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April 2012

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Congressman Gregory Meeks & Rev. Floyd Flake Sponsor Buses for Queens Residents by Gloria Dulan-Wilson NACA (The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) has been in the forefront of saving homes from foreclosure since the inception…

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We Are Not Stupid

by CHARLES M. BLOW It’s still about Mitt Romney, and we’re not stupid. After his primary wins on Tuesday, Mitt Romney delivered a nice speech with some punchy lines, and the pundits jumped and flipped…

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Is Mitt Getting the White Boy Pass?

A Reflection on Race, Politics and Privilege             by Playthell Benjamin The boisterous kerfuffle around Valarie Rosen’s observation that Ann Romney is not a reliable source in assessing the aspirations…

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Fighting Fire with Fire

by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. President Calvin Coolidge, one of several Black presidents in the United States, was asked about the sole mission of the United States. He said: “The business of America is business”….

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The Bachelor Vote

              by CHARLES M. BLOW “Even if you like Barack Obama, we can’t afford Barack Obama.” That was Mitt Romney’s line of attack this week in Charlotte, N.C., during…

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Mental Illness in Black America

            by Alberta Parish Mental illness is a subject matter that a lot of black people shy away from. Sometimes, I find that many black people act like they’re scared…