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Chris Stevenson


Name Brand Fixation

Blacks like Nike, Newports, Lebron, Ciroc, Colt 45 and Clinton. One of these is Not Healthy       by Chris Stevenson Katrinna Martin Bordeaux, the founder of Buffalo’s Young Black Democrats of Western New…

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Beware The Boston Cheater o~0

Issues Surrounding Brady have little to do with Football… Deflated or otherwise   by Chris Stevenson “Me, I always tell the truth… even when I lie.”- Scarface A newspaper best-known for reporting news on terrorism,…

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Black Power or “Nigger” Power:

Which is a “Takeover” and Which is an Oxymoron?   by Chris Stevenson Thought I’d write a few notes while sitting in the back of the bus on the way to the plantation (I left…

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The Watchtower

Why Many Still Serve them even After Discovering their Lies       by  Chris Stevenson  Conveying hatred toward the only people that showed any real concern or friendship, just because they were not of…

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On Cheat-towaga

  by Chris Stevenson Cheektowaga may be more scandal-ridden than it’s parent city of Buffalo. Let’s face it, most suburban town corruption simply doesn’t get the press on the same issues as their mother-city does,…