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Illuminati Secret Societies Are Funding Terrorist Networks

by Alberta Parish

Recent news concerning a suspected suicide bomber who killed 31 people and injured countless others at the Moscow International Airport has set off a chain of events once more, which the globalists can then use to push their agenda of a global society with a global economy. The Illuminati secret societies are funding terrorist networks all around the world. They have Illuminati plants within each extremist terror organization be it Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, the Neo Nazis, and so forth. The Illuminati currently owns and operates all the drug cartels, which are extensions of terrorist organizations. Look how the drug cartels are slowly destroying the Mexican government, which was a long planned accomplishment of the secret societies, often operating in the name of open organizations and many times in covert organizations, which employ secret operatives to assassinate individuals. Illuminati secret societies have also funded the Ku Klux Klan, and the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler, its Chancellor. Although history tells us that Hitler was a devout Christian, this is a false history. Adolf Hitler was actually a devout occultist who was a member of the Thule Society, which is a secret society beginning in Germany in 1918. From the Thule Society came many members of the Nazi Party,which primarily funded World War 2.

There is no historical evidence that Adolf Hitler was ever a member of the Thule Society nor is there evidence that his lineage can be traced back to the Rothschilds, which is one of the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines. Since the Illuminati currently own all media outlets, they can put out false and misleading information. They can rewrite history, which is what they’ve been doing for over a century in this country. The lies we hear on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, HLN, and even Fox News are carefully assimilated by those who really control all media, even if the news anchors as well as those who report from the field are unaware of the amount of misinformation they’re feeding to the public.

A White House representative gave a statement concerning the terror attacks at the Moscow International Airport. He spoke about standing against those who would use terrorism to fund their political goals. The White House representative may not know this, but the people using terrorism to fund their political goals are members of the Illuminati secret societies.

The secret societies, dating back to antiquity, are the primary schools of occultism along with higher learning in every major field of study including psychological warfare and the supplanting of subliminal messages, which is Mind Control. Psychology warfare and the supplanting of subliminal messages have been achieved by way of hypnotism, telecommunication devices (including television and radio), the RFID chip, music, movies, so-called reality TV series, etc. Trauma-induced government programs have been using mind control techniques for decades. The CIA government project known as MK Ultra Mind Control, originating in the 1950’s, is still being used today despite the lie they’ve told about this government project having been discontinued.

Members of secret societies refer to themselves as the enlightened ones or illuminated ones, because they feel they are on a higher consciousness than most other peoples in the world. To some extent, they are right. These people are after all the ones who dominate most of society, including having control of major industries and being major distributors of goods and services. They control all forms of governments and even dictators. The illuminated ones are also on a higher consciousness, because they actively serve the gods that many people in the earth believe to still be mythological deities but are actually the “fallen angels” written about by peoples in various cultures throughout the ages. The names of these deities vary from culture to culture, but they’re essentially the same gods or fallen angels. The Hebrew Bible refers to these fallen angels as the Nefilim (which means Fallen Ones). The word giants have been inserted in the place of Nefilim in the King James Version Bible. But the Nefilim are actually the fallen angels who fell from the heavens. According to Sumerian cultural writings, these fallen ones are called the Annunaki, which means those who from heaven came to earth. The Sumerians had written about how the Annunaki had splashed down in the Persian Gulf area around 432,000 years ago, and had ruled over humanity. Historical records also tell how the Annunaki had genetically engineered Homo Sapiens by splicing their angelic DNA with that of an existing human race known as the Homo Erectus, who had originated in ..Africa.. millions of years ago. The Sumerians themselves were a dark race of people, and you probably didn’t know this before I told you because of the lies we’ve been taught in history books. You should also know that the gods who fell from the heavens had also cohabitated with human women. Think about the stories of gods/goddesses and demigods/demigoddesses in Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman mythology.

According to Greek mythology, the Titans were the primary gods and they produced children, who were the demigods/demigoddesses known as the Olympians. Zeus was a child of a Titan god and goddess. He was known as the god of the sky who ruled as a supreme being on Mount Olympus, which was located in the sky. The Egyptian god Horus is another god of the sky. The Watchers spoken of in the Book of Enoch are the angels whose habitation was in the sky before they came down to earth to cohabitate with human women. The Watchers are referred to as the sons of God in Genesis Chapter 6 and Verse 2. They left their lofty habitation in the sky, according to the prophet and scribe Enoch, and took wives for themselves. The women were impregnated by the Watchers, and produced children who became of a great statue. And they were brutal toward human men and women. These Watchers are a different group of fallen angels from the Nefilim who preceded them and were already in the earth before the arrival of the Watchers.

Secret society members aren’t the only enlightened ones. God has people stationed throughout the world that perhaps the Illuminati discard as being insignificant because they may not be Titans of industries, or they may not be well-known figures. However, they fail to realize that the people of God are the true stars of light, the illuminated ones, or the “Christ” Light-Bearers who are watching the signs and see every move of the Illuminati secret societies just as Christ saw and was subsequently crucified by members of the secret societies, which existed within the Judean leadership (consisting of the Sanhedrin, including the Pharisees and Sadducees), and the Roman government. In other words, the crucifixion of Christ was a collaborative deed between members of the Cabala, the Judean secret society existing in the Roman province of Judea, and the Illuminati Masons who controlled the Roman government. But of course history was rewritten and lies perpetuated to cover up the deeds of the secret societies. Such as what happened with the biblical account of Christ’s trial before the Sanhedrin. It is neither mentioned in the Gospels nor in other ancient historical records that members of the Sanhedrin who had Jesus brought to trial were also members of a secret society. Of course Jesus had knowledge of this secret society, which explains why they consistently plotted to have Jesus arrested and killed. The Gospel writers indicate how Jesus consistently spoke out against the Pharisees, Sadducees, and others in the Jerusalem ruling council. Jesus had referred to them as children of Satan.

The Cabala (Kabbalah) is NOT just the Jewish doctrine received by oral tradition. According to Wikipedia, the Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Rabbinic Judaism. In other words, the Kabbalah is a MYSTERY SCHOOL, and they practice the “Occult” in the name of Satan. The secret societies are mystery schools.

Biblical accounts only indicate that Jesus was arrested during the early morning hours after a great multitude of soldiers with swords and staves along with Judas Iscariot had come to take Jesus to the Jerusalem ruling council. Jesus was first taken to the High Priest’s house and later that morning to the Sanhedrin, (the supreme court of the Hebrews in ancient Israel), where He stood before the High Priest, Caiaphas. They accused Him of heresy and later had Him crucified by the Romans. Although the Gospels indicate that the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate felt that Jesus was innocent of any wrongdoing, he still had Jesus crucified. However, according to the Hebrew historian Josephus, Pontius Pilate was a cruel man and was insensitive to Hebrew customs. When Judeans protested his actions on a particular day, he ordered his soldiers to hide among the citizenry and when he had given a signal, his soldiers began beating and killing people. He was quick to crush insurrections in his province, and for this same reason he would’ve saw Jesus as a possible threat against the government. There is more Hebrew literature on Pilate. According to Philo, a Hellenistic Hebrew Biblical philosopher, he had written that Pilate was stubborn, inflexible, and had a cruel nature. He executed seditionists and insurrectionists without trial. He executed many Judeans, because he was of a savage nature. Pontius Pilate was controlled by Satan just as the Sanhedrin who had Jesus arrested and put on trial was controlled by Satan.

What you people need to realize is that secret society members exist within Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The Illuminati has infiltrated many Black Mega-Churches, and the evangelical churches. Just as the Illuminati infiltrated Judaism before Jesus was even born and subverted its teachings, the Illuminati have done the same in Christianity and Islam. The Illuminati’s agenda is to create as much opposition as possible on all sides in order to create wars on all sides in the name of the god each side worships in whatever name they choose to call this god. None of them are really worshipping the true and living God, because the wars they manufacture are not of God but of their own devices. Opposition created on all sides are the desired tools of which the Illuminati secret societies will use to destroy existing religious systems and bring about (by law) a new religious system.

Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter. This is her first essay for the bullet.

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6 Comments on "Illuminati Secret Societies Are Funding Terrorist Networks"

  1. wonder how you get your info and if you are the oppotion to the secret sociaty. we wont no the answer coz it will be a secret

  2. wonder how you get your info and if you are the oppotion to the secret sociaty. we wont no the answer coz it will be a secret

  3. i want gain illumination how should i go about it email dexedrine321@virginmedia.com

  4. i want gain illumination how should i go about it email dexedrine321@virginmedia.com

  5. There must be a clear connection between these secret societies and so-called 'The Dark Forces' and 'Anti-Christ.'

  6. There must be a clear connection between these secret societies and so-called 'The Dark Forces' and 'Anti-Christ.'

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