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Destiny Chooses Heroes











by Chris Stevenson

Strange days indeed. We began the day with news of a black everyman hero garnering nationwide praise for his split-second actions in the rescue of some young girls who were kidnapped, detained and tortured for well over a decade by an unassuming Hispanic school-bus driver, and close out the day with the report of a rare guilty verdict of a reasonably-attractive looking white female in a First Degree Murder case. Change you can’t depend on.

This is a day we can all learn from. Charles Ramsey proves that destiny chooses heroes, not popularity, not cosmetics, and-try as they may-not the police. Amanda and Jocelyn Berry, Georgina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, found it’s possible a black man can save them from pain and humiliation even though much of the country prefers to believe otherwise. And Jodi Arias found out she’s not Casey Anthony.


















Jodi Arias found out she’s not Casey Anthony-cs

HeadLine News’ (HLN) Dr. Drew wrote a column hinting that Jodi was not normal: “Arias never understood love or how to deal with the everyday give and take of a normal relationship,” given these facts what else is there but to kill your lover? At least this is now what she is on record as doing to Travis Alexander. Arias met Alexander in Sept. of ’06, they begin a relationship, two months later she joins his Mormon religion and moves to his state (AZ). They break up in June but their sexual relationship continues. Although calling herself a saleswoman and photographer she waits tables and cleans Alexander’s home for extra cash. In May of ’08 she moves back to California and in June 9th Alexander’s body was found in the shower by friends who said he had been shot in the head, slashed and stabbed almost 30 times. The pistol is evidently a stolen 25-caliber belonging to her grandparents.

Police found evidence linking Arias and some sex footage on his camera. She was actually on her way to Utah to to have a fling with another man she had just met, but she made a detour to Alexander’s home for the last time. An astute Grand Jury indicts her on First Degree Murder on her birthday 6/9/08. Her mannerisms after that would force even the most hardened pro-white juror to rule against her from that point. Most glaring is the changes of stories; initially she tells the media during jailhouse interviews that two masked intruders attacked her and Alexander, in August of 2010 she changes it to self-defense as a result of physical abuse. Now Alexander is supposed to be this evil woman-beater. What a dipstick. No overthinking or over-analyzation needed for this one folks. If I’m on that jury, I’m measuring her for the chair. The hero in the Arias drama is the jury, they had their problems, and lost a few, but they kept level-heads on a no-brainer case (no easy task nowadays) and voted unanimously.















The Castro Brothers L-toR Onil, Ariel, and Pedro- photo Cleveland Police Department-cs

On the other hand, the actions of Ramsey the night before in Cleveland made a huge difference in saving 3 women and one child. In spite of his hearing and responding to Amanda’s screams for help, representatives of the Cleveland Police Department are on a program of gradual revisionist history and began broadcasting she was the only hero the next evening. Me personally I find it hard to ignore a guy who sees a girl trying to get out of the house, he walks up to a porch, kicks the  door down with the help of  a woman named Angel Cordero, and sets her free and calls 911. Yet another news source The Smoking Gun have dug into Ramsey’s history and found some domestic violence incidents, and jail times for the same offenses. Cleveland police have a lot of balls too for trying to omit Ramsey as a hero. The Smoking Gun needs to make themselves useful and find out how Cleveland police failed to effectively follow-up on several calls from neighbors who say they contacted police in connection with reports of seeing naked women crawling in the backyard of a home with dog leashes being led around by three men-most likely Ariel Castro, Pedro Castro and Onil Castro-with the CPD arriving, but never having went inside. TSG also needs to look into why only Ariel is charged with a crime, and not his two brothers?

People on Facebook were upset by the CPD-snub of Ramsey, but I told them a lot of people still don’t understand how the nation’s police sets race policy for civilians. They literally tell you who to like and who not to like, who’s a hero and who’s not a hero. In cities or towns where there is some racial harmony between blacks and whites, police will step in and have dozens of ways to be racially divisive. They take much of this upon themselves. Racial harmony scares many of these urban cops more than crime does. Brother Ramsey said the “right thing” in public about giving the girls the reward money, but he still deserves a reward also. The Cleveland police refuse to wrap their minds around a hero who looks like most of the blacks they are trained to arrest.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentatorPolitical Affairs Magazine, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice and The Network  for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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1 Comment on "Destiny Chooses Heroes"

  1. Playthell Benjamin | May 10, 2013 at 11:28 am | Reply

    I have absolutely no interests in the Jody Arias case and could never understand the morbib public obsession with this murderous psycho bitch. As far as Ramsey is concerned I say its not like he scaled a mountain side to rescue them, or ran into a burning building, or disarmed a ticking time bomb, or even disarmed their captors. I agree with Ramsey’s own assessment of his deed. He was just being a responsible citizen and good neighbor. Are we so starved for heroes that any basic act of human kindness is to be considered heroic? Well I have much higher standards. And his record is what it is…altough i see no need to bring it up in this context and the “Smoking Gun” certainly was not trying to do him any favors. Yet they are just doing what they do, I would imagine that most of their subjects are white. In any case I have much larger concerns to occupy my time and energy.

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