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An Open Letter to Al Sharpton

Dear Rev. Al Sharpton,

I’m a Community Organizer and Political Historian when it concerns the State of New York. I worked with you during your run for Mayor of the City of New York. I learned some things I didn’t know about the Board of Elections. Voter education is what we need to concentrate on and then we’ll have top voter registration.

As it pertains to our new young voters. we register them, but they still don’t go and vote because they don’t know what to to do in the voting booth. We have to go over the Voting Education step by step so we’ll have an Army of knowledgeable Soldiers in this War of Politics. It’s a War and if we didn’t know it before, Look at the Town Hall Meetings that are taking place and you see the infantry against change attacking the “Change” platform of President elect Barack Obama’s Administration. We, the people, elected President Barack Obama on the “Change” rally and now we must work to make sure all of the statements he made during the primary come to be!

Now, the issue of Health Care Reform is very simple and we can’t allow the distractions to take US off point. Don’t go after all the crazy things happening at these Town Hall Meetings by getting in hollering matches. What we need is a sergeant-at-arms that takes care of business the way it is suppose to be done! In that process, the sergeant-at-arms crew gives all participants the rules of engagement in the meeting before the actual meetings starts. All persons in the room must agree to the rules of engagement or they must leave the room on their own or be escorted out by the sergeant-at-arms security crew. This is the professional way you run meetings. If folks want to decent, they can do that outside of the meeting, not in the meeting when they disobey the rules of engagement. That’s why Robert’s Rules of Order were created! This is one simple rule that has not been used and the question is why?

Additionally, we have to educate our Army of folks who need health care, who receive health care that is not adequate, who pay too much in the copay, who get swindled when they need their health coverage, and who just pay too much money for their health care. This group that I’m talking about includes almost 95% of the folks who are being talked about in this so-called debate. I suggest that “Our” folks go to www.HealthActionNow.org and read the pamphlets that explain what medical plans are being worked through Congress. None of the folks shouting down the Town Hall Meetings knows what She or He is talking about. They’re just actors in a show to take President Barack Obama down because they really “Hate” that a Black Man and Family is leading the United States of America. This is “Hatred” at is worst since Jim Crow and Slavery. A War is going on and we’re acting like Citizens on vacation. We have to kill this nonsense by EDUCATING folks who should know better, but don’t have the knowledge to answer questions based on facts!

It’s a shame, that White Supremacy, the cloak of Whites Hating anything that Blacks believe in. This is as poor as it gets when white folks do these types of things. It always happens during times when the economy is in a downturn. White folks out of jobs are the ones that hate Barack Obama and are blaming Black Folks and people of color, for the down turn of the Country. The fact that Republicans were in charge for about fifty of the last sixty years means nothing at all. As a matter of fact, this Racist charge has nothing to do with facts and the Racist don’t care about the facts. If they wanted to challenge based on facts, the White Supremacist word have written a better Health Plan than the one being discussed by the President’s Administration. Republicans have had forty plus years to come up with a written plan and have not done it! Why? That’s the answer that most Americans need to ask of the Republican Leadership. Why haven’t YOU come up with a better written Health Reform Plan??

Finally, folks like Sarah Palin, that is the “alleged” leader and front runner of the Republican Party is proof positive of what is happening with that Group. Sarah Palin, is without debate, the most unqualified person to ever run for Vice-President and to be considered for President, is a major blow to what America is suppose to stand for. Maybe, I missed something, but I didn’t miss the Racist Movement that only has stopped the Black Man as it’s goal. This “Terrible” Chaos must be stopped by the Millions of Voters that elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. We have to get rid of the Glenn Becks, the Sarah Palins, and the other Skin Head talkers who drive those crazies to do things that are criminal in all eyes. We need to hold all of those Media people accountable because they know exactly what they’re doing.

In the interest of educating “Our” Legacy,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, Sr.
Image Builders
The Family of Friends Network
1(917) 279-6751-cell

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