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Dear Mr. President: While in Afghanistan, Napalm the Poppy Fields

by Chris Stevenson

When it comes to news regarding Afghanistan, much of it is news reports and commentary relating to troop escalation. Many of us know how back in late March President Barack Obama approved of 21,000 more troops to be sent there. We have heard recent reports and debate concerning Obama sending 13,000 more troops etc., from a month ago (10/13). What has been conspicuous by it’s omission is any major news reports of plans from Washington to destroy Afghanistan’s far-famed poppy fields; those silent death fields that supply two thirds of the world’s opium (heroin). Defense Secretary Robert Gates once said “You have to find a crop to replace the poppies or every farmer becomes a Taliban recruit.” This is the same guy that worked under Bush (since 12/18/06), using Bush-like dogma in hopes of delaying heroin plant incineration. Why in the world would President Obama keep him on, wouldn’t this be a compromise of his principles and future political directions?

Gates goes way back to the first Bush Administration (George H.W.) and was a 26-year CIA veteran, It’s not just who you know, it’s what you know. Can Obama trust a former member of an organization and Administration to assist him in cutting drugs at it’s roots, when the record shows both of those parties to be key factors in the influx of illegal narcotics.

Hillary Clinton made an interesting statement about Mexico months ago if you remember, pinpointing America as the primary blame for their success in transporting illegal drugs past our border: “It is drug demand in the United States which drives the drugs north across the border. If there was not such a high level of demand it wouldn’t be so profitable and you wouldn’t have these drug gangs fighting for territory because they make so much money selling drugs to Americans.” Understand Hil’s words. “Drug demand in the United States.” When she mentioned the US she wasn’t talking about the government, she was referring to the consumer (She could have mentioned whether or not her husband had an alleged role in this as detailed in the book “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA” by Terry Reed, but that’s another column). My solution to illegal drug importation is to go after the source, after all, as Secretary Clinton inferred, war has been declared and the Americans have been targeted. You can only kill the demand by destroying the supply. You can only kill the snake by cutting off the head.

President Barack H. Obama should napalm (fire bomb) all poppy and coca fields made for the specific purpose of manufacturing heroin, cocaine and other narcotics. What better place to start than in Afghanistan where Obama is escalating a US presence anyway (something about defeating al Qaeda and maybe finding some dude named bin Laden). ‘Bama, Bomb the Poppy Fields! Of course there will be those of you who will think this idea is wacked, but there has been reports that Obama has been planning this for some time. Some of you think Barack’s hands are more tied than the town and city judges under the old Rockefeller laws, others will note the web of beneficiaries of illegal narcotics importation; the various urban police departments, the US judicial system, the prison industrial complex. This is a chance for America to succeed where the black and Hispanic single mother has failed; once the street supply dries up, her little pants-sagging/street corner brat will be forced to find a real job or start a business manufacturing or selling legal goods. These boys claim to be tough so it should be no problem to adjust right?

Who will hate this drug-strike? White conservatives, many who secretly felt secure or amused knowing the police were arresting an exorbitant amount of black boys. Expect people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Tammy Bruce etc., to really reach with some twisted dialogue about Obama being a tyrant because he destroyed some Middle Eastern or South American families livelihood. Ignore them. My suggestion is nothing new by the way, as of 2006 when the United Nations estimated that poppy production increased 59% (407,000 acres), they now supply 92% of the world’s opium. Since then the Afghan government began talks of eradicating the fields. Believe it or not, opium poppy cultivation is illegal by their laws.

Before the brutal war against the Soviets, Afghanistan’s primary farming export was grapes and raisins. It’s not as if the farmers should or would be left hanging. I’m sure Obama can find a way to work it out with the Afghan government to clear the way for the US to do a strike or joint strike to destroy those fields. The same plans should be made for nations that funnel illegal drugs through Mexico. According to the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, 90% of cocaine sold in the US in ’04 came through Mexico. They were also the no.2 suppliers of heroin. Mexico has been the focus of much attention in the news recently, the old drug producing nations like Peru, Bolivia and Colombia still grow, manufacture and process cocaine, they just use Mexico to transport their product into the US.

“What is happening in Mexico, some experts say, is similar to Colombia in the late 1980’s, when powerful drug cartels carried out assassinations and otherwise terrorized the county,” according to an article by Bill Rodgers. Mexico’s biggest produce is marijuana and humans (illegal aliens), it’s the traffic they allow in that’s the problem. Last year there were 6,000 drug-related murders in Mexico, most of these killings are based on US demand (Mexican President Felipe Calderon said ‘90% of Mexico’s weapons come from the US). President Obama, if you really want change, if you want to cut down on the years it will take to shut down the oncoming drug cartels and street gangs, if you truly want to halt another drug influx like that in the late ’80’s-early’90’s, then let your fighter pilots have some fun, cut ’em loose on the drug fields, napalm the poppy and cocoa fields and demand them to stop. Now that’s a “Sound of Freedom” quite a few of us can relate to.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear in the Buffalo Challenger. Follow him on Twitter & Facebook. Contact him by replying on the link below.

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3 Comments on "Dear Mr. President: While in Afghanistan, Napalm the Poppy Fields"

  1. Anytime we can reduce the illegal drug supply is a step forward but long term it won't make a difference. Clearly, Afghanistan doesn't have the legal infrastructure to govern the countryside. We should help Afghans help themselves or spray Anthrax on the poppy fields and make them unusable for 100+ years.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Like this.. However, this has been going on for decades even if the the fields are bombed these countries will find another way. Seems as though the “drug suppliers” are not feeling the recession. What's wrong with that picture!

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