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Avoiding, Disarming & Exposing All things Insular

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by Chris Stevenson

Rule no.1. Avoid All things Insular. ‘Insular in this particular context is just the art of bringing someone down into your own reality, and keeping them there by some type of coercion. You will find the American intelligence community to be masters of this art of insular, the question is did they use some religious faiths as a testing-ground to accomplish this? The worst outcomes lead to outright prolonged abuse and death, the least-harmful outcome leads to psychological slavery and mental illness. I of course am not speaking of necessary insular, such as family affection.

This is a sinister type of insular meant to break through logic and probability. The trick of mastering what is essentially described as a closed system of logic is the stopping of someone or a group of people from participating in something seen as common practice in the world. It can’t be illegal. What’s the fun of restricting someone from shooting heroin if they never used heroin? On the other hand the heroin addict whom you assist in stopping his use, will be very open to your insular teachings. It has to be something they enjoy or benefit from in the long-run, the object is to get them to love an idea, person, or group more than reality. Most things people love are things they are naturally inclined to do, and oftentimes take for granted. The goal is to wrap the follower up so tightly in the insular, that cognitive dissonance will kick in automatically once the most glaring proof is presented that they have been loving or following a liar(s).

You can spot the insular attitude in individuals even from a young age. This doesn’t mean they will continue this behavior when they grow up, but some do. The childhood friend or neighbor who prefers to separate you from your friends and/or family when he or she notices others coming to visit you etc. It’s big with children because it’s a natural sign of immaturity. Most kids grow out of it. Some don’t. The short-term goal of the insular individual is to keep you off-balance, to make or force you to be at odds with things or people you are naturally conducive to. They often know they’re wrong, but it’s worth it to them to prevent you from getting the resources you need. Insular individuals also generally feel they can’t be figured out. Their way is deeply private, remote, detached, narrow-minded. The same holds true for many of these fundamentalist faiths.




Muslims in the Middle East are most successful in this. They have an 11th Century mindset, and force their followers to dress and think 11th Century. The Watchtower allows for contemporary dress, but maintain 11th Century thinking. This is an accomplishment in itself. Same goes for the Hebrew Israelites and Christian Scientists. If you check the history of the individuals who founded these religions, you will just find the same Joe-Blow who you thought was an oddball in your childhood; The “Prophet” Muhammad- A recluse in his early years, Charles T. Russell- An Apostate several times over strictly by dictionary definition, reportedly married a woman he never made love to, predicted return of Christ in 1914 and then 1915, narcissist, no formal religious education, L. Ron Hubbard- Founder Dianetics and Scientology, served in military, commanded anti-sub boat, lied about sinking submarines. Joseph Smith- Founder LDS, Mormons, 32 Wives.

Insular is to be watched and avoided because it is the starting point for zealotry and extremism. The problems arise when people who believe in God have just got to manifest this by going out and finding religion, which eventually at some point becomes a platform for their obnoxiousness. Insular is how they set you up. Insular groups are infamous for convincing or trying to convince people they need to be watched. If you think you need to be watched, then you probably need to be watched. Insular is a dominant trait of a low-performance culture.


















Resistance to change and a politicized internal milieu are also traits. Other than religions and cults (and some police and construction union-fanatics because they’re oft-exclusionary and go to extremes to maintain that), street gangs are the most dangerous insular groups to stay away from. In most cases this is a male child’s first encounter with something insular, street gangs often find their commonality with strict religions in the false proclamation that they are family.

Being born in an insular town and religion I feel like an expert. We will now turn our complete attention back to the Watchtower Society. Compare them to one of those highly-advertised over-the-counter medicines whose benefits sound wonderful, until they read off that long list of side effects. If what you been committing your time, emotion and energy to brings more pain in other areas, then the Watchtower or any other faith I can name is pretty much like Zoloft. You been taking Jehov-off; Jehovah according to the Watchtower, and you need to get off my friend.











On one hand I don’t trust anyone suggesting that I read their religious literature more than the Bible, not so much that I love the Bible, but because I smell megalomania. On the other hand, too much Bible can be dangerous. Ancient wild people. The new danger fundamentalist faiths present is in their pitching their fluctuating archaic views to a markedly different public than they have in yesteryear. High technology, unbalanced thinking. Simply put, the Watchtower NEEDS their disfellowshipping penalty, it’s gives those shunned low self-esteem, it gives false-esteem to most still in. The “my country right or wrong” has morphed into ‘my religion right or wrong.’ This makes way for the cognitive dissonance which is really external narcissism. False titles, false authority, real damage. It’s not hard to imagine really. If your house were on fire who are you going to call, me (who’s had no experience or credentials whatsoever in firefighting) or your local fire department? What if I were persuasive enough a hustler to make you think I put out fires?

Followers can only adopt a bunker-mentality toward the outside world under such control.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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Mandela & The CIA Surveillance that led to his Incarceration

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by Chris Stevenson

 After Nelson Mandela and his co-defendants’ miraculous acquittal of the treason trial, he went into exile. It was then that the Central Intelligence Agency began or intensified their surveillance of him. Though this is news to many, it shouldn’t be, given the CIA’s history on the Dark Continent. The agency was already deep in the Congo holding up African progress, how far of a stretch would it be for some of them to move operations toward the south?

 Mandela was arrested in ‘56 for “high treason” and attempting to “violently overthrow the state.” In all 156 were arrested, four days later they were released on bail. When Mandela got home on bail his wife Evelyn had already moved out of the house leaving it bare. Rumors of infidelity plus her membership in the Jehovah’s Witnesses prevented her from supporting him in the struggle even though the Watchtower had no immediate viable answers for black South Africans either. Trial began in 1957 and went on for three years. In the midst of 17 African countries due to become independent in 1960, South Africa seemed to be going backwards. If the treason trial didn’t prove it, something more devastating soon would. The 3/21/60 Sharpeville Massacre where South African police-while in front of their own headquarters-would fire blindly into a crowd of black protesters, women conversing and laughing amongst each other first according to eyewitnesses, and then children, in all 69 people were murdered, over 180 wounded.

 Some time ago a former African National Congress (ANC) bombmaker named Dennis Goldberg said during an event: “We believe that there was a British Intelligence agent in the nearby caravan park. Everyone thought he was a birdwatcher because he would climb up a telegraph pole with binoculars every day. But I think we were the birds he was watching,” according to a 7/11/13 story by Hannah Osborn for International Business Times. The British spy agency MI5 also was known to spy on him at the same time. Goldberg was arrested during a raid in July of ‘63, at a farm once known to be one of Mandela’s hideouts; Lilies Land in Johannesburg. Mandela operated under the assumed name David Motsamayi, a farm worker.

 ANC activists and communists conducted their activities there. The US/UK spying led to the 7/11 raid and the arrest of 19. Some believe Mandela was already arrested for a minor charge, others thought he was still at large underground. Much of this info came out last July while Mandela was seriously ill. Nelson had begun a relationship with Winnie during the treason trial. They got married and had kids, but during his prison sentence for sabotage she would plot brutal violence.

 A first wife who believed in political passivity, and a second who went so far over the edge she almost single-handedly destroyed his movement. What’s the chances of any man involving himself with two such women back-to-back, much less a man trying to change the face of his country? For black men the possibility is not so farfetched. People hear the latest verbal attacks on black-female obstructionism, but it’s wasn’t new, and evidently got it’s start in the Motherland. Can you find women of any other race or ethnic group who are so obtuse either purposely or inadvertently to their men’s goals? Yes Nelson would initially voice how he appreciated Winnie’s love and devotion, and he would stick by her for a couple years after his release. But whereas Winnie loved him, his adversaries manifested a quality more important to him at that time.

 To best understand the magnitude of Mandela’s accomplishments from an American perspective, picture Huey Newton being imprisoned for 27 years after forming a special strike force within the Black Panthers which literally made them more of a threat than the KKK and Mafia. Imagine a scenario where they begin sabotaging white supremacists facilities mostly under Newton’s direction while incarcerated, until Reagan and Bush etc., try to meet with him and negotiate his freedom an end to American White Supremacy. After which Newton is freed, and later is elected President of the United States. Only then will you begin to get a clue of who Mandela was, and why he was so highly respected.

 I mention CIA spying and manipulating in African Affairs and figures along the lines of Mandela, Steven Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, and as of late even brown Africans Mubarak and Qadaffi. The same question regarding Lumumba also applied to Mandela; Why would the intel networks of powerful nations like the US bother themselves to allocate a budget to spy on a mere barefoot African? “I don’t like it when people question our motives on blacks or on Mandela because of an incident that happened 20 years ago in another administration,” said former George H.W. Bush Press Secretary Merlin Fitzwater. In fact he shouldn’t like it, at the time of those episodes Bush was a high ranking CIA official. People on the left call Eric Snowden a hero, black activists in Africa and America were under constant government secret watch way before the NSA, and there was no Wikileaks to expose them. Our NSA was a miserable racist cross-dresser named J. Edgar Hoover. The success of American government in this reportedly came by way of infiltration into the ANC by an undercover agent who managed to work his way into their inner circle. Cox News Service named senior CIA official Paul Eskel as admitting it.

 “It is one of our greatest coups,” stated a former US official, CIA officer Donald C. Rickard, who worked undercover as a “consular official in Durban” and disclosed to the agency information that led directly to Mandela’s arrest, even stating he would be disguised as a chauffeur. Rickard is said to be living in Colorado today (Pagosa Springs) according to a news release by William Blum. Corporations like IBM, Kodak and others assisted with resources in the murder, torture and incarceration of ANC activists.

 There is much to be said regarding whether or not all the people the US classifies as communist or terrorists are really bad people. One gets the feeling nowadays that you don’t have to do much to earn those labels. What is really going on with the Western powers is fear, and the message is don’t question them. In search of another Mandela? Pop culture says don’t even think about it. All you need do is to finally figure out who really controls pop-culture and major media?

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below

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January 29th, 2014 at 1:09 am

Shhhhh… lo’ the Impeachment Whisperers

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by Chris Stevenson

You may have missed it, I know I did. But last month, December 3rd 2013 to be exact, there was a hearing, almost like a secret hearing or meeting among members of the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the implementation of something they didn’t want to reveal.

A 12/4 article by Tom Kludt for TPM LIVEWIRE shows this to be a republican thing that even they don’t understand. “Republicans Try To Discuss Obama Impeachment Without Using the ‘I-Word,” was barely a blur on my rotating newsfeed before it went off. But I have to admit, I remembered it a few days or weeks later and Googled it. Steve King (R) of IA was quoted by the Washington Post as saying [impeachment is] “the word that we don’t like to say in this committee, and I’m not about to utter here in this particular hearing.” In others words 1st they don’t want to be seen as kooks. 2nd Consider this a dry-run before the 2014 midterm elections, republicans victories overwhelming both the House and Senate won’t find them backing down on impeachments as the dems did with the George W. Bush impeachment talks after the ‘06 midterm election.


















As far as their fear of looking like kooks is concerned, unfortunately the House GOP has already beat themselves to it. You see, as soon as the first I-word rolled off from between the first republican lips, they have already sank themselves to the same level as that nutty black preacher from Harlem who not long ago held just such an imaginary court martial of President Obama and is still trying to pass it off as real. I suppose no one told Obama he was ruled guilty, but that’s beside the point.

Of course the Washington Post, and TPM face stiff competition on Obama impeachment coverage when compared to the awesomeness of the Weekly World News and Pastor David Manning of Atlah Ministries and of course Alan Keys who always seems to find a way to rear his “conservative” head on occasions like this.

Since the reasons for the proposed impeachment hearing are even more hilarious than the news of the impeachment hearings itself, I won’t bother you with any details. The truth is most of the items they charge him with look more applicable to Congress. One commenter on Kludt’s page said it best, “If you ain’t got the guts to say it, you don’t have the balls to do it.”



This sudden silence by congressional republicans on impeachment is a departure given the many bold and shameless things they outwardly said and done to get back at Obama for many of his policies. You will find even back in early-’07 I wasn’t on board with him running just yet, I thought it was too early. Hillary was my candidate. I began backing Obama when Hillary played too cautious about backing the Rutgers girls basketball team after shock-jock Don Imus attacked them on the air, and I haven’t regretted it since.

Make no mistake about it, Barack Hussein Obama is a remarkably amazing individual and US President, but he’s not perfect nor should be seen as such. Yes there are things you could take him to task on; the rendition program, NSA, George Zimmerman… once many of you black and white, get past his skin color. That’s not going to happen because the President’s skin makes them so mad at Obama, that they fail to see clearly.































Why for instance didn’t President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t pursue federal charges against George Zimmerman after his acquittal even though he continues to be a danger to others and himself? Opting instead as late as Nov.5 to give us a teaser with Holder then being quoted in the Washington Times and Breitbart.com saying “he’s still not sure if the federal government will pursue civil rights charges against Zimmerman.” As far as Obama’s recent statement about unveiling his plan to bring about new restrictions against spying on foreign leaders and the handling of phone and internet personal information, it almost doesn’t matter. The damage has already been done. Who really cares if coach Bill Belichick stopped spying on other teams? By now he already has enough info on them to know most of their plays and their habits. Get it?  You see, Obama has a tendency to brush you off with a quick ‘may consider’ statement which goes unnoticed by a lot of republicans critics and some on the left. This is what happened to his inference he was going to take members of the old Bush Administration to task on torture.

It is good for voters to know who the personalities behind these impeachment talks are, rest assured they are light years away from the figure Alan Keys claims is the driving force, Jesus Christ, in more ways than one. Among them King, Michele Bachmann, James Inhofe (an anti-environmentalist), Kerry Bentivolio, and Blake Farenthold.

What the republicans need much more than an Obama impeachment, is more abandonments. Last fall North Carolina’s Jason Thigpen announced his departure from the Republican Party to join the democrats. Thigpen is not a member of Congress, but is currently running for the 3rd Congressional District. His website news page explains his shift: “Enough is enough, after discussing it with my wife and family, I’ve decided to run as a democrat rather than a republican. I simply cannot stand with a party where it’s most extreme element promote hate and division amongst people. Nothing about my platform has nor will it change. The government shutdown was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back.” It seems republicans everywhere are nearing the brink, in Buffalo a local right-wing talk jock named Tom Bauerle admitted himself to ECMC for psychiatric evaluation after police found him searching his yard in a blizzard, with a loaded gun.










Thigpen is an Army veteran. His big reason for leaving the republicans is his objection to the NC voting laws. “I didn’t go to war to defend the liberties and freedoms of one party, race, sex, or one income class of Americans,” he was quoted in The Raw Story. The raw truth is I don’t know if Thigpen is sincere or just see’s an opportunity, he’s running against incumbent Walter Jones (R)  (a former Democrat) who has a conservative challenger (Frank Palombo) who could split the GOP vote in light of his switch. But what I do know is he’s right about what the Republican Party has come to, and this is even more proven with these reports of impeaching President Obama. The government shutdown made more than a few republicans take a 2nd look at their party, a party seeming more bent to make economy-damaging moves based on personal spite.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video interviews and commentary on  Policy & Prejudice  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.


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Days of Future Lies

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100 Years After 1914 What Lies (are) Ahead For the Watchtower Society?





by Chris Stevenson

‘Jehovah’s organization is moving.’ Just ask United Van Lines. The move to Patterson years ago was just white flight, the moves they’re doing now (Warwick, NY) is more based on ‘strapped for cash.’ Pedophile scandals have taken a bite out of Watchtower assets, making unlikely millionaires out of members they only considered good for door-knocking or disfellowshipping. No doubt their “worldly” financial strategist advised them to start downsizing or turn to chapter 7 of their Fiscal Liquidation Mystery book.

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (WBTS) is an evidently small-but-powerful organization. Not even the Mafia has been able to protect so many under-educated, unlearned laymen within countless congregations from the justice they so sorely deserve. Not even the much-more-known and powerful Catholic Church has been able to avoid major media scrutiny as they have. The reason for this goes way back, picture a small group of white males during the ‘50’s sitting at a table in a dark room with one of them telling the rest ‘we need rules where our members will nit-pick each other for the slightest hint of infractions so much, that they won’t see the glaring scandals even when the general public make them common knowledge.’ The rub is William Miller, Nelson Barbour, George Storrs, and Charles T. Russell, had no thought to use the name Jehovah-a name discovered by Ramundus Martini, a Spanish Catholic Monk credited with being the first to use the name during the 11th Century, and Petrus Galatinas, a Catholic Priest who in 1518 was the first to translate JHVH to Jehovah-much less use it as a marketing tool.

To begin with, it takes a certain mindset for most people to choose to stay in any relationship whose time limit has expired. How much more so a religion? Nosy people and families know how to to use strict religion to their advantage just as long-tenured employees know how to stay with companies whether corrupt or not. At least the employee gets something tangible in return, pay, medical benefits, workers comp., social security, perhaps a pension. Very few religions ask more from their followers, while repayment is so little. The best of these men knew how to create anticipation in people, like their founders who megalomaniacally blurted out end times dates and predictions of the return of ancient prophets as if they were Elvis.




In 1929 The Watch Tower Society bought property and built a house under the direction of Joseph Rutherford, Beth Sarim, in California for the return of King David, Abraham, Samson etc. Rutherford himself moved in when the Bible prophets were a no-show-cs

For minority groups the Watchtower couldn’t have caught them at a worse time, a time of social upheaval for blacks in particular found a lot of them moving up north now being recruited by JW ministers. Whereas the early Watchtower articles revealed a condescending racist attitude towards blacks in particular, black prospects began to give them their full attention during the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. This was pretty much across the board for black church-goers seeking what author/filmmaker Jeremiah Camara (“Contradictions”) calls “a scratch-off, a win” from the decaying conditions surrounding their blocks. “All we have is Jesus, the lottery, and liquor.” This characteristic was evident in many of them before they joined, or if their parents chose another religion while they were still children or became Atheists. You’ll find them to be good manipulators, knowing how to turn the now into the future. I just so happened to have grown up with one of them. He is what they call a Circuit Overseer today. As a young boy Alvin Thompson practiced his trade of rambling-talking, manipulation and guilt-mongering. We would at times sit together before that meeting started and watch the one or two of the congregation committee walk by, and he would every so often say to me “I always wanted to be one of them big time brothers.” As we grew older the committee of three would now become elders, but Al’s words were the same. He wanted to be a “big-time brother.” This is important because a trait that developed in him where he would be more drawn to a position or title more than money-even a dummy-position intended to keep his mouth shut-would in time manifest itself. I think some people who have been damaged by strict over-assuming faiths can trace the success of their victimization to an Al-like person once they dig the bottom of the barrell.

Fast forward some 15 or so years later and Al is now living in Rochester, NY by way of Brooklyn Bethel and marriage. I moved to Rochester from Buffalo four years later one summer, and for a couple months wound up in the same congregation as him. Al is now an elder, and finally “one of those big time brothers.” He was a man co-presiding over the most dilapidated Kingdom Hall in the city, the men’s room amounted to a small space in the basement with a hole in the floor (there were rumors it was for urinating). The ladies room at least was in better shape, with more room for women with babies, but not much better. And air conditioning? What’s that? The Presiding Overseer was I believe, the only white brother in the congregation; Gary Mills. To give you an example of his detachment, Mills had a good job at Kodak and he was walking around bragging about how he cut his work-hours in half so he could spend time as a full time regular pioneer. “Taste Jehovah and see,” he was known to say quoting a scripture out of the infamous New World Translation of The Holy Scriptures. The neighborhood the Hall was located in was the hind-end of urban Rochester, most of the brothers earned under 10K a year. What did Mills want, for us to cut down to $5,000 a year? He had tenure and had gone from something like $80 grand per year to $50,000 and wanted us to think he made this big sacrifice. It was 1984.

Soon the Circuit Overseer John Caister decided the area Halls were too segregated, and initiated a massive split tossing everyone around as if we were in a big giant salad bowl, and (mercifully) closing down our crumbling building. It was around that time that I met a sister who was married to an abusive non-JW piece-of-shit. I would eventually move behind her and she told me about a time when her husband had beat the tar out of her, and she went to the elders for help. The elders she talked to were Gary Mills (“Taste Jehovah and see”), Dave Loftus (another white elder whom by the time I moved to Rochester was the City Overseer, and serving in the Monroe congregation), and my friend Al. Waiting to hear of the great way the elders rescued her from this ghetto-urchin she said “I do” to one day, she instead recounted some words from Al that stunned me. Al told this beaten and battered sister “you got to take it” while the other two looked on. I was almost floored at just hearing that. Even though I would eventually learn of Rochester having a lot of black elders either scolding or giving black sisters misinformation in front of silent white elders, this would still stick out as highly disturbing to me. I confronted Al about this later on, and he reluctantly admitted it. Taste blood and see… hmmm.

You see, I would later learn firsthand about the sister’s husband one evening just walking by her porch in a driving rainstorm with him in front of her backdoor calling her out of her name with her frightened younger kids clutched to her while she tried to tell him to go away. I was on my way to the Ministry School meeting, but not before I hopped on the porch and stood directly between him and her door. Now to be honest with you, this was over 25-years-ago, so I can’t remember the words exchanged. But I vaguely remember telling him to stop using the b-word, scaring her kids (it really bothered him that I called them her kids) and it was time for him to get moving, he responded with threats of cutting me, blah blah blah. All I could see was a thin man in a big leather coat, snakeskin shoes with one hand in his pocket staring me straight in the eyes before backing down the stairs and almost slipping down on the wet pavement. He angrily rushed to a car parked out in front with a driver who no-doubt drove him around on babymama-cursing-out errands.

Even given that most women-beaters are known for their cowardice when confronted with a chance to equal their brutality against another man, I knew this guy was still a huge threat to his estranged wife. And Al knew it was wrong to tell her to “take it.” He was trying to impress the two scared white elders, and it wouldn’t be the only time he would give out misinformation to black females within his own congregation who entrusted him with their spiritual well-being. You see Al-though trying to dazzle Mills and Loftus in his early days in Rochester-was trying to move up and become an elder, he would later brag to me that the key case that got him appointed was when he went along with Loftus and Mills to see two women in his congregation who were roommates. In his estimation he outed them as lesbians in front of the two elders, and his selling point was “one of them was wearing a negligee.” Before you fall out of your chair screaming with laughter at this brilliant detective work, understand this was among the key things that got the two of these women excommunicated or as Jehovah’s Witnesses called, disfellowshipped. Along with his required 15 hours a month in door-to-door Al was now a “big time brother.” I really don’t know nor care whether or not the two of them were munching on each other’s cream donuts. What became known was two sisters in the hood were left without the honor of association in a cold crumbling tenement of worship that neither Al, Gary nor Dave expended any energy trying to improve. Nosy people know how to use strict religion to their advantage. In this case nosy for the purpose of ambition and advancement.

As a matter of fact this was not the first incident of spousal abuse in that congregation where several of us banded together to protect the wives. There was an incident where Brother John Stanford helped a sister and her children move to a downtown hotel with some of us keeping watch outside. She was just frightened he was going to find her. This guy was a big muscular fireman with a hell of a mean streak, a former Witness himself who was already out when I joined the congregation. On another occasion some of the sisters hid the wife of a close friend of mine who had an alcohol problem to an undisclosed location. The overall view then was pretty much what Brother Caister told us in one of his talks after he left the circuit work and joined our Hall; in cases where the sisters are getting beaten by the husbands, the first priority was to get them out of the point of immediate danger. You can decide for yourself what has happened to this type of instruction today if the Watchtower Society is bent on making the woman think she is not being a good enough wife.

The Watchtower as of late is dishing out bad information regarding battered wives, people are still talking about the 2/15/12 Watchtower that claims to give good advice for wives undergoing spousal abuse. While their solution is along the same line as Al’s and not worth repeating, the scripture I remember using back when I was an active member when confronting men who thought this was okay, is simply Ephesians 5: 28,29. You will find that this is not a popular scripture among Bible-hacks in general. I will quote the New International version because it’s not safe to post from the Watchtower’s New World Translation because there’s no telling what they will change the wording to at any given time. “28 In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. 29 After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church—” Note where I added bold text to highlight this clear and logical reasoning. Abusive husbands in various religions have misinterpreted several scriptures to justify their own violent nature and acts, but have yet to find a way to manipulate this one. They can’t. In a collection of 66 schizoid books espousing every range of human interaction from tender love to mass-murder, this is the perfect scripture. Ephesians strongly implies that unless husbands intend to start beating and whipping themselves, hands off your wife. Unlike the Quran (Surah Nisa 4:34), the Bible has no scripture whatsoever outright advocating or even mildly suggesting a husband having the right to hit his wife.

















As big a problem as spousal abuse is, it pales in comparison to what has become the Watchtower’s two biggest problems; 1-Pedophilia, 2-Their outright Refusal to report pedophilia to the authorities. Pedophiles seek safe-havens. A safe-haven is a powerful organization that will go to any length to avoid embarrassment, and sadly today the best of those organizations are religious. Part of the safety these perverts benefit from is through the lack of outrage from the majority members of that faith. Jehovah’s Witnesses for example exhibit signs of individual and collective mind-control that resembles they have been to a CIA training camp and later set free to carry out the rest of this Watchtower matrix on their own. The starting point to this control is the Watchtower’s knowing how to use time, in particular the present or now. The Watchtower Society has skillfully and persuasively positioned themselves between two groups of people that have literally carried them way past their expiration date; blacks and young people. It’s commonly known they discourage college education, in the old days it was way better, Armageddon was near. At one point (1992) they relaxed that policy and then conservative hardliners gained positions on their Governing Body and restored the higher education prohibition.

I have written before about the duality of their hating to see their members get a college degree, while hiring obviously college-trained attorneys, accountants and doctors when their individual needs arise. “You don’t drop off of a turnip truck and start balancing books,” said talk radio host Rick Fearon of “Six Screen of the Watchtower” in one of his broadcasts. Historically it’s been easy for the Governing Body to control blacks, especially African Americans. I wouldn’t doubt if they take note of how commercialism and pop-culture controls young blacks, just look at how quickly that “Knockout” game has spread. It’s young black boys pushing it.

The secret to dealing with JW excommunication, I concluded way back when I was growing up that you can’t take disfellowshipping but so seriously. When it came to blood, that was common sense. In any strict religion you have to think for yourself, I was told by older worshipers in silence. Over the decades the Watchtower has only intensified this policy. Family members, blood relatives are being ordered to not speak to another if a such a letter of disfellowshipping has been read of them in front of the congregation. As of summer 2013 a talk at their large convention now officially classifies Apostates as “Human Apostates” and they strongly suggests they are mentally ill. At lot of these classifications are merely a return-fire against the wave of information about the Watchtower and it’s suspect history that average JWs are not allowed to view. The truth is religious shunning of any kind is just some organization of old men shooting a gun with blanks, with various individuals falling down as if dead or wounded because they accepted the blanks as real bullets. Stop imagining blanks are real bullets.

Do not base your self-esteem on someone else’s timeline, especially an organization that’s not paying you. Anyone or anything less is not even important. In 100 years since their prophecies of 1914 and 39 years after 1975 (the 1914 deadline year), I see the Watchtower trying the same games to draw followers pretty much the way they have back in 1931. The more old hat-JWs look back the more it seems they are going in circles. This also means you can expect them to denigrate those who built and sacrificed to establish their organization and that is what they are currently doing.

The prime reason the Watchtower went from not allowing blacks to join them, to blacks suddenly being allowed to join is simple. More members equal more money, blacks represent easy money. During slavery Charles the II of England commissioned the Council of Foreign Plantations (later known as  Board of Trade and Plantations from 9/1672)  to convert all slaves to Christianity in 1660. It bears mentioning that Apartheid and Jehovah’s Witnesses disfellowshipping both started in the same year; 1948. Before 1947 the Watchtower viewed excommunication as a pagan practice, the common timeline between Apartheid and excommunication may be more than coincidental. In spite of shunning being a violation of the UN Declaration Article 12, in 6/87 the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the right of the Watchtower to shun: “The defendants are entitled to the free exercise of their religious beliefs.” During that same period Margaret Thatcher clashed with Canada’s efforts to sanction South Africa.

Donald Alderman breaks down shunning further (edited by Barbara Anderson): “Harsh shunning practices are part of many religions. For instance, for thousands of years, the people of India were separated into four main hereditary classes or castes into which Hindu society was divided. The lowest of these castes were the ‘Untouchables’ and were viewed as a contaminating influence and thus members of the higher castes would not associate with them. The mere touch, even of the shadow of one of these Untouchables was considered polluting. The Untouchables had to be avoided at all costs. Although India banned treatment of persons as Untouchables since the 1950s, human rights abuse of these people continues in some areas.

Abusive treatment as well as shunning occurred in a political system in South Africa known as Apartheid which generated international concern because one group of humans were segregated and treated as if they were sub-humans.”

When I say to that the Governing Body is shooting blanks when they disfellowship an individual from the ranks of Jehovah’s Witnesses I am not in denial of the harmful effects such treatment has done or can do to an individual. This is deadly serious. People have committed suicide or contemplated it as a result. The understanding given to me during my years in the cult to justify the very word the Watchtower invented for shunning was a scripture where Jesus is quoted as saying he has come to cause a division; Luke 12: 51-53 “51Do you imagine I came to give peace on the earth? No, indeed, I tell YOU , but rather division. 52 For from now on there will be five in one house divided, three against two and two against three. 53They will be divided, father against the son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against [her] mother, mother-in-law against [her] daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against [her] mother-in-law.” It is this among several scriptures that this has appeal with shun-happy JWs because of the word “division” and it’s application to family. Like other verses, they have taken it and run around the block.

Perhaps the best way to handle this is to just do you. De-emphasize all things and people who attempt to discredit you. It won’t be easy, it takes time. In this particular case don’t focus on making individuals change on how they react to you, in the case of your relatives and loved ones still in that faith help them see what they aren’t being allowed to see. Ask them the questions, ask when did Jesus ever shun his followers, in particular Peter who denied him three times? Ask them about 1914 and how many people from that generation is left? Recent literature and JW lecture overkill on Apostates and shunning family proves an effective method of taking attention away from the generation of 1914 debacle. Left them know about the reports of suicides and mental illness with the organization. And by all means ask them about the Watchtower’s downsizing and why the move to Warwick? Remember, you’re not the one planting the “seeds of doubt,” the Watchtower Society already beat you to it.

I leave you with the most practical counsel I can give you albeit without the emotional high and spiritual guidance many of you are used to, words of wisdom from Roz Shepard: “Ignorance is not bliss. The world contains good, evil, healthy, dysfunctional, trustworthy and untrustworthy people. Being positive is good, but being realistic, informed and balanced is better.”

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video interviews and commentary on  Policy & Prejudice  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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The Art of Militancy (pssst… just Watch the Whites)

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by Chris Stevenson

Within every white American lies the heart of a militant or at least community organizer. I believe this to be true whether their cause is right or wrong, good or bad. Years of careful observation has taught me this.

You have to search for blacks who specifically bear one of both titles engendering militant or community organizer. Generally they can be found as members of a group that immediately indicates their involvement in activities favoring black interests or protection of blacks and their interests. Whites need no such official membership to any groups among themselves in order to carry these out although it’s possible to find some of them doing this. What’s normal for most whites is radical to most blacks. Your dumb black ass was laughing the last time a brother or sister was trying to tell you this.

Whites who join the police department immediately organize or join an unofficial all-white group already existing within that precinct (militancy), or call for meetings after hours at some location not including black officers. Black police officers simply and plainly do not have the mindset of the white man and therefore cannot smoothly survive an occupation where their feelings toward blacks are allowed to flourish unhindered.

I chose the police department because this occupation is the clearest and easiest one to detect natural-born white militancy (NBWM). By contrast black firemen and white firemen need only fight fires (although I heard stories about how white fire-fighters regard white-owned property compared to black-owned property- see MOVE Philadelphia). Black and white auto workers won’t distinguish U-joints by how dark one is or how light one is outside of it’s realm of efficiency. Once the auto or steel-worker becomes involved with the local labor unions however, a distinction can be noticed by the degree of involvement between black union members and white union members. Whites are a future-obsessed people; the amount of stories I hear of black cops with seniority having little access to their work record and retirement benefit information compared to white officers who have only been on the job a couple of years abound.

Part of the reason for NBWM is they are a future-oriented people, they want their just reward for their years of work, and will sacrifice themselves even for the security of their children. Blacks are mostly a here-and-now people on a secular level. The only future blacks give significant thought to is Heaven; an abstract version of afterlife future taught to them by white owners of their slave ancestors. The last I heard, pension checks aren’t being sent there. White people did not form labor unions while envisioning black members, therefore they sure as hell didn’t originally intend for blacks to collect a payment for work after retirement. It was the efforts of relatively-rare black organizers that made sure blacks benefited the same as whites have. By the same token blacks in the military have been monitored once they are suspected of trying to make a 20-years career out of it since retirement within the four major selective services became lucrative.

Allen West is a well-known black conservative known for his criticism of all things Obama and liberal. When West was an officer in the Marines while stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq he discovered a plot to ambush some American troops serving under him. West immediately became his own torture program and began pistol-whipping an al-Qaeda soldier until he confessed details. West got into some trouble for this and the first thing that came out of his superior’s mouths automatically was “pension.” He almost lost his, for saving the life of his platoon and probably himself. West doesn’t talk about this for some strange reason.

Blacks can find it hard to be in the military, but it’s not nearly as bad as the police dept. The Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines have a governing body they must answer to; The US Government. The US Government is was closed for business due to some white militants calling themselves congressmen. The police department is a local city government entity, completely different ballgame. They are answerable to their police unions, headed generally by some of the same pig-heads who spent their careers as drunken, racist, abusive cops. City government often chooses not to intervene.

It is now harder for a black man to be a police officer than it would be for him to be President of the United States. Don’t be fooled by the presence of ten of thousands of black cops. The accounts of numerous ones of them discussing how hard it is to organize among themselves is an ongoing sad story. Life for them would be so much easier if they did this. The one exception to this is a brother I met in Nashville a couple of years ago. He’s a former cop who told me about how he and several other black officers banded together to back each other or other black officers up when it came down to a dispute between one of them and some white officers. Their example is unusually bold. There is however no such animal as a black police officer who wants to shoot a white civilian at least 10 times after the white civilian tries to explain to him he was in a car wreck. Of course neither should there be, but among white officers, too many of them are racial-volcanos waiting for their chance to explode.

The nation’s police departments are not willing to listen to it’s black officers, the basic reason is black men absolutely positively do not think the same as white men. Neither do black women. Black police officers retire with a lot of indignity and/or humiliation on their conscience that is simply not shared by mostly amoral white police retirees. It all comes down to science and genetics really. Consider this what I call White Male inadequacy Syndrome. It’s as if intangible arrows in the white brain are pointed in the opposite direction of brain-arrows of other races.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video interviews and commentary on  Policy & Prejudice  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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November 8th, 2013 at 11:51 pm

The Police Departments’ Hidden Plot to Divide the Races

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Language Structures Reality: Many White Veteran Officers get the Ball Rolling through the Repetition of Sweeping Statements.










by Chris Stevenson

A large number of white policemen fear that if they actually solved crimes they would be putting themselves or other white officers out of a job. One of the methods they use to keep the ball rolling so to speak, is through the art of turning white and many times non-black civilians against blacks. Being slow to pursue black criminals or solve urban crimes is the so-called proof they use to justify they’re anti-black propaganda. This is a highly popular method in large cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, New York, Newark, Boston, Buffalo, Atlanta, DC, Oakland, and of course Los Angeles. Whenever you hear about high rates of incidents of police shootings and brutality, you can bet a system of persistent mental-conditioning was implemented in the minds of the offending officers in question at some point during their time in the academy and especially from the start of their time patrolling the streets (they want you to think high numbers of urban-crime makes them do this). Understanding the history of the American police department and what institution inspired it’s existence in the first place; slavery.

A chief reason why white police get away with so much is it’s unofficial misinformation-machine; White America and the tireless efforts of police-protection propaganda from white-controlled mainstream media. Just as white police precincts have wished blacks into jails and prisons and made it happen from decades back, major media has either worked hand-in-hand with their local precincts, or volunteered their services of aid and comfort to abusive cops. This has traditionally made crooked cops feel normal and validated as a way of offsetting public suspicion and distrust of them by blacks and liberal whites at large. Nowadays it’s even worse. You see the prominent news personalities local and national conducting their own hunt for family of victims of police misconduct make public statements (after having been coerced by that same media personality beforehand off-camera in the first place) or apologies to… I don’t know, whomever for the actions of their son, daughter, boyfriend, and even claim what the cop did was not racist.

Nothing makes the Police Department more happy than validation from a family member of a black cop that turned on them. So it was with the mother of Dorner who disavowed her son’s actions. She and Dorner’s ex-girlfriend were highly sought after even during the his hunt for the specific officers who drove him to the breaking point, and their hunt for him. Nancy Dorner issued a public statement on behalf of the Dorner family: “It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to anyone that suffered losses or injuries resulting from Christopher’s actions. We do not condone Christopher’s actions.”

Those words should have satisfied them, but of course it didn’t. Media evidently stalked Ms. Dorner as if she were Beyonce, following her to and from restaurants and her other normal day-to-day activities. Had Dorner been alive and caught them doing this I’d pity what would have happened to them. Never overlook or underestimate the persistence of whites or white police and their voluntary supporters working tirelessly behind the scenes making this happen. Many of those precincts are the synagogue of Satan. A 10/13 news report released her statement in the same story of one of the officers Dorner shot returning to work, and soon took it down. Deputy Alex Collins had just returned to work after months of being treated for injuries sustained. Collins of San Bernardino County went back to work in early October. The young officer was shot twice in the face and leg on 2/12/13.

With all due respect to her, she could have easily turned it around without sounding hostile just by asking: ‘Are you with the inter-departmental behavior that led Chris to that point? You seem to be seeking validation for police misconduct from me his mother. Kind of unrealistic isn’t it?’ White police want happy endings, they’re kind of happy endings. Manufactured and without a hint of impending reform.

Dorner accomplished something few blacks accomplish from a relative standpoint, especially from a black cop. He forced white cop families to have their own missing persons. A lot of people today don’t realize that much of the violence toward blacks is due to the impression that sweeping statements make upon younger and gullible officers. It’s not that American law enforcement communities have racist officers, the greatest damage they do is inspire prejudice, mistrust, and hate toward blacks within the white community outside their department. What am I saying? In instances where blacks and white are getting along in any given city, members of the police department, or the department itself will literally go out and create animosity toward blacks through the implementation of their racial sweeping statements to whites. This has actually occurred. It’s as if the police are afraid that whites don’t hate or fear blacks enough, so they have to remind them.

Decades earlier the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King used nonviolence chiefly as a media-tool to display to the world white violence without criminal provocation. The world at large saw stunning footage of white southerners and law enforcement banning together to beat, waterhose and essentially riot against blacks for nothing more than the right to vote, attend public schools and colleges, use public facilities, and shop and eat where they chose. American police departments since then have figured out a way to pretty much do the same using high black crime as a pretext. This bit of thinking has gained them some amount of major credibility, instead of the mass-vilification that southern whites experienced during the Civil Rights Movement, mostly-white big city police can be seen as rescuers of White America from the evil blacks. Other than the relatively few books and news reports, people around the world aren’t equally shown footage of white American police cutting deals with criminals to distribute drugs and guns into black society to inspire and facilitate the same crimes they profess to be fighting.

A recent Blogtalkradio interview (www.blogtalkradio/3600seconds) I had with former police officer and Commissioner Norm Stamper reveals the level and harm this does to a black community. Stamper is also the author of a very important book, “Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing.” Stamper confirms many police departments’ efforts to dictate race policy among civilians: “They try and enforce an ancient morality that is ugly and sinister… if you got a cop who’s got the racism chip in his or her personal software, they become a wedge institution. They form a wedge between police and community and community and community.” Stamper elaborated how this power of suggestion started during his early years as a Police Officer, “Thinking back to my early years as a cop, it was the police officers who in choosing the stories they told [they would say] ‘this is how they are, this is how their community really is’… Language structures reality.”

Still don’t believe me? Now break this down to the science of police interrogators, known for years to be able to make more than a few “confess” to a crime they didn’t commit. You mean to tell me none of them influence whites outside of their building, their neighbors, friends, relatives to not trust blacks. Hell, they’re considered “experts” of the blacks (even though most know extremely little about us in reality), why wouldn’t the white general population around them listen to them? After all, they deal with “those blacks” every day. As a result you’ll have misdirected policing, cops stopping, frisking, arresting and yes shooting black students and working-class taxpayers. Not criminals. Essentially amateur law enforcing.

Dorner’s main contention was how his confrontation with LAPD affected his family life: “They cost my naval career… I’ve lost my relationship with my mother and sister because of the LAPD.” Previously the LAPD wasted little time clearing themselves. On 6/5/13 an AP story said that LAPD ruled that racism in his case was unfounded and his firing was justified. Sadly Connie Rice (of course not to be confused with Condoleezza Rice) seems to have tossed up the white flag and is now in line with their official version of the investigation. “Civil Rights attorney Connie Rice said the lengthy examination found no basis for allegations of racism and bias that Dorner made in a manifesto vowing revenge on his former colleagues and their families.”

I expected a continuation of Dorner’s bad-jacketing against him even posthumously. Question- What’s a black cop with an attitude problem? Answer- An attitude problem? What’s a black cop with a valid departmental complaint? An Attitude problem. What’s a white cop with an attitude problem? One of the boys. Reportedly Dorner lodged ten complaints with the department, the LAPD report was 40-pages long, and based on 80 documents, and 900 pages of transcripts from his Board of Rights hearing. They claim he lied about his original complaint regarding the training officer kicking a mentally-ill man during an arrest. Personally I think this makes Teresa Evans just as mentally-ill and those who promoted her to Sargent outright brain-damaged, but that’s me. We are to believe this was a ‘false report” and that’s why Dorner got fired.

I have no problem with Rice quoting the findings of the investigation, but she later made a statement that race didn’t play a role in what happened to Dorner, but then reached the conclusion that there’s still racism in the LAPD. You can’t have it both ways Connie. What Stamper recently said of New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly can also be expanded to apply to those LAPD involved in the department investigation; they have come to believe they’re own lies.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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Written by cs

October 18th, 2013 at 6:19 am

Stop And Quit, letting Raymond Kelly insult your Intelligence

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by Chris Stevenson

“Stop and Frisk” is just an extension of what NYPD used to call “Giuliani Time,” an extremely stupid and insane idea that’s been normalized in peoples’ minds just through it’s inception and practice. It has nothing to do with the lowered crime rate that Ray Kelly is suggesting. Stop And Quit letting this man insult your intelligence. Increased police presence lowers the crime rate almost automatically. Picture me as a black cop stopping and frisking whites in Bensonhurst or Long Island even though whites are still leading the nation in drug-use and violent crime, and you’ll start to see the total illogic to it. Lowered crime rates also come primarily through the work of community groups and involved parents, but they don’t get nearly enough credit for it. Much of White America continues to fall for these sick ideas based on white fantasy and the police love it because they can just say they were following orders and it’s aimed at the blacks as a couple of black NYPD came forward recently and admitted. It fits in neatly with many of the sweeping statements that veteran white cops pass down to the newer ones that suggest and articulate they should just target blacks.

It would have been refreshing for once if Kelly were forced to admit the truth beyond his own power and disclose the true reason for this violation of constitutional rights, at least then I could respect him. A lot of blacks get upset at the here-and-now of racist policies without thinking that whites don’t do anything without looking at the long-range implications. Whites like Ray always think about the future, especially those working with the police department. Stop and Frisk accomplishes two things in the long range:

1-Get ‘em the the system (or what I call Preemptive Economic Disenfranchisement) : If you truly believe Stop and Frisk is really about a passionate concern to get marijuana off the streets, then you sir or madam are on drugs yourself. The NYPD and the New York judicial system is hoping to get as many young African Americans on record as having a drug charge before while in high school or college so they will have a record by the time they are ready to compete in the workforce so their opportunities will be limited. Especially if they aspire to government jobs or already work in government so they will be unable to advance or be promoted.

2-A convenient war against black men under yet another pretext of drug suspicion. Since marijuana is not really cited as being a major influence to violent crimes as crack-cocaine, heroin, and other illegal narcotics are, then the mere fact that white officials use Stop and Frisk as a direct result of a lowered crime rate as justification for it, is self-evident of the lie hiding it’s true purpose.

An article in “Colorlines” by Imara Jones cites “Despite their inherent unfairness, policies such as stop and frisk are hard to get rid of. That’s because they form a link in the profit-centered, school-to prison-pipeline that’s underwriting the growth of an entire sector of our economy: the multi-billion dollar prison industry.”  Translated, even if 99% of the charges don’t stick, it’s worth it to Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg to ruin the record of the 1%, and feed America’s Prison Jones.

Sadly, the targeting of people of color by authorities for profit is not new. Since the nation’s founding, the policing of black physicality on the scale of stop and frisk has had an economic component.

During slavery, surveillance and violence directed against black people by plantation owners were designed to keep these wildly profitable economic machines humming along without interruption. In the 100 years after the Civil War, physical cruelty was employed to force African Americans into the economically unfair enterprise of sharecropping or working for wages lower than their white counterparts in northern factories.“

A report by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released back on June 4 shows the black arrest disparity to run along the same lines as their success in Stand Your Ground; almost four times higher even though marijuana use between blacks and whites are about same: “The ACLU’s analysis of federal crime data, released Tuesday, found marijuana arrest rates for black people were 3.73 times greater than those for white people nationally in 2010. In some counties, the arrest rate was 10 to 30 times greater for blacks. In two Alabama counties, 100 percent of those arrested for marijuana possession were black, the ACLU said.”

The lead author for the study blames this directly on profiling by officers looking to pad their arrest records with low-level suspects in targeted communities. At one time whites were arrested more, in 2010 460, 808 whites were arrested for marijuana possession compared to 286,117 arrests of blacks for the same. During the same year however, the black arrest rate was over 716 per 100,000 to 192 per 100,000 for whites. It seems that cops nationally began looking at NYPD and their “Stop and Frisk” and became inspired by that. A former judge however gives some revealing reasons as to why some of this is the fault of blacks when compared to whites. “It’s easier to catch people with marijuana in communities where there are ‘open-air’ drug markets, rather than looking in homes, basements or country clubs, said Burnett. He is the CEO of the National African American Drug Policy Coalition based in Washington.

Arthur Burnett Sr., said some black defendants, distrustful of authorities, may lash out, use profanities or be rebellious — behavior that makes it more likely that an officer will make an arrest. Burnett said his coalition supports forming a commission to look at scientific evidence on the effect of marijuana use and ‘over-criminalization’ of it.”

The most important advice this writer can give is to beware of the white right’s “War Ons’”; War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on AIDS. Most of these are intertwined with his real war on blacks. According to the NAACP, “5 times as many whites are using drugs as African Americans, yet African Americans are sent to prison for drug offenses at ten times the rate of whites. Police aren’t stopping white potheads because they’re not looking for them. Judge Shira Scheindlin’s mid-August ruling let’s some steam out of Kelly’s Bull Connor-like law for now.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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Written by cs

September 6th, 2013 at 11:13 pm

Enter White Trayvon & Other Post-Verdict Inspired Attacks

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by Chris Stevenson

Since the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict whites in parts of the south have become fear-happy; manifesting some new-found fear of blacks that they never recognized before. None of us should be surprised since letting George go free would naturally send a signal to many that it’s okay to shoot blacks no matter how petty the disagreement. There is even an incident some consider a reverse Trayvon Martin shooting that can safely be considered backlash from the verdict and/or news of some previous post-verdict racial incidents. This latest shooting of what I call a white Trayvon Martin by comparison; i.e. someone shot while in the process of minding his own business, that you can lay part of the responsibility on the Zimmerman-6 jurors. Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old baseball prospect was shot and killed by 3 teens ages 15, 16, and 17, 2 black and one white Friday 8/23/13. Reportedly Lane of Melbourne Australia was out jogging in Duncan Oklahoma, and was shot in the back because as they already confessed, they were bored and wanted to have some fun.

Lane was in town visiting his girlfriend and was just about to start his senior year at East Central University in Ada, Ok where he played catcher. A report by Fox News says “Chancey Allen Luna, 16, and James Francis Edwards, Jr., 15, have been charged as adults with first-degree murder. Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, is charged with using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and with accessory to first-degree murder. He is considered a youthful offender but will be tried in adult court. Jones named Luna as the gunman.” The reason I mentioned the Zimmerman Jury is because of ongoing statements made by one of the gun-boys on social media. Edwards is on record with a Twitter page where he made statements like:

“90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

“Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:)”

‘With my n****s when it’s time to start taken life’s”

“Life’s?” Really? That 2nd statement seals the deal with me, a conservative court’s dream. Strangely enough District Attorney Jason Hicks is not going to try this as a hate crime. Duuuh… The balls in their court, perfect chance. What would possibly prevent a white conservative republican DA, member of the National Rifle Association and endorsed in his 2010 campaign by none other than local Hero J.C. Watts, to not make this a racially construed charge is beyond me. But even if someone as dimwitted as George’s brother Robert Jr., can figure out if this was a hate crime, then what’s Hick’s problem? “If you read between the lines there, that’s a black young person saying, that they are not happy with the verdict and they are directing violence, hostility towards people who are white very specifically.” Robert knows best.

What Robert doesn’t know (among tons of other things) is Hicks is going to need a snitch somewhere down the line, and who better than the white driver with the black-sounding name Michael Dewayne Jones, the oldest of them. He is the only one not getting charged with murder-1. His comparatively low charge only sees him doing a ridiculous 2 years-to life. National pundits are already putting words between his mouth, making assumptions he said y’know, stuff like “hey don’t shoot that guy” while he was behind the steering wheel and powerless to stop him LOL!!! There is a prevailing notion that hate crimes don’t happen to white people, so this is just one of several attacks on whites by blacks or Hispanics sans robbery that police do not classify as a hate crime. Hate crimes extend a sentence another 15 years or so, but perhaps they feel blacks-already serving bloated sentences mostly as non-violent drug offenders-would really create some outcry over what is essentially seen as a crime of thought. Strange but true. In this particular case another reason for the reluctance is as one of Edwards’ longtime friends Serenity Jackson said that Luna’s mother, Edward’s mother, and Jones are white. From a logical standpoint that should be true, but since when have racism and logic been partners? Adolph Hitler was neither German, nor had blond hair and blue eyes.

The logic in this situation is clearly stated in the FBI training manual: “the mere fact the offender is biased against the victim’s actual or perceived race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, and/or gender identity does not mean that a hate crime was involved. Rather, the offender’s criminal act must have been motivated, in whole or in part, by his or her bias.” Part bias, part boredom will be enough to send them away until they are fully dead.

This writing goes over the heads of many whom are too busy waiting for a response from two men who truly bruised some white American egos during the Trayvon/George Zimmerman saga to make such a clear contrast between Chris Lane and Trayvon Martin; Al Sharpton, who is seen by them as having made the case national (the black press latched onto it first, Sharpton just followed in kind), and President Obama who made statements on 2 separate occasions likening Trayvon to himself or his son, if he had one.

Now that I have correctly identified a white Trayvon Martin v. Another Mixed-Race Monster (this one with 3 heads), lets see how the media, courts and public interpret this. Will Ok District 6 DA Hicks stray from his 2010 campaign claims? “What I’ve heard most is that people want to feel there’s a sense of fairness in the justice system. They don’t seem to feel that exists now in the DA’s office; there’s a public perception that one person gets sentenced a lot more harshly than another. Changing that [perception] can begin in the district attorney’s office,” said Hicks in the 10/20/10 Duncan Banner.

There are no activists ready to march for any of these 3 bums, nor will Obama acknowledge them or claim Christopher Lane reminds him of his son. You’ll also notice the police arrested the 3 immediately after their urgent investigation (not 44 days later, ahem). Many on the white right have been drawing false parallels, as if this case were a Godsend to them. The only difference to me is Trayvon had a shooter fancying himself some kind of neighborhood protector, and Christopher shooters were just riding around looking for a target.

Some whites are emotionally wound-up, and it’s not at all understandable, after all, their guy walked. That’s like blacks rioting after a black suspect was ruled not guilty of shooting a white Police Officer, but as it is the night of the Zimmerman verdict the first incident was perhaps the most absurd example. A member of a classic rock band from the ‘60’s was attacked during a performance at an outdoor concert by a young white FEMALE for nothing more than dedicating his next song (a rendition of The Impressions’ “People Get Ready”) to Trayvon Martin. This broad climbs up onstage and takes a swing at Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers. According to the San Jose Mercury News:

“HAYWARD — A woman was arrested Saturday after allegedly jumping on stage at a music festival and attacking a legendary musician after he dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin, according to police and eyewitnesses.

The woman, who police identified as 43-year-old Dinalynn Andrews Potter of Barstow, apparently yelled, ‘it’s all your fault’ before shoving 73-year-old Lester Chambers, his family said Sunday.

‘She had a crazed look in her eye,’ said Kurt Kangas, a friend of Chambers who ran to his aid. ‘I saw the devil there.’” Last I heard local police still haven’t decided whether or not to charge Potter with a hate crime either. My armchair Psychiatrist side tells me that in these complicated times there are people who have dwelled upon hate or intense issues for so long, that they actually make themselves go from stupid to insane or close to it. Obviously this is the case with Ms. Potter.

Those 6 mothers verdict caused untold ramifications down the line for blacks and Hispanics in the future. A murder totally absent of reciprocity, giving whites in these Stand Your Ground case license to shoot blacks as soon as look at them. Less than two weeks after that awful ruling another such incident, this time a full-blown shooting on the Gulf Coast took place when a man named Merritt Landry shot a 14-year-old boy in the head reportedly for standing next to his car. Would Landry have felt the nerve to try this had Zimmerman been declared guilty? Now at least Landry (33) was arrested and booked on attempted 2nd-degree murder (the young victim is still alive but in critical condition as of this writing), he’s a building inspector for the Historic Districts Landmarks Commission in New Orleans. According to the New York Daily News: “Homeowner Merritt Landry, 33, who lives in Marigny, allegedly shot Marshall Coulter after fearing for his safety, and told friends and family he thought the teen had a gun. Louisiana’s Castle statutes — which carry subtle differences from the now-notorious Stand Your Ground laws — allow the state’s residents to use force, ‘deadly or otherwise, to protect oneself on his or her property.’”

In Pennsylvania another shooting took place after reportedly a verbal altercation between a black youth and a white man, with the white shooter accused of literally mentioning Trayvon and Zimmerman in such a way as he honestly believes the verdict of “not guilty” gave him full rights to pull the trigger. According to “ABC WTAE” in Pittsburgh:

“Jamal Dixon was shot around 7 p.m. Thursday (8/15/13) outside his Elizabeth Street home in Mount Oliver after an argument that began when he noticed a scuff mark on his car, apparently caused by a basketball. Kaelin Bubonovich says her fiance asked a group of teenagers playing nearby if they were responsible for the mark, but they denied it.

‘Then the other gentleman came over and just completely cut off their conversation and said ‘He’s only 15, leave him alone,’ Bubonovich said.

The two argued for a short time, and the other man walked away. But he came back a short time later to see the mark for himself. Somehow, the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, which received nationwide attention after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in Florida, came up and the argument turned heated.

Dixon is black; the shooter is said to be white but at the time police have not released his name.

‘He just basically said ‘F you, F Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman made this right,’ said Bubonovich. She said the other man pushed Dixon, who then took a step forward and was shot multiple times.

A friend of the shooter who didn’t want to be identified said the shooting was justified.  ‘(Dixon) was yelling at him,’ the witness said.  ‘He attacked him, my friend pulled out his gun because he was getting attacked, and he defended himself.’

The friend said the shooter is licensed to carry a gun. ‘He even said the reason he’s being so aggressive is to make sure it never happens again,’ the friend said.

‘He set the weapon down on the table, called the ambulance and told them someone is injured, we need an ambulance, and he said, ‘Tell the cops I’m going to come out peacefully.’

Allegheny County homicide detectives and Mount Oliver police have been investigating the shooting. Dixon’s family is angry that the shooter has not been arrested. They say Dixon never touched the man before being shot.”

If any of you believe Stand Your Ground was not meant to be a law of convenience for whites, then nothing will convince you (Need I mention the 8/1 shooting of Everett Gant by Walton Henry Butler in Port St. Joe Florida, after Gant knocked on his front door to confront him about calling young black children racial epithets. Butler allegedly opened the door and shot Gant between the eyes, called the police, finished cooking and when they arrived to arrest him he responded with “I only shot a n****r”). If police don’t arrest the shooter, that’s all the proof you need. As with the Merritt Landry/Marshall Coulter incident, this blood is more on the hands of the 6 Zimmerman jurors, the “not guilty” sent out a message of open season on any black for even the slightest infraction like a football bouncing off a car. Dixon’s girlfriend Kaelin Bubonovich says after the man shot Dixon the first time, Dixon tried to crawl under a car but the man went after him and shot him several more times. This appears to be another Zimmerman-like example of not announcing he had a weapon beforehand. After several days of withholding his identity the Mount Oliver Police figured out that just because they chose to keep the name secret doesn’t mean the world outside their precinct building would do the same. On 8/23 34-year-old Matthew Henkel was charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person in the Aug. 15 shooting of Jamal Dixon. It’s not that Dixon was completely blameless, but Henkel sounds guilty of watching too much TV. He gave a multiple choice of reasons for his shooting; “self-defense,” “fearing for his life” and he was “sticking up for kids.” Whatever Dixon’s words and actions that day on his part were immediately erased from witnesses minds as soon as Henkel uttered the magic words Trayvon and Zimmerman.

Just imagine a man spending 7 free days trying to think up an alibi for his shooting an unarmed teenager, and the best he can come up with is “I’m sticking up for kids.” The police know his history, Henkel couldn’t even stick up for his own brother a decade ago. A news report showed him testifying against his own brother in a previous murder case a decade ago just so his worthless white behind can stay out in the world, free to watch Court TV and CNN and absorb the tough rulings of air-headed jurors.

That’s the climate the 6 jurors produced with their extremely flawed 7/13/13 ruling, some white Joe-Six-Packs literally think you can shoot a black if you say “less filling,” and he says “taste great.” This may sound funny, but we’re not far from the truth.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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For Some Athletes, It’s Ok to Forget Where You Came From

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in fact I insist on it











by Chris Stevenson

In view of recent events involving NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots, I feel that some black and Hispanic pro-athletes not only need to stay away from people places and things, but make an honest effort to act like you are too good to associate with your old homies from the block, or old street gang you used to run with. I mean to purposely steer clear of this type of element and the behaviors associated with such people.

Hernandez is only 23, and just like that he threw his life away, doing a very dumb thing; pretend to be a “gangster.”

Drafted out of the then-national champion Florida Gators by New England, and playing double-tight end on some plays along with Buffalo’s own Rob Gronkowski, he was just signed to a contract extension paying him a $12.5 million bonus a year or two ago. He could have gone higher in the draft, but he tested positive for marijuana. This is part of the problem of a young man with amazing talent, and bad decision-making that would cost him millions over the years.

They say the turning point for Aaron was losing his dad when he was 16. After that he was said to lash out at authority while concurrently setting records as a high school player out of Bristol, Ct. As bad as this sounds, allowing him or others who know him to use this behavior as an excuse takes credit and hard work away from other boys who lost their parents and kept their heads on straight. The children and teens who stayed out of trouble after losing an immediate family member are the ones who really keep it real.

Aaron is the one thing that today’s youth culture refuses to admit; stupid. We are supposed to say ‘he’s baaaad.’ No, Hernandez is soft. Here’s a record of his soft behavior:

In 2007 he punched a bartender over a bill after 2 drinks.

In 2012 he is suspected of the double-murder of Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu and Sanfiro Teixeira Furtado of Dorchester.

In 2013 he shot a “friend” Alexander Bradley while the two were riding in a car on 6/13.

On 6/18 of 2013, of course the case that finally busted him, the murder of Odin Lloyd a minor league pro football player.

These charges are nothing to play with, nothing to brag about or take pride in. Hernandez is essentially a boy assuming the role of single-mama’s boy even though he had a dad until he was 16. With apologies to the mentally ill, that’s retarded. Hernandez joins the tragically growing legion of fucking-stupid athletes. In his case the highly unnecessary tragedy is compounded by his loss of $19 million over the next 3 years. He was said to be a member of the Latin Kings and then Bristol Bloods. What street gang could pay Aaron that much? I’m waiting for answers.

Hernandez is part Hispanic and part Irish. If he was trying to prove he had a dark mysterious side, then it wasn’t worth it, I’m not impressed. Minority ballers seem to be more susceptible to foolish behavior just due to the regular pressure of your peers. Due to their instant celebrity status granted to them since Pop Warner and/or high school, if they go wrong they benefit from pretty-much the same immunity as most bad cops in a big city police union.

I bet much of his behavior is due to the false consciousness instilled in him by pop-culture. Today’s entertainment industry has African American and Hispanic males from 14-to-34 behind schedule in maturity and has been since around 1990. A false conscious can cost a real life, black and Hispanic boys have been trained by another faction of false gangsters-hard-core rappers-into underachieving behavior even if they posses vast potential.

In the immediate term Hernandez will be a jail celebrity, this influence unjustifiably has vast powers of suggestion. But in time it will wear off, and he’ll be forced to both defend his life and reflect on the life he could of had if only he kept his mouth shut and his ears open There is too many jealous weight-lifting and scheming prisoners for that to not happen. That’s when the question will really hit him while licking his wounds in a 9×10 cell, was his playing pretend gangster really worth it? How can his answer be anything other than no?

Most single mama’s boys that are locked up or dead, never really understood what being a gangster really is. If they understood how much work it takes, they would stop using the word. Gangsters built communities and large and small businesses from out of the street corners of the world’s earliest ghettos. Most of these were inhabited by Jews and Italians. The killing that was publicized and today glorified was just a byproduct of being a gangster, not the primary activity.

On the other hand street gangs like the ones Hernandez associated with and continues to try and prove he comes from are just that, a gang, a group of “niggahs.” Nothing more. After 30 or so years of selling crack, heroin, marijuana etc., their gangs are still on the street corner boasting territory still owned by whites, and attitudes inherited from their single mothers. Not sure if Hernandez fell victim to the wrong influence, or if he was the wrong influence. He’s done.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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The City of Backdoor Deals pt.2: Parallels between Obstruction of Downtown Stadium & McCarley Gardens/Fruitbelt Residents

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by Chris Stevenson

Rich kids get taught, poor kids get tested. White homeowners get paid to move, black homeowners get made to move. Once again Buffalo, NY is weathering another storm, not another blizzard (yet), but our year-round storm of racism.

The key to understanding what has held Buffalo back for decades, is understanding the decision makers behind it’s economic kidnapping. Long-held members of the biggest liars club in the country, and we got them here black and white. The Mayor of Buffalo may or may not have anything to do with it, the real shot-callers are the heads of corporations and boards. The key word with them is anonymous, that’s the advantage they have operating in a city barely anyone pays attention to unless there’s a storm or one of our teams is in the playoffs.

The primary issue in Buffalo has been the need for jobs. Everyone admits this, only a few decision makers are really trying to make it happen. The current proposal for a downtown multi-use, domed stadium and entertainment complex is a plan that could make a giant leap toward providing jobs for thousands within Buffalo from the time the Mayor’s shovel breaks the first chunk of dirt to kick off the construction, to the countless job openings available at it’s completion. In typical Buffalo fashion the key unspoken reason this idea isn’t widely accepted around the county is that many don’t like the originator of this idea; Patrick Freeman, a black man from the east side.

Powerful whites as well many blue collar and middle-class whites in and around Erie County get suspicious about ideas by leading black officials, they smell an underlying plot that that could lead to the benefit of inner city blacks. Can’t have that. The best way to historically counter that is for the white community to select most-if not all-black officials and leaders, and make them yes-men/women to their personal benefit, but to the detriment of most black residents. I’ve written before that Freeman bases his downtown stadium idea on other sports facilities he has seen firsthand in his travels as a sports announcer, and his conversations with their city officials and team owners and front office people. He has attracted some major backers that can and are ready to make it happen.

Currently the Buffalo status quo favors the existing plan of spending at least $200 million to renovate Orchard Park’s Ralph Wilson Stadium; a highly unfeasible project for so many reasons. The most prominent of which is because there is no significant revenue generated from that facility after the football season is over, especially during the winter being that it’s an open-air facility. The next reason is the wear-and-tear the Ralph has endured exceeds the need to do the expensive repairs that the local taxpayers will eventually foot, and the short-term 10-year-or-so lease that is being agreed upon. Yet in spite of this Buffalo leaders and officials are content to barrel-in on a continued voyage on the sinking Titanic known as The Ralph. Whom are the personalities behind this resistance to change that stands to implement jobs and create and expand the middle-class to both blacks and whites in our fair city?

The most visible face we know of is the County Executive Mark Poloncarz. From a distance he seemed determine to take the easy route and hammer out some agreement, any agreement with Wilson for continued usage of the Orchard Park stadium. Behind him are a tangled-web of people and firms that Poloncarz and other city officials must answer to. Freeman clearly hints this in his recent commentary. I did my own research and was blown away at the efforts of a small few to keep Buffalo in the economic jungle that it’s currently in, and how successful they are. The issues extend beyond just the prevention of the downtown waterfront stadium.

The part of land on the Outer Harbor is owned by the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority (NFTA). Freeman and the group he now is a vice-President of; the Greater Buffalo Sports Entertainment Complex, is looking hard at some portion of land on the Outer Harbor. The Chairman and Trustee of the NFTA is local businessman Howard Zemsky. Buffalo has more than it’s share of  individuals who never seem to get bored of joining boards, unlike most of them Zemsky does it with a purpose. Prior to Zemsky’s tenure with the NFTA, it’s chairman was Robert D. Gioia (1990-97), of Gioia Macaroni Company. Since 2007 he has been appointed president of the John R. Oishei Foundation, best-known for their private charitable funding around Western New York.

One seemingly indirect issue is the people and organizations in connection regarding the proposed sale of McCarley Gardens. Many in and around Buffalo know that a few years ago the Rev. Michael Chapman of St. John The Baptist Church made a deal to sell the 15-acre property for $15 million. Suspiciously low even for a land that is not considered shovel-ready. By contrast First Niagara gave that land to the University of Buffalo (UB) for one dollar ($1.00), the land was valued at $2 million per acre. The Langston Hughes Center was sold to Ciminelli Construction for $1.9 million for land that amounted to less than an acre.

In 2009 Robert Gioia through the Oishei Foundation donated $20, 000 to Saint John The Baptist Church, $100,000 the the University of Buffalo Foundation (UB Foundation), $80,000 (in addition to another $20,000 Special Initiatives Grant) to the Buffalo branch of the Urban League, and $85,000 (in addition to $15,000 Grants in Regional Assets) to the Buffalo State College Foundation (BSCF) among other donations.

In 2010 Gioia/Oishei donated $20,000 to St. John, $68,205 to the UB Foundation Inc., $850,000 to the UB Foundation for development of computational biology, $100,000 to the UB Foundation (Action plan to accelerate region’s high-tech economy), another $36,000 to the UB Foundation (for the Paul Simon Project), $150,000 to the Buffalo Urban League Inc. (Under 3-year general operating support), $20,000 to St. John the Baptist Church, and $133,475 to HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal).

In 2011 Gioia/Oishei donated $20,000 to the Buffalo Urban League, and another $20,000 to one more known black community resource group; Community Action Organization (CAO), both for “basic human needs.” St. John’s got $22,500 earmarked to one of their non-profit wings known to be shut down by the late Rev. Bennett W. Smith for years; the Outreach Center (That 501c3 is dead). $13,350 to the UB Foundation (Summer school violence program), $10,000 UB Foundation (Support consultant, interim CEO), $15,000 UB Foundation (Diabetes Research), $10,000 UB Foundation (Support “Post Industrial Buffalo”).

In 2012 Gioia/Oishei donated $100,000 to Buffalo Urban League (Re-establishing their fundraising/financial dept.).

Oishei and M&T want control, they control most culturals in Buffalo, Buffalo Zoo, Kleinhans Music Hall, Albright Knox Art Gallery, money, meetings 2-3,000 dollars per ticket or table dinners. “You get honorary appointments in buffalo. That’s how boards work, family inheritance plays in also. That’s why you don’t see many blacks there, those rich whites don’t want to understand,” said one former black elected official

What I just gave you is a basic breakdown of how one man through his position in an organization can buy political influence through donations to various community groups, foundations and Churches. The beginnings of UB 2020 officially start at the office of former President John B. Simpson and then-provost (and now President) Satish K. Tripathi in 2004. Their goal was to search for funding to make it the premier research institution on the east coast. (Whatever happened to the simpler days of protesting in front of then-President Bill Greiner’s house over the low admission of black students?), the result was art, science and other “unlucky” programs, including those associated with “high-quality affordable education” were reduced or eliminated, while tuition, and private assets would increase. Satish is also a regional co-chair with Zemsky on Andrew Cuomo’s Western New York Regional Economical Development Council. At the time of Cuomo’s swearing-in Satish was a candidate for UB President. While there is no record of him contributing to Cuomo’s campaign, UB did spend $276,785 in lobbying in New York State in 2010. Zemsky however did contribute $12,500 in campaign contributions to Cuomo.

In 2012 Zemsky was already contributing to “Andrew Cuomo 2014.” Nothing wrong with this in itself, except he was already appointed in March of that year to his current post of head of the NFTA. His state confirmation of that was announced in the Governor’s office on the 15th, according to another site (new york true- John Kenny) four days later Zemsky contributed $15,000 to Andrew Cuomo 2014. Cuomo’s people refunded the money on May 8, eight days later his wife Leslie Zemsky reportedly contributed $40,000 to Andrew Cuomo 2014. The question asked then was, was the refund due to Zemsky’s appointment only days earlier? Sadly this isn’t his only conflict of interest. Historically Zemsky campaign contributions are all over the place (Last year he spent a personal high of over $43,000; generosity according to local major media, buying influence in reality) and he is the governors main man and calls almost all shots locally for the Governor and the city of Buffalo as far as community development. Zemsky doesn’t waste time buying influence, he began contributing to Byron for Buffalo back in April 28, 2009 under Leslie Zemsky ($1,000), 5/6/10 ($2,500), 8/22/12 ($1,500), 3/9/11 ($2,500), 4/17/13 ($5,000), and 4/18/12 ($2,500).

Gioia didn’t make any campaign contributions to Cuomo in 2010, but of course he is a former NFTA Commissioner and was named “Executive of The Year,” by the UB School of Management. Zemsky is the only member of this economic council who actually contributed to Cuomo’s campaign, with the exception of John R. Koelmel ($2,000), the President and CEO of First Niagara Financial Group and board member of Buffalo Niagara Partnership (BNP) and Kaleida Health, and Greg Edwards ($3,059.94), the Chautauqua County Executive and only elected official listed as a 2010 Cuomo campaign contributor. Others notables like BNP President Andrew J. Rudnick ($89,723), and Alfred University President Dr. Charles Edmondson ($64,541)  didn’t contribute to Cuomo’s campaign personally, but directed their organizations in spending major lobbying dollars  in New York State.

Of course Zemco industries is Zemsky’s, they own, they also had the largest meat recall of anyone in a while.  Back in 8/24/10 the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service announced that a Buffalo establishment “is recalling 380,000 pounds of deli meat products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. These products were distributed to delicatessens where they were further processed into sandwiches for Wal-Mart stores.” The law firm of Schmidt & Clark, LLP out of DC is who identifies Zemco as the producer of the foods in question, Schmidt & Clark Food Poisoning Litigation Group represents plaintiffs in that recall lawsuit. Most Buffalonians aren’t recognizing Zemsky as being involved with Zemco because they haven’t made the connection.

Zemsky quietly virtually owns buffalo, in an era where the US Supreme Court recently voted 5-4 turn back some voting rights, unless blacks can control campaign reform it doesn’t matter what the SC does. Are Cuomo’s appointments in violation of the public integrity law when it came to Zemsky? Cuomo appointed him to 3 boards, co-chair of Billions 2 Buffalo, NFTA, and MOD-PAC Industries. Zemsky is also on several other boards other than the aforementioned Western New York Regional Economical Development Council, Zemco and the NFTA; There’s the Buffalo State College Council-Chairman, Billion 2 Buffalo Fund-co-Chairman, Buffalo Place Inc., -Vice President, and New Stadium Working Group, and a very benign membership as Treasurer of the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission.

Thanks to this connection Buffalo is in worse shape than it was during the days when Courier Express columnist Phil Ranallo (“What’s New Harry?”) wrote about what prevented Buffalo from building a downtown stadium:

THE SAD PART of all this is, it could have happened here in Buffalo long ago. Your newspaper the Courier Express thumped the tubs for a downtown stadium in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

And it definitely would have happened, had it not been for those certain people in certain quarters.

Our head-in-the-sand leaders, men with lack of foresight, acquiesced to the dictates of those selfish certain people!

They built Wilson his 80,000-seat football-only stadium in Orchard Park and thereby slammed the major-league baseball door on Buffalo —and for that baseball fans in Montreal and Toronto will be forever grateful.

Those Canadian cities landed big league baseball franchises, either of which could have been Buffalo’s — if we’d had the proper leadership.

Well we can’t seem to shake Phil’s “certain people in certain quarters.” In fact today some of them have planted themselves in several quarters just to make sure their delusions are fulfilled, and are shooting down good ideas about downtown stadium proposals just so a limited few can walk along the lake or on a nice field overlooked by a grain elevator and maybe even a cotton gin. That’s right folks, like Three Dog Night said; Eli’s coming, Eli Whitney that is, Zemsky and his cronies aren’t just delusional, they’re not even good businessmen. Bad enough their fixation with old landmarks has gone from obsession to insanity (Many of you don’t understand, back in 1808 Buffalo was officially called the “Village of Buffalo”), they have little or no love or respect for the goods and services they produce right now. Concerning Zemsky’s ties with MOD-PAC they have been under a little-known major investigation. Zemsky is an independent director of their board which also includes Chairman Kevin Keane, President/CEO/Director Daniel Keane, Financial Officer David Lupp, Vice President of Finance Daniel Geary, Philip Rechin, William Gisel, Robert McKenna, and Deborah Pawlowski.

A 1/12/12 letter written by Nicholas Stracick of the GBSEC to Henry Sloma of the NFTA discloses their efforts to start some talks with them on a sports facility on a portion of their waterfront site: “We are working with a timetable, I am requesting a meeting at your earliest convenience at which time we can provide you with an overview of the conceptual and business model as well as our planning objectives… in addition we would like to discuss a revenue sharing formula that would ensure the NFTA a longterm revenue stream from this development.”

Along the same lines of Zemsky’s fiduciary troubles is his blatant-and some feel unlawful-disregard of the GBSEC and a 2nd letter written to him by John Hutchings and Mark Williams under their HKS letterhead wanting to meet with him. Shortly before Zemsky was officially named head of NFTA HKS’ 2nd letter to NFTA dated 4/18/12 was sent to him. Here is a portion of it: “We have delivered Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the 2012 Super Bowl and the Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington Texas which hosted the 2011 Super Bowl. We have also been working with other cities on sports venue-led developments including the City of Oakland on their Oakland Coliseum site and the Minnesota Vikings regarding regarding their new proposed stadium in Minneapolis. In your role as Co-Chair of WNY Regional Council for Economic Development and the incoming Chairman of NFTA, we would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience so that we can present our vision for a sports stadium-led master plan which will act as an economic engine and development catalyst for downtown Buffalo.”

With all the questions regarding Zemsky’s business practices does his outright refusal to officially respond to any of the letters fall more under purposeful corruption or careless indifference as in his costly decision to expose his 503cp Zemsky Foundation to none other than Bernard Madoff? Under “Foundations with Possible Exposure to Madoff of 30% or More by Number of Board Members and Percent of Assets Possible Exposed,” number 48 (pp. 9/14) Zemsky Foundation c/o Taurus Partners NY; Total Assets $4,299,247, Madoff Possible Exposure $4,040,322, Percentage of Assets Possibly Exposed 93.98, Board Member Names- Howard Zemsky, Sam Zemsky, Shirley Zemsky. I am not inferring or linking the foundation in with Madoff’s corruption, especially since it seems Zemsky’s 501c3 group probably took a hit as well. But how much do the funders and/or recipients of this organization know of this?

The lesson here seems to be, that you can’t always present vision to people who have no vision. Buffalo’s elite are focused on the old landmarks, to a fault. The series of parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux Cazenovia Park, Riverside Park, South Park, Delaware Park (formerly The Park), and of course Front Park (formerly The Front) continue to be heavily funded and given great regard as turn-of-the-century landmarks except for parks that existed during a population shift and are now in the center of the black community; Humbolt Parkway of course was a beautiful wide divider along the street of the same name until it became of casualty of highway 33, and the foot of old Humbolt Parkway (formerly The Parade) now known as Martin Luther King Park is often the subject of heated debates and comparatively miserly funding. The Underground Railroad predates anything here done by Olmsted, Zemsky and his ilk want nothing having to do with it. Why? It’s safe to assume it’s a project focusing too much on local black interests, never mind that blacks and whites from out of town need to be enlightened by this major part of American history.

On 5/10/13 a letter of proposal was sent to the NFTA by the GBSEC through their attorneys De Marie & Schoenborn to purchase 150 acres of land located at the Outer Harbor for $500,000. Of course this was already reported by the Buffalo News. This is the initial land option agreement with hopes of further more-specific agreements between the two parties. According to the News: ”But even with the Greater Buffalo Entertainment and Sports Complex firm putting money behind its offer, the NFTA is responding with a firm ‘no, thank you… We’re going to stay the course,’ NFTA Executive Director Kimberley A. Minkel said weeks ago. ’We’re in the middle of negotiations with the City of Buffalo and the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. with a goal of maintaining public access.’ Minkel also said the authority cannot enter into the negotiations proposed by the group without launching a competitive bidding process.” A “land option” according to GBSEC-Partner George Hasiotis in an interview I did with him back on 5/11/13, “It’s a very simple real estate instrument, before you are given full development rights or sale of a property, you can enter into an option agreement for a specified period of time. During which you do further research to determine the viability of your commercial budget. So what we’re asking from the NFTA for in the state of New York is give us an option from 9 to 12 months, during which time we’ll come back with an agreement from the NFL with parking, traffic and environmental studies to answer all your questions that will show you that this is a viable project. And that will be paid for by us so there’s really no risk at all to the NFTA, to the state or to the city.” I find it strange that Zemsky is now interested in entertaining bid proposals now, when this isn’t the case with MOD-PAC.

It’s not that that there isn’t any local support for a new state of the art downtown domed-stadium, there are people like Councilman Demone Smith, legislature Betty Jean Grant, who helped give voice to this early on. Both black Mayoral candidates Byron Brown and Bernard Tolbert expressed interest publicly, and letters of support from The Buffalo Black Chamber of Commerce, Bishop Michael Badger, Bishop L.H. Young, the Buffalo-Niagara Chapter of the National Action Network among others. This project needs all of these forces to push up on Zemsky and the NFTA and convince him not to waste public time or money with the waterfront park project which could cost millions in construction and yearly maintenance, but not give any meaningful return as far as jobs are concerned.

If you are like me you’re wondering in the case of Howard Zemsky between Zemco, the Zemsky Foundation and MOD-PAC how come the local media such as Buffalo News, Business First, or any of the local news on the big three networks hasn’t made any of this common knowledge, it’s probably because they drink too much of his Kool Aid, or they just outright refuse to. There was a 7/26 press conference during the time of the HKS presentation at Buffalo State that prevented the presentation from getting the audience and local major media exposure the way it should have. Zemsky of course is more of a major force in interlocking directives than Rev. Chapman, or even Robert Gioia, but few know that those three directives are playing a silent role in keeping the City of Buffalo from moving into the 2000s where we need to be. Stay tuned for part-3.

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