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Aggressive-Sociopathic Humanity







by Alberta Parish

Competition has been built within our DNA. From the time we’re barely able to walk until adulthood, we’ve been brainwashed with the idea that you have to fight for everything in life. Why the fuck do we have to fight for everything? Who says that you’re a failure just because you don’t excel at a certain thing? Why do you have to drive an expensive car or live in a $1,000,000 home to be accepted by society as an achiever? They showcase the finer things in life on television commercials, and tell you the interest rate is low, and there’s no down payment. They know you need a car, and a place to live. They trick you into debt. When you lose your job, and can no longer afford the high interest rate and loan, they repossess everything.

From the time you’re born until the time you die, you’re a dollar sign. Your life is about making corporate executives and their companies wealthy, and also providing unlimited sources of wealth for their progenitors. This is why many of you work from sun up to sun down, because you’re paying other people to live while they, in turn, live off your slave labor. In addition, you go to your jobs where you’re constantly at odds with management, because they’re always inventing new and innovative ways to take advantage of your talents, skills, labor and physicality without giving you adequate pay increases. They call this maximizing employee productivity. But really, it is glorified slavery in the 21st Century.

I’ve never worked a second job in my entire life, and never will. I’ve never worked past 12 hours in a single work shift. Why? I was smart enough to not put myself into too much debt. I never bought a home that I could not afford. I never had children that I could not afford. I recognized the complexities of finance when I began working at the age of eighteen. I knew then that most Atlanta residents were greatly underpaid and overworked.

At times, I feel out of place in certain environments, which has also led to many choices I’ve made. Some choices were not very good choices, but they were my choices nonetheless. Even when I was part of the brainwashing program of Judeo-Christianity, I always had a problem with the rigidity of spirituality. I’d often wondered whether I could live the perfect life for the mythical Jesus of Nazareth. I’d also wondered why things happened or why god allowed bad things to happen to good people. Now, I realize that bad things happen because there is no god to stop them from happening. Horrible things happen because human beings are similar to animals in the wild. The more powerful group takes from the other, and drains the life out of the other.

Right now, the dominant group is Western civilization. Once Western civilization destroys itself, then there will be another dominant group. A thousand years from now, will humanity have ceased to exist on this planet? Will a higher intelligence inhabit Earth a thousand years from now? There is no guarantee that humanity will remain the dominant species on this planet, especially since we’re destroying the earth and its resources.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom Tribune, Myspace and Twitter.


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1 Comment on "Aggressive-Sociopathic Humanity"

  1. As soon as I started reading your column I saw your anger .
    Where is the responsibility that is required of people when they make choices in life? No one tricks someone, they allow themselves to be gullible. They take the risk that they are being told the truth with the full knowledge that that may not be the case.
    You make all corporations look evil when that is not the case. Evil because they invested money to start a business or used venture capital? Evil because they have created jobs for countless people. Evil because now people that didn’t have jobs do? Granted nothing is perfect. People do not make the money they would like to make,but perhaps if they got a better education they wouldn’t be at the mercy of lower paying jobs.
    Sure there are employers that take advantage of their employees that is the nature of man all over the world.
    Now God. Here is a cop-out if ever I heard one. You try to hold God responsible for the evil in the world. He gave us free will and that goes for the evil doers as well..They too get to exercise their free will.
    While Western civilization may indeed destroy itself it is not the people, it is the leaders presently in Washington that have already started to make Americans more and more dependent on government in order to better manipulate them.
    The ignorant people that do not take the time to vet their candidates. The lazy people that want something for nothing and the greedy politicos with their own agendas that are placing this great nation at risk.
    Today we stand on the precipice, ready to fall if we the people do nothing to remove the progressive leaders in Washington.
    We are on a spiral downward from which we may never recover.

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