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An Open Letter to Joe Wilson & Other Uninformed Obstructionists

Dear Family,

I’m just doing what I believe many of us should be doing. I’m answering some of these outrageous statements and disrespectful bums who have been allowed to say and do things in front of this President that wouldn’t go down with any other President. I’m worried about our President’s security. We have to make our concerns known to folks we’re in touch with in this Administration.

In any other Administration, folks doing and saying what they have about President Barack Obama, would be arrested and locked up by the FBI. These meeting hollers would be dealt with by “Robert Rules of Order” in every meeting called by Congress people. I don’t understand why “our” elected officials didn’t utilize their Sargent-at-Arms group to put the out of order folks out of their meetings. Instead, our elected officials and the media talked about diverse opinion being allowed to be heard. The entire enactment was nothing more than a scheme by those who have no written ideas to counter the written health Care Reform plans and public option plans of President Barack Obama’s Administration. The truth is what we need to be looking at. The Republican Party has had fifty years to come up with a health care reform program and their hands can’t write because they’re filled with insurance company and pharmaceutical cash! The cash has prevented them, the Republicans and some Democrats, from writing their health care plan for the uninsured and the bad insurance programs. So, let them remain ignorant and uninformed as we vote pass them and make history by getting the health care reform down as a law passed by the Democratic Majority in Congress!

Dear Uninformed,

My comments are to the uninformed, like Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, and the few paid folks who disturbed town hall meetings. The Republican Party has fallen to such low depths that they don’t have any written rebuttals to any health care/medical insurance plans to give the American public a choice based on what they have presented. The uninformed, those Americans who don’t know anything about the Public Options, but are against their own self interest is disheartening to witness! I’m a baby boomer and to see what I’m seeing from elected officials stating comments that are close to hollering fire in a theatre, has me on an alert for the President Barack Obama. This is the worst Racist display by the ignorant and uninformed that I’ve seen since the 1960’s!

We majority Americans, who voted for President Barack Obama during his primary fight with Hillary Clinton and his mandate election over Republican, John McCain, must step forward and stuff this white supremacist and racist noise in it’s tracks. We voted for major “Change” in the political system as well as health care reform with a public option. We will not settle for less and we’re not going to let the President of the United States compromise with those that only want him out of office and don’t care what happens to nearly fifty million American Citizens with out health care insurance. It’s time for Action from the majority of Americans who voted for the 44th elected President of the United States of America. Let’s get busy forcing our Congressional representatives to vote the way we want them to. This is not a compromise, this is fulfilling the Mandate based on the election of President Barack Obama.

In the interest of Competition in health care coverage,

Mr. Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer
This is Mr. Husser’s (of Issues & Sports) 2nd piece for the bullet.

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