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Feeling Threatened









by Allie Freeman

Here we go again ! Poor lil ole Ms. Ann
Feeling threatened by a black man
Way back when with the endslaved male
She was sneaky and sly ,looking and plotting
Have you forgotten ? Her man and your woman
Made Ms. Ann summon all the hate at a quickening pace
Control goes out the door.























Black intelligence , respect and honor eats at their very

So here we go
Ms. Ann , Mr. Charlie examine your minds
These are new progressive and often perilous times
We have a man at the top who is capable and works non-stop
If we are to save lives ,live in peace save this percious

Listen up ! We have no time to waste
You got to change your ways post haste.










Allie Freeman is one of Buffalo’s best kept poetic secrets, and the mother of 3 sons including Pat Freeman. You can contact her on her facebook page.

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