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A Fundraising Alternative



by Marshaun L. Quinniey

In the past, organizations that had an interest in gaining revenue to support their activities may have had to resort to bake sales, donations, or a special event that may require supporters to go outside of their habits.  Recently, My Freedom Grocer in conjunction with Non Profit Heroes has introduced a form of fundraising for nonprofit organizations, coined cash back fundraising.  Cash back fundraising allows people to acquire money based on their shopping habits.  This fundraising gives Nonprofit organizations a means to garnish revenue through enrolling people into a program that returns 10% of their monthly grocery expenses.  Subscribers receives this money in a check with a cashback limit of $100 per month for the subscribers of the plan that cost $19.99.

As a result of a nonprofit organization enrolling people in such subscriptions, the organization not only helps their community save money, but they gain a monthly commission for each person who enrolls in the program.  The nonprofit organization raises funds because they collect $7.00 for each person who enrolls in the My Freedom Grocer subscription.  If a nonprofit organization enrolls 100 people, they will receive $700 for each month those 700 people are enrolled into the program.

The fund raising opportunity available through My Freedom Grocer is being orchestrated by senior marketing representative, Eric Eve, a Buffalo, NY native who has the title of Master Marketer with MFG.  It is the aim of the organization to impact the western New York Community in constructive to make it easier for resident to cover necessary expenses such as heat, water, or electricity bills for large families.






MFG Master Marketer Eric Eve.

Mr. Eve conceived of the idea to help nonprofit organizations through the MFG subscriptions after using the subscription for his reducing his grocery monthly expense.  He like the opportunity save money while not having to change his buying habits. Also, he was impressed that a member of senior leadership was a member of the Hilton Family.  As a result, he began to explore options for making this opportunity as beneficial as possible for himself, his family, and his community.  From this work he organized Non Profit Heroes to serve as an organization that is helping nonprofit organizations throughout the United States take advantage of this fundraiser.

Mr. Eve is interested in sharing this opportunity with Western New York through Non Profit Heroes because it supplies service that allows all participants a benefit.  The nonprofit organizations that use the fundraiser revenue from the commission on the monthly subscriptions that they accumulate.  The subscribers receive cash back for giving My Freedom Grocer a picture of their grocery, restaurant, or gas receipt.

Another reason Mr. Eve is adamant the service is useful is he realizes the money that a My Freedom Grocer subscriber obtains may help cover the cost of a heat, water, or electric bill of families who may have financial challenges.  Since subscribers are allowed to include their expenses covered by cash, credit or EBT, the service can assist a broad range of Western New Yorkers.  Also Mr. Eve’s exposure to “both sides of the train track” as it figuratively relates to economic conditions of the community contributed to a realization that anyone with large grocery expenses would appreciate 10% given back to them.

In addition, to help families save money Mr. Eve wants to impact the lives of families through helping 1000 families experience greater freedom for time with family and to not be hinder with financial limits.  During Mr. Eves upbringing he had exposure to 2 different economic state through interaction with his family.  A part of his family had financial leverage of six figure incomes but they had limited time away from work.  He describes this work hours as being 8 to faint, because these types of workers expend long hours for work that may of entailed working to the point of exhaustion.  Another distinct part of his family was the part that was not as financially affluent, but possessed greater amounts of disposable time.  This experience helped him to become aware that the American Dream is obtained by some people, but not all people.  Also, conveys the point, that often the elderly obtain a job in their golden years because their retirement pay is not enough to cover their expenses and the money they save could be useful for helping them pay for their expenses.

Mr. Eve’s current work is done with the goal of helping his mother retire and enjoy her golden years, along with creating opportunities for himself, and others to enjoy their golden years without having to work an undesired post retirement job.  He continues to use the motivation he obtained from his role models to help others, as he moves closer to achieving his objective.





Mr. Eve’s goals for his Non Profit Heroes are high.  He envisions his group of Nonprofit heroes prospering in the same manner as the base level of investors of organization such as Facebook and Microsoft.  This perspective is held due to Mr. Eve’s vision, My Freedom Grocer has the potential to be as effective in fundraising as Facebook and Microsoft were effective in their respective fields of social media and computer technology.

In the future Mr. Eve intends to continue to develop himself and create opportunities for other people to develop themselves into leaders.  His inspiration comes from studying the lives Jesus Christ, Dr. Myles Monroe, Tony Robins, Rev. Mathew L. Brown, Jim Rohn, and his grandfather, Arthur O. Eve Sr.  He desires to use his success build his legacy, love his family, and to inspire men and women in his community to be successful.  A quote that Mr. Eve strides to embody is Jim Rohn’s “a formal education will give you a living and self-education will give you a fortune.”  Additional information is accessible through connecting with his local assistant, Marshaun L. Quinniey at 716.390.6633 or visiting www.myfreedomgrocersave.com/mquinniey.

Quinniey is an alumni of New Mexico State University (Master of Science in Industrial Engineering) and Xavier University of Louisiana (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science). Also MLQ is alumni of Amherst Central High School (New York Regents and General diploma), and City Honors Grade School.

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