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September 2015

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ATTICA: Yesterday and Today

  by Karima Amin On September 9, 1971, a group of courageous Black prisoners at Attica Prison in Wyoming County, New York, instigated a 5-day prison uprising that would shock this nation and the world….

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Buffalo Bills Report #1

  by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills upset the Indianapolis Colts 27-14 at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday to open the season. This was a game dominated by our defense that forced multiple turnovers and…

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Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.3

  by Poul Bregninge Organized Pedophiles? In my book, Judgment Day Must Wait, I express the view that pedophiles both inside and outside the Witnesses’ congregations may have found a secret crime scene within the…

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Inside the Highway Investigation pt.2:

Straight Outta Benczykowski’s Mouth   by Chris Stevenson Talk about Buffalo politics all you want, there’s enough drama developing in Cheektowaga to rival Dave Franczyck, Carl Paladino, Joel Giambra, Joe Mascia, the School Board, and…

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Unemployment Low Except for ex-Felons

  by Bob Pelshaw On this Labor Day national unemployment at about 5.7% is nearly at the lowest point it’s been since 2008. But not for ex-felons. Even though they served their time and paid…