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Mind Control & How Biblical Writers Plagiarized Ancient Stories

by Alberta Parish

Most people live their lives in the dream world we call reality, subject to the laws of others. You go to work, school, church, and you get married and start your own family. You live completely by the rules of society, never questioning things you see in the world that doesn’t make sense. From birth, we are completely controlled by the world. You’re told to think a certain way, behave a certain way, talk a certain way, walk a certain way, and if you get out of line you will lose your job, or you’ll be excommunicated, or you’ll burn in hell for all of eternity. As a child, I was told countless times, “If you don’t do right, you’ll burn in Hell forever!” It’s no longer about following God and finding a true relationship with the Creator of all life. It’s about following all of man’s rules or facing the consequences for not doing it. This is classic mind control programming, and no one except the fallen angels would know how to infuse the precepts of God with the precepts of an ideology, which I believe neither confirms God’s thoughts nor His ways.

The whole world system is designed to keep us in fear of what could happen if we step out of line. Honestly, I don’t believe God intended for humanity to live in constant fear, because fear itself is really not a Godly concept. This is part of the system of ungodly things. We’re constantly controlled by a world system that is designed to enslave our minds, including our very thoughts. When you start to question the establishment, or the way business is conducted, or the way you’re treated or the lies you’ve been told, you better watch out because your life is about to get a lot more complicated. Everything from your television to the Internet to your educational system is designed for one purpose: to keep you a prisoner. The mind control program, which has been developed for all of mankind, was obviously developed by a higher intelligence who knows the power of the human brain. The subconscious and conscious mind is constantly under attack by the forces that harness energy from human emotions, which first began in our spirit body before reaching the physical element.

Humans aren’t fully able to understand the entire human mind, but a higher intelligence can. The various ancient cultures, which documented stories of the gods dwelling among men, are not mythical stories, as we have been told to believe. The Egyptians were known for documenting everything, and so were the Sumerians and later Babylonians. These ancient peoples documented how the gods came from the heavens, dwelled among men, and set up entire kingdoms and sat upon the thrones, they and their descendants. The gods and the children of the gods had ruled over natural men and women in the earth. For millions of years, mankind has been on this planet, but you wouldn’t know this if you stuck strictly with the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible.

Fortunately for me, I’ve always had a keen interest in ancient history. Therefore, I knew the earth was older than the Bible’s Adam and Eve story, which I’ve recently found out, was a plagiarized story from the Egyptian creation story. I’m talking about writings that predate actual Biblical figures. Writings that is as ancient as possibly 36,000 years. These writings are engraved in stone, which go back to the First Earth Age. We’re in the Second Earth Age or possibly the Third Earth Age. I still believe God created a man in His own image and after His own likeness, but what if this particular man that God created was not the Adam of the Bible? What if he was another man created in the likeness of God, because it is obvious that the story of the Egyptian god called Atum and the Egyptian goddess called Tefnut was copied by Biblical writers, and then turned into the Adam/Eve creation version? In addition, the Bible does state that Adam was created in the image and likeness of God which means Adam was an exact replica of the Creator and this, in turn, would make him a god like Atum. There are African writings, which are the first systems of writing that depict the story of God who looks like a black man. Based on historical evidence, the Adam and Eve story was plagiarized from the ancient writings of Egypt’s creation story, which historians have termed as mythological stories. But these stories are actual documented history, which the Egyptians were very good at keeping.

Author Charles N. Pope writes, “In the mythology of ancient Egypt, the god who arrived first on the Earth was called Atum, signifying “Totality.” Atum, as with Biblical Adam, was naked and required a civilizing influence. “The loincloth given to Atum served less to clothe him, in the strict sense of the word, than to permit him to manifest his royalty by means of a specific garment.” One cannot help but compare the royal undergarment of Atum with the fig leaf loincloth made for Biblical Adam. In the Egyptian creation story, the first goddess, Tefnut, was said to come forth out of Atum. One of her Mesopotamian nicknames was Nin-ti, meaning “Lady Life,” or “The Lady (Who Makes) Live.” S.N. Kramer states that ti is also the Sumerian word for “rib,” therefore Nin-ti could variously be interpreted as “the Lady of the Rib.” In the Bible, Eve is of course formed from the rib of Adam.” The Egyptians believed the Creator was a benevolent being who exacted mercy as well as judgment upon His creation. The Bible has this same concept of God. In addition, the Egyptian monotheistic system mirrors that of Christianity and Judaism. Of course the Egyptian cultural civilization has been demonized for so long until it is hard to tell truth from fiction. In their writings, the Egyptians would use anthropomorphic characters to represent the different attributes of nature, but yet the story goes that the Egyptians worshipped different types of deities represented by the anthropomorphic characters, which is something I also believed at first until I did further research on ancient civilizations. This is when I realized that the ancient Egyptians actually had a monotheistic system of the worship of one God. In fact, much of the Biblical stories have been plagiarized from ancient Egyptian writings and history.

From kindergarten to 36 years old, I have been fed lies upon lies upon more lies concerning the origin of man, where the original man came from, the origin of advanced black civilizations and where they all began, the origin of white civilizations and where they all began, and now I have to unlearn the lies that I’ve been told my whole life, and get true knowledge of myself and my people. The educational system and many history books have consistently lied to us about our history. The world system is strategically designed for people of color to not gain knowledge of where we’re from. Most people in my community don’t know enough about their ancient heritage to even have a decent conversation with. Many have not been taught about our true black heritage, and therefore, many are unaware of the ancient writings depicting the beginning of man in a region we call Africa today.

The current system of the world is based on the slavery and control of humans. The weak is constantly at the mercy of the strong. Everything that goes down in this system has been manufactured. From the slave trade to the systematic destruction of indigenous peoples around the world. From the famines of Africa to the creation of the AIDS virus in a government laboratory, which scientists later used in Africa to destroy much of the population. From the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the destruction of the Libyan government and its dictator Qaddafi. This man is actually another puppet of the Illuminati shadow government but when these puppet rulers don’t do exactly as they’re told, they are quickly destroyed. All the recent major events taking place around the world have been manufactured. From the revolutions occurring in North Africa to the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. All these events were manufactured by the ones who have been manufacturing most of the world’s events since the beginning of human existence. The ones whom the Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, and many other ancient cultures say were the gods who controlled human men and women in the earth.

The Illuminati act as agents of the gods, which the Bible refers to as the fallen angels. These beings are not mythological figures. They have existed throughout various civilizations under different names. Part of the mind control programming strategically set up to dummify human beings is to make us believe these fallen angels are mythological beings. These beings are actually a higher intelligence with advanced technology, which they also gave to human beings. If you ever wondered why the world is the way it is, look no further. They are the reason. It is part of the system of ungodly things when there’s a certain segment of the population that are always under the yoke of bondage while another segment gets to terrorize and control those whom they’ve systematically placed under a yoke of bondage. It is part of the system of ungodly things when the government places narcotics in the black community, and then sends agents to systematically terrorize and round up the underlings of drug cartels, which are under the control of the Illuminati. The various terrorist bombings are all Illuminati-funded. The persecution of Muslim Americans is also Illuminati-funded.

All the major players are in place to create the kind of circumstances, which would cause a possible race war, street riots and mass lootings, which would then cause the President to declare a state of martial law. Laws have already been implemented to label any regular U.S. citizen as a potential terrorist if he or she does not agree with the agenda of the President and Congress. Many traditionalized religious organizations are also Illuminati-funded. Christianity having sprung up from Judaism is the newest world religion known to man. From the Roman Catholic Church’s version of Christianity have come organizations such as the Mormons, the Methodists, the Episcopalians, etc. Have you ever wondered why there are so many different versions of Christianity and the accompanying Bibles that come along with these various denominations? Have you ever wondered why you find very limited information on the biblical Jesus versus the historical Jesus? Because the figure of Jesus on the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican is an actual mythical figure. The ancient Roman priesthood and scholars borrowed stories from ancient writings, even the story of an actual man who existed named Yahushuwa who was crucified by the Romans for His teachings of salvation for Israel and because He exposed the secret societies of His day. Yahushuwa was actually a Rabbi who fought against many of the religious leaders of His day. They replaced Yahushuwa with another version of a man after the image of Mithra, which was a sun deity worshipped in ancient Rome. They changed the origin and history of Yahushuwa by erasing His actual identity, turning Him into a Jewish man, and adding things to His story.

In addition, it turns out that much of the New Testament writings could be fabricated material as well as borrowed material from earlier sources. Yahushuwa would not have been known as a Jew by the ancient Romans, because this very word was nonexistent before the 18th Century. If anything, Yahushuwa would’ve been known as a Judean (Iudean) by the ancient Romans, because Yahushuwa was a resident of the Roman province of Iudea. Historically, Yuhushuwa (also Yahshua) was a Yudahite Hebrew. Many people do not recognize that the Ashkenazi Jews are not the ancient Hebrews.

Please do your own research.

Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can follow her writings on Myspace and Twitter.

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4 Comments on "Mind Control & How Biblical Writers Plagiarized Ancient Stories"

  1. I am a total atheist now. I no longer believe in any god. I don't believe in heaven, hell, Satan, demons, or any other biblical nonsense. It is all fairy tales designed to keep us ignorant.

  2. I am a total atheist now. I no longer believe in any god. I don't believe in heaven, hell, Satan, demons, or any other biblical nonsense. It is all fairy tales designed to keep us ignorant.

  3. Great writing. This information has been hidden for centuries and accessible to those who would keep the lie alive and to those determined to expose the divine truths of the universe. Thanks to the internet which can be a huge source of revelation. The bomb of truth has been detonated. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great writing. This information has been hidden for centuries and accessible to those who would keep the lie alive and to those determined to expose the divine truths of the universe. Thanks to the internet which can be a huge source of revelation. The bomb of truth has been detonated. Keep up the good work.

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