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Is Rev. Al a Rat?

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Rev. Sharpton now claims that he is a “cat”. He fraudulently led UAM to believe that he was a “pit bull.” A “cat” is no match for most dogs. Rev. Sharpton is confusing an “alley cat” with a lion. Of course, Curtis Sliwa did tell me that Sharpton had “nine lives.” This was in reference to my successful defense of him in 1990 in a 67-count indictment.

New York had thrown everything at Sharpton except the kitchen sink. It was his own greed and jealously that led to his demise as a “political maverick.” He is now a “political pawn” but “armed and dangerous.” Only the Black community is being endangered by his “paralysis of analysis.”

Instead of denying that he is still a “foot soldier” in organized crime, he is now arguing that the allegation of his being a “snitch” is a “distraction.” Any judge would tell a jury that credibility is always an issue at trial. Distraction is a “red herring.” It is not a “legal defense.” Thus, Sharpton has to do some more explaining if he wants to continue having his cake and eating it also.

Sharpton has three viable options. He may relinquish his title as “Head Negro-in-Charge.” He may also rescind his offer to President Barack Obama to be the keynote speaker at the annual convention of the National Action Network. Finally, he may retire as the “greatest switch-hitter” since P.T. Barnum.

Rev. Herbert Daughtry and his lieutenant, Charles Barron, in June 1987 at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, first claimed that Sharpton was a “snitch.” This claim was made before an assembly of about one hundred high-profile activists including, but not limited to, Rev. Calvin Butts, former NYC Councilman Al Vann, the late Gil Noble, Les Payne, the late Sonny Carson, Elombe Brath, the late Jitu Weusi and Michael Greys. Everyone believed the claim of Daughtry and Barron, that Sharpton was the “problem.”

Although I had no working relationship with Sharpton in June 1987, I did have probable cause to believe that he was a “snitch”. Since there was no law in the Black community against being a snitch, I had to decline any invitation to prosecute him. This gave Roy Innis a pass. Only Sharpton had been charged with being a “snitch.”

I was the only person in House of the Lord Church to extend Sharpton the “presumption of innocence.” Everybody wanted his head. Selective prosecution is unconstitutional. An ex post facto law is also unconstitutional. Wittingly or unwittingly, this unlawful assembly was acting at the behest of Gov. Mario Cuomo, New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams and Newsday. U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani was waiting in the wings.

This proof of probable cause consisted of conversations that I had with the late attorney Louis Clayton Jones who was a very credible person. Sharpton is being disingenuous when he claims that he was afraid of mobsters. Therefore, according to him, he had to become an “FBI snitch.” He voluntarily consorted with white mobsters. This voluntary relationship is subject to judicial notice. Throughout the years, he had acquired a history of double-crossing the Mafia.





Sharpton has no respect for the Mafia’s code of ethics. He knows that the Black community is a “mobocracy” and any cost-benefit analysis favors him. As long as he continues to “run with the hares” and “hunt with the hounds,” he is safe. This explains his ability to be a “switch-hitter.”

Over a period of nearly ten years, I have never acquired sufficient, unprivileged information, absent hearsay, to prove that Sharpton is a “snitch.” I have found substantial evidence, however, that he is a xenophile. He enjoys master-slave relationships.

I am aware that Sharpton will do anything to express his loyalty to white supremacists. “Actions speak louder than words.” See, for example, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell-Sharpton connection. Falwell publicly expressed hatred for Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

Sharpton has reason to claim that this charge is being made on the eve of NAN’s 2014 annual convention. It is well-founded. There is a precedent for his charge. President Theodore Roosevelt, in 1901 invited noted educator, Booker T. Washington, to dinner at the Executive Mansion. White supremacists hit the ceiling. The Memphis Scimitar, for example, castigated him for allowing a “nigger” to dine with him at the White House.”

Roosevelt had to give the Executive Mansion a change of name to put Negroes on notice. Only a Negro who had been given the title of “honorary white” could enjoy social rights in the White House under the Commerce Clause. This rule is still in effect in 2014. The Tea Party is enforcing it.

By no stretch of the imagination does Sharpton bear any resemblance to Booker T. Washington. Nonetheless, white supremacists are opposed to any president consorting with a mobster. Even among the “Negro bourgeoisie,” Sharpton lacks credentials. It is of no moment that he is a “disc jockey” on MSNBC-TV and on Sirius Satellite Radio. Unlike Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Boulé would never accept him into its fold.

It would take more than “Borax” and a “twenty mule team” to clean him up. The United African Movement should be given credit for cleaning up some of his “funk.” This “second chance” allowed him to beat multiple, state felony charges and carve out a new career for himself in politics. But for the United African Movement giving him some credibility, no one would be talking about him in 2014.

We must learn to give credit where credit is due especially when the recipient is a descendant of enslaved Africans. Rev. Sharpton will give thanks to the Ku Klux Klan or the John Birch Society even though he received all of these benefits from UAM free of charge. His “bad character” outweighs his “rap sheet.”

In 1983, I filed a major lawsuit against the Mafia in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. It also involved Black selected officials. The mob represents the Black community politically and economically. They feared my legal ability to prove the charges. This is the real story. The Brooklyn Federal Court illegally removed me from this litigation. Read the court records and the transcripts.

If six white men had raped a fifteen year-old Black girl or if a white man had murdered a Black teen-ager, the perpetrators would not be walking around today. In Tawana Brawley, the only Black man who has demonstrated a knowledge of ethics is the only Black man who is standing alone in defending her. Others have “run for the tall grass.” Ethics is about accountability to each other and not to the white man. Like in slavery, no Black person can marry or defend a Black female.

Any Black person who is too busy to sit down and draft a “code of ethics” is no better than Sharpton, Daughtry and Barron. These men are “social parasites.” Twenty-six years later, they have still refused to draft a “code of ethics.” The military, business and legal communities all have “codes of ethics.” These codes mandate accountability. A “slave” only wants to be accountable to his or her master.

I would be very happy to discuss Sharpton’s status with him and Mayor William de Blasio over cable television and satellite radio. Mayor de Blasio is not an innocent bystander. Don’t hold your breath, however. Rev. Sharpton would prefer to “run though hell with gasoline drawers” than to debate me. What are they hiding? In the meantime, I have to “eavesdrop” on his lies in ex parte communications.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. coupled with Rev. Al Sharpton and Jacqueline Jackson was arrested for protesting the U.S. Navy using Vieques in Puerto Rico as a bombing range. He kept a journal and on July 5 he made this entry:

The Revs. Jackson and Sharpton “give me the creeps.” [He continues to write]: Al Sharpton has done more damage to the black cause than George Wallace. He has suffocated the decent black leaders in New York. His transparent venal blackmail and extortion schemes taint all black leadership.”

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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Revisiting the Murder of Viola Gregg Liuzzo

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

I was listening to Sirius XM Left on channel 127. The host was Mark Thompson. He was in Selma, AL for “Bloody Sunday” 2013. His radio guests were Mary Liuzzo, daughter of Viola Gregg Liuzzo who was murdered on an Alabama highway on March 26, 1965. Her passenger was Leroy Bolton, a Black man.

Liuzzo was in Alabama to protest an incident in Selma on March 7, 1965 and to support the right of Blacks to vote. The protest march was allowed to continue on March 21 after a federal court lifted an injunction. The marchers crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma and continued on to Montgomery. They arrived in Montgomery on March 25. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed in August.















RIP beautiful Viola Fauver Gregg Liuzzo-cs

The daughter stated that she was proud of her mother for taking a bold stance. When Thompson asked Bolton if he were still afraid to be in Alabama, he noted that whites were not now training their children to hate Blacks. Bolton had escaped death in 1965 because he had feigned that he was dead.

Liuzzo’s daughter, meanwhile, had a different take on white hate. She believed that too many whites were still teaching their children to hate Blacks and that the difference is the right to vote. She went on to state that Blacks could use it as a weapon to put white racists in jail by electing prosecutors who would vow to prosecute hate crimes.

In the early morning hours of December 1986, I received a telephone call from Chris Griffith. His brother, Michael had just been murdered by a white mob in Howard Beach which Blacks knew to be a political minefield for them. The crime was trespass by Blacks in Howard Beach and it called for capital punishment.

Griffith stated that I was the only Black person in New York City for him to call on to demand justice from a white power structure. Sonny Carson agreed. I knew that it would take a “declaration of war” to get any semblance of justice. I was reluctant to take on the assignment. Blacks in New York still believed that “freedom is free”. They still do.

When white voters elect a white person to a political office, they are fervently opposed to any elected official or elected body removing that person from office. There was a racist in the governor’s office and a racist in the attorney general’s office. The district attorney in Queens was also racist. No Black person had a right to demand the removal of a white prosecutor.

Blacks and whites had put these racists in political offices. I had to demand that the deck of political cards be reshuffled. Leading Blacks and Black selected officials vehemently opposed this move. They demanded that I be disbarred immediately. These minions refused to connect the dots between me, Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali.

Eventually, the deck was reshuffled. This was historic. It was the first time in the United States that a special prosecutor was appointed in a racially-motivated case. Some members of the lynch mob would be saddled-down with criminal records. A white, district attorney elected by white racists and gullible Blacks had refused to do the job.

On the other hand, these same prosecutors have no problem stockpiling the prison-industrial complex with Black bodies. The innocence of these Black men is of no moment. The same reasoning was applied to stockpiling Blacks in slave ships. It became a global business. Under the U.S. Constitution, the United States would only stop being a trading partner in 1808. It was not for a moral reason.

Blacks are still in America’s crosshairs because they refuse to exercise the “ballot” and the “bullet”. Instead, they are listening to Negro demagogues who encourage them to promote “plantation politics” and to disarm themselves of any “bullets” even though it is illegal to dial 911 until a crime has been consummated. Dialing 911 is not a defense to harming a white perpetrator.

Any white person who exercises the right to vote is not only enrolled in a political party which supports slavery or sympathizes with it but is also a member of a white-led and white-financed political organization. The political organization is necessary because of the words of Thomas Jefferson: “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.” A political party, on the other hand, makes racist laws and elects racist candidates.

Virtually all Blacks, on the other hand, are not enrolled in a suitable political party and are not enrolled in a Black-led and Black-financed political organization. The NAACP, the Rainbow Coalition and the National Action Network fail to quality. They adhere to the notion that “he who pays the piper calls the tune.”
















There were indictments for the murder of Viola Liuzzo. In May 1965, they were tried but were released because of a mistrial. An all-white jury acquitted Collie Wilkins of her murder. Three members of the KKK were convicted of conspiracy to violate her civil rights. Klansman Eugene Thomas would be freed after an appeal. Two Klansmen would receive ten years in prison.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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Written by cs

March 25th, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Needed: One Hundred Investors

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Freedom Party










by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Actually, only ninety-nine Black investors are needed. I already qualify as a Black investor. Freedom can never be achieved without Black investors. I have certainly paid my dues not only as a perennial pro bono lawyer but also as the economic backbone of the United African Movement.

America could never have become an economic titan without white investors. These are persons who are willing to lose their shirts. A donor, on the other hand, stays within a comfort zone. No donor is at risk of losing his or her shirt. Social parasites round out this classification. They stand on the shoulders of our revered ancestors without paying any dues.

Last year, twenty-five persons agreed to equitably pay the rent for the Freedom Party. A political party needs a “war room”. Political is warfare. Many of them have breached their promise. Whites have military wings of their political parties to address this act. So does the Mafia.

Stated differently, it is a poor rat that does not have a hole. Fighting white supremacy, under these circumstances, is like putting yourself in a strait-jacket before you mount an attack on it. White supremacy should be construed as antithetical to the Reconstruction amendments. Blacks have a duty to end it.

Blacks have exhausted all of their legal remedies except for demanding and insisting on legal and political representation. This should be our bargaining chip. Disciplinary committees and legislative bodies have been historically opposed to political and legal representation for Blacks despite the “separation of powers” doctrine and the citizenship clause.

The American Revolution was fought against Great Britain at the behest of Black men like Crispus Attucks who led the Boston Massacre. White men were afraid to die for the cause of the American Revolution. In the legal defense of the British soldiers, attorney John Adams pointed out that the victims included Crispus Attucks and other Black men. A statue of Crispus Attucks was erected on the “Boston Commons” in Boston.

In Patriots of the American Revolution dated July/August 2011, a foreign observer noted the significant presence of Blacks in the American Revolution:

From here to Springfield [Massachusetts] one finds few habitations without a negro family dwelling in a separate cabin. The negroes here, like the other cattle, are very prolific. The children are well-fed, especially while they are still calves. Their slavery moreover is very bearable. The negro is to be regarded much like the peasant’s hired man; the negress does all the course housework, and the black youngsters wait on the white youngsters. The negro can take the field in his master’s place; hence you never see a regiment in which there are not a lot of negroes and there are well-built, strong husky fellows among them. [Emphasis supplied]

Despite the achievements of Blacks during the American Revolution, Blacks were barred from West Point until for more than a century later. Henry O. Flipper was graduated from West Point in 1877 and he had to spend almost sixty years attempting, unsuccessfully, to clear his name of trumped-up charges.

Capitalism is, nominally, the economic system of the United States. Success in an economic system depends on the distribution of debits and credits. Whites reluctantly distribute credits to Blacks. If credits had been distributed equitably, most Blacks would have already enjoyed the capital to emancipate themselves and to acquire “forty acres and a mule.” This would also have made Blacks eligible for the Homestead Act which was passed in 1862.

Instead, whites placed Blacks on the wrong side of the ledger of the bookkeeping system. Instead of enjoying credits for our achievements, we have suffered debits. Whites have been given the credits for our achievements. This accounts for “income inequality.”

Mayor William de Blasio is continuing this system by maintaining a dual system of economics. Whites enjoy a system of protections from income inequality while Blacks are victims of opportunity inequality. No economic opportunities exist for Blacks. This leads to income inequality and “A Tale of Two Cities.”

The aims of United African Movement, Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls and Freedom Party have been to raise Black consciousness and to make Blacks aware of the opportunities that exist in New York especially through apprenticeships and cross-endorsements. No other organization is seeking to pursue these opportunities.

Macon B. Allen was the first Black lawyer in the United States. When he was admitted to the Maine bar in 1844, no law school would admit Blacks. Maine also had an apprenticeship program for lawyers. Before the Civil War, all Black lawyers had to learn law under the tutelage of white lawyers.

Unfortunately, this has had the effect of creating a culture of dependency amid Black lawyers. Despite the admonitions of Charles Hamilton Houston that Black lawyers must be in the vanguard of the legal revolutions, they have put themselves behind “ambulance chasers”, “legal sycophants” and “social parasites.” This has been the paradigm, since 1844, for Black lawyers.

New York leads the nation in the number of third parties recognized in politics. This has been bolstered by the system of cross-endorsements and political leverage. The Working Families Party, for example, represents the possibility of a third party using cross-endorsements and political leverage to catapult a third party into political prominence: Mayor William de Blasio and Public Advocate Letitia James.

Black selected officials have been too lazy and shiftless and too obedient to white supremacy to exploit the formation of a third party with the use of cross-endorsements to promote political leverage. The Freedom Party has to do their job. Blacks in New York could not only become major players locally but also nationally by not being dependent, politically, on whites.

This goal can first be achieved by attracting, at least, one hundred investors and thousands of donors. In New York, it only takes 50,000 votes in 2014 for the Freedom Party to enjoy automatic ballot status. These votes will not hurt the re-election bid of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Blacks are concerned about hurting whites, politically.

The deadline for electing a governor is November 4, 2014. In the interim, at least 300 signatures in fourteen Congressional districts are required on independent nominating petitions. The Freedom Party achieved more than 45,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot in 2010 and mayoral candidate, Michael Greys and public advocate candidate, Michael Lloyd, were able to be placed on the municipal ballot in 2013.

To go statewide in 2014, the Freedom Party intends to host three political conventions. These conventions will be held in New York City, Albany and Buffalo. There will also be orientation programs. By July 2014, the Freedom Party should have chosen its candidates for the statewide slate.

In this regard, the first meeting of the Freedom Party will be held at its headquarters, 1061 Atlantic Avenue (bet. Franklin and Classon) in Brooklyn. This meeting will start on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. For more information, call the Freedom Party at its telephoned number in the letterhead of the Freedom Party.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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Written by cs

March 19th, 2014 at 11:16 pm

New York: No “Case” against New York Knicks Guard

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

After the wrongful conviction of Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants and the wrongful arrest of Raymond Felton of the New York Knicks, every pro athlete should be buying “political and legal protection” against any successful prosecution of an “unjust law”. This was the original mission of Ms. Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

These athletes make too much money to risk it in New York which is unfriendly to Blacks. This is the reason for a Freedom Party. The Democratic Party intends to maintain the status quo. Stay away from any “public official or leading Black” enrolled in the Democratic Party. See, for example, the mysterious death of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba.

Neither Plaxico Burress nor Raymond Felton would be facing a false imprisonment charge in New York which frowns on Blacks exercising self-defense against any white person. This should be a Black history question. I am the only attorney who had to be “barred” from all courtrooms in the United States because I sought to “overthrow” white supremacy. This should at least be an honorable mention in Black history. I was dubbed the “attorney-at-war.”

No one but a fool would suppress any element of history. This is why I am also a prolific writer and historian. I must keep Black history alive. An object of censorship is to kill our past. Gil Noble of “Like It Is” opposed censorship. This explains his demise and the elevation of Sandra Bookman to “Here and Now.” See also Medgar Evers.

Given the fact that Felton had been recently arrested, I would have demanded an immediate trial by saying “put twelve in the box”. Prosecutors dread to hear these words. This is the only way to protect constitutional rights. There must always be a pre-emptive strike. I was a “master” at picking juries. It was always a “high wire act.” I would remember everything about the histories of the jurors. This would allow me to be all over the jury box during jury selection without notes.

People v. Felton has some real evidentiary problems. For starters, there is a husband-wife privilege in New York which prevents a wife from testifying against her husband. Secondly, there is NY Penal Law §265.03 and the “chain of custody.” The wife should have never carried the gun out of her home. She must pay for this indiscretion.

Instead, she should have called “911.” The Brooklyn Appeals Court repeated this advice which had been given to John White in Suffolk County Court. He went to prison for taking matters into his own “hands.” A white mob had trespassed on his property and threatened to kill him and his family. New York said John White had a “duty” to retreat and to dial “911.”

The problem was complicated when her attorney seized the gun and took it to the police precinct. New York has strict gun laws. The lawyer was not in his place of business. He also placed matter into his own “hands”. This also violated NY Penal Law §265.03. If the prosecutor refuses to prosecute the wife or the attorney, the accusatory instrument against Felton must be dismissed for “selective prosecution”.

When Brooklyn prosecutors indicted Andre Nichols for murdering a white, Catholic priest, they believed that they had an ironclad case. Nichols confessed to murdering the white priest. Nichols had a felony record and he was out on parole. His gun was unlicensed in any jurisdiction. To make matters worse, no one in New York would represent Nichols.

The family contacted me. They believed that I was the only attorney who could unlock the jail cell. I not only took the case but I also refused to accept any public funds. This acquittal angered Mayor Ed Koch and the Catholic Church. This acquittal also did not improve my standing with the Brooklyn disciplinary committee.

Many Blacks in New York behave like their white counterparts: “We sick boss?” No one will call my name on the airwaves. Our children have no positive role models. At Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls, most young people are astonished to hear of my achievements. This recognition should not engender jealousy and envy. It should inspire our children. The problem is censorship. It is widely practiced in the tri-state without any “public outrage”.

This is my “rub”. Blacks refuse to believe that the human rights struggle is a business. The Democratic Party, for example, is a member of the Fortune 500. So is the Republican Party. Blacks are “political pawns”. Any successful, business operation requires a “money machine”. I not only represented persons pro bono but I also had to finance their cases. This should be another lesson for Black history. The people must finance the struggle. It should be about collective work and responsibility.

Blacks need legal representation. Charles Hamilton Houston institutionalized legal representation in the 1920′s at Howard University Law School. Lawyers need the tools of their trade. C. Vernon Mason and I had to finance our own libraries. Otherwise, we would have never been a “legal voice” for the Black community. Ask a carpenter to build a house without a hammer and nails.

Once the New York Legislature “barred” me from the practice of law, no other attorney sought to fill my shoes even though the Black community had established a legal defense fund. No legal defense fund was ever established for me even while I was practicing law in New York. No medal of honor exists for a “Nat Turner”.

To make matters worse, no one is willing to invest in Blacks. Today, I still must find the finances to sustain United African Movement, the Freedom Party and Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls. This only happens among Blacks. No other ethnic group would be willing to “shortchange” an “investor”. “Investors” in a movement allow for the recycling of dollars. Donors will not do the trick. They are mostly “one and done”. None of these groups will provide assistance to me.

No Black athlete should sign with any of New York’s pro teams. This is a costly mistake. A blue ribbon commission had stated, in 1991, that New York’s judicial system is “infested with racism.” The laws of this state on self-defense including the right to bear arms violate the Second Amendment. There is no right of legal representation in New York. White lawyers are, mostly, “social parasites” and “ambulance chasers”.

There has to be a “human rights” movement in New York. The civil rights movement passed by New York. Blacks in New York have shown no inclination to finance any struggle against white supremacy laws. No one can deny that the financing of the human rights movement has fallen mostly on my back. This is the documented history of New York. Anyone who objects should have footed some of the bill.

When Trayvon Martin was assassinated, Darryl Parks headed the National Bar Association which is only a “social organization.” He and Benjamin Crump are Florida attorneys for the family of Trayvon Martin. The National Bar Association does not fight unjust laws like “Stand Your Ground.” I call it the National “Boogie” Association.

White lawyers also have the American Bar Association and the American Trial lawyers Association among many others. These are legal-political bar associations. They have an interest in repealing laws that are “unjust” to whites. These white lawyers are also enrolled in political parties with, at least, a bent toward white supremacy. In the meantime, Black lawyers are, mostly, “deaf, dumb and blind.”

Black lawyers should especially feel touched by Charles Hamilton Houston and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. They gave their lives to combatting “unjust laws.” They would have been active in Florida after the murder of Trayvon Martin. A political organization for Blacks was only a “pipe dream” as late as the 1960′s. The U.S. Supreme Court only decided Smith v. Allwright in 1944. Black “selected” officials, since 1965, have “infested” the political process.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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Written by cs

March 12th, 2014 at 9:27 pm

Why Our Children Hate Us:

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How Black adults betray Black children










by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Eric K. Grimes, an analytical writer and author, will be the guest speaker at UAM weekly forum on this Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Avenue (bet. Classon and Franklin) in Brooklyn. His book says its title makes an observation and does not raise a question. The subtitle asserts a betrayal. Discover the other reasons for our children’s conduct on this Wednesday evening.

I have a historical observation. After Michael Dunn sought to murder four, unarmed, Black youth and actually murdered Jordan Davis, he would have changed his flight plans if he had thought that a “Black posse” had been formed to execute summary justice. No Black parent has emulated Mamie Till Mobley in securing justice for her son, Emmett Till.

Most Black parents react to a death of a child by a white supremacist as though they had just hit the “Lotto”. A recent example is the parents of Trayvon Martin. They took hush money before a Florida jury had acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering their son. The receipt of this hush money suggested that the parents had already forgiven George Zimmerman. The Florida jury followed.

In other words, the parents not only betrayed the fight for justice for their son but they also signaled to white supremacists that if the price is right, Black parents will make a deal. It would follow that Michael Dunn would murder Jordan Davis and attempt to murder three other Black youth for being supposed “thugs”.

I can guarantee you that if a lynch mob had assembled in front of the courthouse in Jacksonville, FL, the criminal justice system would have taken the death of Jordan Davis seriously. Under similar circumstances, there would have been swift and certain justice for a Black murderer for “killing” a white person after a Florida jury had even considered Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” defense.

For starters, I must consider whether the subject of this e-mail is politically correct. I submit that this title is politically correct based on Southern culture, folkways and mores. My major eyewitness in support of political correctness is President Jimmy Carter of Plains, GA which is in the heart of the “Blackbelt”.

Exhibit No. 1 is the “Atlanta Crackers” which was a semi-professional baseball team in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Martin L. King Jr. could root for the “Atlanta Black Crackers“. Whites were in no way offended by a Black person calling a white person a “cracker”. This is a person who loves to “crack” the whip on Black backs.

February 6, 2014 is the birthdate of Bob Marley who understood that the road to acquiring human rights was to stand up for “civil rights” coupled with “self-help”. Civil rights were unknown to American jurisprudence before the Emancipation Proclamation. Slaves are predisposed to believe the dictum in Dred Scott. A slave does not believe in requiring white people to honor their rights. This is 2014. Blacks respect the Compromise of 1877.

Slaves are also unaware that the “concept of rights” is derived out of ancient Egypt while whites were living in caves. Since I am aware of our history, I stand apart from most Blacks who lack a knowledge of any type of history. If I had been representing the estate of Trayvon Martin, no one would dispute that George Zimmerman would be in a maximum security prison on February 6, 2014 instead of negotiating for a boxing match inside a media circus.

I am currently seeking to pull all Blacks in New York from a comatose state. Hon. Elijah Muhammad is correct. Negroes are the “walking dead”. They are hollering, handless, about white power. The last time that I checked, white supremacists did believe in the risks of Vietnam. They also bled in the antebellum South.

If former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is correct, I am the only Black person in New York City who has the DNA to talk back to whites. He said it in a meeting with several leading Blacks. Several Blacks in Georgia told Jill Nelson of the Washington Post that I had never shown any fear of white supremacists. I lived around “snakes.” Since I knew their nature, there was no reason for me to arbitrarily kill any of them.

Several weeks ago, I single-handedly demanded a grand jury investigation into the circumstances leading up to Avonte Oquendo going missing from a public school. When his body parts were found, I increased the volume of my demand considering that the white media had subjected me to censorship and that the New York Legislature had arbitrarily and unlawfully banned me from all courtrooms in New York.

It should be noted that Kendrick Johnson went missing from a public school in Georgia. When he was found, his body parts were missing. At some point, newspapers were placed in his body. There has been no criminal investigation into his death. This is the modus operandi of white supremacists who also head the U.S. Justice Department.

Racial profiling is a powerful, law enforcement tool if it is based on racial philosophy and not on the shade of your skin. Missing body parts is a tell-tale sign of white supremacists at work. White supremacists have an infatuation with a removal of sexual organs or body parts. This has been happening for four hundred years. Black leaders are still clueless. White supremacists have told them to keep “quiet.” They are openly “bought” and “bossed”.

A clue of a cover-up is the workings of the medical examiner’s office which still refuses to dub Oquendo’s death as a “homicide”. This has also happened with Kendrick Johnson. In the death of Michael Stewart, Dr. Elliot Gross, New York City’s Medical Examiner, sought to bleach his eyes and tag Stewart’s death as “cardiac arrest” despite a beating from eleven police officers. This finding would have thwarted a grand jury action. I helped unearth a cover-up.

NYS Attorney General Robert Abrams publicly stated that in 1988 Harry Crist, Jr.’s death was a “suicide” and that I should be barred from all courtrooms. This would also thwart grand jury action. This lie continued until January 1998. The pathologist, on the witness stand in Dutchess County Supreme Court, testified that “others” had killed Crist. He proved that Abrams had been lying. There is no statute of limitations in New York for “murder.” This was Abrams’ motive for lying.

In other words, Abrams had lied and he had wrongfully disciplined an innocent lawyer who had tirelessly fought for his people. Abrams is still welcomed in all courtrooms in New York. Maddox is not. He has had to face a perpetual ban based on a bill of attainder which is, unabashedly, unconstitutional.

Blacks, including members of the Freedom Party, were last seen running for the “tall grass”. A magistrate in the Brooklyn Federal Court told me publicly, and in open court, that I could only seek relief from the New York Legislature. My federal lawsuit was subject to states’ rights. This was the only legal recourse for enslaved Africans.

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, an Oscar-winning, white actor, has proven me right. I predicted that there would be no grand jury investigation into Oquendo’s death. On the other hand, there have already been arrests in the death of Hoffman. In the meantime all leading Blacks and Black selected officials have lost their tongues. Unlike in the Book of Ezekiel, Blacks have no “shepherd” nor a “watchman.” Instead, Judas goats lead us.

Injustice is not done in isolation. I was the “lone wolf” in demanding an investigation into racism in New York’s judicial system. Chief Judge Sol Wachtler was later kicked off the bench after a blue-ribbon commission did find that New York’s judicial system was “infested with racism.” Wachtler went to prison. I was barred from all courtrooms on the eve of the commission announcing its finding. Both Wachtler and I had gone too far.

Blacks once again have kept quiet. The judicial system is operating as business as usual. Wrongful convictions, particularly, in Brooklyn are on the rise. All critics of New York’s judicial system have been disciplined. Anthony Yarbough and Shariff Wilson were just released from prison after more than twenty years. They were wrongfully-convicted in Brooklyn. No one in the Black community is daring to think outside the box or to connect the dots. This is the reason for wrongful convictions.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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Nigger: Play Fair!

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Dr. William A. Jones was an amazing person and his death had an immeasurable impact on Black life in New York City. I met him more than three decades ago. He was leading a group of esteemed preachers who were looking for a lawyer who had no reverse in his transmission to go up against the United Federation of Teachers and Mayor Ed Koch.

I was their man. The defendant was a Black high school student who had been accused of murdering his white, high school teacher. This was unprecedented. The UFT wanted “blood.” This was “unlike” the death of Avonte Oquendo. The murderers of Oquendo had to be white. His killing was not a threat to white supremacy.

The first prosecution of Anthony Davis in Brooklyn Supreme Court for murdering his high school teacher ended in a dismissal of the indictment. In the second prosecution, Davis was acquitted after a full-blown trial to the dismay of the UFT and Mayor Koch. The UFT, which has endorsed and financed Mayor William de Blasio, was a white supremacist organization. Black blood was cheap.























Artist Lavan Wright’s RIP Avonte: New York Daily News-cs

The union members were teaching mostly Black and Latino children. This also leads me to believe that white teachers and administrators were involved in the killing of Oquendo. Teachers and policemen in New York are well-organized. They believe in collective work and responsibility. Blacks, on the other hand, are social parasites.

Dr. Jones was not only a great preacher but also a great storyteller. I will always remember, “Nigger: Play Fair!” An African man’s body was placed in the ground of the Roman Coliseum so that his head would be exposed to a lion. The odds favored the hungry lion.

The lion sought to decapitate the African’s head. On the third attempt, the African stripped the lion of his “manhood.” The wounded lion would raise the white flag to a chorus of “Nigger: Play Fair!” which would come from the white spectators. An African warrior is a threat to white supremacy. He or she must be penalized for playing unfair.

After the arraignment of the “Central Park 7″ in 1989, the New York Post wrote a blistering editorial with the same tune and tone that had been expressed in the Roman Coliseum. I had gone into a hostile New York courtroom and demanded that the judge put “twelve in the box”.

The New York Post editorialized that I should be “barred” from all courtrooms for denying to my client the effective assistance of counsel. No competent lawyer would take a case to trial without any discovery. Stated differently, I was playing unfairly. Thus, I should be “barred” from all courtrooms in New York for practicing military science.

Afterwards, the New York Legislature filed a bill of attainder against me alleging that I should be “barred” from practicing law for embarrassing New York’s criminal justice system. The last time I checked, I only owed an obligation to my client. New York would set up a legal trap to convict seven innocent young men. This was “war” and there were “no rules of engagement.” One defendant escaped the legal trap.

This past Sunday (1-26-14), the New York Post editorialized that any settlement of the federal lawsuit for the “Central Park 7″ would be a “miscarriage of justice”. Earlier, the New York Post had editorialized that I must be “barred” from all courtrooms before other Black lawyers sought to emulate me. I had established the gold standard in the representation of Blacks. I was thinking outside the box.

The New York Post is doing its job in calling for the maintenance of white supremacy. This is a function of the white press. In the meantime, the New York Amsterdam News is bent on refusing to use its pen to fight white supremacy unless it is given a fee. It has become a mercenary. A newspaper has a duty to be the “voice” of the community. Freedom’s Journal said, “We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us.”

Wilbert Tatum asked me to be the community’s voice for the New York Amsterdam News. I understood the twin effects of dependency and of being a coward. Blacks are unable to represent each other because they are mired in dependency and cowardice. Because politics and law are about war, Blacks are too busy fighting each other to fight against white supremacy. “We sick boss?”

This is the reason for the absence of a Black law firm in New York. A major law firm is critical to the well-being of a community. These white law firms are at war with all other ethnic groups. They are an integral part of a community’s war department. Blacks, on the other hand, are not at war with anyone except themselves. “Peaceniks” and “beatniks” have no place in politics and in law. They should also be barred from the Freedom Party.

Since Blacks are not at war with anyone but themselves, the future of the Freedom Party is bleak. To make matters worse, according to donors, members are collecting monies ostensibly for a war chest and dividing it up among themselves. No political party can survive when funds are diverted from a war chest into personal accounts.

The diversion of funds could have a serious and negative impact on the representation of Blacks. Anyone who has a working knowledge of history or any involvement in civil rights must know that “unjust laws” was the motivating factor for the establishment of third party politics. See MFDP. Of course, any struggle against “unjust laws” would inevitably require the purchase of legal literature and the financing and employment of a competent, legal secretary.

Every effort must be made to prevent the Freedom Party from occupying the same railroad track as the “National Boogie Association.” Most Blacks have no intention of fighting white supremacy. Thus, there is no reason to purchase “tools of warfare” or “rules of engagement”. For example, most Black lawyers have never purchased any law books nor acquired office space for a law library. An office without a law library is a “front”.

This past September, the Freedom Party established a rule requiring all members of the “Steering Committee” of the Freedom Party to furnish a resume demonstrating continued personal struggles against white supremacy. It is actually a background check and a predictor of human behavior. The lack of a resume presumes the lack of a personal war against white supremacy.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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February 4th, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Town Hall Meeting on de Blasio: January 27

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by Alton H Maddox, Jr.

This past MLK Day, January 20, 2014, Rev. Dennis Dillon hosted a town hall meeting at the Brooklyn Christian Center in Brooklyn. The concern was the intentional exclusion of Blacks from municipal government wish violates the 17 Point Plan of Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. It was made a part of the Congressional Record:

“4. The black masses must demand and refuse to accept nothing less than that proportionate share of political jobs and appointments which are equal to their proportion in the electorate. Where are we are 20% of the voters, we should command 20% of the jobs, judgeships, commissionerships and all political appointments.”

If Black voters had done their homework, they would have known that both Mayor William de Blasio and former Mayor David N. Dinkins were reared, politically, by the late Mayor Ed I. Koch. Rev. Sharpton was also “reared” on the “Koch plantation”. This is an undeniable, political fact.






















In New York, the political rulers keep it “all in the family.” Unfortunately, Black voters were blinded by de Blasio being married to a Black woman. Loving v. Virginia was the “Negro” Emancipation Proclamation. For whites, love and politics are separate matters. It is all one and the same for Blacks.

Whites know the value of politics. Thus, they establish and finance “think tanks”. When Plato was asked to explain the strength of ancient Egyptians, he noted their respect for a leisure class. After the Emancipation Proclamation, whites enacted vagrancy laws to militate against a leisure class amid Blacks in the United States.

Instead, Blacks were conditioned to be watchdogs for their plantation masters. They would become “snitches.” Between “watchdogs” and “bloodhounds,” they were able to maintain a system of slavery and sharecropping. Debt slavery would supplant chattel slavery. The sine qua non of slavery is dependency.

This was outlined by the U.S. Supreme Court in Cherokee Cases. Legal history is inextricably linked to “white supremacy.” Chief Justice Marshall defined the Cherokee people as a “domestic, dependent nation” and as “wards” of the federal government. If Blacks fail or refuse to oppose a “bait and switch,” our economic condition will amount to that of a “domestic, dependent nation.”

By excluding Blacks from municipal jobs in policy-making positions, Blacks will continue to be addicted to whites. This is a serious, mental problem and it does not bode well for our children. No Negro “addict” will fight white supremacy regardless of the odiousness of the problem. Blacks refuse to look in mirrors for fear of what they will see. This especially applies to “political activists.”

The decision in the Cherokee Cases lead to the “Trail of Tears.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson gave us an analysis in the Miseducation of the Negro: “History shows that it does not matter who is in power… those who have not earned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain anymore rights or principles in the end that they had in the beginning.” [Emphasis supplied].

This was the problem that I handed to whites four decades ago. No whites were around me. I was thinking for myself. The New York Post specifically said that I must be stopped; otherwise, other Blacks would “emulate” me. There was no proof that I had to depend on whites. The Washington Post noted that I was able to continuously win long-shot cases. This is bad news for dependency.

Nonetheless, two legal organizations summarily fired me when they found out that I was in courtrooms representing Blacks without a “rabbi.” A Black lawyer told me, up front, that no one was going to allow me to practice law without a “rabbi.” This was the law before the Civil War. In fact, Blacks had to be trained by white lawyers. It was an apprenticeship program.

I had no one to vouch for me and I was not accountable to any white person. It was also illegal for a Black lawyer to be “armed and dangerous”. No one could give me character references. My admission to the New York Bar was questioned because I had refused to give white references. I was always skating on thin ice. Many “militant” Black lawyers, on the other hand, were able to identify whites who could speak for them.

The Freedom Party seeks to emulate my record in the courtroom. Blacks have always needed a Black-financed and Black-led political party consistent with rights under the First Amendment. The Freedom Party seeks to put our agenda on the front-burner in the same manner that the Working Families Party and the Green Party behave in the political process.

Numbers do count. Blacks need to pack the Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn on this Monday evening, in Brooklyn, to express outrage over de Blasio’s racist, personnel policies. There were 1,024,000 votes for de Blasio. The white vote was 158,000 votes. The Latino vote was 196,000. The Black vote was 354,000. Yet, his administration is virtually all-white. There is a “token” Black and a “token” Latino in it, however. Black elected officials should explain this political oddity. Don’t be MIA on Monday.

Blacks must understand “concepts.” New York City is subject to “white minority rule.” This should not be difficult to define. If 35% of the total vote is Black and they cast their votes for de Blasio, it should follow that 35% of his mayoral appointments should also be Black. This is not the case in New York City, however. You only need to view a press conference on snow removal to get the picture.

Before you attend the next town hall meeting, you should demand the presence of the Black press and Black elected officials on Monday. Call your political representatives. In politics, there is a quid pro quo. No reason exists for voting if whites refuse to honor it. There is also no need for voting rights legislation to discourage racial discrimination. If the Black press is playing hooky, it is not a “free press.”

As Malcolm X correctly pointed out, anyone who is sitting at the table without a plate is not a diner. We need “political bacon” to feed our families. We never received any political appetizers as I noted in the New York Amsterdam News even before November 5 though we had already demonstrated our political allegiance to the Democratic Party. We were also never given any political appetizers after November 5.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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New York’s War on Black Children

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

South Africa and New York

The common thread between South Africa and New York before 1994 was that the same people who enjoyed political power in South Africa also enjoyed political power in New York. They both had an interest in extirpating Black youth legislatively and judicially.

Before the ratification of the Twenty-sixth Amendment in 1971 lowering the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen, criminal courts in New York had jurisdiction over children as young as sixteen. This was a deficit of five years. In most states, young people had to be eighteen before they were subject to the jurisdiction of the criminal courts. This was also a deficit in voting.

New York upped the ante in 1978. Legislation was passed which allowed children as young as thirteen to be prosecuted in criminal courts. In the meantime, the voting age remained at eighteen. This was also a deficit of five years. It means that these children have no way to defend themselves politically against hostile, political decisions.

Children have a stake in political decisions affecting their well-being. They should enjoy political equality. Otherwise, children will employ the “bullet” if the “ballot” is denied. If they are old enough to do the time, they are old enough to vote for or against oppressive provisions in a penal code.

The New York Legislature owes Black and Latino children a fair and equitable penal Code. There must be an increase in the jurisdictional age in the criminal courts. No child should be subject to an adult prosecution without affording that child adult protections.

New York has no “second chance” laws. These laws should not be subject to judicial discretion. A child may lose civil rights protections from a felony conviction. Prosecutors have demonstrated that they employ prosecutorial discretion in a racially discriminatory fashion and to the detriment of Black and Latino children.

After the ratification of the Twenty-sixth Amendment, eighteen-year-olds could also be admitted into the jury box. In most states, there was an equality which existed between jury service and the right to vote. New York continued to infringe on the right of children to enjoy a trial by a jury of one’s peers. This is a glaring and continuing constitutional violation in New York.

In 1963, South Africa enacted legislation to usurp the military wing of the anti-apartheid movement. The targets also included children. It was commonly referred to as the “Ninety-Day Detention Law” which waived the right of habeas corpus, reduced probable cause to reasonable suspicion, denied the right to counsel and ended the privilege against self-incrimination.

The following year, the New York Legislature smelled urban rebellions throughout the United States, and, particularly, in New York. Malcolm X had been suspended by the Nation of Islam. Afterwards, he was calling for the “ballot or the bullet” while the traditional, civil rights movement was only calling for “social rights” mostly from civil disobedience in Birmingham in 1963 and in 1964. Their aimless demands for social rights would undermine the propriety of the Civil Rights Act of 1875.

This political intelligence on the exercise of civil rights by Blacks urged the New York Legislature to take the unusual act of watering down the Fourth and Fifth amendments of the U.S. Constitution through the enactment of Penal Law § 140.50.

Police officers were given “special” arrest powers like in South Africa. These arrest powers were in derogation of the Fourth Amendment. They were aimed mostly at Black youth. Within a year, Malcolm X had been assassinated. Penal Law § 140.50 is alive and well and is still causing political havoc.

White supremacists successfully promised before the U.S. Supreme in Shelby Co., Al. v. Holder that they would no longer practice racial discrimination in voting. The U.S. Supreme Court took them at their word. Normally, the High “Court” requires proof. This ruling is a judicial farce: See “Long Walk [Back to Slavery]” by Nelson Mandela. Black selected officials and leading Blacks have refused to draft voting rights legislation.

The “Founding Fathers” were bent on a “separation of church and state” doctrine. History had proven to them the dangers of ecclesiastical priests. Blacks and Latinos are the only ethnic groups that will elect preachers or priests as candidates for political offices. They will also vote for ecclesiastical “pimps.” Congress has no white preachers or priests. They rely on ethics and not religion to bind them. Religion does not bind people.

There are only two defense mechanisms in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. They are contained in the First and Second amendments. Malcolm X referred to them as the “ballot” (in the first instance) or the “bullet” (as a matter of last resort). By law, preachers and priests must refrain from exercising the ballot to its fullest. “Slave” preachers and priests must also refrain from the latter in its entirety.

Legal provisions that require the presence of a parent before a police interrogation can arise is a “trap for the unwary.” These provisions are for the benefit of the police who can take judicial notice that Black and Latino parents are “ignorant of the law.” Between white policemen and Black and Latino children, parents are police facilitators. See the “Central Park 7.” Political presence and parental presence are based on the same premise.

History of NYC Public Schools

New York State started to infuse funds into a public school system in New York City while Blacks were still in slavery. Charity schools received public funds while Catholic and Baptist schools were ineligible for them although many of the immigrants were from Germany and Ireland. This caused a public debate.

The New York Legislature established a new public school system in 1842 which would be governed by a central board of education with “elected ward trustees.” Descendants of enslaved Africans were assigned to a separate school system. They were called “colored schools.” These parents were also disenfranchised.

In the meantime, John Campbell Matthews, a Black attorney, successfully litigated a desegregation lawsuit against the Albany School Board in 1872. A permanent injunction was granted against this school board. Afterwards, he would persuade the New York City Council to pass a law against the closing of “colored schools” in New York City. These closings would harm Black children.

Thomas McCants Stewart, a Black attorney, was appointed to the Brooklyn Board of Education in 1891. The city of Brooklyn became the borough of Brooklyn in 1898. During this period, Thomas McCants Stewart would not only end racial classifications in Brooklyn but he also successfully urged the public school system to allow “colored” teachers to teach white children. The New York Police Department refused to hire a Black police officer until 1911. Samuel Battle was unable to arrest whites.

Despite Stewart’s successes in education and also in courtrooms, New York requires a Black attorney who gets “too big for his britches” to either suffer “disbarment” or leave the state. This rule is still in existence today. McCants chose to leave the state. His next address was in Hawaii which was a “territory” and not a state. New York City refuses to honor him.

While racial classifications in education ended in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century, residential segregation continued to feed into racially-segregated schools. As white students dropped out of the New York Public Schools, Black and Latino parents saw the need for more parental control of schools.

The New York Legislature did pass a school decentralization law in 1970 but it replaced a central superintendent of schools with a schools chancellor possessing substantial control of resources. This had the effect of limiting the powers of community school boards and principals.

This was actually a “bait and switch” with mayoral control of schools eventually replacing parental control through a schools chancellor. This started during the Bloomberg administration with Black “selected” officials possessing no bargaining skills to maximize the use of any bargaining chips.

They also possessed no skills in drafting legislation. This also explains the lack of an enforcement mechanism in the Fifteenth Amendment today after Shelby Co. AL v. Holder. Community control of schools, with limited powers and resources, was a political disaster. Education must precede legislation. Malcolm X has correctly analyzed our “ignorance of the law.”

Mayoral control of schools actually means a marriage between the mayor of New York City and his police commissioner. To accommodate “stop, question and frisk,” Black children are not allowed to learn any “survival skills” in public schools. Education in New York is a cage which allows predators to pursue their prey. Black and Latino parents are toothless tigers.

New York City’s school curriculum, during the nineteenth century, sought to meet the need of its immigrant population. The goal was to displace descendants of enslaved Africans with “immigrants” through “white” and “colored” schools that would continue for more than a half-century. State-sponsored defamation would reduce Blacks to peonage.

Blacks had to wait until 1870 to enjoy the right to vote. Afterwards, they remained loyal to the tenets of the Democratic Party. This forced Blacks to align themselves politically with Tammany Hall. Its firm grip on politics in New York would reduce Black voters to political pawns. Organized crime figures were their “political captains.” This was a political monopoly with Blacks enjoying no political or legal representation. Black selected officials refuse to even pretend to represent Blacks.

Relying on Cumming v. Richmond Co. Bd., New York was slow to develop a public high school system. In denying to Blacks an education commensurate to whites in Richmond Co., GA, the Supreme Court had ruled that an eighth grade education is sufficient for Blacks. This rule is still in effect in New York City in 2014 and it applies to a predominantly Black and Latino public school system.

For Blacks in New York, the Dutch initially stole the “identity” of our ancestors and our legacy. The public school system has refused to restore that identity or to provide any compensation. Theft of one’s identity is a crime. This public school system has also refused to equip Black and Latino children with “survival skills.” Instead, Mayor William de Blasio is talking about funding a kindergarten system while our children are in a sinkhole. This is one of his “red herrings.”

In a trilogy of cases including Pierce v. Society of Sisters, Meyer v. Nebraska and Farrington v. Tokushige, from the “High Court,” it is permissible to indoctrinate Black and Latino children with white supremacy doctrines which are against their own interests.

The Supreme Court has held that a state may play a significant role in socializing children. New York believes that it is not required to offer a balanced curriculum to Black and Latino children and white teachers must seize the minds of our children. This allows Black children to become prey.

Given a police state in which Black and Latino children are required to survive, the public school system should be equipped to provide its children with “survival skills” in the same manner that it was able to provide European children with skills that enabled them to enter the workforce with a special preference. Black children must be given an opportunity to regain their identity.

Remedial Legislation

The New York Department of Education needs to be rewired legislatively to restore parents with the right of franchise and to enable children to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. When the New York legislature started to fund public education, Blacks were still in slavery and Latino children were mostly out-of-bounds.

Compulsory education laws should not mean that a state may unreasonably infringe on the parent-child relationship. A parent must be able to make some key educational decisions about a child. These restrictive rules only apply to low-income parents. Well-to-do parents have other options for the education of their children.

The ASPCA is patting itself on the back for ending the commercialization of horse-drawn carriages in New York City. Apparently, this practice has continued since 1866. At the same time, Blacks were disenfranchised before the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment. Today, the Fifteenth Amendment is constitutionally defunct.

If the Freedom Party stands for the dispossessed, disenfranchised and the despised, this universal class obviously includes children. Members of the ASPCA are willing to pay Twenty Dollars monthly to argue for animals. Black parents, on the other hand, are unwilling to pay one red penny monthly to an advocacy group for the benefit of their children.

Animal rights groups also have the Democratic Party to argue for them. They have invested their bargaining chips in a political party. Blacks only donate to a political party. Horses are no longer wearing “blinders.” The same cannot be said for Black parents. Blind parents are leading children who are equipped with blinders.

Mayor de Blasio has nailed down all doors to the barn after giving Dante and Chiara passes. Chiara has flown the chicken coop while Dante has been given a “security detail” staffed by armed members of the New York Police Department. He is immune from “stop, question and frisk.” Bratton sees it as an excellent police tool to elevate predators over their prey.

Legislative racism is the culprit. For Blacks, political presence is tantamount to political representation. It is of no moment that Blacks have no political voice nor a political delivery system. Without a delivery system, a vote is of no moment. There is also no “free press.”

This is akin to being in the presence of the Ku Klux Klan with a bullet but no gun. So far, Blacks are clueless. They are satisfied with only possessing the bullet. To make matters worse, there is no legislative watchdog in the New York Legislature or the New York City Council.

Kwanzaa Celebration

The Kwanzaa Breakfast is an annual event. It is sponsored by the Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls which was established twenty years ago and after the legal lynching of Black and Latino children in Central Park in 1989. Years later they were found to be innocent but compensation is still unavailable.

There was never any eyewitness testimony and no DNA. They were victims of “stop, question and frisk.” The boys went to prison because of police terrorism and the ignorance of their parents and themselves. Giving the boys access to parental advice was like throwing kerosene over a fire. Obviously, the boys had never taken a basic course in civics although they were from ages fourteen to sixteen.

The wrongful arrest and conviction of these young men raise serious question about “stop question and frisk” and the efficacy of the public education system especially since Mayor William de Blasio was, in 1989, a public official in the Dinkins administration and, afterwards, the public advocate of the City of New York.

The young men have never been compensated for the public crimes of the New York Police Department and the Manhattan district attorney’s office. There must also be legislative hearings in 2014 to prevent a recurrence of the “Central Park 7″. There were “pain and suffering” for both parents and children. So far, every Black and Latino selected official has refused to attend a town hall meeting on “stop, question and frisk.” They are only responsive to white supremacists.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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Organized Crime Controls the Black Community

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Blacks Unready for Prime Time











by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

The New York Post penned an article Thursday 12/14 about the political successes of the Working Families Party on Election Day in New York City. Given the economic and political plight of the largest voting bloc and the oldest ethnic group in New York City, a “Tale of Two Cities” is a joke. New York City is more like a “Tale of the Big House and the Slave Quarters.”

I am so happy that the media has failed to write about the Freedom Party because it would inevitably turn on the historical failures of Blacks in forming and supporting any political organization. Marcus Garvey was in and out of the United States in a decade. Four years ago, the NAACP celebrated its 100th birthday. Whites formed the NAACP in 1909.

Comparing Bertha Lewis in the New York Post to the Working Families Party is like comparing Dr. W.E.B. DuBois to the NAACP. The Spingarn brothers rode shotgun for the NAACP in the same manner that the Communication Workers of America was the mid-wife for the Working Families Party. Bill Lynch and not Bertha Lewis is the spook who sat by the door. Lewis is associated with ACORN. Lynch was associated with the Communication Workers of America.

My people must learn “critical thinking”. In HELP, it is called “logic”. This means connecting the dots and thinking outside the box. There must be an awareness of history and the ability of a Black person to think for himself or herself and not to rely on whites. Dependency is a real problem in the Black community.

One of the revealing facts about William de Blasio is his relationship with the late Bill Lynch and the relationship between the Communication Workers of America and Bill Lynch. In short, Bill Lynch was the liaison between labor and government and especially any relationship between Black selected officials and labor. De Blasio learned politics from Lynch.

I met Bill Lynch during my tenure at the National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL). We shared a penchant for politics and also a birthdate. When NCBL gave me the boot for not crossing Dr. John Henrik Clarke and the Schomburg Coalition, Bill provided for me to enjoy a suite of offices at Madison Square Garden. This was 1983. Bill saw me as having a bright future in politics.

My relationship with Bill was great until I discovered that labor and organized crime were exploiting Black labor trainees and pilfering the grant money from New York State. The crime scene was Medgar Evers College. Organized crime and labor were making millions of dollars at the expense of the Black community. This was actually happening throughout the city.

Black selected officials were aware of this exploitation but they had all sold-out the Black community before they became oath-takers. In a well-unorganized community, politics is bad news. Some one is always taking our piece of the pie. Any watchdog for the Black community eventually becomes a sacrificial lamb while Blacks are clueless.

I sued the United Auto Workers [UAW] in a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Black activists would join UAW. This posse came after me like a hungry dog would go after a steak. When the smoke had cleared, federal judges would boot me off the case before I could name names. All Black activists in New York City are connected to the Democratic Party, labor and organized crime.

I was back to practicing law out of the trunk of my car. No Black selected officials and Black activists could trust me. I had violated the code of ethics. Blacks are unable to draft a code of ethics because the membership in any Black-led and Black-financed organization will account to white supremacists. Thus, Black activists are like termites in a house. Otherwise, I would have visible support for Tawana Brawley.

Penniless after this federal litigation, I signed a lease on an office at 16 Court Street in Brooklyn. This was in 1984. Whey you step on the toes of organized crime and labor, you become a “marked” man. Within two months of my signing the lease, the Manhattan district attorney’s office would frame me on the complaint of the court officers’ union.

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau had intended this prosecution to land me behind bars and to end my legal career. Morgenthau picked the judge to hear the case. I had no other choice but to represent myself. The court officers’ union has a stranglehold on all state judges. No appeals court had any intention to review the case. There was no need for judicial review, however.

Fifteen years later, organized crime would get the three “powers” of government in New York to “merge” and to bar me from the courtroom. This is the way that organized crime responds to a gambler who consistently beats the house. This gambler is barred from using a deck of cards and a pair of dice at a casino.

Organized crime has no respect for law. It could have easily written the decision in Dred Scott. “No Negro has any rights that whites are bound to respect”. Reports exist that link Steven Pagones with organized crime. This is why no Black activist will speak up for Tawana Brawley. Now, Pagones enjoys protections from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to former Mayor David Dinkins, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio sat at the feet of Bill Lynch and Bill Lynch guided Dinkins’ mayoral campaign. No group supported de Blasio more than Blacks. He did not need any votes from any other ethnic group. The key to his success was the Working Families Party. Don’t bet on de Blasio to be fair to Blacks. Connect the dots.




If you believe what Robert Morgenthau told Dr. Calvin Butts, Dr. C. Vernon Mason and Judge Sterling Johnson of the Brooklyn Federal Court in 1978 that, I was the only person in New York who would consistently defy white supremacy, the likelihood of Blacks supporting a Black-led and Black-financed political party is bleak. Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. called for such a political party to protect him from organized crime. The absence of such a political party led to his political demise.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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December 29th, 2013 at 12:03 am

White Laws or White Men?

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by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

According to reports that I have received, the best Black talk show radio interview happened on Sunday 12/1/13 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Bro. Leroy’s program on WHCR-FM (90.3). This is not a commercial radio station. These reports have come from throughout the United States. The purchase of the audio tape would be a wise investment. None of the proceeds will go to me.

It became a wide-ranging interview. Bro. Leroy had asked me to discuss three issues that Blacks should address in 2014. This was easy. “If you fail to plan, for 2014, you plan to fail in 2014″. Leading Blacks and Black selected officials will advocate being reactive rather than proactive. The U.S. Supreme Court suspended the Fifteenth Amendment in June 2013. Blacks are unable to draft voting rights legislation. We have no Black, political party.

Since the airwaves belong to the public, censorship is supposed to be unconstitutional. No person is supposed to be “banned” because his or her views are unpopular. Nonetheless, I am “banned” from all commercial radio and television stations in the tri-state area and beyond the tri-state.

This smacks of slavery. In 1857, both Harriet Tubman and I would have been banned from all plantations not only because of our views but also because our actions would have irritated slaveholders. They were unwilling to finance our liberation. We are still financing our oppression.

A slave is a person who obeys white men and not white laws. For example, a Black radio host is cognizant that censorship is unconstitutional. Yet, white men will not tolerate my appearance on any commercial radio or television station in the tri-state. The appearance of a “militant” on a commercial radio or television station is a no-no. These Black media hosts choose to respect white men and dishonor white laws. A militant fights for his or her own people.

Charles Evers became the example of a Black disc jockey in a white-owned radio station in Philadelphia, MS. He was the first Black disc jockey in Mississippi and this was in the 1950′s. He used his radio program to discuss white racism in Mississippi. This became “free speech radio” in Mississippi. White supremacists threatened to assassinate him. He was eventually fired and hounded out of Mississippi.

Sixty years later in New York City, Black talk radio show hosts obey white men and not white laws. These white laws forbid white censorship while white supremacists demand total disregard for white laws. These Black radio hosts prefer to elevate their personal comforts over the public interest of Blacks.

This is why I can only educate the Black community by making personal sacrifices and spending private funds for the public good. Black selected officials and leading Blacks have the actual responsibility of educating our people. Yet, they also prefer to obey white men rather than to obey white laws. Again, this smacks of slavery.

Malcolm X said that education must precede legislation. Blacks would prefer waiving education if it requires going into their pockets for it. These reckless spending habits explain why Blacks are disproportionately represented in the prison-industrial complex. It is not about racism. It is about ignorance. Fear breeds ignorance. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. It started on January 1, 1863.

All of our basic rights were written by white men while Blacks were disenfranchised. Congress was not only all-white but also all-male. This includes the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments. The federal legislation includes the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Civil Rights Act of 1871 and the Civil Rights Act of 1875. We must obey white men and ignore white laws. Thus, Blacks have no “rights that whites are bound to respect”.

December 18, 2013- Prof. Kaba H. Kamene , Brooklyn Christian Center,1061 Atlantic Avenue, (Corner of Franklin Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 7:00 pm. Please support the Freedom Party.

January 4, 2014 UAM Kwanzaa Reunion Breakfast, CottonClub, 655 125th Street, Harlem, NewYork.

January 8, 2014- Queen Afua , Brooklyn ChristianCenter,1061 Atlantic Avenue, (Corner of Franklin Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 7:00 pm. Please support the Freedom Party.

January 15, 2014- Black Dot , Brooklyn ChristianCenter,1061 Atlantic Avenue, (Corner of Franklin Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 7:00 pm. Please support the Freedom Party

January 18, 2014 UAM Membership Dance, Cotton Club, 655 125th Street, Harlem, New York. 9pm-1 am

January 4, 2014 UAM Kwanzaa Reunion Breakfast, CottonClub, 655 125th Street, Harlem, NewYork.

January 22, 2014- Brother Hafeez, Brooklyn ChristianCenter,1061 Atlantic Avenue, (Corner of Franklin Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 7:00 pm. Please support the Freedom Party.


Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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December 17th, 2013 at 12:00 pm