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Black Men: Examine Love In Your Life

by Robert Booker

All we need is love …
All we need is love …
All we need is love, love .
Love is all we need,
Love is all we need

This old Beatles jingle of the 60’s has never been more true than it is today. Black fathers cry out, “love is all we need”. Our children scream in sounds of silence that sometimes are too loud to hear; “love is all we need.” Our disillusioned women, tired and desirous of the relief provided by our strength cry out “love is all we need.”

The problem is … what’s love? Where do we find it, and how do we use it? The short answer for most of us is “I don’t know … I don’t know … I don’t know.” We search and ask questions.

Love is that ominous bolt of queasiness that comes from a weakened state … right? Love is that thing women feel immediately after a man has bestowed his most powerful and virile physical techniques of sex … right? Maybe love is working like a dog, 120 hours per week to acquire capital in providing your family with every imaginable trinket and toy that will impress one and all. You think?

As Black men and fathers we need to examine love. We need to understand love before we can either give or receive it from others. We need to remove ourselves from the fear that love will somehow weaken us into some type of helpless blob that sends its recipients into a commitment of surrender and spiritual death.

Love is vibrant, powerful and alive. Love conquers all. Love is masculine and
liberating. As men, we need to come to these simple realizations. We need to begin by learning to love ourselves. We need to show our love for our families and our own people.

Love of self does not mean we’re entitled to abuse or hurt others, however. Love of self simply means we accept ourselves as one of God’s imperfect creatures blessed with the full range of emotions, feelings, vulnerabilities and strengths.

We can reason, observe, discern and choose … right from wrong, When we make good and righteous decisions for ourselves, we strengthen God’s universe. We fortify the planet and thereby enhance its opportunity for others.

We should recognize this enhancement of others comes from a love of self which enables us to sacrifice ourselves. We should celebrate the blessings of our brothers and sisters. We empower our people by availing them to the full range of our emotions. We open our hearts and show our positive feelings and our frightening insecurities. We do all of this without fear of judgment or retribution for love is not without risk.

But the risk is worth it. How else do we stop the anti-child, anti-marriage, anti-family insanity that has further enslaved our communities? As recently as 40 years ago, 85% of all Black children were born to a married Black man and woman. Less than 3% of all Black women gave birth and went through life without marriage. Today only 15% of our newborn babies are born within marriage.

We’re afraid of love and commitment. We’re confused about the value of trinkets and symbols. We’ve become seduced by the values of a racist, gender biased culture of values of expediency. Really all we need is love. See its most eloquent and simplistic true definition in 1st Corinthians 13 of the New Testament in the Bible: Even though I speak in human and angelic language and have no love, I am as noisy as brass or a clashing cymbal. And although I have the prophetic gift and see through every secret and through all that may be known, and have sufficient faith for the removal of the mountains, but I have no love, I am nothing. And though I give all my belongings to feed the hungry and surrender my body to be burned, but I have no love, I am not in the least benefited.

Love endures long and is kind; love is not jealous; love is not out for display; it is not conceited or unmannerly; it is neither self-seeking nor irritable, nor does it take account of a wrong that is suffered. It takes no pleasure in injustice but sides happily with truth. It bears everything in silence, has unquenchable faith, hopes under all circumstances, endures without limit.

There remain then, faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Bullet Columnist Robert Booker is also a self syndicated, independent conservative opinion columnist and former newspaper publisher writing on African American public policy issues. Robert can be reached at booker@voicenet.com or 484-798-9054.

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  1. Very intresting view.

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