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Justice for APS 12



by Zachary Husser

Dear Family of Friends,

In Atlanta, twelve Black school teachers and administrators are on trial as accused criminals because they allegedly gave students answers to standardized test questions or changed answers after the tests were completed. Their lives have been devastated emotionally, physically and financially because instead of handling the matter through administrative hearings, they were indicted and criminally charged with racketeering. The result is that they are all now unemployed and unemployable despite the fact that none of them has been convicted of any criminal offense. This has been going on for two years or more. The trial that started four months ago will carry over into mid-2015.

Literally, these people are forced to attend the trial four days a week, which means they cannot even take menial work to support themselves. Their legal bills are beyond their ability to pay even with signing over the deeds to their property. Some of their homes are in foreclosure. Others have developed physical symptoms related to the stress. Each day of the trial they scrounge around for whatever minimal meal they can afford or one that is donated by their supporters.  This is their reality.

I make no judgment as to whether they engaged in cheating but I sincerely believe that the criminal charges and the persecution are completely over the top and unwarranted. I ask you to research it for yourself and if you are so inclined and able to help to make a contribution to these teachers. It is not a legal defense fund but more so a fund to allow them at least a little dignity in their day-to-day lives. My family is foregoing Christmas gift giving to use that money for this cause.

In the Interest of Helping Our Family Members,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer

The accounts set up through “gofundme” are:




Also if you believe this to be a worthwhile endeavor, please forward to like-minded friends and family.

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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