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Playthell Benjamin

Did Putin Hack the US Election?

Malcolm Nance thinks so… and Electors Want to Know       by Playthell Benjamin As I write a group of electors led by Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nancy Pelosi, and elector from California, have…

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The Day After…

Cuba beyond Castro!     by Playthell Benjamin As the Cuban Revolution neared its 50th anniversary, much speculation occurred regarding what course Cuban society will take once its aging leader Fidel Castro passes from the…

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It Was Bound to Happen!

Reflections on the New Russian Missiles       by Playthell Benjamin Often virtually alone among American pundits, I have repeatedly warned about the danger of NATO expansion into Eastern Europe. My abiding fear is…

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On the Second Presidential Debate:

Hillary vs Donnie     by Playthell Benjamin This debate proved several things: Hillary Clinton is eminently qualified to be president; Trump is a shameless bullshit artist who cannot restrain his contempt for women even…

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The End of the World is Near!!!

Sixty Minutes Exposes the Doomsday Machine       by Playthell Benjamin This is an exceedingly strange political season where the bizarre has become common place. For instance a New York real estate huckster and…

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Hillary Speaks to the Vets

Making a Pitch for the Military Vote     by Playthell Benjamin Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop at an American Legion convention in Ohio on Wednesday, a pivotal state in the coming presidential elections. …

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Donald Trump’s Economic Plan: SOS!

Trump’s Message is same old Republican Shit       by Playthell Benjamin It is both accurate and charitable to say that Donald Trump’s new economic plan presented before the Detroit Economic Club last Monday…

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No Picture

Hail and Farewell!

President Obama on the State of the Union   by Playthell Benjamin President Obama leaves the Washington scene as he entered: A brilliant and humane visionary promoting policies that will benefit Americans and the world….

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