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They won because they resisted their normal urge to sound like a hate-group or cult



by Chris Stevenson

“The average whitey, all he wants to do is drink his beer and watch his football. They don’t want the country run by the religious right.”- Walter (last name withheld for his protection. lol), an old friend of mine made this statement 20-years-ago just before the ‘94 midterm elections.

Don’t get me wrong, they were still divisive, they still tried their hand at marginalizing President Obama’s accomplishments, they still refuse to officially acknowledge the legitimacy of universal healthcare. But we all knew they were on a mission, you could feel it. The key thing to remember about the 2014 republican campaign is they were like Bud Lite; less venom, more organized. To millions of voters out there that tasted just great.

Another reason for the right’s resounding victory was the complacency of the left, particularly it’s most dominant faction, the black left. People were hinting at how black democrats didn’t fully understand the importance of the midterms because ‘it wasn’t like the Presidential Election or anything.’ The point that the midterm elections have a more than direct bearing on the President never seemed to gain steam. Fear of black officials is based on fear of the end of white policies.

A dispute has already arisen at a White House lunch between the Obama Administration and the “newly empowered Republicans” over immigration Friday (11/7). You want to know the truth? President Obama made a lot of white males feel impotent for 6 years just by merely sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office, add his policies along with it and you’ve got a national political erectile dysfunction among them. Much more tolerable to them would be a white male president with a hotel-list of either adulterous affairs or political convention spying.

The last presidential election and previous midterm were abysmal failures mainly because republicans let the so-called Tea Party influence and lead them. The GOP knew that in order to win in 2014 they would have to swallow even more pride than they were forced to in 2008, ‘10, and ‘12. But they did it. Some of the victors were the black republicans they ran. Swallowed pride. You know good and well most of them want nothing to do with black anything, yet and still there were three major victories by black republicans including one who is also a Mormon from Utah AND Haitian American, Mia Love. How’s that for Voodoo? I thought the white right was still mad at the Haitians for clobbering and purging their European ancestors in 1804. Desperate times, desperate measures. I wonder what that babbling-baboon Pat Robertson is saying about Love’s victory? In Texas Will Hurd-a former CIA officer-is now a congressman, and Tim Scott of South Carolina was elected to the same Senate he was appointed to in 2012. Scott became the 7th African American elected to the US Senate. There you have it, 2 southern states and Utah have black political firsts.

In Washington Mitch McConnell is the new majority leader. As tough and stubborn as he’s known to be, now that he’s in expect his promises to repeal Obamacare to go the way of previous republican claims before elections. While there were some Tea Party victories, they have just backed quieter more pragmatic sounding candidates. Some of you may have missed the kooky candidates who owned unscrupulous corporations that gutted their own subsidiaries from state-to-state leaving hundreds of their own workers unemployed even though the company wasn’t losing money, what about the lady who thought Africa was a country? What, did any of you miss the lecherous pizza man with the 999 plan? No no no, republicans looked themselves in the mirror and knew they couldn’t cart out these clowns anymore. Especially in the era of the Ferguson uprisings, the GOP finally learned to gauge the climate and adjust their sensitivity to it. How unlike before when these people were even scaring a lot of white voters who were busy trying to ram their theory that “racism is over” down the throats of black democrats.

Behind McConnell is a group of republicans talking people’s issues instead of rich people’s issues. Rob Maness of LA talked about black unemployment, Nathan Deal discussed reducing the number of blacks in jail. In front of McConnell may be the real reason for his sudden willingness to work with Obama, his days as majority leader may be short-lived. He may be at the tip of a tidal-wave of press coverage he won’t be able to filibuster; the new reports about the Ping May, a cargo ship owned by his wife’s family the Chao’s that is certain to cause some chaos. In late October during the final days of his campaign Colombian inspectors boarded the vessel and discovered 90 lbs of cocaine. Not to mention Florida congressman Trey Radel who was recently busted for cocaine possession in October shortly after signing a law requiring food stamp recipients to take a urine test in September. Talk about Limbaugh-level hypocrisy, yet none of these extremist consider how most of the nation have been forced to put up with them.

What Walter said in the quote above this column seemed highly questionable after the ‘94 midterm election of “Angry White Males,” this years midterm was won by angry white voters. Mitt Romney tested the waters to the limit as to how much the country is ready to be run by the religious right 2-years-ago, and failed to stay afloat. While this latest victory is important, in no way does it mean the GOP will win in 2016. They put all their eggs in one basket for this one, and to them it was worth it just to say “no” to Obama with even more power than before. Because the next big election will be the presidential one, blacks and dems will be more on point in their return to the voting booths. And unless republicans plan to make “Cocaine” their theme song in the next presidential election they got some closet cleaning to do before they come marching out talking about law and order, drug tests, and family values.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the comment link below or email pointblankdta@yahoo.com.

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by Chris Stevenson

In the era of racist, narcissistic American police, ISIS, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, al Queda, and the Taliban, we now come to the subject of the man who started it all. Christopher Columbus, mass-murderer, terrorist, religious radical, pedophile enabler and occasional world explorer.  Actually born right at the end of October, at some point official recognition of his birthday was pushed a couple weeks back so as not to clash with Halloween, a holiday that brings to mind dark spirits and monsters. I guess Columbus hates equal competition. In truth Columbus has no equal when it comes to mass-slaughter. Hitler, Stalin, and Leopold II pale by comparison.

As in the cases of most predators Columbus took the hospitality of the people he encountered as weakness and soon began enslaving or massacring them. That’s your hero there folks. Novice explorer, and would-be avid reader, he can be seen as a precursor of white American cognitive detachment in spite of the glaring truth before him. Even during his time period this didn’t go unnoticed, his study of other cultures was a lesson in truth (that which is) vs. truth-censorship  “According to historian Edmund Morgan, Columbus was not a scholarly man. Yet he studied these books, made hundreds of marginal notations in them and came out with ideas about the world that were characteristically simple and strong and sometimes wrong, the kind of ideas that the self-educated person gains from independent reading and clings to in defiance of what anyone else tries to tell him.”-Wikipedia.

Strangely enough it wasn’t Halloween where Columbus produced his darkest moments. On one occasion he waited til a month later. According to a website, the “most brutal thing Chris Columbus ever did was after the fabled ‘Thanksgiving’ After this now renowned holiday, the very next morning Columbus began enslaving the native race. They were thought of as ingenious, and savages. Not at all on the same level as the wonderful British at the time. Columbus often offered children as rape slaves to his crew members as well. Many girls around the age of 10 – 12 were often used in this practice.” Columbus saw no discrepancy with using the words “conquer” and “Christian” in the same sentence in his letters to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In a 1495 return-visit to Hispaniola one of his “literate” crew members writes about Columbus making it clear to them they could have any female they wanted.  Miguel “Cuneo further notes that he himself took a beautiful teenage Carib girl as his personal slave, a gift from Columbus himself, but that when he attempted to have sex with her, she ‘resisted with all her strength.’ So, in his own words, he ‘thrashed her mercilessly and raped her.'” Portions of Columbus’ notes he wrote in 1500 on his log must be seen to be believed: “A hundred castellanoes are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten are now in demand.”

Much of Columbus and his crew would never allow themselves anto give credit where credit was due. This is most glaring with the Haitians. I wrote years ago after the devastating earthquake an article called “Haiti’s Invisible Embargo” “Black Haitians were not it’s first inhabitants, but their history proves they are the only ones to pull themselves up by their bootstraps considering the odds & opposition they faced. geographic.org goes into Haiti’s indigenous tribe; the Taino indians. They were initially hospitable towards Christopher Columbus and his Spaniards until Columbus’ hordes became intolerant and abusive. This seems to have been a usual story with Columbus and the crew of his ship; the Santa Maria. (1492). Columbus would take a leave of absence and by the time he returned in 1493 the Taino were slaughtered. Until Euro/Spanish oppression and diseases the Taino population-estimated as high as 3 million by the time Columbus arrived-was down to 150 by 1550 (58 years later).” Columbus slandered the Taino as cannibals (a man-eating tribe of monsters as he called them in his letters) while plotting all the while to rape their women. That they gave this guy a holiday says more about the American government than it does about Columbus, while much of his atrocities were well hidden in pre-internet days from the average Joe Blow, the American historians and writers of school and contemporary mainstream history knew his brutal past. They identify with him. Without Columbus there is virtually no colonialism or slavery.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the comment link below or email pointblankdta@yahoo.com.

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Written by cs

October 14th, 2014 at 2:31 am

Buffalo is Drowning in Cognitive Dissonance

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by Chris Stevenson

With the recent announcement of the Buffalo Bills having a new owner committed to keeping the team in Buffalo, it seems on the surface chances for the proposed downtown stadium project just got brighter. For years there is a general fear in Buffalo that blacks will start getting good jobs and the crime rate will take a dramatic plunge. Who in their right mind wants to see that? That’s why you see little or no movement of improving most local inner city parks. A lot of you know this is happening, but have been too distracted to understand why. If your local white official from these long-tenured political families hasn’t told you, it’s not because they don’t know. Two newspaper articles from the ‘50’s make the same point; more local parks reduce crime. This was part of the reason Dold’s Park was created. Those of you who are like me remember the large outdoor park on the corner of William and Fillmore Streets right behind the old Howard’s Express trucking company.

An old article by Walt Wandell titled “City Parks Aid Prevention of Crime” explains it best even back during the ‘40’s or ‘50’s when it was written. “Cities have found more and more the necessity for great recreational systems where ample room is provided for the youth to play without danger. National groups have been organized to study this problem, the principal one being the National Recreation and Playground Association. To avert crime early, a noticeable decrease in juvenile delinquency has attended the development of recreational systems throughout the country. It has been found that the city with adequate facilities of this kind is usually more progressive and more free of crime. While in cities where the growth has been beyond control and such facilities have not been provided the population presents one of the worst social problems. Both physically and economically this phase of municipal life diversity affects the progress of the city.” This Buffalo News or Courier Express article written decades ago could have easily been written today. In fact a more recent study finds more parks having the same effects. Something to think about when reading stories about how city officials drag their feet to open up some MLK-wading pools (not a full pool, a wading pool mind you), how JFK Park pools, basketball courts and other urban playgrounds have taken so long to be rebuilt. The goal behind the denial of services to urban parks is directly connected to the desire of these planners to create criminals, crime, and feed the gluttonous prison industry.

According to another site; “A study of children and adolescents in San Diego, Boston, and Cincinnati found that neighborhoods that were generally supportive of physical activity for young people also appeared to have more playgrounds. Researchers examined the relationship between certain neighborhood characteristics and the number of playgrounds in that neighborhood and found that neighborhoods with higher street connectivity, lower traffic, less crime and better aesthetics were more likely to have at least five playgrounds than were neighborhoods without such characteristics. ‘Street connectivity was 13.5% higher in neighborhoods with at least five playgrounds, traffic was 7% lower, crime was 9.6% lower… there are socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in access to physical activity facilities such as gyms, health clubs and YMCAs. One national study found that areas with lower median incomes or higher percentages of people of color (individuals who self-report as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc) were less likely to have such facilities.’” The study of parks and crime relating to the safety of cities and towns can be tie-in to one more element that has is having far reaching success today, inner city major sports complexes.

The Buffalo News ran a story drawing on a familiar comparison, “Buffalo may want to borrow Indianapolis’ playbook for building Lucas Oil Stadium, which opened in August 2008. In preparing to build a new home for the Indianapolis Colts, city planners focused on a downtown stadium construction model designed to compliment Indianapolis’ economic agenda, which included making the city a national sports mecca.” The 7/6/14 News printed this without acknowledging the Greater Buffalo Sports Entertainment Complex (GBSEC), it’s partners Nicholas Stracick and George Hasiotis, or GBSEC vice president Patrick Freeman, even though they know fully well this group has a basic site already targeted along the downtown Buffalo Outer Harbor. Not to mention several columns where I present the same comparison.

A more recent Buffalo News piece by Jerry Zremski states Governor Andrew Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz are “reluctant to sink money into a new Bills stadium when the state and county just paid $130 million for renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park.” First of all if you must know, this is what Poloncarz wants you to think for the time being. He is in fact open to a new stadium, maybe in Buffalo. He’s not as ABA (Anyplace But Buffalo) as some believe. Poloncarz just hasn’t come to terms yet with what looks like the inevitable; the downtown stadium on the Outer Harbor. In fact Poloncarz was fully aware of the plans before he made the deal to renovate the Ralph, he just spent his time running from the idea.

How could our County Exec blind himself to what everyone else around the NFL knows? It’s the people who brought the GBSEC plan about that he seems to have a problem with. Plans that don’t include him or the interests of his backers. It’s a pro-taxpayer proposal with the partners putting up 70% of the building cost. It’s a pro-people plan that promises year round living-wage jobs due to it being a retractable-dome entertainment facility. Think AYM, all year money.

This is where the cognitive dissonance sets in. Poloncarz wants no part of it and if he could have his way all discussion of it would be censored. His rushed talks to plaster the crumbling Ralph seem to be saying to us, ‘it’s still in the suburbs, shut the hell up.’ A return to the cognitive-proof ways of 1970s Buffalo would suit Mark just fine. During the years we had the Buffalo Braves here fans loved them, several white businessmen hated them. While they were rising up in the win column, they were losing points in the war against their NHL Hockey co-tenants the Buffalo Sabres. Both teams began play during the same season (1970), and both became playoff contenders the same year (1973/74). The tragedy of that is Buffalo being an either/or city, didn’t feel they had room for three successful major league sports franchises (even though they obviously did) with all of them playing downtown and two in the same arena. This sentiment was even harbored by the people who ran War Memorial Auditorium, they favored the Sabres, giving them the choice nights on weekends, Saturdays. Buffalo was knighted a hockey town due to it’s close proximity to Canada. Today that problem would have been solved with another auditorium being built, since the Braves moved west that area has seen both another auditorium and a pro-baseball field built.

It is the last 3 years of the Braves that we will briefly focus on, a lesson in ‘we hate winning.’ Their last winning season was 1975/76, they went 46-36. The next year they only won 30 games, and dropped out of playoff contention. What happened to make them take such a drastic plunge? Remember this was before the free-agent craze of today. The following season-their last here in Buffalo-the Braves won only 27 games. In between that time strange things were happening. Longtime owner Paul Snyder was selling the team. Truth be told he began making plans to sell them while they were still a playoff contender.

During the same ‘75/76 season of the Braves’ last playoff run, the ABA’s (American Basketball Association) Kentucky Colonels won their league championship. They were owned by the wealthy-but-unpredictable John Y. Brown. After the season the rivalry between the two leagues ended with the junior league’s five strongest teams being invited to merge with the NBA. The price was $3 million to get in. Brown instead took a $3 million deal to shut his championship team down. Claiming he was fed-up with pro basketball, he bolted leaving only the Nets, Pacers, Spurs and Nuggets to join the league.

Soon after he bought into a team that won only 30 games that year, the Braves. Brown signed veteran Nate Archibald, and re-signed Randy Smith-by-then an all star-but traded Rookie of The Year Adrian Dantley to Indiana for Billy Knight. Even more disturbing than losing Dantley was the ‘76/77 season the Portland Trail Blazers traded Moses Malone to the Braves. He played only two games and was actually traded to Houston for two first-round draft picks. To add to the irony was that Portland’s coach was Jack Ramsey, the just-departed Jack Ramsey. It was his first season in Portland, they would go on to win the NBA Championship that same year, the championship that would have been Buffalo’s either in ‘76/77 or a year or two later. Buffalo didn’t want it. When I say Buffalo I don’t mean the fans, even the hockey fans would have loved it. Doubtless Ramsey wouldn’t have let Malone out of his grasp as easily in Buffalo-especially with McAdoo having just been traded to the Knicks-as he did in Portland. The Blazers already had Bill Walton. Just imagine the future Hall of Fame big man playing alongside the league’s fastest player Smith, and the young gun Dantley. What you had was the first sign of the willful destruction of a major Buffalo area team, Buffalo being a “hockey town” is the going excuse for why the Braves couldn’t remain, try asking Scotty Bowman. I don’t think he would agree, he was able to win a Stanley Cup-at least two Stanley Cups-in most cities he coached… except Buffalo.

This is one of the least talked about and most embarrassing aspects of Buffalo history-by-omission. Bowman didn’t win a cup in St. Louis either, he just took them to three Stanley Cup Finals in their first three years in the league. Those were also his first three years as head coach. He won five in Montreal, one in Pittsburgh (another one in Penguins front office) , three in Detroit (one more in Detroit’s front office), and two in the Chicago Black Hawk’s front office. He served in Buffalo much of the time as coach and GM. No Stanley cup or even a finals appearance. Now any explanation this gap in Bowman’s record would be greatly appreciated, but my guess is this city is cursed. ijs. It’s championship-proof in just about everything. When you let your leaders make bad decisions for so long, it’s like if someone put roots on you.

This leaves us with a disturbing question. What does Buffalo want? Buffalo is looking for silent results which find only whites being prosperous while hiding from blacks, or blacks being pushed out into the suburbs and out of the way. At the very least the increased jobs would lead to an indirect reduction in crime. Buffalo decision makers (all white businessmen) know this all too well, they basically orchestrated the present conditions that lead to this disparity. There are some outdated studies that opponents of a Buffalo Downtown stadium go by. What the GBSEC has planned is more than just a stadium. Rochester’s Strong Museum is onboard to provide a facility, a hotel is in the planning, not to mention restaurants, bars and other potential businesses. I’ve written before how a handful of affluent people are trying to put a stop to all that. They want the Buffalo area to be affluent, not Buffalo. Yes they are aware of how these ideas work in other cities. They couldn’t care less. Cities like Buffalo, Detroit and even Chicago are earmarked to be crooked cop/prison industry pipelines, some of you need their officials to openly admit this to make you believe it.

According to the Coloradoan “construction of the proposed $254 million facility on the southeast side of Colorado State University’s main campus will pump $72.3 million into the local economy.” NFL announcer and former player Ray Lewis predicted during the NFL Lockout that crime would increase if there were no football. He was right. The Prudential Center is said to have “breathed new life into downtown Newark, and helped attract millions of new visitors.” Buffalo has historically gotten in it’s own way with narrow-based ideas fit more for a small rural town instead of a metropolitan city. One of the reasons for this is it’s developers and decision makers are hooked on old world sentiment more than modern success. A 6-mile railway though their nerve center that pretty much finished off a downtown already losing customers to expanding suburban shopping centers is one of our major blunders, customers that had already moved there while still working in Buffalo. At the start of construction of the railway during the mid-’70’s even that short distance was going to lose customers because half the potential riders left Buffalo. Buffalo’s population declined to over 261,000 by 2010, it was over 580,000 when construction workers first broke ground.

The advantage for local officials like Poloncarz, Congressman Brian Higgins and Mayor Byron Brown is since this is taking place during their terms, they can easily take credit for it. Get on board now and most people will forget you were adamantly opposed or stand-offish months from now. Start kissing this baby immediately fellas. There’s no place like dome.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the comment link below or email pointblankdta@yahoo.com.

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Reversing The ‘Don’t Forgive The Sinner, But Forgive The Religion’ Philosophy




by Chris Stevenson

Shunning is religion’s last link to the Dark Ages. While it may be a policy in more than a few sects, not many churches actively enforce it. The reason is simple, normal people just feel awkward implementing or practicing it. Once you shun someone in society the very next step is physical abuse or even murder. On the other hand you don’t have to murder someone to cause great psychological damage through shunning, under it’s many names in various faiths or cults. It’s safe to assume that all religions that actively shun are simply a cult.

Synonyms for shunning include: To keep away from: avoid, burke, bypass, circumvent, dodge, duck, elude, escape, eschew, evade, get around. The purpose is completely narcissistic, to induce shame and guilt within the target.

Religious synonyms for shunning are; excommunication (viewed as slightly different than shunning), disfellowshipping (Jehovah’s Witnesses), disconnection (Scientology; Scientologists denied disconnection for years until they admitted it on their website. It is an especially brutal form of shunning, well-known to break up marriages), Cherem (Jewish faith. a form of shunning that ended during the 17th century’s Age of Enlightenment), vitandi (Catholic shunning, this ended in 1983), Kasepekang (Bali, Indonesia, a more communal-shunning).

A shortcut to regaining self-esteem after an individual has already been shunned, is for the shunned person to shun someone else themselves. But it’s false-esteem. Labor unions and companies have used their own form of social rejection on strike-breakers and whistleblowers respectively.

Shunning isn’t seen as dangerous on the religious extremism scale by governments or big non-profit organizations because on the surface it doesn’t result in (immediate) death. In actuality it can be placed right alongside bullying, terrorism and in an indirect way kidnapping in many cases. Most strict religions will tell you not everyone is cut out for their faith, meanwhile they not only want your membership, but as many in your family as possible. it’s important for them to bring in as many followers as they can for money, and control. It used to be if they shunned you, then all the friends you made within the organization would stop speaking and associating with you. The Watchtower have now stepped up the virtually-demonic practice, by ordering blood and immediate family members to stop speaking to disfellowshipped individuals.

Although I marvel at the audacity of anyone assuming they are worth costing you your natural relationship with those whose closeness you previously took for granted, I can’t dismiss the reality of mothers telling me their son’s or grandchildren won’t speak to them or son’s and daughter stories about their parents cutting them off from the family.

The most famous form of shunning was non-religious and practiced in South Africa, it was called Apartheid. It’s goal was an economic and social denial of goods and services to the black majority there. Always understand and remember it was brainstormed and practiced by a people who didn’t even originate from that land, Europeans or white people. It officially went into law in 1948. Picture me walking into your home either as a guest or intruder, and over time convincing your mate and children to either limit or cut off their interactions and association to you. What would that make me in your own words? By strange coincidence the Watchtower Society (always watching closely the powerful tenants of the same world they outwardly condemned) began practicing “disfellowshipping;” a form of shunning where they even made up their own bizarre-sounding word between 1948-1952. Very few of today’s practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses know that before then the Watchtower openly condemned other churches that practiced shunning. Even more mind-boggling is the fact that they can be shunned just for researching their old publications and looking that up.

The man most responsible for forcing the destruction of Apartheid is of course Nelson Mandela. Few people know that during his early years as a young activist/attorney his first wife Evelyn (Mase) was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Through her the Watchtower tried to get him to stop his anti-Apartheid activities. Using their oath of neutrality, they were able to become political while at the same time conveniently claiming not to. Back then they fully knew the value to themselves and the overtly-racist South African government had Mandela simply listened to his JW wife and resigned himself and black South Africans to 2nd-class citizenship by joining their religious order. This is part of the reason I consider the Watchtower just another component of what is known as the Religious or Christian Right. One of the jealous religion’s slick accomplishments is their prohibition of political and civic involvement through what they call neutrality, but what is actually for black members stifling of race progress through their lack of participation as a trade-off of a promise of living forever in a non-racial earthly paradise. Millions of blacks, many potentially would have been another Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Thurgood Marshall or Huey Newton, have through their intense involvement in this organization been politically neutralized.

It’s possible the people who push some form of shunning have never even been in a fistfight before. It’s born of a spoiled, low-level, confrontational, trifling spirit that simply seeks to draw others not directly-involved in the personal hangups of the shunner. Later some the most skilled religious publishers have adopted this as their policy, outwardly using a pretext of keeping the church “undefiled.” You will find no history of Jesus using shunning as a tool to teach or keep followers loyal to him. Jesus was not all into buildings of worship like that if you check his record, he advocated the most difficult task of all, improving personal character. There are more scriptures where Jesus in so-many words tells people to ‘stop being an asshole’ than there is of him ordering followers to build a church. Only after he left this planet was there a rush to form churches named after him, Christianity.

Many people are baffled as to how to turn the tables on this type of archaic treatment in modern times. But what overbearing cults masquerading as religions have done is make the archaic and unnatural look normal within their own insular surroundings. But don’t be discouraged, if you are undergoing this as a member of a faith that ousted you, you can still win back your family if they are still in. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it was going to be easy. The best way is to help topple the very thing your family worships, their cult. The gullibility of many church followers is stronger than the cement holding it’s bricks together. The next option is to prove to your still-kidnapped loved one that their faith/cult is not the exclusive pipeline to God or Jesus or Allah as they claim. Free the mind, the ass will follow. For example if you are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses the trick is simple but complicated; you must prove to him or her the Watchtower is not God’s only channel to mankind. Once you can convince them of this, you got ‘em.

To do this most effectively you must figure out what in particular makes her or him think this is God’s ONLY true organization (people are different and do things differently), and convince her otherwise. Those whom will be the toughest, because in reality those governed by old friendships are going to be harder to convince than those who might leave based on their discovery of the Watchtower’s changes on blood, or the secret UN membership, or the unreported child-molestations. Others are simply terrified of a day when most of the people they know all turn their nose up at them. Currently right now there is a Mormon woman facing excommunication for doing what women in that faith need the most, forming a womans’ group. That’s yet another issue they have. Strict faiths hate resources.

An unwanted activist group has been growing from within the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) calling themselves Ordain Women. As much as the men worshippers hate it, I think it’s way overdue. The leader is a woman named Kate Kelly, a longtime member who is also an international human rights lawyer, feminist, and the founder of the movement.

Ordain Women’s goal is no more hard to figure out than the two words used to form it. Having been born into the church of the LDS , she has long viewed it as stifling, over-patriarchal, rigid, and in danger of losing members if they continue on in this course. She enrolled in Brigham Young University and American University Washington College of Law. She is reported to have formed OW on 3/17/13. There is a website that has grown from 19 supporters initially to over 400 today. You would think issues of gender equality and women priests shouldn’t be a concern given the runaway-freight-train of corruption male clergy have been slamming inside the churches for generations now, but it still does.

Kelly has shown herself to be an effective community organizer since her days as a college student.  This year she has come under fire for her stance against LDS by of course their all-male leaders. Back on 5/5 she was put on probation for being in public opposition to the church after having been previously warned not to do so, and on 6/22 she was put on trial by a panel of judges and “excommunicated.”

Though shunned by the church she grew up in it’s notable to mention that her family has always supported her voice to reform the Mormons, and still support her actions. No small feat given their tenure in that religion (A lot of you would have shunned her because you’re dope-fiends). Churches like the LDS have long been nothing more than LSD to a society-at-large seeking to find their own line of communication to the creator. The problem comes in when they bring too much baggage with them for God to demonstrate any exclusivity with them.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to The Hampton Institute, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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Written by cs

August 30th, 2014 at 3:32 pm

The Reverse-Decision

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Who Said You Can’t Go Home Again?




by Chris Stevenson

Lebron James is headed back to Cleveland, who dared hoped or dreamed this would happen? Judging by the reaction of the sports media or American media in general as well as Northeast Ohio fans you’d think the Beatles had all miraculously returned and announced they were moving there from Liverpool. Isn’t Cleveland the home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Well for the first time in four years there, Lebron rocks.

For years prior to June 8, 2010 Lebron was held up to God-like proportions. The last universally-known Kings were James Brown, and Michael Jackson. What would novelist Thomas Wolfe say about Lebron?

As critical as I have been towards King James over the years, even I can’t find fault with this move. Not that I am any threat to Lebron, but Stevensons have been a bane to James’ career, lol. Particularly DeShawn and Lance (spelled Stephenson), in the end they didn’t always beat James, but they took a toll on him. In the 2008 NBA Playoffs James’ Cleveland Cavaliers met DeShawn’s Washington Wizards, and though James’ team won the physical play and war-of-words between them, it had a lasting effect on him to where the Cavs lost to the Boston Celtics in the next round, the Eastern Conference Finals. In later seasons James would start winning MVP awards and go on awesome scoring sprees, but still not win a title. Then came 2010. Lebron became an unrestricted free agent. By this time he was a 2-time MVP, the Bulls, Heat, Knicks, Nets, Clippers and Cavs were vying for him. LBJ decided to make a production out of it, on 6/8 ESPN aired a special press conference called “The Decision” from their headquarters in Greenwich CT. That’s when he announced “I wake up one morning it’s this team, I wake up another morning it’s this team… this fall I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.” Of course part of that became a catchphrase, but on the other hand it turned the sports world upside down. He became the bad guy, most of the fans who gave him a pass by calling him “the greatest player ever” in spite of having yet to win the NBA championship at that point were now his most strident critics.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert topped this off by writing a scathing letter to the teams fans first published on the Cav’s official website. Black sports and political pundits said it was strong enough language and tone in it to invoke a disgruntled master bawling out a former slave.

Thus was born the Big Three. They finished the 2010/2011 season 58-24. They made it to the finals, but suffer a huge upset to a team of veterans on the Dallas Mavericks with defense from DeShawn while coming off the bench to shut down James. But the mind-games and pressure he took from Lance Stephenson in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals stuck with him after the Heat’s victory over the Indiana Pacers, and provided the basic blueprint for Kawhi Leonard to stop Lebron when it mattered, enough for the San Antonio Spurs to win their championship rematch. Simply put Lebron wasn’t the same. You can still get to him, he can still be had.

This should be of no surprise to those honestly observing Lebron. There is actually two sides to his game; clutch-Lebron, best manifested early in his NBA career with some last-second playoff shots, and since game-6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. And then there’s prima-donna-Lebron; The same Lebron that got his coach (Mike Brown) fired in Cleveland, the same Lebron that mocked Dirk Nowitzki for playing with a sinus infection in game-4 of the 2011 Finals. The same Lebron that complained of “cramps” in game one of this years finals against the Spurs because their air-conditioner malfunctioned (nevermind there was 25 other players in that game who labored under the same conditions), almost making it sound like a conspiracy. Unlike most players there is no closure to either side of the tale of two Lebrons, they can make their appearance at any given moment. The question here is, which Lebron made the decision to go back to Cleveland? We probably won’t really know the answer for years to come, but given the timing of sporting events and Lebron’s attention-junkie nature, we can make some pretty safe assumptions in the immediate term.

Off the court it’s safe to assume he is a model citizen. This is refreshing given the mentality of many of today’s American athletes, the majority of which nowadays come from homes headed by single-mothers. Lebron comes from a single mom, often the worst that results from that type of upbringing is the boy acting like a troubled female and not knowing it. He will mistake it as masculine behavior, but won’t really know because he didn’t have a male role-model to use as a guide. He’ll hold a grudge, he’ll take minor things personal, he’ll do dumb things based on petty jealousy, he’ll be a sneaky murderer like Aaron Hernandez or a wife-abuser like OJ Simpson, or have an uncontrollable temper like Pacman Jones. Most of these are usually the traits of problematic females. Lebron has his own mind. It’s safe to assume he’s charitable, he gives back. Even The Decision was in part a charitable effort. It’s all about the kids to Lebron.

This is the day of the FIFA World Cup Championship in Brazil, don’t assume Lebron didn’t think about this, in fact he’s going to be in attendance. No way does the Chosen One play 2nd fiddle to the world’s biggest sporting event even if the US is late to catching on to it, no way does Lebron get upstaged by Argentina’s superstar Lionel Messi. The King no doubt wants to see how much international media will take notice of him. I could be wrong, but just my opinion. Timing is everything. Understand, the problem with Lebron Raymone James isn’t what he has or hasn’t accomplished, the problem is what he has gotten away with or been allowed to get away with. This new deal with Gilbert shows he has grown much, but a young team will test his patience.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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July 13th, 2014 at 10:44 pm

Putin’s Periscope

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by Chris Stevenson

After months of ogling over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s selfies and memes of him hunting, wrestling alligators, driving F1 race cars and flying fighter jets, the American right are now wrestling with the crickets that began drowning them out after news of Putin’s phone call to President Obama late last March. What would make this latent darling of the American right suddenly jump up right before giving some polar bear the 3-count to call our liberal non-military president a buzz on the hot-line? The PoliticsUSA.com site ran some of the readouts to the call:

“President Putin called President Obama today to discuss the US proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the crises in Ukraine, which Secretary Kerry had again presented to Foreign Minister Lavrcv at the meeting at the Hague earlier this week, and which we developed following US consultations with our Ukrainian and European partners… President Obama underscored to President Putin that the United States continues to support a diplomatic path in close consultation with the government of the Ukraine and in support of the Ukrainian people with the aim of de-escalation of the crises. President Obama made clear that this remains possible only if Russia pulls back its troops and does not take any steps to further violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.” Mircea Geona, an economist from Romania stated in Bloomberg News “we’re witnessing the start of a new geographical and economic cold war and I think it will take at least 2 or 3 years to establish some sort of equilibrium.” Bloomberg estimates these sanctions could shrink Russia’s economy by 2 quarters.

You know what this means don’t you? That’s right the cold war never ended. The cold war between the American right and the left still continues even in the midst of the Russian incursion of the Ukraine. Yes people are up in arms over it, few people know that post-Soviet Russia has been playing themselves and testing their parameters for years now. At times they been right under our nose. The main reason for this is their new military hardware, chief among them is a new fleet of very powerful and dangerous submarines known as Borei Class. They been building these since the mid-’90’s while phasing out their Typhoon, Delta 3 and Delta 4 subs. The Boreis are smaller than the Typhoons but carry more armaments. Russia doesn’t care about you knowing about their Boreis, in fact they insist on it. That’s how cocky they are and really have always been. This information shouldn’t come as a shock once you know Putin’s father served in the Soviet submarine fleet during the early ‘30’s.

The BBC said according to a meeting of NATO’s defense ministers in Brussels, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen stated “Russia had increased its military spending by 50% in the last five years, while NATO cut funding by 20% over the same period. The decrease hasn’t stopped Rasmussen from accepting Obama’s plan to raise $1 billion to increase US military presence in Europe. The thing to remember here is, American government generally have had a problem with world nations that benefit their own citizens economically. During the time Putin has been either president or premier unemployment was cut in half, real income has increased and “real wages more than tripled.” Perhaps pressure is being put on Obama to make Putin the new Qaddafi by using the Russian incursion into the Ukraine and subsequent annexation of Crimea as an excuse.

Back on May 7 Putin announced he was pulling his troops out from the border of Ukraine. Yet on another occasion he was considered to blink, once again due to sanctions against Russia and it’s economy. But some perceive him to be feigning. According to a May 8 Chicago Tribune story: “One reason to suspect a Putin feint is that Russia’s major trading partners in Europe-the ones who could do serious damage to Russia’s economy and Putin’s oligarch buddies-have resisted broader sanctions. Save Ukraine? Not if it means disrupting business in Russia. So Putin may be calculating that a brief tactical retreat will slow what little momentum there is on sanctions.” On the other hand Thomas Friedman’s column in the May 27 New York Times makes the daring but inevitable comparison to who else but Nikita Khrushchev and the old Soviet Union back in ‘62. Even going so far as to use the quote of then-US Secretary of State Dean Rusk who compared it to a street face-off, “we were eyeball to eyeball, and I think the other fellow just blinked” wrote Friedman comparing the last minute turn-back of Russian warships just miles away from Cuba and the American naval forces, to Putin’s pulling back his troops from Ukraine’s border, thereby letting their presidential election proceed.

Make no mistake about it, Putin did “blink,” but it’s akin to a snake blinking. While he did allow for the Ukraine to hold their election, he refuses to acknowledge Petro Poroshenko as president or president-elect. Before Putin’s March 28th phone call to Obama he didn’t want to recognize him as US President. The ex-KGB officer promised on several occasions to withdraw troops from the border. The latest being on May 19. According to NATO (5/28) while thousands did withdraw many Russian soldiers still remain. While his moves seem dictated through what he gauges through his political periscope, Putin knows the world is watching him with a side-eye glance.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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On Crime And Religion

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Questioning the Necessity and Rationality of fighting wars started by Ancient Wild People



by Chris Stevenson

I do not imply the ancient men of old lacked morals or character. But it seems there are always new people on the scene today taking their words and every aspect of their life and time-period too literally. Take for example the Middle-Eastern practice of tossing acid on a woman’s face, or executing them for marrying outside of the Muslim faith, consider these sick practices as proof of how troubling their male members are taught to be. What’s going on in these cases has nothing to do with God, or Allah, but everything to do with false authority replacing education, understanding and most glaringly, common sense.



Another byproduct of religious worship-gone-wrong is the mid-April 2014 kidnapping of over 300 girls from from a school in Nigeria (Chibok) while they were sleeping no less. The alleged mastermind of this is yet another highly-insecure, violent and delusional clown named Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram. He is quoted as stating his reason for doing this as there’s a market for them therefore he intends to sell them off to slavery and marriage, “by Allah, I will sell them off and marry them.” “Allah” seems to be talking to quite a few people over the centuries, what a guy. Sekou-described in an article as “one of those who believes that you can sacrifice anything for your beliefs”-is also a known mass-murderer. He is a recluse who likes to post videos of himself ala Osama bin Laden. In January 2012 a Boko Haram attack killed over 180 in Kano (northern Nigeria’s largest city), suspicion is strong that he is at least in part financed by al Qaeda.

The name Boko Haram itself means “Western Education is Forbidden” in Hausa language. So this flake of a leader somewhat sees himself as rescuing young black girls from the evil western education by making them slaves, which is still a common practice in some quarters of the west. Okay does anyone reading this see a tie-in between Muslim religious extremism and the GOP? Sharia law is nothing more than the White American control-freak desire to deprive women of their right to vote, control their reproductive system, and advance themselves economically. Shekau’s idea of worship is doing nothing more than promoting the same weak exaggerated, anti-woman philosophy that conservative white male republicans and religious Christian right proponents preach. He is simply a nobody undeservedly granted the ears of many who should have laughed at him and kept it moving, leaving him alone to figure it out. How long would he have lasted were those white girls he kidnapped? Obama’s drones would have blew him and his masculine-deprived gang to smithereens before they even reached the gate.

As of May the 22nd the UN Security Council approved sanctions against Boko Haram which will result in an arms embargo and asset-freeze. According to the United States Institute of Peace: “Boko Haram is an Islamic sect that believes politics in northern Nigeria has been seized by a group of corrupt, false Muslims. It wants to wage war against them, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria generally to create a ‘pure’ Islamic state ruled by Sharia Law.” Since 2011 this one man’s version of “pure” Islam (founder Islamist cleric Mohammed Yusuf in ‘02) has bombed churches, and set fires to schools. In March of 2012 twelve public schools alone were burned down at night. This put 10,000 students out of an education.

Of course it’s not fair at this point to pick on the Quran or Islam. The Bible is no Saint when it comes to inspiring similar behavior. In fact it is governments from mostly Christian and Jewish dominated lands that help push these Muslim nations to the brink through waging wars and sanctions against them or through divisive deals made with their governments to the disadvantage of their common citizens. The Bible is a confusing book to quite a few, the final authority to many, and misunderstood by most. The first bit of contention is what many people feel the Bible advocates; slavery, war, misogyny. What is not being widely broadcast is the fact that what we call the Bible has been hijacked during the Middle-ages. This is important because it was then that this book of worship became a weapon. There is now a school of thought that claims the Bible was written then.

Boko Haram-as with all terrorist groups-come from economically disgruntled and impoverished people. Oftentimes they are only able to watch their own resources sucked away in exchange for money they never benefit from such as from a huge oil company like Royal Dutch Shell. This gives rise to them feeling they are being exploited and outside their own country. Another angle to the Boko Haram story is targeting children is nothing new for them, and on at least one occasion the boys got it even worse. Last February a boarding school in Yobe was attacked during the middle of the night by suspected Boko Haram militants, killing 29 boys and seriously injuring others. Far be it from me to consider child-killers as militants, but this news only scratches the surface. What has been ongoing is a gross return to slavery with girls having been sold to perverts for something called “rape-marriage” or “biblical marriage” for as little as twelve dollars ($12).

Kidnapping and rape are what they are no matter how you categorize it. Those who practice these forms of abduction and sexual atrocities reportedly use a few select scriptures in the Bible to justify themselves; Exodus 12:7, Numbers 31: 17, Deuteronomy 12:11, and Judges 21: 10-23. All these scriptures prove what a gross hypocrite Abubakar Shekau is. He claims to use hatred of western education as motivation for his kidnapping young school-girls, but has no problem with using one of the west’s most popular books, the Bible, to cover himself, or sending the girls to their eventual final destination; American cities like New York, New Jersey, Boston, Los Angeles, Oakland, Honolulu, and Canada to profit from.

Reports of the Nigerian government being slow to react to the warning and news of the 300 kidnapped girls is no-doubt due to what Aljazeera America quoted Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan as recently admitting. He disclosed that Boko Haram has infiltrated “Nigeria’s power structure,” this includes all three branches of government, executive, legislative, judicial, as well as police and armed forces. It’s not that fighting wars started by ancient quranic or biblical people have kept modern society from moving forward, these wars were generally lost even if an army won the battle because they are mostly based on religious exclusivity. Trying to convince church members to give up the only thing many of them identify themselves with would be a waste of time, and start another war of words. The best solution is for each individual worshipper to become more here-and-now based and take their holy books be they Quran, Bible, Book of Mormon etc., with a grain of salt and judge for yourself what passages lean too far toward the edge… and not go there.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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June 22nd, 2014 at 1:57 pm

Wolves in Wolf Clothing

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by Chris Stevenson

Is it possible for a female to shoot herself in the head with a rifle? An M-16 assault weapon? Before you decide whether the shooting was before or after she poured lye into her vagina, snap her own neck, punch out her teeth, and set herself on fire, some of you will probably answer ‘well that depends on who told me.’ Well whether you know of this case or not, the US Army is telling you. Of course we all know the Army doesn’t lie. The specific case I’m telling you about is regarding a black female. Yeah sisters get depressed, but not that depressed.

Army officials are right now scratching their heads wondering why more than a few people out there don’t believe them, yet when I think of the ruling that passes itself off as a plausible explanation into the death of private first class (PFC) LaVena Johnson I can only think about Tawana Brawley and how the powerful white man (i.e. key decision makers) now has millions of people believing a young black girl can rape, beat, mutilate, and smear animal feces over her nude body and then stuff herself in a plastic bag. Of course this is their way of telling us not to ask questions, on the other hand I know of no one encased in white skin who is worth all that protection in exchange for acts of abuse, and murder. This of course includes any soldiers or officers in any branch of the military worth protecting, the answer is no.

The best way to find a suspect or suspects is to know specifically all the people who were in her platoon or regiment, because even if none of them were directly involved, what are the chances at least one of them knows someone who is? I understand the Army’s job is to protect democracy and not be a democracy. But for them to arrogantly expect people to take their conclusion that Pfc. Johnson committed suicide at face-value means they must be fantasizing they are the Watchtower Society and the rest of us are mindless door-knocking Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The lengths organizations go to, to protect reputations whether real, imagined, tainted or crushed into pieces is astonishing. The US Military has long been tied to corruption. Years ago near Buffalo, NY there was a similar situation, back on 3/4/98 Army National Guard Captain Gordon Hess of nearby Jamestown, NY was found in the bed of a creek with 26 stab wounds. After 13 whole months the Army Criminal Investigations Command and Armed Forces Institute of Pathology determined his cause of death to be “suicide.” Barbara Wolf on the other hand said it was homicide. Wolf is a Forensic Pathologist who worked on OJ Simpson and Flight TWA Flight 800. Now in all honesty, you shouldn’t have to be a Forensic Pathologist to suspect murder. Especially regarding 26 stab wounds. An Army captain wants to take himself out, he has access to a half dozen quicker and less painful ways. The same rule applies to Johnson.

Most of you out there will conclude 26 stab wounds is homicide, a no-brainer. Yet there are a large segment of people out there that will deeply resent you for it, if an official ruling says differently self-appointed status quo followers with no dog on either side will go for the official ruling and defend it to the death if necessary. What about the military community? Reporters from “Essence” magazine (which used to be a journal devoted to black women) and other major news reporters were chased away. Understand Pfc. Johnson’s evidence is more glaring than Capt. Hess.



It’s not so much the idiocy of the ruling that bothered me back then. This was/is Buffalo, a lot of people here were good with it. If we try to stop others from uncovering the truth based just on ‘people won’t like this’ we would have to examine ourselves, we would still be living in medieval times if we listened to them.

LaVena’s killer(s) seem to be the most meticulous forensic-cloaking suspects in history. Other than the aforementioned condition, she was found “completely dressed in the burning tent. There was a blood trail from outside a contractor’s tent to inside the tent.” One doesn’t just brutalize themselves, pour acid over their private area and get dressed do they? What needs to be found out is not just who the killer or killers are, but who are the “high officials” that stopped her homicide investigation and re-classify it a suicide. There is reportedly strong evidence out there.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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June 13th, 2014 at 8:50 pm

There’s No Place like (retractable) Dome

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by Chris Stevenson

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz’ said in his column  in the Amherst Bee that the 2013 lease agreement will keep the Buffalo Bills playing in Erie County through “at least 2020.” Problem is, they’re not the Erie County Bills. Buffalo is the major city within Erie County.

Since we’re on the subject of 2020 there’s also UB 2020; the plan to expand Buffalo’s medical corridor directly through Buffalo’s black community-especially the area known as the Fruit Belt-which includes immediate segments of the East Side. Many local African Americans see it as a plan to bring white professionals and laborers back into the same city they were so anxious to get away from during the ‘60’s, ‘70’s and ‘80’s, with plenty of freshly-built new homes waiting for them. Make up your minds will you. The question is, what will happen to the blacks who were born and raised downtown like myself? Will most be gradually forced out into the surrounding towns, or shelved into some remote area of the city? Here’s one more angle, some of the proponents of what I call Bring Whites Back to Buffalo (BWB2B) still want the the Bills to continue playing in the stadium out in Orchard Park.

If these UB 2020 planners and their supporters want a bang for their buck it would only seem natural to support the plan of the Greater Buffalo Sports Entertainment Complex (GBSEC) who’s principles are financing a brand new state of the art retractable-dome stadium on the Outer Harbor just behind downtown Buffalo. This is a scenario most cities would find to be naturally logical and in flow with their plans, but not Buffalo. There are 2 reasons for this. 1- UB 2020 is really a means of gentrification. 2- Poloncarz and those who support his outlandish and expensive Ralph Wilson Stadium renovation don’t like where the idea of the downtown stadium comes from, a man outside their inner circle from Buffalo’s east side, Patrick Freeman. Freeman is the talk radio/TV/Youtube host who is the latest to push the idea of a downtown facility, he is also the Sports Director for WUFO.

Freeman is not just some guy from the street corner spewing  ideas. Anyone wanting to know who initiated the idea of merging Harvard Cup football into the Sectionals can look no further than him. Poloncarz is trying to de-legitimize his plan although the people Freeman has brought onboard to finance the new facility offer a much more economically feasible option to the county. Although Poloncarz has met privately with Freeman he has very intentionally steered clear of including him on two of his new stadium boards. Nicholas Stracick and George Hasiotis are perfectly prepared to start breaking ground. And the time is running out for key officials in light of Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson passing away, and additional offers being made by others who have their own ideas for purchasing the Bills and plans for their own stadium that are not in the best interest of Buffalo.

Apparently $800 million in payroll salary just during the construction phase is just too farfetched (translated: too good) for the City of Buffalo. In a recent interview with me on my show “3600seconds” Hasiotis stated his goal was to make Buffalo “integrated and thriving.” This is no-doubt part of the problem with this proposed project with too many around here. They scoped this plan with the same black and white binoculars they used during Obamacare and see an underlying plot to benefit blacks. “The Horror, The Horror.” LOL! some of these geniuses will see the Bills go to Toronto or LA before they do that. Buffalo has high crime, due mostly to high unemployment. What is poor Eyewitness News going to report if the crime rate drops? UB 2020’s purpose will be defeated if a lot of black employees are able to afford those nice homes and apartments being built around the medical corridor. Can’t have that.

Yet another question arises as to how do you wake up a city so historically against itself? Current issues in Buffalo center around race that can be safely considered an immediate and long-range fear of black achievement; the recent schoolboard election, police brutality is again rearing it’s ugly head for the long (somewhat) hot summer here, the racial makeup of key boards, job hiring, secret meetings, and the shut-down of a state corruption commission by the same governor who proposed it. To change Buffalo means to change the mentality of maybe half the population and decision makers. This is a northeast city, but anytime a northern metropolitan city has pretty much equal to or more country music stations than rock music stations (four- WYRK, WCJW, WXRL, and WLVL) this can give you a shortcut to the local prevailing political views. I’m not attacking personal tastes in music, just drawing comparison. There’s a feeling in urban Buffalo that the whites just want to stick us in a corner somewhere so they can reap all the benefits and dosey doe amongst themselves.

According to the Buffalo News a lot of the new $130 million facelift for the Ralph was designed by the fans. Nothing like having some of the same people who get drunk and slide down the railing now helping out with renovation blueprints. Seriously, 70 % private investments toward a new stadium is not impossible. Los Angeles has a proposal by Ed Roski and Majestic Realty for a 75k seat complex with luxury suites, club seats, and sponsorships at 100% private funds. Most likely LA will be granted an existing team (Don’t imagine the Bills aren’t one of the teams they’re looking at). An article by John Kryk says “some of the chains binding the Buffalo Bills to Ralph Wilson Stadium could raise an ocean-liner’s anchor.” Oh really? All Al Davis would do is go to court and have a judge piss on it. Robert Irsay would simply load his Mayflower trucks and say ‘later bitches.’ Non-relocating agreements aren’t new and started with Major League Baseball during the late ‘80’s. Before then Buffalo had a chance to land an MLB team and just sat and watched that fastball wiz by. I’m not saying the Ralph deal deal won’t work, I’m saying nothing in Buffalo is a lock, no matter who tells you it is. Freeman has seen how new downtown facilities work in other cities, if the NFL is as interested as they claim, then theres no place like dome.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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by Chris Stevenson &  E.C. Toth

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is deservedly taking some heat for disbanding an ethics investigation commission according to the Buffalo News. A commission that was his idea. No other state seems to love corruption as much as New York save for perhaps Illinois, Cuomo since his campaign has been promising to bring about change (as have most gubernatorial candidates), but once in office some way or another the song remains the same.

Claiming he formed the Moreland Commission to “pressure lawmakers into adopting ethics reforms” back on 7/2/13, it seemed they were poised to make the most complete exposure of entrenched public corruption in decades, only to make them pay the ultimate price for… well, doing their jobs, by shutting them down. Typical New York. If you root for government corruption this shutdown came just in time according to the News. “While the files contained some cases that could result in criminal prosecutions, there was nothing that was likely to result in scandals or arrests of high-profile officials.”

One prime agency of concern is located in Western New York and has been there since 1890. Gateway by their own account is a child and family service organization with a focus on orphaned and abandoned children. In 1996 they merged with the Longview Niagara Group to provide services to children and families through 18 different programs. Their E. Ferry location in particular has been cited for various improprieties; directors and officers using income and assets for personal gain, engaged in deceptive and improper fundraising practices, racial discrimination and workplace harassment and bullying, fraudulent use of public money and it’s subsequent cover-up through secret meetings. One wonders where Gateway_Longview (GL)  fits on Cuomo’s investigative commission or whether or not it’s even on the radar.

On a site oddly dated “July 25, 2014” (2 months in the future) Cuomo is quoted stating that crimes involving public corruption to be a “double crime” and a “separate and inexcusable offense” in contrast with other crimes: “Public corruption is a double crime. It’s the underlying crime and then it’s the crime of breaching the public trust.” Most likely the was a summer of 2013 statement. At any rate it seems the members of his blue-ribbon team  (Judge Frank A. Sedita III is a special advisor on the commission, as is former NYPD Ray “Stop & Frisk” Kelly) agree with him, and that’s part of the problem. A couple of them have broken rank with their own views and disclose they feel he’s the one that’s corrupt. One of them is Onondaga County Executive Joanne Mahoney. At that time told Capitol Tonight host Liz Benjamin: “I think the Moreland Commission is making a mockery of this whole process if we pretend that a group of us that’s been appointed by the attorney general and the governor is investigating the attorney general or the governor.”

Another skeptic of Cuomo only saw politics behind the commission’s purpose: “Andrew Cuomo see’s the Moreland Commission as a tool to punish his political opposition. When it comes to his friends, Cuomo pulls his punches for political purposes” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox during the time the state Board of Elections voted to investigate campaign finance violations by the Western New York Progressive Caucus. Cox feels that Cuomo’s commission can’t help but be corrupt since the man that formed it is corrupt. The Moreland Commission is also said to have ignored complaints from County Legislature Betty Jean Grant and former Legislature Tim Hogues having no-doubt to do with illegal coordination of campaign activities.




GL garnered the building at 347 East Ferry for a $1.00 from the YMCA in 2006’ with a specific condition.  The condition of that $1.00 purchase was that Gateway maintained an Advisory Board which is comprised of community members. Like Frank Wills who was just doing his job during the Watergate Scandal of June ’72, the Gateway-Longview Family Resource Center Advisory Board members are doing their job.

The law provides criminal penalties for official corruption, and the government generally must implement the law effectively. There were isolated reports of organizational corruption occurring at Gateway-Longview that the Family Resource Center Advisory Board attempted to investigate for over two years while working with the Director, Managerial hierarchy (VP’s and CEO), and the Gateway-Longview Board of Directors. The web of privilege and deception has been woven into a fabric of corruption in the following ways: Corruption: Nepotism, corrupt financial and legal practices exist. The GL Board of Directors and the New York State auditing agencies are responsible for combating organizational corruption.  The New York State auditors are aware of the misappropriations of funds under former Gateway CEO James Sampson’s leadership which continues in his absence.  Private deals are being cultivated to devise a payback system that imbues the least amount of negative impact on Gateway’s operations; business as usual.

Whistleblower Protection: Gateway-Longview’s Whistleblower Protection Team is comprised of the same individuals who have engaged in practices of discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the workplace.  Although Gateway-Longview touts there are specific laws that provided protection for public and private employees for making internal disclosures or lawful public disclosures of improprieties there are special rules for people of color.

Financial Disclosure: There are financial disclosure laws, regulations, or codes of conduct requiring officials to disclose their income and assets as it pertains to the 501(c) 3 IRS regulations.  GL has exercised a cooperative but resistant attitude toward providing the Gateway-Longview Family Resource Center Advisory Board financial information has it pertains to the Gateway-Longview Family Resource Center.

Public Access to Information: The law provides for public access to not-for-profit organizational information, but the organization has not complied with several written requests made by the Family Resource Center Advisory Board.  Requests for access originally were met with the marginalization, then threats, special rules, and finally a physical lock out from the building 347 East Ferry.

Public Appeal:  The Gateway-Longview Family Resource Center Advisory Board has contacted many public officials with their concerns namely:  US Attorney’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, EEOC, The State Department of New York Comptroller, The County Legislator Representatives, The New York State Assembly Representatives, The City of Buffalo Masten District Councilman, The ‎Executive Director, City of Buffalo’s Commission on Citizens’ Rights & Community Relations, NYS Department of Human Rights, The Internal Revenue Service, The State Department of New York and a plethora of others.  The requests are simple from the Advisory Board Members that forensic accounting is performed targeting the last decade during the Sampson reign and that a Commission be installed.

Due to the numerous shared concerns from citizens who felt they had been discriminated against the Family Resource Center’s Advisory Board Members filed formal complaints.  The members exercised their social responsibility and reported to those public officials and agencies that must be dutiful and investigate formal complaints.  The goal is to work to change the culture of entitlement and discrimination, examine the recent past and current financial climate in which this organization operates, and of course and most importantly investigate the condition of the children.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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May 8th, 2014 at 8:25 pm