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I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed by Kyria Abrahams

Book Review by Brenda Lee

Kyria’s book, I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed, is a bittersweet recipe of the author’s excruciating adolescence combined with scorpion-piercing wit that may leave the average reader wondering: “Should I laugh or cry?” I found the book simultaneously sardonic while grossly disturbing. Because I too was once a Jehovah Witness teen who considered suicide as a means to escape the Watchtower’s strangehold, but instead self-medicated through introspective humor, the undertones of falling prey to a dysfunctional lifestyle upon leaving a dysfunctional family were eerily but predictably unavoidable.

The fact that Kyria has successfully shared her account with a flip of her strategic finger is indicative that she is on the road to recovery, purging the venomous sting of her painful past. I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed is definitely not for cultic narcissists. Go Kyria, my “prodigal” sister.

About Kyria:
Kyria Abrahams is the author of I’M PERFECT, YOU’RE DOOMED: Tales of a Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing (Touchstone, 2009).

Her humor has also been published in Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure (Harper Perennial, 2007) the THE BOOK OF ZINES: Reading From the Fringe. For two years, Kyria Abrahams was a regular columnist for Jest Magazine, where she was featured alongside performers and writers from The Daily Show and Chappelle’s Show. She has been a past performer at alternative comedy shows like Eating It and Invite them Up, as well as literary readings like How to Kick People. She lives in Queens with an abused cat that she just knows will start to love her some day.
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About Brenda
This is one of the latest columns by author and mind control educator Brenda Lee. Her book “Out of the Cocoon: A Young Woman’s Courageous Flight from the Grip of a Religious Cult,” can be found at her site: www.outofthecocoon.net

She was the co-star of the documentary/reality series “The Secret Lives of Women” on WEtv. This site once carried all of her segments but experienced technical problems. The video segments will be re-posted soon.

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