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Current NBA Player Jason Collins, a ten (10) year plus veteran in the NBA wars, admits he’s Gay

in an interview with Sports Illustrated. How about that and what do you think about the announcement coming today?






by Zachary Husser

I’m happy for anyone who makes an announcement about something they’ve hidden for decades if it makes them feel better or free! Just weeks ago, Earvin Johnson III, the son of Earvin “Magic” Johnson, made a public announcement declaring his sexuality. The Younger Johnson let the “World” know he was Gay and proud of it. The Young Johnson was 21 years old, but Jason Collins is about to be 34 years old. I mention both announcement to put things in prospective for all of you and myself. Additionally, Earvin Johnson, Jr. is not a “Public Figure,” but Jason Collins is.

The “Professional Sports World” has been taken by surprise because Jason Collins is the “First” active Professional Player in the NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL to say something about their sexuality during their playing career or potential continuation of a career. David Stern, the Commissioner of the NBA states the League is “Tolerant” of all diversity. He also says that the “Collins Twins” have been model Citizens since entering the NBA in early 2001. In short, Jason Collins didn’t cause any problems for the NBA on or off the court. Now, his announcement that he’s Gay is just another part of what makes Jason Collins who he is.

Well, I don’t believe the NBA is so “Tolerant” because we’re dealing with the Good Old White Boys Club and based on previous ways the owners have dealt with any diversity, I don’t believe any Team in the NBA is going to sign Jason Collins to another contract. I believe Jason just ended his career in the NBA, but we’ll see if I’m correct or wrong when the 20013-20014 NBA Season starts. Will Jason Collins be on a NBA roster? The signing of another contract to a NBA Team will tell All of Us about the NBA Diversity claim that Commissioner Stern made! I can’t wait to see the answer, but I do salute Jason Collins for being Brave. However, it doesn’t matter to me if he made an announcement or not. I say everyone’s sexuality choices are their business and I have absolutely nothing to do with that personal business! What do YOU think??
In the Interest of Diversity in Our Lives.

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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