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Chris Stevenson


    by Chris Stevenson Totalitarian nations are always closer to the threshold of revolution than free nations – Ed Butler Few of you probably remember when New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd called Mitt…

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Before Kaepernick & Black Lives Matter

Cariol Horne Knew White America was Tone-Deaf to True Police Officers, and Race       by Chris Stevenson Early this month (11/1) marked the ten-year anniversary of the day Officer Cariol (Carol) J. Horne…

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The G-Word

If Buffalo were All White     by Chris Stevenson Right now gentrification is the current plan for whites who look forward to taking back Buffalo (after voluntarily leaving decades ago). The G-word can strike…

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Buffalo has one of the largest Achievement Gaps in the country between White Males and Black Males in terms of graduation rates.     by Chris Stevenson What happens in Buffalo should stay in Buffalo….

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Or The Next Civil War will be Blacks vs. Police     by Chris Stevenson Police continue to fear and suspect blacks even though blacks devote much of their lives to the accumulation of powerlessness….

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