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January 2012

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The G-Men will Win 24-20

                by Pat Freeman   Live from Indiapolis, IN; The Mighty O’Ba Sports Report The Super Bowl this year consists of two of the most successful franchises in…

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Farewell to Don Cornelius

               by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Wow! That was all I could say when the announcement came across my computer early this morning. Don Cornelius – an Icon in Black Culture…

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Feeling Threatened

              by Allie Freeman Here we go again ! Poor lil ole Ms. Ann Feeling threatened by a black man Way back when with the endslaved male She was…

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Has the NFL reached a Level Playing Field?

                by Patrick Freeman The Mighty O’Ba Sports Report The National Football League considers itself on the cutting edge of fairness in regards to coaching, management, and of…

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Lunar Colonies, Lunacy and Losses

                by CHARLES M. BLOW Newt Gingrich is spaced-out. Literally. Anyone who remembers him from his days as speaker of the House in the ’90s remembers how erratic,…

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The Entitlement Mentality

                    by Alberta Parish Popular terms like “entitlement mentality”, “socialism”, and “un-American” have permeated our nation’s airwaves. Whenever you turn on your radio or watch your…