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Gloria’s Rebuttal to Paul Street’s Article on Sharpton



by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Mr. Street’s derogatory remarks ¬†about my friend, Al Sharpton, as well as his support of people rioting and looting as opposed to taking more constructive, permanent measures to rectify the problems in Ferguson that they themselves have allowed to go on for far to long, shows that he is most likely an agent-provocateur operating under the guise of an activist author. Trying to label Al as an FBI informant, when it was clear that Al was trying to rid the Black community of negro vipers who were selling drugs that were at the very heart of destroying the people he was trying to save, additionally shows me that he has already been bought and sold to the people who have the highest stake in our remaining divided and conquered – the white media – a/k/a the meanstream media – this article was not written for Black people, but for white readership who love taking pot shots at our Black leaders. And to have a “negro” write it is “so refreshingly objective” – really…! Apparently Street fills the bill nicely.

Funnily enough the rest of the world saw the wisdom in what Al said – especially Michael Brown’s parents.

Being a child of the 60’s myself, and having witnessed several riots (not “rebellions”) in my lifetime, I know the destruction, devastation and trauma that are left in their wake. We have all agreed in principle that riots are not the way to go – especially if we’re holding them in our own community. You want to see the lingering aftermath of a riot that was never rectified? Take a visit to Camden, NJ. After 50 years, they’ve just barely begun to reconstruct that town. If you are going to riot or rebel, take it to where the source of the problem is – in the neighborhood of the person who perpetrated the problem to begin with. The fact that riots are often contained in our own neighborhoods shows that our anger and frustrations are not utilized in a positive, constructive, and effective manner.

So if you know Mr. Street, please also let him know that we do not cast aspersions on those Black leaders who are in the forefront of trying to help get things rectified for Black people. Just like Jews don’t disparage each other, no matter how much they disagree with one another. We have yet to learn the lessons of divide and conquer. If he disagrees with Al, he should keep his commentaries respectful, constructive and succinct – not in an attack dog mode, reminiscent of the way whites talk about us. It then shows that his main purpose is to be his own shil for whites by trying to undermine what the Rev. has been able to set in place – a focused effort to make sure that there is both justice and peace.

If the people of Ferguson had their own stories of horror to tell, and had been enduring it for lo those many years, it could not have been that much of a burden to them, or they would have done something constructive long before Michael Brown was shot. They are in the majority thinking like a minority with handkerchiefs around their heads. They did not use either their intellectual, political, educational might to rid themselves of these vultures long before the murder of Michael Brown, and didn’t seem to be inclined to do much about it, other than riot (rebel) in the streets, to make their feelings know. This is the sign of a mentally captive people who didn’t get the message: “we’s free!” when it first went out; and ignored the memos over long periods of time, even thought there were apparently other signals that they no longer had to subjugate themselves to white supremacist racist police and judicial systems. NOW THEY COULD ELECT THEIR OWN, IF THEY USED THEIR SHEER NUMBERS TO VOTE THEM OUT, AND VOTE IN PEOPLE WHO WOULD BE MORE REPRESENTATIVE OF THEIR BEST INTERESTS. And I have to wonder if, even then, realizing that they had the majority, would they have voted in Black elected officials, or continued to be represented by “well meaning whites.”

No, don’t blame Al for trying to get the people out from under the gun sites of the militia. Because that’s exactly what had happened as a result of their reactionary response. And a red necked governor who had little to no concern about what Blacks wanted was prepared to have them open fire. It was only because the President sent in Attorney General Eric Holder, who’s staff is now sniffing up the skirts of all the legislators and arrest records of Ferguson, that prevented to bozo governor for actually have the militia open fire on innocent, misguide, and justifiably angry people.

If Ferguson does not have a strategy in place to excise all the current elected officials and replace them with people who look, walk, talk like them, but think a lot better than they do, then they’ve learned nothing form this horrific event. If they don’t have class action suits against Wilson, the police department, the police chief etc, for murder, aggravated assault, obstruction of justice, and a whole host of other egregious acts, then they’ve learned nothing. If they have not formed a National Action Network branch in Ferguson, replete with the legal team, training forces, etc., necessary to get the job done that they have not themselves learned how to do, then they will go back into the mode so often quoted by Brother Malcolm X where they “suffer peacefully.”

Street is the real problem here. Hopefully those who read his incendiary remarks will have enough sense to realize that this is the kind of stuff these guys get paid for, under the guise of being pro-Black.

Last point, don’t know where all these critics are when the problems are going down, when the rubber meets the road, and the victims are crying out for help – but I do know that so far Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are the only ones still out there taking care of business and fighting the good fight. Thus far, in this so-called 21st century of technologically savvy Blacks, they have not come up with one leader among them that has actively or actually done anything proactively to help Black people move forward.

In fact, it’s clear that if we loose either one of those Brothers the Black community is going to be hard pressed to replace them. It will take 100 of each of them to do the job each of those two men currently do independently.

Stay Blessed &

bullet Columnist Gloria Dulan-Wilson Is a veteran New York City Journalist. Her experiences, perspective & sense of history are an invaluable combination. “check out my blog:” www.gloria-dulan-wilson.blogspot.com

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