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At The Scope in Norfolk, VA, 07/16/16




by Sandra M. Hawkes

The Norfolk Jazz Festival held at the Scope venue on 7/16/16 was a sumptuous musical feast for the ears, eyes and a healing of the spirit. A local jazz band started the evening off with a little funk and jazz to warm up the crowd. The vast range of vocals and showmanship as performed by Vivian Green, backup singers and band was the perfect appetizer to stimulate the crowd’s appetite for what was yet to come.






The first course served up by Jeff Golub, Chuck Loeb and Everett Harp delighted, pleased and teased the audience. As longtime jazz musicians as solo artists or in a group with others their unique tastings of funk, jazz, and a whole heaping helping of heart and soul set the audience on fire. Everett Harp’s saxophone solo tribute to this long- time friend and mentor George Duke added spice to the mix. Jeff Golub’s mastery of multiple keyboards brung the funk with feeling as only he can and has consistently over the years. The backup band bad bass and drums rounded out the first course.

The main course of Gerald Albright and South Africa’s Jonathan Butler was a musical eargasm and tribute to God for their musical gifts which they shared so generously that night. Gerald and Jonathan Butler have played together for many years and their dynamic duo of saxophone and guitar harmony showed up and showed out from the first chord to the last note. Jonathan Butler’s call and response to the gospel of Jesus Christ through his life and music served as a powerful healing force in view of all we each are experiencing collectively and individually. Music is the powerful uniting force that touches and unites all of us if only for one night.

Sandi is a Freelance Writer, and Information Technology (IT) consultant based in Maryland. This is her 2nd column for the bullet.

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