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Bills Beat Tebow & the Broncos 40-14!

by Pat Freeman (the Mighty OB’a)

The Buffalo Bills begin their final home game at Ralph Wilson against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Once again our offense has continued to struggle to close out drives. The Bills first two scoring opportunities ended with two missed field goals of 45, and 31 yards. You begin to wonder what else can go wrong for a team that showed so much early season promise. Broncos 7- Bills 0 1st.

Tebowmania invades Buffalo like Santa Claus to many fans (Photos- Luc Leclerc and Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE).

Once again Ryan Fitzpatrick has continued to struggle completing basic NFL passes, and I believe that the Bills have to be considering whether or not they made a mistake in giving him a contract extension. Now according to sources the Bills have an option not to give Ryan Fitzpatrick a $10 million dollar signing bonus on March 1st, 2012? I would believe that based on his performance they have to be considering exercising their option to back out of this deal. The Bills finally scored with 6:06 left in the second quarter but once again they failed to score a touchdown in the red zone and had to settle for another field, but this time the Bills were successful in their field goal attempt. Broncos 7- Bills 3.

Leodis Mckelvin has been making a case with his outstanding special teams play by returning a punt for a touchdown which gave the Bills their first lead of the game with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. Bills 10- Broncos 7. During this game the Bills are definitely challenging Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to beat them with his passing arm. The second quarter finally saw the Bills offense score a touchdown in the red zone as they took a lead into half-time. Bills 17- Broncos -7

The second half started with the Broncos primed for another Tim Tebow second half miracle but our beloved hometown team has vowed to end the despair of their faithful fan base with a miraculous effort of their own. Denver started the scoring in the second half, and cut into the Bills lead by scoring their second touchdown on a Tim Tebow pass to Daniel Phels that cut the score to Bills 17- Broncos 14. The Bills once again moved the ball well on the ground but again failed to get the ball in the end zone, and had to settle for a field goal again. Bills 20- Broncos 14. Most of the media is questioning some of the offensive packages of Chan Gailey inside of the red zone it seems he feels that his best red zone offense is without his best offensive players CJ Spiller, and Steve Johnson.

Tim Tebow hands off to former Bill Willis McGahee to no avail Saturday (Photos courtesy: Luc Leclerc and Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE).

So far today the Bills have been in the red zone six times, and have only come away with one touchdown, and a field goal. Though they lead this game in the third quarter I think there is reason to question the rational of not having your best players on the field in the red zone. Bills 23- Broncos 14 end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter started with the Buffalo Bills continuing to fail in the red zone keeping the Denver Broncos in the game. Bills 26- Broncos 14.

The Bills defense however exposed the weakness of the national sensation Tim Tebow’s inability as a NFL passer by intercepting him three times, with two returned for touchdowns. Bills 40- Broncos 14 Final.

In closing I still feel the Bills offense failed again to find a successful rhythm especially in the red zone today seven times, and coming away with only one touchdown.

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