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Bills Trounced by the Fish (again)

this game was not as close as the score indicates

by Patrick Freeman

The Buffalo Bills once again take on their AFC East Rival the Miami Dolphins in cold western New York . The only problem with game that it has lost its glamour since the mid 1990’s. Many of the current Bills Players don’t even regard this as a so called rivalry any more. The only rivalry that exists with this game is stuck in the mind of Ralph Wilson who should have had the Bills realigned in the AFC central with Cleveland , Pittsburgh , and Cincinnati but once again this organization has failed to make the right decisions that would make this franchise a perennial winner. To let the truth be told Ralph Wilson has done everything in his power to assist this franchise into becoming the laughing stock of the NFL the last 12 years. Just a simple geographical decision like this would have benefited a team that struggles to sell out in December because of weather. These problems start at the top of this organization, and that is Ralph Wilson or whoever is advising him.

Brian Hartline (82) catches one on the Bills’ Aaron Williams (23). (photo-Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Well let’s get to the game which started with the Bills benefiting from an early Reggie Bush fumble which led to a rushing touchdown by CJ Spiller. During this drive Spiller showed some pretty good speed and elusiveness against one of the better run defenses in the NFL this year. Bills 7- Miami 0.

This lead did not last long because once again the Bills defense has continued to miss assignments which have given opposing teams instant touchdowns. Tight End Anthony Fasano literally walked into end zone after the Bills defense forgot to cover him. Bills 7- Miami-7.

The second quarter continued to see Ryan Fitzpatrick struggling to complete passes and the offense making mental errors which included newly resigned Eric Pears who decided to celebrate his new contract by drawing two costly penalties which led to stalled drives, and more opportunities for the Dolphins offense. These extra opportunities led to a second quarter field goal Dolphins 10- Bills 7. The Bills continued to struggle on both sides of the ball and went into halftime losing Dolphins -13- Bills 7.

During this game I was asked by a respected media person how could I suggest that Chan Gailey’s job performance be looked at? Well look at his coaching performance over the second half of this season. The Bills have lost six straight games, and during this stretch the head coach should have found a way during this period to win a game. Chan Gailey has failed to adjust to how other coaches are stopping his steam and thus the Bills not only have lost six games in a row they were blown out of three of those contest.

The third quarter started by once again seeing our defense give up another big play to Miami ’s Brandon Marshal for another touchdown. Miami 20- Bills -7. The Bills just has been a very inconsistent group during this stretch in which Ryan Fitzpatrick has regressed to the point where you must begin to ask when you start looking at Tyler Thigpen. The other puzzling factor of this horrific stretch has been the bad offensive game plan of the Bills, and this issue lies at the feet of head coach Chan Gailey.

In closing this was one of the worst games I’ve covered in my seventeen years of covering the Buffalo Bills. Miami -30- Bills 23. Believe me this game was not as close as the score indicates.

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