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Another Nail In The Coffin Of Justice for Just=us

by Allie Freeman

Troy Davis

Our son , our brother , our uncle , our cousin , our grandson , a friend
On entering the Pearly Gates , who awaits ?

Dr . King must have greeted you , Malcom X , Medgar Evers , Emmett Till
Did they say Peace Be Still ?
All brothers who faced their struggles
All brothers birthed by a black mother

Then as you looked around there were brothers born before your time
A many lynched , some skinned , some boiled others buried alive
Increaseingly , we have loss many brothers
Enslaved by men ,,greed, hate
Fate ?

When Brother Davis went before the Supreme Court
Your brothers in heaven said , what ?

There sat a brother and we know justice would transend
Surprise ! Surprise ! Plastic does not bend !

Much to our dismay , that court appointment was a rouse
anything but the truth More brothers will face the noose ,

injustice , just-us

But brother Davis , though we are sad ,depressed and often hopeless
Take your rest , sit at the right and enjoy the view
We know your family will miss you

In some way , your day in court will be remembered through the tears for years
Lesson learned ? We yearn for justice but then we know it is just-us .

Take heart my brothers and sisters of the human family
Remember the Middle Passage , we are here
Remember jim crow , discrimination , Willie Lynch ,we are here
Fighting for freedom on every hemisphere ,
We can and we will survive and thrive for we are a mighty people.
Troy Davis is gone from this earth but he is alive !

Allie Freeman is one of Buffalo’s best kept poetic secrets, and the mother of 3 sons including Pat Freeman. You can contact her on her facebook page.

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