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Katrinna Responds to Comments (again)



by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux

Hello, good Sunday.

I stumbled across a democratic website that had several people from around the country commenting on a story written in the Buffalo Chronicle.

I have one clarification, well 2. I did not know anything about a selected delegation of democrats to represent the Hillary Clinton campaign for NYS. I didn’t even know that the Erie County Democratic Committee had voted on the endorsement of any candidate, let alone Hillary Clinton. And this is despite being a member and a zone chairwoman, the first black zone chair in Cheektowaga NY. And I didn’t know this story was going to be written.

Second, ummm, the story in the Buffalo Chronicle was published prior to the story published in the Buffalo News, so the truth is the opposite.

Lastly, I am a black woman and it is absolutely ridiculous that Joe Mascia has anything to do with my political views, which are totally anti racist, and no one gets a pass. White people calling black people the N-bomb is racist. And what makes anyone think that I had some type of issue with the black folks mentioned? Please ask all the black leadership and others that he mentioned to tell you the truth about my role and relationship with their group and black leaders. Politically I helped their faction, but they know that, and if they choose to play clueless so be it.

I am a democrat, but I’m black first. I support Bernie Sanders for the democratic nomination, but I will ultimately support the democratic candidates that wins the primary.

I have closely followed politics since I was 13 years old; and how it relates to social and economic disparity is my professional, civic and spiritual interest.

Martin is a Democratic Party official, and zone chair of West Cheektowaga.

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