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Blacks Never thought Tiger was Spotless

by Chris Stevenson

Tiger Woods is the most amazing golfer I have ever seen. This is a guy dominating a sport I previously never gave a second thought to. Watching Tiger’s ball travel after one of his powerful smashes is like watching a missile soar over hills and trees. Watching his putts was anything but routine. I once saw Tiger hit one at the foot of a hill and then you see a ball materializing over a horizon roll straight into the hole, with Tiger and his caddy seen rising above the grass horizon a few seconds later to the roar of an amazed crowd. It’s like his balls have a built-in gyroscope, he is an iron-swinging doctor without equal.

As of late doctors and swinging have been mentioned in regards to Tiger more than ever and this time it’s not his left knee that’s the problem. It’s his middle leg that’s been playing extra holes and because of this and the resulting bad PR, he is taking an extended leave of the game. I find it strange that the PGA has to suffer, fairway holes aren’t the problem, it’s his ho’s that have been stressing him out. What’s most evident about Mr. Woods since Thanksgiving isn’t his game, but his relative lack of it. Many in the black community feel it’s the white women that he should be taking an indefinite leave from. It’s like his balls have a built-in gyroscope, he is a blond beaver tracker without equal.

In the modern thinking of many of today’s African Americans, romantic obsession with white women equates to a certain amount of lack of recognition to even outright resentment to black mother; The mother who in many cases raised our big black cats alone. This recent school-of-thought is led by fairly new Afrocentric-based authors, the combustible Kola Boof being chief among them. The dilemma with this in the immediate term is Tigger..errr Tiger (ya’ll have to excuse my bad spelling) was largely raised by two parents and it’s his father who is well-known to have played a prominent role in his success. Earl Woods taught Tiger to be a billionaire but evidently saw no importance with spending any of it with a black female and subsequently the black community. Tiger’s black athletic skills-speed, distance, accuracy, power, endurance-were honed and optimized but his soul was gerrymandered. Earl may have felt it was only important to diversify professional gulf clubs, not black nationalize Tiger’s penis. Once again black takes a back seat, in fact with Tiger, blacks not even in the vehicle.

Everyone cites Tiger calling himself that word; cablinasian on national TV because he inferred that to call himself black eliminates his mother who hails from Thailand. I assume young Thai females must be invisible because we haven’t seen one of them within 9 holes of him in the years since his Masters victory either. No doubt he thinks first prize was the master’s daughters, no black booty, no Thai thighs. Instead The White Wimin and I is the play he continues to write, produce, direct and stars in. It’s now a smash hit.

Speaking of iron, the real irony among us is we as blacks have always known a Tiger Woods or two (or three), this is nothing new to us. Among the many black kids I came up with, two literally stick out on this particular subject matter. One would comment to me “you really love black women don’t you?” Now the guy I came up with is actually married to a woman as dark as I am, I travelled 400 miles with his family to attend his wedding (she’s from Bronx) but I think he feared if he brought home a white girl (back in ’78) his family and friends would look down on him. We really could care less, but that was his thinking. Both these guys have at some point rationalized that they aren’t really black. Both their black fathers left their black mothers, one married a white woman.

Are there black men who really love their white wife or girlfriend? Of course there are. What’s always been the common suspicion among their black peers is that many of these guys were in love with the skin color before they began loving or lusting the woman. In some cases two black parents might be at home raising their boy, but son sees dad cheating white and is sworn to secrecy. A breach in whatever pride or value the son placed on his skin color is now being created. A black mother with or without a husband may raise a son who during his teen or early adult years decide to date white or non-black exclusively. How much of an impression did she conscientiously make on him as a black woman? Mom might be coming home from work after a promotion talking about “it don’t matter if you’re black or white” but be very surprised when Tyrone brings Peggy Sue home.

What are the events or learning experiences that influence a brother to geopoliticize his penis after being produced by at least one black sex organ? Most of today’s post-Baby-Boomer black parents sorely need African & black history and self esteem drilled into their black ass, nevermind their kid(s). No black parent or parents can afford to allow the nation’s view of black males to influence the upbringing of their son. No black parent can afford to allow TV and motion picture entertainment to shape and color their son’s view of themselves. In the case of Tiger, it’s not enough to raise a black boy to be well-behaved, study hard, and excel in a sport. Today’s black parent(s) must make him study hard as to who and what he is and manifest a pride in his race-lineage that is equal to his pride over his sports accomplishments.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear in the Buffalo Challenger. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, you don’t have to join either. Respond to him on the link below.

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2 Comments on "Blacks Never thought Tiger was Spotless"

  1. I don't know why this is an issue.Tiger simply did what black athletes since Jack Johnson did, and that's mess with white women. And what if he identifies with one race more than the other, that is his personal choice. Tiger never “belonged” to the black community so why black folks are feeling any kind of way about is beyond me. This whole athletes and race is kinda weird.. you don't see a host of white athletes marrying black women..

  2. Well written. Tiger married white so it only makes sense that he would cheat with a white woman or women as it seems. Everyones focus is on Tiger, his endorsements, money, etc. What about his current wife, doesn't matter the color of her skin. Speaking from experience this is a “hurt” that no amount of money can buy away. Trust is gone. Love for each other will never be the same. It doesn't matter the color of her skin. I wish there was one man on this earth who could take vows and be true to them. My opinion is with a man (black or white) lately it aint happening. So sorry they (especially his wife) are going through this.

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