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Judgement Day Must Wait

New Book on Watchtower’s History



by Poul Bregninge

When I started working on my book, “Judgement Day Must Wait,” (JDMW) there was no doubt of the book’s leitmotif, namely the Day of Judgment’s vicinity. Ever since I can remember back to my boyhood, was God’s war, the battle of Armageddon, very, very near. The drawings in Rutherford’s books fascinated me, but as a boy I did not think much about it. But as I approached adulthood, started the critical thoughts. It was probably Satan, that would surprise me, but I soon realized that it was rather I myself who thought forbidden thoughts! In retrospect, I was too inquisitive to come to terms resign with the Witnesses’s narrowed imagination and world view.

After I with my wife had left the sect in 1959, and especially after I was expelled in 1964 (I recorded in fact the exclusion with a hidden tape recorder), I planned to write a book about the sect. It appeared in 1966 and was titled, “Jehovas Vidner under anklage” (Jehovah’s Witnesses Accused). When it was published, the world opened up for us for many years, in fact until 2003, when I got the idea to update my old book from 1966. It was titled “Dommedag må vente” (Judgement Day Must Wait) and was published by the publishing house of Gyldendal, Copenhagen 2006, and got good publicity.




I had all the time had the idea to translate my latest Danish book into English, a project I initiated in 2007. The manuscript was Americanized by Dawn B. Johnson, Word Edge, Illinois, and was in 2013 assumed by Otto Barz, YBK Publishers, New York. YBK is a traditional publisher, but publishes today only Print-On-Demand books. The title was, “Judgement Day Must Wait. Jehovah’s Witnesses – A Sect Between Idealism and Deceit” and released issued on July 16, 2013. JDMW is a traditional paper book, and in my view beautifully designed, durable, and should even be fascinating reading, even with its 608 pages. Please, read the 12 five stars reviews on Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/kbsdhcb.

I had also tried to write a documentary in a readable style, when I expected that it would be read all over the world. The book should be straightforward and be exciting as a thriller. And the subject is extremely exciting, I think, both historically and theologically. My starting point is the Bible critical angle, for what reason I argue from a time-historical perspective, the so-called historical-critical method.” Every theological concept has to be judged on its linguistic and historical context. Therefore, JDMW contain also an analysis of Watchtower’s false interpretation of Matt. 24, which I consider as JDMW’s most important chapter.

The history of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ past is like a whitewashed tomb; memorable outside, but inside full of dead men’s bones and all kinds of dirt. During the excavation work, I found many interesting things from a past that Watchtower would rather forget. But that the story was to be told I was at no time in doubt. Therefore, I wrote JDMW.

Bregninge is the author of two books (one published in two languages) and will contribute columns to the bullet. He can be reached at pbpostkasse@mail.dk

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