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Buffalo Bills Mock Draft #2



by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills are now moving towards the point of clearing of roster spots of veterans so that they can replace them with free agents or through the draft. The positions which I think they need to really target are quarterback, linebacker, offensive line, safety, defensive line, and cornerback.

The management of the team still has some tough decisions that need to be made soon. The team’s hiring of Rex Ryan was not thought out based on the make up of the team compared to what this coach’s philosophy. This is the results of having superior talent that does not mesh with the scheme employed by the coach. The hiring of Sean McDermott to replace Rex Ryan makes the decision of two years ago even worse.

This is my second mock draft of the year let me know what you think by e-mail freemajj@aol.com, facebook, or twitter. Mock draft#2:




O. J. Howard Tight End Alabama




Fabian Moreau Cornerback UCLA




Marcus Maye Safety Florida




Mack Hollins wide receiver North Carolina




Deveon Smith Running back Michigan




Corn Elder Cornerback Miami

The hometown team has put themselves in such a precarious position by rolling the dice on Rex Ryan two years ago that they have handicapped themselves against the salary cap. That being said they still have enough talent on this team to be competitive in 2017.

Pat Freeman writes for the Buffalo Criterion. If you enjoy talking about the world of sports tune into the number#1 sports show in the nation every Saturday from 4:00-5:00PM hosted by WUFO Sports Director Patrick Freeman on 1080AM WUFO radio, radio app., Periscope, or via the internet at www.wufoam.com. Or catch Sports Update for clbTV (ch.20 Buffalo) and YouTube.

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