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Is there a Similarity between Dick Jauron and Rex Ryan?



by Pat Freeman

This Sunday once again showed that Rex Ryan is not a good fit for the Buffalo Bills. From the day he was hired as the head coach of the local team Ryan’s staff has implemented their system on an already very talented roster. On last week he made the claim that he was running last year’s defense, and decided to return too what they do best. The latter claim is blatantly not true at all, and is a result of the internal criticism received from defensive veterans about the ineffectiveness of the Rex Ryan defensive scheme. The other criticism has been directed at Greg Roman’s offense which continues not to utilize the talents of the personnel we have at skill positions.

There is an abundance of talent on this roster which I believe is one of the best in the NFL. Very few teams can lay claim to the amount of talent stock piled on this roster by GM Doug Whaley. The problem is that the Rex Effect has come into play again by making some of the worse game decisions that I have witnessed since Dick Jauron was the head coach here. Well you know how that ended up here with three straight 7-9 seasons that left the faithful each here with the hope of improvement that never came. Because I’ve covered the Bills for the last 21 years and had the pleasure of getting a direct feel for how players feel about their head coach I have found a scary similarity between these two men.

Rex Ryan and Dick Jauron both come from distinguished careers as defensive coordinators, plus position coaches in the NFL. Both achieved early success as head coaches, but later became mediocre and were eventually terminated from their first head coaching opportunity. Both were given second opportunities that were filled with multiple free agent signings to strengthen their rosters to win now mode. Both were absolutely beloved by their players through out each respective team they served on. This desire to succeed for a coach generally will make a team win some games at the pro level. The question is can this style produce teams that have a winning pedigree about them at all times? This remains to be scene with the tenure of Rex Ryan just in its first year here in Buffalo , but the evidence of mediocrity is in the air in Western New York with the hope that it fades to success.

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