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Birth of a Nation

The true story of Right Reverend Nat Turner




by Pat Freeman

The Sundance Film Festival who’s mission as a non profit organization to actively promote independent story tellers in film and theater were brought their feet in applause by the film “Birth of a Nation.” So many have already acclaimed that this film could be a masterpiece of a generation because of the nature of such a compelling true story. It’s because of this that those that are dedicated to protecting white supremacy and the narrative that has been attached to it began attacking the deficiency of its creators Nathaniel Parker, and Jean Celestin.




These two college roommates made the mistake of their lives at Penn State University in 1999 when they were both charged with rape, and sexual assault. The victim’s name will not be mentioned but both of the accused were eventually cleared of any wrong doing. Though cleared, the decision of this act as being not determined to be criminal is one of the worse problems on college campuses today. This culture of disrespecting women, and sexual perversion is cultivated even more in this generation, which has led to large numbers of reported and unreported incidents. The effort nationwide to stop date rape and sexual assaults on college campuses has now become a nationwide priority of this problem and increase the reporting of all cases. There is no doubt in the evidence of this case that Nathaniel Parker and Jean Celestin made the wrong decision 17 years ago. But why are the sharks attacking them with such veracity on such a sensitive subject?




This is why the sharks are prosecuting the creators of this film on this subject- which is a nationwide problem but their goal is not to address the problem of the abuse of women-to discredit the creators of this generational film Birth of a Nation. You see this film rebukes the traditional slave narrative of the docile enslaved African, and embraces the truth of constant rebellion against the crimes of white America against an innocent people. That it was a Christian preacher who was supposed to use European Christianity as the modus operandi to harness the spirit of the enslaved was the leader of this revolt will resonate in a Christian culture dominated by the prosperity version Christianity that puts everything on our creator without putting in the work here on this Earth. This story is a threat to a narrative that has enabled the black preacher to emerge as a pulpit pimp rather than leaders of revolution. Those that protect white privilege immediately said we must discredit the messenger so this impactful film so it will not resonate to the truth of about the inhumanity of enslavement, and the debt owed to its survivors.

Unfortunately for the sharks this film will serve two purposes now as it will increase awareness to college sexual assaults, and will further open the door to the reality of the true story of an enslaved African preacher that received a vision to rise up and fight tyranny at every level no matter the cost. That the truth about enslavement in this country was a never ending rebellion that saw those enslaved never accept the aggression of those who proclaimed liberty, and freedom for some, and inhumanity to Africans that were your victims. We must go see this film Birth of a Nation: The true story of Nat Turner!!!

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