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July 2014

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Dead Man Walking!

How Nigeria should deal with Islamic Terrorists     by Playthell Benjamin Like most Islamic fanatics Abubakari Shekau and his co-religionist in Boko Haram – Nigeria’s version of the modern Jihad –is probably looking forward…

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The Reverse-Decision

Who Said You Can’t Go Home Again?     by Chris Stevenson Lebron James is headed back to Cleveland, who dared hoped or dreamed this would happen? Judging by the reaction of the sports media…

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The Bear is Loose

    Charles M. Blow The president is growing hostile to being held hostage — both by the very insular nature of the presidency itself, and by the more stultifying intransigence of Congress. During a…

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Barack Obama vs. The Supreme Court

Let’s get ready to Rumble!     by Playthell Benjamin On the High Court, Minorities and Organized Labor Although the press boisterously proclaims the recent Supreme Court decision is a defeat for President Obama, it…