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An Open letter to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. and the NFTA












(Board Directors and Board of Commissioners)
Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. Chairman – Mr. Robert Gioia
NFTA Board of Commissioner Chairman- Mr. Howard Zemsky


I’m writing you this letter in regards to what I believe is one of the most outstanding projects to be proposed for the western New York region in the last 50 years. This project will become the magnet of such a diverse scope of economic opportunity that I believe that western New York will be declared a hot bed of development an opportunity.

The Project that I’m referring to is the Downtown Stadium Complex proposal being put forth by the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex, and HKS Inc. one of the world leaders in building design whose Portfolio includes the new Multi-use Dallas Stadium, and the multi-use Lucas Oil Stadium. These year round facilities were the host of two out of the last three Super Bowls and by the way the economic impact of just that one event was more than $400 million dollars on each economy.

The unique designs of these facilities plus a track record of meeting major sports facilities requirements makes this a project that is deserving of our due diligence. This process will require many of you to subdue your preconceived passions, and at least give this private investment project the courtesy of due diligence.

Based on each one of your organizations mandates of public operation this project fits all required particulars, and deserves the opportunity to matriculate without personal obstruction.

The proposed site that the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex, and HKS seek to develop is the Outer Harbor Land Site which is currently owned by the NFTA, and is currently listed as a hazardous Brownfield waiting to be cleaned up for this type of development. By the way the taxpayer cost for this type of development clean up is around 6.8 million dollars as compared to a total park like setting clean up which would cost around 268 Million dollars.

In closing let me mention that this proposal when announced was covered by ESPN, NFL.com, FOX Sports, and other media outlets around the country who know that a private investment project of this magnitude is a incredible winner not only for western New York ’s tax payer but the rest of municipalities that have professional sports franchises, and are looking to offset the cost by creating a Partnership with its community, and private enterprise. I’m eagerly awaiting your response which I believe must include an option on the Outer Harbor Land Site being granted to the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex.


Patrick H. Freeman Sports Director of Mix 1080AM WUFO radio

Cc: Governor Andrew Cuomo
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
Citizens of New York State

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