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Karima Amin

Out of Sight… Out of Mind

  by Karima Amin Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. is an organization that takes the time to acknowledge those behind the wall. Men, women, and children who are imprisoned are important. Sadly, we have a…

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It’s June Again!

  by Karima Amin Without even looking back at my notes, I can recall, almost word-for-word, what I wrote a year ago. I wrote about this being a month of celebrations, graduations, weddings, family reunions,…

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Organizing for Liberation (Part 2)

    by Karima Amin Last month, we screened the beginning of “Panthers” (1995). This film, though fictionalized, showed the beginnings of an organization, “The Black Panther Party for Self-defense,” that was organized by a…

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    by Karima Amin As Black History Month begins to draw to a close, I am compelled to review the kinds of presentations that I have delivered and witnessed which referenced the African’s desire…

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Welcome to 2017

    by Karima Amin Happy New Year, Family! We trust that the last month was good for you. Ours was filled with family, friendship, fun and a focus on the life-affirming principles of a…

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Ending On a High Note

    by Karima Amin Every year in November, at our last meeting of the year, we try to end on a high note. The work has been good but the New Year seems uncertain…

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Young Folks Steppin’ Up

    by Karima Amin   I hate labels but I have become more accustomed to a few as I’ve earned some perks because of my age. I am a “Baby Boomer.” Depending on the…

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Attica 1971… Never Forget!

    by Karima Amin For 11 years, Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. has devoted time and space to the Attica Uprising of September 1971. At our September monthly meetings, we have featured films, live…

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