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Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Save my Knees & a Roof Over My Head

Gloria Needs Our Help! Please Contribute to her GoFundMePage:     Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All: This has been a very challenging period for me. Most of you know me from FaceBook, and others know me…

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HBCUs Don’t Need New Negroes –

They Need Black Leadership: Lincoln University Historical Preservation Victory in Context       by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All: Just in case you missed it, I’m posting a copy of an article that recently appeared…

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Ethnic Cleansing Comes To Harlem

and The Rest Of NYC       by Gloria Dulan-Wilson (this is a reprint of a 2004 column. Pay Attention Buffalo!) On Sunday, January 27 broadcast of LIKE IT IS, Brother Shikulu Shange told…

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