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Charles “Wacko” Wasko Must Resign, Immediately!

If Not Sooner



by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Hello All:

“ANOTHER RED NECK REPUGLYCONS REARS HIS UGLY HEAD IN WEST YORK, PENNSYLVANIA – ERSATZ MAYOR WACKO WASCO TRIES TO INSULT PRESIDENT OBAMA” was going to be the original headline of this post. Now, I know this is not a politically correct headline – but I thought that in this instance, one bad deed deserved another. And, I know it would have been a departure from our beloved first lady, Michelle Obama’s policy of going high, when the lunatic fringe goes low.

But in this instance, I thought, someone needs to just take a stand for President Obama, and put these ignorant folks on notice: We don’t and won’t roll over and play dead or turn the other cheek when you attack one of ours. And while President Barack Obama is indeed the president of all these United States, and deserves the allegiance and respect of all American citizens; he is still one of ours!! And, quite frankly, I was furious that this idiot thought it was okay to do something like this in the first place.

That said, I finally cooled off, thought better of it and put a slightly less incendiary headline on my blog. LOL The one you see at the top is the original headline. Didn’t want it to go to waste.






it is even more insipid, heinous, and egregious when an individual, who has been elected to represent a community, turns out to be ignorant, unprofessional, racist, and divisive. That is a person who belongs somewhere in the back hills of the Appalachians, not in a position or authority or responsibility. It does not matter if his community has 1 or 100,000 residents – his reprehensible behavior is an affront to the President, and an embarrassment to his constituents, all that he is supposed to represent.

We are more than well aware of the racist behaviors and attitudes of the repuglycon party (hence the new appellation I gave them 8 years ago: Rep = repugnant + ugly = well, UGLY + con = con artists – thus the new name of the Republican party is now repuglycon with a lower case “r”), after they made it clear that they were going to try to make President Obama’s term a one-term presidency; and that they were going to oppose everything he did, no matter how correct or important it was for the American public. It appears that they have spoors scattered throughout the US – particularly in Pennsylvania – from the lowest level – such as Wacko Wasko, – to the ersatz US Senator, Toomey, who has done little to benefit the Pennsylvania constituents who have consistently voted to return him to DC, where he continues to block legislation that would benefit the state.

That is why I am so proud of Pennsylvania State Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown, president of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus for taking action and making the concerns and displeasure of the caucus known. Likewise, State Representative Kevin Schreiber, of York, PA, who came forth to voice his disdain for such insipid behavior.





Wasko and Pennsylvania State Rep, Vanessa Lowery Brown, Chair of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus.

The sad thing about this is that he’s been flying low under the radar posting these racist images for quite some time. If you read the article on my blog, you’ll find that he posted some of his commentaries on FaceBook as far back as February! This is a clear indication that he felt that he could be as bold as he wanted to be and no one would either notice or care; and that there would be little to no consequences – after all, he’s an ersatz “mayor.”

What’s needed, now, however, is the demand for Wasko’s resignation from office, immediately, if not sooner, and replacement with an individual who truly represents the interests of the community regardless of who they are. Additionally, he should apologize to President Obama, the First Lady as well.

It’s clear that when communities elect miscreants such as this one, they either don’t care, they did not appropriately vet him to make sure he was intelligent, sane and competent; or they are so mired in their repuglycon loyalty that they’d rather scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with scum, than to put some one in the position that will do them honor, and expand the mission of the community – SMH

This is all the more reason why we have to vote HILLARY CLINTON for president, but also make sure we focus on local elections in our communities as well. We have to make a clean sweep and get these throwbacks to neanderthal mentalities out of office – from dog catcher, to school board, to mayors, to governors, to US House of Representatives to US Senate – they gotta go!!!



Stay Blessed &

bullet Columnist Gloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:” www.gloria-dulan-wilson.blogspot.com

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  1. Get his racist a** out of office…the monkey is you racist LOSER

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