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Don’t blame it on Rio, Blame it on Ray Ray

by Chris Stevenson

Back in 4/14/07 Chicago IL was selected by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the US bid city. Over two years later Chicago was eliminated from the first ballot in International Olympic Committee voting (over a month ago 10/2). A bid would have seen the the nation’s 2nd largest city awarded 1.1 billion dollars in building revenue. In spite of the potential financial gain sentiments among Chicago’s black community were divided, some feared the destruction of spacious Washington Park and the probable-forced move of the local black residents around it due to an anticipated gentrification.

In the end it certainly wasn’t black concerns that kept the oldest international sporting festival from Chi-Town, it was concern about blacks… black youths in particular. And that was an obstacle the President, the First Lady, the Mayor and some woman named Oprah couldn’t convince a committee of foreigners to jump over. The International Olympic Committee is just as they say they are, international. They are used to dictators (Hitler), terrorists, (Munich ’72, Atlanta ’96); organized groups of poor people who strike calculatingly and ruthlessly. The IOC no-doubt has dossiers on Arab terrorist, Euro terrorists, white American militia terrorists, Jewish terrorists, black African terrorists. What the IOC and their followers don’t know about is the unpredictable antics of “Pookie” and “Ray Ray.” My instincts tell me it was videotaped footage of a high school fight which showed several black youths engaged in open warfare, resulting in the brutal murder of a straight-A student just walking by.

The Pookie and Ray Ray incident in question I’m referring to of course is the 9/24 after-school fight that ended with the death of Derrion Albert just outside of Fenger Academy High School on Chicago’s Southside when some participants suddenly singled him out and began punching, kicking and one even attacked him with a railroad tie (huge lumber). During the week following the fight, footage was posted on YouTube and it became the wallpaper behind the Chicago celebrities stay in Copenhagen. Therein the reason for the IOC’s choice of Rio de Janeiro. It’s not that Rio is a garden spot, the choice was made before they were able to submit their own video-clip of a drug-gang war a few weeks later. Some say the fight wasn’t gang-related but based on 2 groups of students from “the Ville,” and Altgeld Gardens. Others say Albert was beaten for refusing to join a gang (pitching gang-membership during a gang-fight might be a tough sell… I’m just sayin’).

The real kicker (no pun intended) is, two of the 4 (Eugene Riley, Eugene Bailey, Silvonus Shannon, Eric Carson) local police fingered in the death were out of high school (perhaps even graduates) and were legally employed somewhere. Well, can’t let little things like adult responsibilities prevent us from participating in these all-important after school gang-fights, right. The IOC knows that during their youth, international terrorists didn’t kill their straight-A classmates, they made them their leaders and strategists. Black American boys do just the opposite and adhere to lower standards with each generation; bad is the new good, ignorance is the new knowledge, prison is the new college, black women are the new black men, black men are the new black women or new black child, good grades is acting white, bad grades is acting black. The new Civil Rights is the right of black boys to simply say “bitch.”

Most Pookies and Ray Rays are “raised” by a Shaniqua; a young urban black female immersed in Blue Tooth, blue hair, red weaves, purple nail extensions and texting. Actually she’s known to devote much attention to anything of color except her black sons. Shaniqua may seem like she stubbornly refuses to raise her boys by traditional family rules the way single-mothers of my day did. The reality is, how can she even know what that is? Pookie gets low grades, Shaniqua wants to fight the teacher. Ray Ray won’t listen to his high school basketball coach, Shaniqua gets mad at the coach. As time goes on Pookie and Ray Ray begin to think just like Shaniqua do; that which is raised by troubled black single woman, begins to think like a troubled woman. How so? They take everything personal (as troubled women do). They think almost every remark, look and greeting is a diss (as troubled women do). What confuses their peers is they lift weights and/or even carry a gun. Much of this downward spiral would be reversed if Shaniqua decided to get mad at Pookie and Ray Ray, but those are her “babies” she’ll argue. She’s right, her babies, her prison visits, her funerals, all hers. Police, lawyers, Judges, prison guards all depend on Shaniqua’s enabling. They make a great living off an army of incarcerated Pookies.

Solution: President Obama can go a long way in avoiding more international embarrassments from the black youth his community organizing didn’t have much effect on, by writing and pushing a Pookie and Ray Ray Bill. In fact call it the Derrion Albert Law; legislation that targets and incarcerates their indifferent or enabling mother and absentee father, if it is proven they weren’t actively involved in teaching them right from wrong. This measure must be undertaken irregardless of how the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons or Michael Eric Dysons will feel or say about it. It’s one thing to allow these youth to continue to destroy their blocks, it’s quite another to watch them cost their cities billions in economic aid.

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, his articles also appear in the Buffalo Challenger. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, you don’t have to join either. Contact him on the link below.

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  1. Sad but true. There are so many communities of “Pookie and Ray,Ray.” The sad reality is it's not getting any better. Scary. When you have babies raising babies w/out support; what do you expect.

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