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A Tale of Love & Jealousy:

Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend, Nick Gordon Under Investigation



by Alberta Parish

As Bobbi Kristina Brown lay in a coma at Emory University Hospital, family and friends remain prayerful that the daughter of the late Whitney Houston will recover from an incident in which Brown was found under water in a bath tub on January 31 inside her Roswell townhome. Her aunt, Leolah Brown informed Fox 5 News that the doctor told the family that Bobbi is “moving her eyes” and seems to be improving (1). Her boyfriend, Nick Gordon is being questioned as a central figure in a criminal investigation as police try to piece together events that led to Bobbi Kristina’s discovery face-down in bathwater as well as unexplained injuries on her.

Earlier reports claimed that Brown and Gordon are married, but the couple never wedded. Leolah Brown certainly did not approve of their relationship and “does not think Gordon has been a good influence on her niece,” according to recent statements made to Fox 5 News. In a 911 recording days prior to the drowning incident, a security guard at Brown’s complex made claims that neighbors complained about a domestic dispute outside the home of Gordon and Brown (2), which supports previous claims that the couple had a violent relationship, according to their friends (TMZ, 2015).

Although Gordon was adopted by Whitney Houston and practically grew up alongside Bobbi as siblings, it does not mean he had her best interest at heart as their relationship appeared to be volatile. Love may have brought them together, but money gradually became the central issue as Gordon demanded more money from Brown’s estate.

Years ago, I concluded that many people lack basic human emotions like love and compassion for others, and only care about their own self-fish desires. Often, a person is only talking to you because he or she has an ulterior motive, is trying to extract information from you for nefarious purposes, or is using you. When most people feel they cannot use, control or manipulative you, you probably will not hear from them. When you call them, they really do not want to talk to you although they pretend they do. They may even feel that you are annoying and also boring, but most times they won’t be straightforward with you about how they really feel about you as a person. They are often deceptive instead. As long as you have lots of money or is about to inherit lots of money, it seems like people who normally wouldn’t be talking to you or befriending you are calling you e very week. It is usually me who calls others and extends my hand in friendship, which is why a red flag went up about a particular person (who is a non-relative) that has been consistently calling me. Many family members don’t even call me, which is why anybody calling me every few days asking questions and poking around for information about my financial affairs is usually up to no good.

I am reminded of individuals in my formative years who declared they loved me, cared so much about me and protected me from myself, but they were wearing a mask. Life has certainly changed me, but one thing I made sure to maintain is my genuine compassion for others.

Sometimes, people who you believe you can trust are often not trustworthy because not all people are good people. There are millions of people in the world who are inwardly monsters and lack kindheartedness, love, integrity, empathy and honesty. The clinical definition for this person is called a sociopath. Millionaires like Bobbi Kristina can sometimes end up being surrounded by sociopaths that love to use people for money. Sociopaths appear to be charismatic and trustworthy. However, underneath the mask, they are deceptive. They lie, lie, lie and believe the lies they tell others. When a sociopath thinks you are not looking closely, he or she displays antisocial behavior, is manipulative, incapable of love, and self-serving. They care only about their own self-gratification.

Because we live in a world where people are generally untrustworthy, I sometimes find it difficult to believe there are some good, straightforward people left like me who do not use others and do not enjoy making other people’s lives miserable. There are lots of scam artists, deceitful and manipulative persons surrounding Bobbi Kristina. Therefore, she will probably always be accosted by people who are simply looking for a huge payday. The leeches constantly engulf her draining her of life and money.

I like to study people. I see couples all the time – married and single – that look miserable together. I sometimes deduce that most of these couples are together for convenience. Instead of walking away from an unstable relationship, they keep lying to each other and wearing their facades. This is how I see Bobbi and Nick’s relationship. I don’t see him walking away quietly from their relationship any time soon. Hopefully, Bobbi Kristina will make a full recovery but only time and medical therapy heals all wounds.

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bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Twitter.

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