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Jeremiah Camara’s New Film “Contradiction” Screening A Huge Success!










by Alberta Parish

Last night, I attended the premiere of Jeremiah Camara’s new film “Contradiction” at the Porter Sanford Center in Decatur, and it was the best educational documentary I’ve seen in years. I have a small part in the hour and a half film featuring my ‘Jesus’ and ‘flaming sword’ tattoos…my personal religious symbols attained during a time in which I wasted countless years trapped in organized religion without knowing its true origin.

In 2010, I met Jeremiah at the Medu Bookstore in Greenbriar Mall where he was giving a lecture on biblical stories containing human atrocities condoned by the Abrahamic god known as Yahweh, and the many inconsistencies found throughout biblical texts. At that time, I was a Christian who sat and listened to everything Jeremiah said while in the back of my mind still believing in the story of Jesus.

Jeremiah talked about how black people have changed the ethnicity of Jesus to that of a black man, but the concept is still the same…belief in an imaginary deity and how blind faith in this deity has crippled the black community and keeps us from being self-sufficient.

Jeremiah and I had a brief conversation following his lecture during which time I told him that Jesus was a black man. He didn’t argue with me, but only listened.

It was not long after meeting Jeremiah when I began researching the origin of Christianity, the New Testament, and the historicity of Jesus. The reason I began my own investigative research to find the truth for myself was because a friend named Dawud told me that Jesus was not the son of god and did not die for the sins of the world. Immediately, I pegged Dawud for an atheist, and like most Christian women who are taught how not to be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever, I separated myself from Dawud.

During the eight months that I researched the origin of biblical stories and the man called Jesus whom I had been taught for much of my life to believe had washed away my sins, was crucified by the Romans and rose from the dead after three days, I discovered evidence through the works of Abelard Reuchlin, Joseph Atwill, David Icke, Francesco Carotta, and Jeremiah Camara that the biblical Jewish messiah of the New Testament never existed as a human being let alone a super-human and god-like savior.

Once I discovered that the core belief in the Christian faith was borne of an ancient fairy tale with a few plagiarized tidbits, I walked away from the Black Church in April of 2011. I also walked away from the belief in a supernatural deity that I had never seen who never answered my prayers. I no longer have the same fears as many believers carry daily – the fear of hell or not being good enough to enter paradise after I’m deceased.

Through independent research of the origin of biblical texts, I discovered that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did not write the gospels. All of the New Testament was written by a family of Roman aristocrats who were also scholars, authors, historians, moneyers (those who create money) and bankers. The Roman Piso family had invented the Jesus of the gospels along with his supporting cast – Joseph, Mary, John the Baptist, Elizabeth, the twelve disciples, Barabbas, Paul, and a myriad of other biblical literary characters that never historically existed. The only figures the Pisos did not invent were the Herodians (family of Herod the Great), Augustus Caesar and Tiberius Caesar.

Since the Pisos were related to the Herodians through marriage, they were very familiar with Judaic laws and customs. The writer of War of the Jews, which gives a detailed event of the military campaign of Titus Flavius, had also rewritten the story in the Four Gospels to describe the three and a half year ministry of Christ.

Known in history as Josephus Flavius, he was said to be of the royal family of the Maccabees, which was captured by the Romans during the Jewish-Roman wars (66 -73 CE), and taken prisoner only to later end up being the historical writer for the house of Vespasian who reigned from 69-79 CE.

The reason why religious pimps Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, James David Manning, Juanita Bynum, etc. can play upon the weaknesses of their congregants is because many believers are very uneducated concerning the origin of their Christian faith. Many are also the working poor with great financial struggles. The dominant group that Christian preachers most caters to are single black women oftentimes raising families by themselves, who in turn, teach their children how to depend on the Jewish mythological savior to sustain them and provide them with everything they need such as a job, car, house, money, etc.

As the child of a Christian mother, I was not taught to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. I was taught to rely on Jesus for everything, even for my health. Now, that I truly need these skills, I really do not have them. I’m currently teaching myself at the age of 39 how to be self-reliant. I know that I cannot depend on a man to sustain my living expenses, because the majority of black men in Atlanta are selfish and self-centered. Unless you’re willing to give up some ass, most black men would rather see you without a place to lay your head. In fact, most men in a predominantly religious society view women as being subservient creatures because the so-called holy books condone male chauvinism and sexism.

Why I am not a Christian today is simple? God does not exist. The origin of god originated with a human being. In fact, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh was known as El by the Canaanites whom they revered as the supreme being. The etymology for the word god is El who was nothing more than a man. Try telling this to the average believer, especially a black Christian. They will quickly cast you into Hell and label you a demon, because you have a thought and they don’t.

Sometimes, I pity believers who are so fearful of spending eternity in Hell until they refuse to use their own logic and research the origin of the lies they’ve been taught by religious pimps. God is big business in the black community. Apparently, god is also a crutch that many people use as a defense mechanism and an excuse to not get off their sorry asses, and solve their own problems in their homes, their communities, and places of employment. This is the message I got from the film Contradiction.

Any member of the clergy who tells people that self-sufficiency cannot work is a deceiver and manipulator. This person is the equivalent of a thief who enters your home, robs you of your possessions, and then makes excuses for his actions because he doesn’t have what you have although you worked hard for your things.

We don’t need religion to solve our own problems. If your god hasn’t done anything to make the world a better and safer place to live while claiming to be the supreme creator-deity, then your god is an asshole who doesn’t deserve your loyalty and respect. You would be better off without this malevolent being.

bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.


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2 Comments on "Jeremiah Camara’s New Film “Contradiction” Screening A Huge Success!"

  1. Actually, I never acted like I didn’t see this post because I never saw it before somebody told me that there was a question here. The Devil Satan is simply an invented concept. There is no boogie man called Satan tormenting souls forever in a bottomless pit or lake of fire (according to Revelation). You can now rest at night, and not worry about whether you’re going to burn in hell for all of eternity, because there is no such place. The book of Revelation was also invented by a Piso family member. A Roman aristocrat named Arrius Calpurnius Piso is responsible for creating the Jesus of the Gospels. The concept of the biblical Hell was invented by those who sought to create fear among the masses. IN addition, the biblical Gehenna from the Hebrew bible was actually a fiery trash dump (outside Jerusalem) where the inhabitants dumped their garbage. Gehenna is not a real-fiery-brimstone-purgatory for wicked souls. Isaiah 14:12 gives reference to a figure called Lucifer,and so for many centuries, the Church has misinterpreted the Lucifer character to be the Devil Satan himself when, in fact, St. Jerome in the 4th Century had changed the original name from the Hebrew text, which was the name Helel Ben-Shachar to the Latin “Lucifer”. The original Hebraic “Isaiah” passages described the fall of the king of Babylon, and was NOT describing an angelic being called Lucifer or Satan. IN addition, Lucifer is NOT the same figure as Satan. In Jerome’s original meaning of the term lucifer, he was describing the planet Venus as the bright and morning star and NOT an angelic being who fell from the kingdom of God (OR FROM THE SKIES) and became a devil.

  2. Everybody has their concepts about the Lord Jesus and God, but would somebody be BOLD enough and explain the devil as we know of (him, it, monster) because is was said you can’t know one without the other. Don’t act like you don’t see this post. ~~foots~~:)

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