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Patrick Freeman

Buffalo Bills Mock Draft #2

    by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills are now moving towards the point of clearing of roster spots of veterans so that they can replace them with free agents or through the draft. The…

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James J. Freeman MD PhD

    by Pat Freeman James J. Freeman MD PhD was the first black to graduate from the University of New York at Buffalo with both MD and PhD in 1974. At the time of…

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The Fascist State of Trump

  by Pat Freeman   The Mighty O’Ba   The United States of America has ushered in a Fascist government under the so called leadership of Donald Trump. Malcolm reminded us that history is most…

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Buffalo Bills Off-Season 2017

    by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills begin another tumultuous off-season filled with the usual uncertainty of where this organization is headed. The new owners Kim and Terry Pegula are approaching their third year…

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Destruction of the Black Community

    by The Mighty O’Ba Pat Freeman There was a time when our economic destination was mostly controlled by people that looked like us, but now foreign investments are strategically targeted towards our dependence….

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