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Anonymous Sign Poster Confesses, and it’s . . .


by Veronica Hemphill-Nichols

Dear Honorable Pridgen,

It’s time for me to come out the closet. Yes, it was me who Heart Bombed 204 High Street Saturday, February 11, 2017 at approximately 12:30 pm. And I brought friends whom you will meet shortly. I wasn’t trying to be anonymous since there was a crowd of witnesses present and I do live in the Fruit Belt. I cannot take credit for the black and white “Shame on City Hall” sign but I commend who ever did it and would like to meet them so they can join my team.

If what I did was trespassing and against the law, are BNMC workers taking their smoke break on the steps of 204 High St. considered trespassing and against the law? Just asking.


Also, Back in 2014, we submitted over 700 electronic and hardcopy signatures from Fruit Belt residents and friends of the Fruit Belt to you and the Common Council to stop any demo-orders and to have it landmarked, but we were denied landmark status. And the statement that the residents of the Fruit Belt want it demolished applies only to a few people who testified against it because of allegations of child molestation from the former Doctor.

Here’s the electronic portion of the petitions for your review again and if you want the hard copies, Tim Teilman is the keeper of them:

Buffalo NY Common Council: Save Historic 204 High Street-291 Maple Street


Veronica Hemphill-Nichols is a Community Organizer of Restorative Justice, the Fruit Belt Housing Task Force Unit, and McCarley Gardens Tenant Council. Contact her at 716-390-5705

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