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Departure Follows Second Major Embarrassment

by Richard Prince

Vivian Schiller resigned as president and CEO of NPR, its board of directors announced Wednesday, a day after news broke of a sting by conservative provocateur James O’Keefe in which a surreptitiously recorded video showed the head of NPR’s fundraising arm saying that members of the tea party movement are xenophobic and racist and that NPR would prefer to do without subsidies provided by the federal government.

The fundraising executive, Ron Schiller, no relation to Vivian Schiller, had already decided to step down but made his departure immediate after revelation of the sting. He had planned to start work with the Aspen Institute on April 1, but on Wednesday the institute said he decided not to take the job in light of the controversy over the video, current.org reported.

Vivian Schiller rushed back to Washington from New York Tuesday to deal with the crisis, which occurred as public funding for public broadcasting was under attack by Republicans on Capitol Hill. Read More…

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