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Let the Truth be Told



by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux

Now I continue to try to avoid confrontation related to the Joe Mascia issue, and my role as campaign manager (former). So let me run a little timeline to put this into perspective.

1. 7-22-15 Approximately 2:30pm I listen to the unedited recording of Mr. Mascia calling several black elected officials and community members a “N.” I had no prior knowledge that Mr. Mascia uses such language, nor did I know that he takes issue with some of the individuals named.

2. 7-22-15 between 3:30pm and 4:30pm the mayor holds a press conference related to the recording and it’s content. All 9 common council members attended, along with 2 local state legislators, the county executive and the chairman of the Erie County democratic party (but I don’t even know about this press conference until the next day, 7-23-15).

3. 7-22-15 3:30pm I call a member of the campaign team related to the recording and it’s content. Approximately 4:30pm Joe goes on camera at all major news outlets. The process ends about 10pm.

4. 7-22-15 I arrive home and send the first message to an individual assisting Joe stating “this isn’t going to work.” I then realized the reality of the entire content of the recording, and my initial response (I’m absolutely disgusted with myself that the “Drum Major Instinct” kicked in prior to my ethic, moral views and values).

5. 7-22-15, I decide to make a conscious decision not to go on Fb, and not to review all of the media coverage. I then attempt to sleep, but it was a sleepless night.

6. 7-23-15, at 8am I call an individual assisting with the campaign and I let them know that I am not going to attend the conservative petition challenge scheduled for 10am.

I then call my friend that needs to go to the BOE so Joe’s can defend his petition for the conservative line. He too agrees not to attend. Joe Mascia loses the conservative line by technicality. So in my mind I’m doing damage control, trying to right this situation some kind of way (I have no prior PR experience, but I am a manager and leader by profession).

7. 7-23-15, that evening I began receiving calls and forwarded Fb messages written by Darius Pridgen, along with comments from the individuals on his Fb page. The local attack had begun, but I missed almost a day and a half of this madness. I never knew until I was told. I learned a long time ago that if we look, we will find. The national coverage was a shock to me. The bloggers and online media sources even worse.

I didn’t make not one comment or make any attempt to defend myself.

8. 7-23-15 Approximately 11pm I finally respond to the Fb postings that Darius Pridgen made where he named me in particular. Furthermore, using subliminal messages and language to describe an all black campaign team in several other of his Fb postings.

9. But yet and still, Darius Pridgen made his first Fb statement about me on 7-22-15 at about 8pm. I became the subject of attack, and less discussion was about Mr. Mascia, it became about me. It took me 27 hours to respond to Darius Pridgen and his assumption of a black conspiracy against him to call him the “N” word. I also didn’t speak with Mr. Mascia on that Thursday, I spoke to him again on Friday.

10. 7-24-15 Approximately noon, I started getting calls while I was at work stating that, “Darius Pridgen is on the radio talking about you.” Which was on a Friday, the but recording of Joe was released that prior Wednesday.

11. I decided to level the playing field and tell my story to the news media. Prior to that, I felt safe “crawling under the rock.” But at that time I knew I had to do something. I had to let all of the men in the political arena know that I am their EQUAL! I am just as capable and intelligent as they are.

Now I have warned them over and over again, but a verbal warning is often unheard, therefore I had to make them feel me.

I want each and every faction leader to understand me loud and clear.

You will absolutely have a battle on your hands if that is what you want to do. I am poised, humbled, confident, sensitive, practical and even tactical. I am an independent thinker a social, political and environmental awareness advocate and an anti-racism rebel.

I am the “people’s operative,” we are unstoppable.

In closing, if anyone of you ever open that door, you better know that your EQUAL sits on the opposite side of the door.

If you write one post about me on social media and you are a public figure, I will write 10 about you. If you go on the radio and speak about me prior to attempting to have a conversation, I’ll do 10 news interviews about you. If you talk about me, but not use my name, I’ll mention your name 10 times. There are rules to this….!

12. You happen to meet someone that is completely submissive to the greater good of the people, that actually learned how to love my community, more than I love myself.

I suggest you all wave the white flag.

Martin is a Democratic Party official, and zone chair of West Cheektowaga.

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