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Can “Ban The Box” Work?



by Bob Pelshaw

Ban the box isn’t even a bandaid. At least bandaids can stop the bleeding and aid healing. Employers will continue to discriminate against all with a criminal record (30% of the population) until we make criminal status a protected class under the Civil Rights Act. Until then felons will continue to languish in under-employment or unemployment.

Sadly, 89% of recidivists are unemployed when they return to prison. Why must a conviction be a life sentence? Studies indicate felons that are clean seven years or more have no higher incident of criminal activity than the general population, yet a criminal history hurts your employment for the rest of your life.

That’s why i wrote the book “Illegal to Legal” because I believe the best option is for felons to start their own businesses and bypass the system altogether. Its the only way to get ahead of the game. Buy your copy, or one for a loved one, today. Available at Amazon.

R.L. Pelshaw, is a successful real estate developer, consultant, entrepreneur, public speaker, and is the author of an exciting new book to help offenders, ex-offenders, those at risk to offend, and their families.

Please buy one for yourself or as a gift for the offender, ex-offender, or person at risk to offend.


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