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Central Park Wrongs Still Uncorrected

by Alton Maddox Jr.

This past Sunday, the New York Post ran a puff piece concerning the three accused rapists in the Duke rape case entitled “Duke guy’s dramatic comeback”. In short, white supremacists have rallied behind them to ensure that they would succeed in life and to maintain sexual domination over Black women.

Moreover, they are suing for $30 million and the white prosecutor was disbarred for withholding allegedly exculpatory evidence because the victim is a descendant of enslaved Africans. This is unprecedented in a case involving a Black victim and white suspects.

Actually, no court of law had the power to clear them of the rape charges. Instead, they were defined as victims of prosecutorial misconduct. They were simply relieved of the rape charges but no judge nor jury had the power to clear their names.

Most Blacks go to prison despite the presence of exculpatory evidence which is typically never disclosed. If a prosecutor is caught withholding exculpatory evidence, it is initially called “harmless” error when the defendant is Black and any subsequent trial usually ends in a conviction. Contra. Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska.

In the trials of the five defendants charged with raping Patricia Meili in Central Park in 1989, DNA tests revealed that they were innocent. This finding was of no moment in aborting the criminal trials. Five defendants were convicted in 1990. The sixth defendant pled guilty in 1991.

The indictment against the seventh defendant was dismissed for violating his right to a speedy trial. Sensing that these young men were being framed, I demanded an immediate trial at arraignment. This legal strategy started the speedy trial clock for only my client.

When the Scottsboro Boys were prosecuted, there may have been only two Black lawyers in Alabama. Those lawyers were certainly not disclosing their identities nor their whereabouts when the Scottsboro Boys were arrested and summarily convicted of raping two white women.

The U.S. Supreme Court would reverse these convictions in Powell v. Alabama under the Sixth Amendment. They were unable to find competent and zealous counsel in Alabama. Powell v. Alabama was the seminal case in right to counsel cases.

It was certainly after World War II that Alabama would permit a lawyer to file a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of a Black person. The filing of a civil rights lawsuit against a white person was a sufficient ground for disbarment. Black lawyers could also be beaten.

Attorney Arthur Shores was beaten in a courthouse for challenging white supremacy. A.A. Garner of Montgomery, AL was given twenty-four hours to leave town for defending a Black newspaper editor for suggesting that white women wanted Black men.

Nearly sixty years later in the Central Park case, New York came close to approximating Alabama. Only four Black lawyers showed up for combat duty and all four were disciplined. Three of the attorneys were disbarred.

If Blacks were capable of connecting the dots, they would readily conclude that Blacks in New York neither enjoy legal nor political representation. The absence of the right to legal and political representation amounts to voluntary servitude and exceeds the Tenth Amendment.

It is interesting that I could save one of the defendants in the Central Park case but 2.5 million Blacks including leading Blacks could not save the other five defendants. Something is wrong with this picture especially since the governing structure in the Black colony has decided that I am persona non grata.

Blacks in New York generally opposes anyone who will go toe-to-toe with their slavemasters. Malcolm X understood Blacks in New York very well. After Malcolm X was assassinated, Black churches immediately displayed the “Not Welcome” sign. His only “crime” was telling the truth.

This is not allowed in New York. See, for example, Alton Maddox accusing Steven Pagones of being a rapist. A predominately white jury in Dutchess County found that I had not defamed Pagones but most Blacks including some members of UAM will not touch me with a ten-foot pole.

To nearly a person, all leading Blacks in New York are liars in addition to being corrupt. They will not only lie, however, on other Blacks but will remain silent when whites double speak. The master-servant relationship requires obedience.

These leading Blacks will forsake their own children for white supremacists. They must accommodate Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This is happening in the Central Park 6. Blacks feel no pain nor suffering for the current, impoverished predicament of those young men.

Former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau told Dr. Calvin Butts, U.S. District Court Judge Sterling Johnson and C. Vernon Mason, in my presence, that I was the only Black person in New York City with the guts to challenge him.

This explains why six young men have never received compensation for those wrongful convictions twenty years ago this year. Instead, we refuse to finance and endorse our own children. We have no standing to challenge the dress code of young people.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney, but he has yet to lie about anything. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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2 Comments on "Central Park Wrongs Still Uncorrected"

  1. “Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today's Black Press.” You mean…too CRAZY and risible for any rational person!

  2. “Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today's Black Press.” You mean…too CRAZY and risible for any rational person!

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