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“Legitimate Rape” and State Action









by Alton Maddox 

After twenty-five years of legal struggle in New York, Tawana Brawley enjoyed a “Pyrrhic victory” in the Surry Circuit Court in Surry, VA. This was “her first day in court” in any state including New York.  For twenty-five years, she had been the victim of state-sponsored defamation for accusing white men of kidnapping and raping her.

In five minutes on July 23, 2013, a Virginia judge tossed the garnishment proceeding against her.  Steven Pagones, a former prosecutor, who a jury found was involved in her kidnapping and rape in Dutchess County, NY in 1987, had initiated this garnishment proceeding under the Full Faith and Credit Clause.

For nearly five months and without due process, Virginia had garnished her wages.  The garnished wages amounted to approximately Three Hundred Dollars bi-weekly.  United African Movement had backed her in New York and it continues to back her in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This has been a “Pyrrhic victory.”  First, New York robbed Tawana Brawley of her reputation absent due process of law.  This resulted from her complaint about “legitimate rape” and six white men.  The white media and its “Negro” counterpart have refused to report the outcome of Pagones v. Brawley in Virginia.  After Pagones initiated this bogus, garnishment proceeding in Virginia, she was fired from her place of employment.  She remains unemployed.

The legal struggle continues.  The state-sponsored crimes against Tawana Brawley were cooked-up in a secret grand jury proceeding in 1988 in Dutchess County. New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams was the architect of the “hoax”. Twenty-five years later, New York still refuses to release the grand jury minutes and no Black selected official in New York has the temerity to initiate a legislative investigation.

No Black selected official or leading Black also has the temerity to demand an official investigation into the death of a white policeman, Harry Crist, Jr., who Tawana Brawley had fingered as one of Pagones’ accomplices and whose murder Abrams had falsely claimed was a “suicide”.  New York has no statute of limitations on murder.

Yet, most Blacks in New York City will be rushing to the polls on September 10 to vote for either “Calhoun” or “Thomas Jefferson” for mayor.  This is “plantation politics”.  Since the inception of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Blacks have never exercised any voting rights for themselves and the exercise of political rights has always been out of the question.

In the face of these state-sponsored wrongs which have been visited on Tawana Brawley, Black selected officials have refused to find a “right” or, in the alternative, to demand that any artificial, legal impediment, which has been placed in the path of Alton Maddox to practice law, be removed forthwith.  Legal impediments are preventing Blacks from enjoying the right of pro bono legal representation.

Leading Blacks and Black selected officials should demand that any censorship which is currently being practiced against Tawana Brawley must come to an end forthwith.  As for as the Federal Communications Commission is concerned, these “Black leaders” should petition the FCC for a “cease and desist” order forthwith.

It is ironic that Medgar Evers led the fight against censorship in Mississippi in the 1950’s and it is being practiced today by Blacks in New York.  This fight led to Evers’ assassination fifty years ago but it, afterwards, produced a license for Blacks to operate a television station in Jackson, MS.  For a time, censorship was arrested in Mississippi.  This led to media coverage of Black concerns and matters in Mississippi.

On the local front, Tawana Brawley and the “Central Park 7″ led to public affairs programming on KISS-FM starting in September 1989. This was “Open Line”.  Near the end of the tenure of “Open Line” in 2012, many issues that were of concern to Blacks were subject to censorship.  This included Tawana Brawley.  The activities of UAM generated “Open Line”.

In April 2012, ESPN Radio in New York illegally acquired KISS-FM for the duration of its license without expressing any concern for public affairs programming in the Black community.  This is illegal and it has not passed media muster.  This should be of great concern to the Federal Communications Commission and especially in 2014.

The licenses of all broadcasting companies in New York must be renewed in 2014 by the Federal Communications Commission.  Except for “Friends of Like It Is”, there are no African-centered, media organizations in the tri-state area.  Since the demise of “Like It Is”, “Friends of Like It Is” has been the only media watchdog for Blacks in the tri-state area concerning the renewal of media licenses.

“Friends of Like It Is” intends to make an appearance before the FCC for all Blacks in the tri-state area.  UAM has been incapable of being emulated by any Black organization in the United States over a span of the last forty years.  There have been incredible victories in New York as are highlighted by the legal career of Alton Maddox and the existence of United African Movement.

In the meantime, Michael Greys is the mayoral candidate of the Freedom Party and Michel Lloyd is its candidate for public advocate of New York City.  The Freedom Party will appear on the November 5, 2013 ballot as sponsors of those candidates.  This will be a first for an African-centered, political party in the history of New York City and in the nation.

Revered Ancestor Authors “Labor Day”

“Labor Day” is the brainchild of John P. Green, a person of African ancestry who was not only an accomplished trial attorney but also an effective legislator in Cleveland, Ohio. Later, he would become a ranking official in the United State Postal Service due to an appointment by President William McKinney.

Green was elected to the Ohio General Assembly in 1882 for two years. Later, he won re-election to the Assembly in 1890 and he authored Ohio’s Labor Day legislation, the first in the nation. The U.S. Congress copied it in 1894 and enacted his idea as law. This made Green “Father of Labor Day”.

The Freedom Party will participate in the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn this Monday to celebrate Green’s legislative accomplishment. Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, will also be remembered for his legislative achievements.

This appearance on Monday in Brooklyn will advance the candidacy of Michael Greys for mayor and the candidacy of Michael Lloyd for public advocate in New York City. The Freedom Party’s success in acquiring access to the ballot for the November 5 election should also be celebrated by the entire Black community. This was no small feat and especially on a shoestring budget.

Arrangements have been made for Bro. Greys to secure a reconstructed, colorful, banner to display on Monday. Hon. Marcus Garvey taught us to think big and be winners. Persons from all over should join the Freedom Party on Monday. It was our free labor that built New York. Now, we should govern it. This is only fair play.

For further information about the time and place on Monday for assembling members and supporters, call the Freedom Party and the campaign of Michael Greys at 917-947-8994.

Too honest for the White Press and too black for much of today’s Black Press; bullet columnist Alton Maddox upsets the same people and status quo as he did as an uncompromising Defense Attorney. He is also a founding member of the Freedom Party. Please support the movement to Reinstate him. Contact him at c/o UAM P.O. BOX 35 BRONX, NY 10471

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2 Comments on "“Legitimate Rape” and State Action"

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Zach. Brother Maddox has been hurt, wounded if you will. And on this planet a wounded animal can often lash out even at people trying to help it because all he or she feels is their own immediate pain.

    In so doing they can eventually become their own cult of one. Pain becomes addictive even to the point of rejecting solutions. Brother Maddox brings much knowledge, historical perspective and experience to the table but this across-the-board criticism of others blacks while only praising dead leaders sends out a disturbing message to me.

  2. Zachary C. Husser, Sr. | September 2, 2013 at 10:43 pm | Reply

    Dear Point Blank,

    I write this comment because I know Alton and I’m very familiar with the Tawana Brawley case because of research and reading the documents that have been made public. I worked on the case with many other folk in the Black Community. I supported Maddox by giving my hard earned money to him at rallies. I agree with Mr. Maddox that New York State perpetrated on hoax on Ms. Brawley and Attorney Alton H. Maddox, Jr. Both individuals are suffering from the character assassination that has lasted over twenty-five years.

    Mr. Maddox is also correct when he states that “No Black Elected Officials” nor people of influence have stepped forward to assist Tawana Brawley nor him to get a “fair trial” in the State of New York. All of the things concerning Tawana and He as far as getting a fair trial are 100% true. The assertion that Mr. Chris was murdered and didn’t commit suicide is another valid point.

    I also must look at Mr. Maddox because the majority of the folk that helped him financially and otherwise over the past twenty-five years have been ostracized by negative written words and comments from his mouth and pen! Alton has been his own worst enemy in my opinion!

    As for the establishment and creation of the Freedom Party, Attorney Joseph R. Mack has more to do with it’s coming to fruition than any one individual and that includes Alton!

    Committee to Eliminate Media Offensive to African People, better known as CEMOTAP, has been on the front lines dealing with All issues negatively affecting Black People and that includes going after the FCC. Mr. Maddox knows exactly what I say here is true because one of his biggest financial supporters over the years has been CEMOTAP via Co-chairs Betty Dopson and Dr. McIntosh.

    In concluding, I’ve sent many of Mr. Maddox’s articles to Pointblank because I believe in most of his legal strategy and many of the comments he makes about organizations attempting to destroy Black Legacy. However, I’m not down with his continued personal attacks against many folks that helped him and many he has helped. Attorney Maddox is correct, he has done many cases for Politicians and Individuals and never got paid. Some of those same folk who Attorney Maddox saved from prosecution are the same individuals who have not stepped up to assist Him. What we have here is a “failure” to communicate and Mr. Maddox is the prime culprit. I know what I’m talking about because I attempted to get Attorney Maddox to speak with the Owner and Editor in Chief of the Amsterdam News so He could continue writing the great column he had in that paper for years. Alton refused to meet with the Owner and now his knowledge nuggets are no longer in the New York Amsterdam News. These are the types of things that have been created by Alton! If he wants elected politicians and Our People to work with him and UAM, Alton has to compromise and stop character assasinating people who would be willing to work with him on many projects! Many Black folk are suffering because Alton and Black Elected Officials don’t work together. WE need Alton, Elected Officials, the UAM, CEMOTAP, and other folk of influence working together for the benefit of the Black Community. Do You READ me Loud and Clear Brother Alton???

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