace, Richard Daily & Mayor Bloomberg all at once.

There is nothing more compelling than an Idea that has reached it’s primacy. And the idea is that there is nothing, and no one, too big to fail; nothing bigger than WE, THE PEOPLE, and WE THE PEOPLE COME FIRST, THINGS COME SECOND.

With that said, we are also saying: Watch Out Bloomie, New Yorkers are really mad as hell and aren’t taking it any more. New York City belongs to US, not you and your cronies. You don’t have enough dollars to buy all the judges, or buy off all of we the people – oh, wait a minute, maybe you do. There are 8 million people in New York City; you’ve got how much now – $16 billion? Hmmmmmm???? Nah! Not enough.

Oh, well, as Olbermann says in his clip, keep on being the overbearing martinet you are, because it only fuels our resolve even more – and those clones you have in other states as well will learn the hard lesson that WE, THE PEOPLE, really do stand for each other together, and we’re taking New York City back.

This is not a threat it’s a PROMISE!!

To all my fellow New Yorkers

bullet ColumnistGloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:” www.gloria-dulan-wilson.blogspot.com